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I Just Wanted To Help

Sixteen years of my life I've lived happy and loved or that's what I thought when in reality it was sorrow and hate. I have a normal life I have friend, family; I go to school all the things that would make it normal I guess. Time had pass quick when I was young it seem to go by so fast, Now I'm in High school and that's where everything went wrong. My name is Hidan I live a life of secret now, and so do my friends and this is how it started.

It was a dark night as a teen walked the streets as the dim lights gleamed on his white hair watching the cars pass by without a care in the world. He would be starting his first day in tenth grade at his high school but he didn't care it was all a blur in the end nothing could be remembered. As he walked the small sidewalk on the side of the road he started to think back when days were blissful with his friends, but things changed and then everything went downhill.

Night became day as Hidan was still not home and school was about to start. He hadn't been home at all that night and yet he doubted his mom even knew he was gone. Soon Hidan walked up to the school and then made his way through the doors and into the crowded halls of the school. It was loud and trashed and none of the teacher did shit about it. Hidan knew what it was all like, he used to hang with what people would call a bad crowed but deep down he knew his limit to everything, others didn't and the next day they would be found overdosed by drugs in a ditch dead. The world Hidan knew was falling apart fast and there was nothing he could do about it, or was there.

He was soon snapped out of thought by his friend Konan with a bright happy face greeted by a gentle hug. "Well Hidan this is a first for you, you actually came to school on the first day this time." She said ruffling his hair a bit. "Konan don't mess up my hair I'm already in a bad mood as it is." Hidan spoke with Tiredness in his voice. Konan looked around a bit not knowing what to say to Hidan to cheer him up. "Gosh Hidan your just like Itachi always worrying about the hair." Then she looked at Hidan knowing she was right then giving him a smirk to top it off. She turned around at that moment looking for the weasel and just as she was about to say something to Hidan he was gone. "Hidan were the hell did he-…I'll find him later." With that said she left to go find Itachi.

Hidan walked through the halls of the school wondering around before the bell rang and then he would have to go to class. Walking around Hidan noticed how people kept staring at him like he was crazy, but Hidan soon learned to just live with it and ignored them. "There you are Hidan!" Konan shouted trying to get his attention before he walked off again. "Oh hey Konan-Chan I see you found Itachi." The albino then rubbed the back of his head then looked to Itachi who was standing right beside her. "Hn…I don't see why you had to drag my here Konan because it seem as if Hidan doesn't want to talk to us right now let's go." Itachi then glared at Hidan, Konan seeing this tried to lighten the tension between them. "I heard their having tacos for lunch today." She smiled an o-so sweet smile at the two. It seem to work the two were talking in no time cracking up jokes and pissing off teachers by do random stuff things were back to normal for now. The bell rang a bit later and the three said their goodbyes and went to their classes.

Hidan had English with Mrs. Stury she was a nice teacher but at time she would get a little ticked and when she gets mad there's no stopping her. Mrs. Stury walked into the room with a bright good morning smile like she always did. Before class started she stated to the class that they were getting a new student and at that moment she called him in to introduce him. He had short black hair that stopped at the shoulders his skin was a sexy tan and his eyes were a breath taken dark green as if they would trap you forever in a gaze if you dared take one glimpse. He went by the name Kakuzu. The name to Hidan was like heaven and longed to hear it again. All through class Hidan couldn't stop staring at Kakuzu. This got Mrs. Stury mad that Hidan wasn't paying any attention to what she was teaching and moved him to the front of the class. The rest of the class Hidan sat there bored as hell and wishing the class would end already.

When class ended Hidan dashed out of his chair trying to find Kakuzu but people would not get out away everyone trying to get out the same door was harder than it looked which ended up in a bit of a jam with many curse words for Hidan, when finally the student cleared up Kakuzu was gone no ware to be found. 'Shit I lost him what the fuck do I do now…I don't feel like going to class I might just skip it again; I don't know I could get caught again.' Hidan stood there a bit thinking of what he should do when he just said "fuck it" and left to go on the roof of the school to skip class.

On the roof Hidan could be himself and Kick back and relax without being worried at all. It was a place no one knew about and it wasn't like the teacher would come looking for a student on the roof. Hidan walked to the side of the roof looking down at the ground two floors up. He stayed there letting the wind flow through his hair lightly covering his eyes. As he stood there thinking of all the shit he's been through how everything just kept adding up making him more and more wonder why he wanted to live his fucked up life. Hidan took another step closer to the edge of the roof then opened his eyes to look once again at the ground. 'Maybe it would be best if I just let go of everything and fall….just maybe I might end up in a better place.' The Jashinist took another step and another so close to falling. With just one more step he would no longer be is this world, with a small sad smile on his face he started to lean forward letting gravity take the rest.

Just then something grabbed his wrist and pulled the albino back with grate force. "What the hell do you think you're doing you idiot." Hidan snapped out of what would have been his last thoughts, and then he turned around looking at who had stopped him. "K-Kakuzu but h-how." "that doesn't matter right now, what does matter is what the hell do u think you were about to do." "Fall and be free from this world forever." Kakuzu took time to think on what he was going to say even though he knew very well what Hidan was about to do.

After standing there for a bit looking at Hidan seeing he truly had nothing else to say Kakuzu pulled Hidan farther away from the edge of the roof. "Hidan you have a whole life to look forward to don't let it all go just like that." Hidan looked up at that point and looked into Kakuzu's eyes seeing how serious he was. "I guess your right Kakuzu" Hidan said in a light mummer with eyes that were full with sadness. "Come on let's get off the roof before you do something else stupid."

Weeks had passed and Hidan and Kakuzu became very good friend, Kakuzu on the other hand was a bit stressed when Hidan and Itachi got into their little fight and when Konan got involved then everyone wanted to kill each other. Kakuzu wanted to ignore it but in the end he was the one that stop the fight by putting Itachi and Hidan in a head lock till they calmed down. So far Hidan's life was getting better for now.
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