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Monday morning Hidan woke to the thought of Kakuzu. Hidan had texted and called Kakuzu over the past two days to see if everything was alright but never got a reply back, not once. Hidan looked over at the clock that was sitting on the table next to his bed it read 5:30. "Wow I'm up early this morning that's a first." Soon the Jashinist went down stairs then into the kitchen and made a cup of coffee. Hidan took a seat at the table and read the paper that his mom must have brought in earlier that morning. As Hidan read he saw that there had been a murder on Saturday that the victim was shot in the head and found that same night in an ally. "Damn I'm glad I decided to stay in that night." The albino set down the newspaper and continued to sip on his coffee when he was done Hidan made his way back up to his room. "I think I should just be plain today" When Hidan was done getting dressed in just a black shirt and dark blue jeans with his Jashin necklace under the shirt like always. Time seemed to move fast as Hidan only had about six minutes left to gel his hair back and brush his teeth.

The albino now sat at the bus stop under one of the trees that grew off to the side, he pulled out one of his books that he got at the library and started to read were he left off. Hidan continued to read until he heard someone call his name. "H-Hidan." Hidan glanced up from his book to see Deidara standing in front of him, a glare formed on the Jashinist face. Deidara kept glancing around nervously Hidan could tell Deidara was probably guilty or doing something he wasn't supposed to be doing. "What do you want Blondie." Hidan had now closed his book putting it back in his book bag and stood up to be eye level with Deidara. "I need to tell you something." "Well spit it out already!" Deidara was now shacking a bit and looked around again then at the ground. "I-It's about K-Kakuzu." Hidan stood there in shock letting the words sink in. Deidara saw Hidan's face expressions Change from shock and then instantly into anger. Before Deidara could react Hidan had grabbed the blond around the neck and pushed him against one of the trees. "What happened Deidara?!" Hidan gritted his teeth in anger clenching his hand tighter around Deidara's neck. Deidara was scared now he never saw Hidan so mad before in the time he knew him. "I'll ask you again Blondie bitch, what happened!" Hidan tightened his grip even more and gave a punch to Deidara stomach. "T-The-A-Akuma-." Deidara choked out trying to get in some air. Before Hidan could ask any more questions he was abruptly pulled back with a knife to his neck causing him to let go of Deidara. "What do you think you're doing!?" Pein pushed the knife firmer on Hidan's neck. The albino stayed still not wanting to get his throat slit. Deidara stood up his eyes in shock. "Pein let him go, I'm fine, see!" Pein looked Deidara in the eyes then with a slight twitch of the neck Pein gestured for Deidara to leave. Deidara obeyed Pein not wanting to get slapped like last time and quickly went over to the group of people that were standing by the stop sign waiting for the bus. Pein now seeing that Deidara was now gone leaned in close to Hidan's ear and in an angry whispers he said. "You ever try and harm any of us again I will KILL YOU!" Pein slashed the knife to the side slowly breaking the skin just enough for Hidan's neck to bleed to show Hidan that he wasn't lying. Pein then removed the knife from Hidan's neck then kicked Hidan's legs out making the albino fall to his knees. Hidan heard Pein walk in front of him; the albino was just about to look up but instead was jerked up by his hair with force. "Let that be a warning you little shit, next time I won't be as nice." Pein let Hidan go then walked away for the bus had come. Hidan quickly stood up a bit dizzy from the blood loss for the cut on his neck was a bit deep. Slowly but surely Hidan made his way to the bus and took his seat near the back.

At school Hidan had time before the first bell rang to get to first class and went to the bath room to stop the bleeding. Hidan grabbed some paper towels from the dispenser and soaked them in water then started to wipe away the blood slowly. Hidan rinsed the towel out then continued to clean his wound, the albino held the towel loosely in his hand causing it to fall out Hidan's fingers and to the ground. The Jashinist looked away from the mirror to the floor and reached down to pick up the bloody cloth. Once he picked it up he stood up right looking back at the mirror. Hidan's eyes were wide behind him in the mirror stood Kakuzu; Hidan snapped around dropping the towel again in shock now facing Kakuzu trying to calm his breathing for Hidan had not heard anyone come in. "K-Kakuzu!?" Hidan snapped out of his surprise and gave Kakuzu a crashing hug almost knocking Kakuzu down. "Well nice to see you to Hidan." Kakuzu chuckled lightly and hugged Hidan back. "Why the hell did you leave that day and why haven't you answered any of my calls or texts." Kakuzu locked eyes with Hidan. "I see you missed me." Hidan looked away as his face became red, Kakuzu smirked and reached out and gently grabbed Hidan's chin, turning his face back so he could stare into Hidan's eyes once again. Hidan saw Kakuzu's eyes darken as the hand that once was on his chin was now lightly tracing the wound that was on his neck. "Who did-!?" "It's nothing Kakuzu." "The hell it's nothing, now who did this Hidan?!" Hidan looked away and stared at the wall. Kakuzu was just about to ask Hidan again but was finally given his answer. "P-Pein." Kakuzu's heart skipped a beat when Hidan faced him when he spoke that one word with such sadness in those purple eyes. Hidan placed his hand on the cut and closed his eyes stopping the tears that were about to form. Kakuzu pulled the albino into a warming hug to ease his sadness. Kakuzu released Hidan just as the bell rang for class. "We should get to class." "I'll meet you there in a bit." "Ok then" Kakuzu gave one last look at Hidan's sad refection in the mirror as he left the bathroom then went off to class.

Class was just about to start when Kakuzu entered the room and sat at his desk. Halfway through the class Kakuzu noticed Hidan was still not in class. His worry for Hidan was now itching at him like crazy. Even though Mr. Stury was in the middle of teaching Kakuzu decided to ask if he could go to the nurse saying he was feeling sick, to make his act more believable he rubbed his stomach and put on a face that looked like he was about to throw up. She gave a slight sigh then nodded allowing Kakuzu to leave. Kakuzu walked out of the class room and pretended like he was going to the nurse but quickly changed his direction to the roof and quickened his pace. Kakuzu turned right down to the stairs at the end of the hall but quickly stopped when he heard a slight noise in the distance. Kakuzu eyes quickly scanned the hall and found the closest class room and dashed inside closing the door and kept quiet. The footsteps became louder they were now in front of the door. Kakuzu heart was pounding he sat down at the bottom of the door in the dark room. Kakuzu covered his mouth with his hand to calm his breathing, his heart relaxed and he let out a sigh of relief as the teacher walked on and down another hall. In the moment Kakuzu knew it was clear to leave the room he opened the door and ran to the entrance to the roof almost being caught again by a teacher.

Kakuzu finally made it to the roof and opened the door quietly and walked to the other side of the school where he found Hidan with his back to the wall, head resting on his knees with arms wrapped tightly around his legs. With the state Kakuzu saw Hidan in Kakuzu rushed over to him. Hidan heard someone approaching him a looked up to see Kakuzu once again. Kakuzu eyes widened then softened into a sorrow look as he saw Hidan's face the albino's eyes were beat red with tears still running down his pale face. Kakuzu kneeled on the ground right where Hidan sat and pulled the Jashinist into a tight hug. Kakuzu could feel Hidan's tears soak his shoulder as he continued to cry. Kakuzu started to run his hand through Hidan's hair to calm the sad Jashinist. Soon Hidan looked up at Kakuzu tears still running down the albino's pale face. Kakuzu wiped away Hidan's tears with his hand then reached down to hold Hidan's hand to show him that he would be there for him no matter what but stopped when Hidan moved his hand away and put it behind his back. "What's wrong Hidan, are you ok?" The Jashinist looked down at his lap not making eye contact with Kakuzu's green eyes. "Kakuzu I-I don't Know how m-much more I can t-take." Kakuzu looked confused for a bit then looked down at Hidan's other hand and noticed something clenched in the Jashinist hand. Kakuzu grabbed his hand and opened it up. What Kakuzu saw shocked him it was a pocket knife that was covered in blood. Kakuzu then grabbed Hidan's other hand with a bit of force Hidan looked away when he saw Kakuzu look at his wrist that he sliced a minute ago. Kakuzu's breath was caught in his throat at the cut Hidan made. The cut was deep enough for blood to run down the albino's arm and drip to the ground. "Hidan why would you-….why-!?" Kakuzu started to freak out and attempted to stop the bleeding before Hidan bled too much by squeezing the cut with his hand tightly cutting off the flow of the blood. Hidan cried out in pain as Kakuzu tightened his grip. "Hush Hidan I don't want us to get caught up here, trust me I'm going to help you." Kakuzu looked into Hidan's eyes knowing the pain he's going through. Hidan knew he could trust Kakuzu so the albino took in a deep breath and bit his own lip to try and keep quite. In a swift movement Kakuzu had Hidan in his arms and ran down the stairs and back into the school halls. Kakuzu was now running through the halls while keeping quiet, which was quite hard since there were teachers wandering the halls and classes going on at the time. Kakuzu dashed into one of the rooms that had the light off and sat down with Hidan still in his arms. "I'll be ok Kakuzu….trust me." Kakuzu looked down at the albino looking into his hazy eyes. Kakuzu's breath was caught in his throat as he saw the Jashinist start to lose conciseness. Kakuzu mind was no longer on this earth all he thought was to get Hidan help and fast. Quickly the stitched man dashed from the room and down the hall, his feet loud and pounding on the ground as he ran straight to the front of the school and burst through the doors.

Hidan's vision was gone almost to an empty darkness. All he could hear was what sounded to be like a drum that ponded in his head. Soon it became overwhelming as the pounding in his head became harder and louder. Hidan wanted to scream out in agony but no sound left his lips. And then nothing. Gone.


Hidan looked around seeing only black surrounding him as he shook his head from the dizziness, his eyes trying to focus in the darkness. A shiver ran up his spine as cold air blew past him leading to nowhere. Panic started to seep in till he heard his name again, but from behind him.


"Who's there, where am I?" Hidan heart started to beat faster

"We are in your mind…my son"


Hidan turned to face the unseen person behind him. A deep chuckle echoed in the emptiness. Shadows pulled themselves from the figure in front of the silver haired Jashinist, revealing a pale toned man with dark hair that seemed to flow in many ways like a ravens feathers. But what caught Hidan's attention the most was the gazing blood red eyes that stared right into his. Hidan's breath caught in his throat as he realized who was in front of him.


A smirked formed on Jashin's face as he looked upon his follower that was in awe. Hidan dropped to his knees into a bow in front of his god.

"My dear son please rise"

Hidan rose to his feet, once more looking his god in the eyes.

"Jashin why am I here, have I done something to upset you"

"Quite the opposite, for you have made the ultimate sacrifice."

Hidan's gaze locked onto his god not sure what he really meant by what he said. Jashin looked at his follower's confused face and answered the unspoken question.

"You gave me your life. My son you have given me many sacrifices over time but none greater than this, your last moments on earth as you spoke to me with pain and sorrow in your heart. I am the god of death and destruction you are my most dear follower. But I'm not allowing you to take your life for me yet my son, your heart beats for another.

Jashin slowly started to walk up to his follower soon only inches away. Hidan's eyes never left his god's gaze as he felt a cold hand on his chest, over his heart. Jashin could feel Hidan's heart beat start to rise. A smile formed on his god's face as he looked at Hidan.

"Hidan I grant you with immortality, today is not your time. Farwell my son we will meet again."

After Jashin had spoken his farewell he vanished right before the Jashinist eyes. Then everything died out.

Hidan woke to the sound of a steady beeping noise to the side of him. He opened his eyes instantly closing them from the brightness of the room. The albino tried again but this time slowly letting his eyes adjust to the light of the room. What he saw around him was a machine that was monitoring his vital signs. And a bag that had some kind of fluid in it that flowed into his arm by an IV needle. Hidan then notice someone sitting in a chair on the other side of the bed.


Kakuzu woke quickly hoping it wasn't a dream as he looked into Hidan's violet eyes.

"You're awake!"

Hidan as instantly embraced by Kakuzu with great force.

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