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It was finally Friday morning for one sleepy Jashinist still sleeping peacefully in his bed till the sun gleamed in trough his window onto his face. He moved his face out of the suns path and sat up and rubbed the sleep out of his eyes with a slight yawn he slowly but surely made his way downstairs to the kitchen to make some breakfast before he went to school. When he was done eating his egg and bacon sandwich he went back upstairs to his room to get dressed. "Let's see what to wear….umm how about this." Hidan had put on a black shirt that said fuck off in a dark red with black jeans with chains hanging on the side and a spike belt and collar to top it off. With one last look at his hair in the mirror he grabbed his book bag and left the house and walked down to the bus stop at the corner of the road five blocks down.

Once there Hidan sat down like he always did waiting for the bus. Other people would wait for the bus as well but there was one group of people that always would try anything to get on Hidan's nerves. They were called Akuma the most feared gang at the school that would stop at nothing till you were gone. Today was just not Hidan's day, yet again they crowded around Hidan just to piss him off like every day they would tease Hidan on how he dressed then they would move to his hair occasionally messing it up. This time Hidan was not going to take it he didn't care what would happen. He quickly stood up with a 'don't fuck with me look'. "Oh what you gonna do you little shrimp." Kisame said with a laugh, the others joining in as well. With that Hidan punched Kisame straight in the face as hard as he could. The force of the punch made Kisame fall to the ground, out cold. Sasori right behind Kisame ended up having to pick him up off the ground and onto his shoulder. Hidan was shocked at himself that he actually did what he did but his victory was short lived by a punch to the stomach by Pein.

Hidan didn't remember much after being punched by Pein; it had knocked the breath out of him. When he fell to his knees gasping for air the others joined in and started to kick and punch at Hidan as well. Next thing Hidan knew he was waking up on the ground were the fight had started left there to bleed no one caring to stop and see if he was ok, like it was normal to see someone laying on the sidewalk covered in blood. Hidan steadily got up from the ground and leaned on one of the nearby trees to regain his balance. He took that moment to stand there and relax his aching body from the beating. Spitting out some of the blood that was still in his mouth Hidan knew by the look of the day that school was almost over so he just started walking to the park not wanting to go home.

When Hidan was finally at the park which took the albino a while because of his hurt leg he sat down under the bridge on the rocks next to the water. While he sat there he watched the water flow down the stream till he could no longer see it, people passed by but Hidan paid no mind to it. Dusk turned into night when finally Hidan started to head home.

Night was Hidan's favorite time to be out but sometime it wasn't because things happened around where he lived and it wasn't really that safe to walk at night but Hidan didn't care. With two more blocks till his house Hidan noticed a group of people standing in the distance. Not wanting to bother the group the albino walked over to the other side of the street then continued walking. All of a sodden everything got quite and when Hidan looked back over at the group of people the Jashinist blood ran cold. It was some of the Akuma members; Hidan so not wanting to deal with them right now quickened his pace of walking but not to where it would hurt his leg but it was too late. The street light had blown his cover on getting away. 'Shit what do I do now dammit why does this always have to happen to me.' Before Hidan knew it they stared to walk over to him. "So what do you guys want now?" Hidan said in an irritated voice. "Do you really want to know what we want?" Zetsu said with a smirk on his face as he grabbed Hidan's wrists and put them behind the albino's back and pulled Hidan close so Zetsu could whisper into Hidan's ear. "We want you." Zetsu tightened his grip when Hidan tried to pull away. "You're not going anywhere." Pein said in a dark voice then grabbed the side of Hidan's chin to make the albino look him in the eyes. "Pein I-I don't think we should d-do this." "Shut up Deidara if you don't want to then go home!" "But sir-" Deidara was caught off guard by a slap to the face by Pein. The blond fell to the ground with tears in his eyes as he looked back up at Pein. "Go home Deidara!" Pein raised his hand to slap Deidara again but the blond moved out of Pein's reach and got up off the ground and ran off. Hidan saw Deidara run off in the distance leaving him with Zetsu and Pein.

Pein then turned back around looking at Hidan's angry face. "Now do as I say you little shit." Zetsu had pulled Hidan's head back when Pein started to kiss up the albino's neck. "Let me go you mother fucker!" Hidan then threw his head back bashing Zetsu in the face then Hidan used all his force to push himself back so he could kick Pein away using of his both feet. Zetsu let go of Hidan to hold his noes for it to stop bleeding. While Pein was on the ground recovering from the kick Hidan took that as an opportunity to get away.

Once at his house Hidan went in and locked the door before he went into the living room to find his mom passed out on the couch with beer bottles all around her. 'Gosh not again that's like the fourth time this week.' Hidan didn't stand around long so he went upstairs to his room. Up there The Jashinist sat down on his bed they took off his shoes and just looked out the window at the darkness as cars would pass by every so often. 'I'm so fucking bored and it is the weekend…. maybe. Kakuzu would like to come over….shit now I have to find my phone then.' After a while Hidan found his phone and dialed in Kakuzu's number.

"Hello." Kakuzu said in a yawn
"Hey Kakuzu what's up."
"Well I was taking a nap."
"Oh sorry I was just wondering if you wanted to come over."
"Hidan…..Do you know how late it is!"
"Yup…what does that have to do with anything, it's the weekend."
"You have a point…Ok I'll be over in a bit."

They said their goodbye's and hung up the phone. Hidan then looked around at his room seeing how messy it was then let his head hit the pillow not wanting to clean up. 'Ok I can do this….fuck I hate cleaning.' The albino went down stairs to find some trash bags then went back upstairs to start cleaning. Ten minutes went by and Hidan's room looked better than it was. Hidan grabbed the trash bag that was now full and threw it away outside in the larger garbage can. Hidan went back inside then went back to his room to play his Xbox while he waited for Kakuzu. Five minutes passed when a car pulled into the drive way, Hidan looked out the window seeing Kakuzu get out of the car and wave goodbye to his mom as she pulled out of the drive way and went down the road. The Jashinist ran down the stairs and burst through the door to greet Kakuzu with a big hug. "Umm Hidan what are you doing." Hidan realizing what he did and let go of Kakuzu then backed away with a slight blush on his face and rubbed the back of his neck. "I don't know…hehe I guess I'm just happy." "No need to be that happy" Kakuzu walked up to Hidan with an amused look on his face. "Oh and by the way Hidan I see the blush" As Kakuzu said that he poked Hidan's cheek where the blush was causing Hidan to blush even redder. "You're an ass you know that right." "Right Hidan I'm the ass here"

Soon Hidan and Kakuzu where inside and were walking to the living room. "umm don't mind my mom she's just drunk again, but look on the bright side she's out so that means we don't have to listen to her bitch." Kakuzu didn't say anything but just kept walking. They ended up in Hidan's room playing the Xbox. "I just realized something how in the hell did you know where I live I never told you….stalker much." "No Itachi told me where you lived like a week ago I don't remember how the conversation started but that's how I know." "Oh ok then remind me to kill Itachi later." "Why?" "I don't know I'm joking."

The two played the Xbox for an hour or two with any random game that Hidan could find, but after a while they got bored and decided to do something else. "So what do you want to do?" "I don't know how about a movie" Hidan sat there for a moment thinking about it. "Sounds good what kind of movies do you like to watch." Kakuzu walked over to where Hidan was sitting on the ground next to the move shelf and sat right behind Hidan and wrapped his arms around the albino's next while resting his chin on Hidan's shoulder looking at the movies as well. "It doesn't matter to me pick what you like." Hidan couldn't move it was like his body was frozen by Kakuzu's touch. "Umm h-how about t-this one" still stunned Hidan just pulled out a random movie and showed Kakuzu. "Sure." What Hidan didn't know was that the random movie he pulled out was one of the one's he's scared from.

While they were watching the movie at parts Hidan didn't like he would look away or he would cover his face with Kakuzu's shoulder. Kakuzu fell out laughing at Hidan when he got scared so easily. "Stop laughing at me Kuzu." "My name is not Kuzu idiot." Hidan gave Kakuzu a puppy dog pout face in return. "Ok fine you can call me Kuzu" "Ha-ha yay I win." "You may have one this one but I won't make it easy next time."

More than half way through the movie Hidan had fell asleep. The Jashinist head that had rested on Kakuzu's shoulder had moved to his lap. Kakuzu made no attempt on moving the albino and just continued on watching the movie and let Hidan sleep.

It was morning and the two had fallen asleep on the floor of Hidan's room. Kakuzu was the first to wake up which woke Hidan up as well. "-Yawn- good-" "Morning Hidan." Kakuzu had taken the words right from Hidan's mouth. "Come on Hidan let go get something to eat." "I rather stay like this." Hidan moved his head a bit getting more comfortable on Kakuzu's lap. "I see well then I guess I have to do this the hard way." "What the-!" Kakuzu had gotten up and picked up Hidan and started to carry Hidan down stairs then sat the Jashinist on the couch. Hidan had gotten up off of the couch and went into the kitchen and cooked up some food for the both to eat. As they sat there eating at the table they had random conversations. "So Hidan where's your mom?" "She's at work right now." "Ok…so what do you want to do today it is only Saturday?" "Not sure what about you?" Hidan said with a mouth full of food. "Don't speak with a mouth full." "What are you my mom now?" Kakuzu didn't say anything not wanting to answer an obvious question. Just then Kakuzu's phone started to ring; he left the table and answered the call. Two minutes passed by when finally Kakuzu had come back into the kitchen. "I'm sorry Hidan but I have to go." "W-why what happened is everything ok?" Kakuzu didn't reply he was already out the door.

Hidan sat at the table a bit longer then moved to the couch still wondering why Kakuzu had to leave all of a sodden. 'I hope everything is ok Kuzu.'


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