AP English Without Him-

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I sat in my seat, in the 2nd row from the window, and began to daydream (Or day- nightmare). Dead Ian. The police were at Spencer's all night taking notes while everyone else was trying to calm down Melissa. God, Melissa. I feel so bad. I mean, getting married to a killer, and then him dying while your carrying his baby. I don't even want to imagine…

I decide to divert my attention to Ezra. The transition was made easy because I'm in English class. Even though Ezra isn't my teacher anymore, this class triggers so many memories. I wonder how he's holding up at Hollis College. It's his first day. I hope he likes his students, and I can't wait for tonight. Apparently, he has something special planned for us. He wouldn't give me any clues.

Today's my mom's first day as a full teacher too. It's a bit awkward to have your mom as a teacher, but nothing compared to having your boyfriend in that position.

"Aria, class ended," My mom walked up to my desk with a concerned look on her face. I was so absorbed in my thoughts that I didn't hear the final bell.

"Oh, right. Sorry," I fumble with my papers and race out. She definitely noticed that I spaced out during class. Ever since the text message slip, she's been a bit distant with me. Her theory is that if she gives me space, I will finally spill and tell her about "mystery boy." Or in my case, "mystery man."

Just as I'm about to open my locker, my phone beeps in my black leather bag. I fish for it and discover that I have a text from Ezra.

I missed you in class today. Can't wait for tonight.

-Your Ezra

I love it how he knows exactly when my class ends. I quickly respond.

Same here. See you at 7.



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