Crawling In My Skin

Chapter 26


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Pairings: Hichigo x Ichigo, Unasaki x Urahara, and Byakuya x Renji

Warnings: yaoi, OOCness, cussing

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Ichigo's Thoughts and Flashback

Ichigo and Hichigo walked down the street to Urahara's hand in hand. Sure, it might look weird to the average person to see Ichigo's hand out stretched, but he didn't care. He was reunited with his lover and that was all that mattered. After so many hardships, they were happy to just see each other every day. Ichigo sighed happily as Hichigo ran his thumb over Ichigo's palm. They walked together in silence to Urahara's shop because talking would just ruin the moment. [1]


"C'mon, Renji. Just let me watch you and Byakuya."


Ichigo sighed as he heard Renji's yelling from outside the shop. Hichigo stood beside Ichigo snickering at Unasaki. He really was just a big pervert. Hichigo squeezed Ichigo's hand.

"You ready to face those pervs?" he asked.

"I suppose." Ichigo answered as they walked in.

Immediately, Ichigo regretted going in the little shop. There were four people in the shop. They were Urahara, Unasaki, Renji, and Byakuya. They all sat at a small tea table obviously drinking tea before the drama kicked in.

"Urahara, please control your lover." said Byakuya sounding annoyed.

Urahara chuckled and pulled out his fan.

"Not sure if I can."

Byakuya seemed to understand and they watched as Unasaki crawled over to Renji.

"C'mon, Pineapple. Why can't I watch?" asked Unasaki with a pout.

Renji's face was red with anger and he was probably about to start screaming again when he felt strong arms wrap around his waist. He gave a small yelp as Byakuya pulled Renji into his lap. Byakuya was always a little possessive. Hichigo broke the silence by going into the room with Ichigo standing next to him, Hichigo's arm around his waist.

"Unasaki, you're still as pervy as ever ne?"

"That he is, but I still love him." said Urahara as Unasaki moved to sit beside his lover.

After battling The Hollow King, Urahara and Unasaki had gotten together because they had realized they were more than just friends. And after encouraging Renji to just ask Byakuya out, they two had begun dating, but that had been three months ago. [2]

The couples sat around the small tea table drinking and idly chattering. Unasaki made his share of foul comments and Hichigo did too. After a bit though, Hichigo and Ichigo had to leave. They needed to check up on the new King to make sure he handled everything correctly. After Urahara opened the portal to Hueco Mundo, the couple went through and started their long trek to the castle.

Upon arriving, anyone would notice the castle had changed over the course of the last three months. No longer was there blood and other bile on the castle, the bricks had been replaced, and it appeared rather homely. The pair walked in through the door and made their way through the long hall before entering the throne room.

"Ah! Hichigo! Ichigo! It's a pleasure to see you both again!" came a deep voice.

"Hello. It's nice to see you two again." said a very soft voice.

"Hello Hoshi and Asashin." answered Ichigo. [3]

"Ya, ya. Nice to see you too." said Hichigo with a dismissive wave of his hand.

Ichigo smiled at the happy couple. They were happy to be together again and to have your husband to be King? Even better. Ichigo remembered when he had asked them to take to the throne.

Ichigo searched far and wide for The Assassin's reiatsu in Rukongai. He had to be here. He hadn't committed any major sins and when he died the gates of Hell hadn't opened. Ichigo had been looking for The Assassin for days, to ask him to be the new King. He was just perfect for the job.

Trapped in his thoughts, he didn't notice the spike in reiatsu near him and was blown back a bit. Shaking it off, he shunpoed off to the reiatsu which he recognized as The Assassin. When he made it over to the reiatsu, he saw none other than The Assassin himself, still in all his get up. He was fighting off some hollow that had gotten into Rukongai's outer vicinities. After disposing of the hollow, he shunpoed off, but Ichigo quickly followed The Assassin to a small shack. Ichigo watched as he approached the shack, that a lady ran out and hugged The Assassin.

She was almost the same height as The Assassin and had waist lengthen purple hair. She looked much like an arrancarr and wore an outfit similar to what Orihime was forced to wear. [4] Ichigo proceeded to approach them after the woman finished hugging The Assassin.

"Assassin?" Ichigo asked.

At hearing his name, The Assassin turned around and a smile appeared on his face.

"Ichigo, it's nice to you, but I go by Asashin now."

"Sorry, Asashin. I came here today to ask if you would like to be the new Hollow King."

Asashin had quickly accepted saying something about bringing good to Hueco Mundo, but Ichigo was just glad Hichigo wasn't being taken away from him.

Ichigo and Hichigo walked up to the happy pair and Ichigo looked over Asashin's new features. His clothes and physical attributes were the same, but being King he now had what the lower hollows deemed as his crown. Really, it was nothing like a crown, but in reality was a simple hollow mask. Although the simplicity of the design, it was in a rather awkward position.

Instead, of being attached to Asashin's face, it was on his neck. The white mask covered his whole neck and stopped on Asashin's chin. Near his collarbone, the mask began with sharp edges that stretched out. The edges continued all along his collar and even stretched out to cover his shoulders. the rest of the mask covered his neck and three edges came up to his chin. The design was simply black and red tangled stripes that flowed over his neck.

It fascinated Ichigo to no end as he had never seen such a unique mask. Apparently he had been too fascinated by it because he felt a pair of familiar lips on his. Hichigo gave him a soft kiss before he pulled back.

"You okay, Ichigo. You spaced out on me there." said a concerned Hichigo.

"Yeah, I'm fine. Just thinking." Ichigo said.

"You're too pretty to be thinking that hard." said Hichigo with a laugh that was cut short by Ichigo's elbow in his side.

"What brings you two here anyways?" asked Asashin as he wrapped an arm around Hoshi's waist.

"Just checking up on you, Asashin. You doing okay as King?"

"Sure am, Ichigo. It's a lot easy than I thought."

His bark of a laugh echoed through the castle as the four babbled on about everything and anything.

[1] I agree. Talking is a total turn off. XD

[2] I couldn't resist having Renji date Byakuya. Renji needed a man! ;)

[3] Asashin means Assassin in Japanese.

[4] I know I never gave a specific time for this fic, but I did hint at it a bit. If you have no clue this takes place after The Winter War. If I didn't get any details right, I apologize since I am currently only on episode 135.

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