She was here again.

He watched her as she quietly made her way to the same spot she always sat in.

The far table in the very back of the library.

He had seen her come in every single day without fault. A few times, she had brought another boy with her. He couldn't remember his name, Harris something.

But not lately, in fact, she had not brought that other boy in some time now and he could not deny that he was slightly pleased.

He hadn't known true peace since before joining the Bulgarian Quidditch team, and he had allowed himself to hope that perhaps the Hogwarts Library would bring some solace.

But it hadn't.

He was always surrounded by girls, especially since he had been named as Durmstrang's champion for the Tri Wizard Tournament. They were always gawking at him as though he were a piece of meet, or a prize to be won.

The only peace he found in the entire castle was her.

He had gotten her name from one of his classmates, and had been made fun of in the process.


She was the only girl he had seen so far who had looked at him as though he were a real person and not some Quidditch star, and he was quite intrigued.

She was intelligent, that much he could see in her eyes when she shot him looks of frustration when the people around him got to loud. She always had at least three books in her hand and four times that many scattered around the table she constantly occupied.

She wasn't conventionally beautiful by any stretch of the imagination. Her hair was as bushy as a rats nest and was quite thick. Her skin was slightly pale, no doubt from all of the time she spent in the library, and she was a bit thicker than most of the girls in her school.

However, her eyes were outstanding. The passion, the fire, the life that was inside of her honey depths was breathtaking. He had never seen such a thing in someone's eyes before. All he had ever seen was fear or ice, never fire.

That is what brought him to this point.

He was standing up and he was quickly making his way over to the table in the back where she sat, poring over her latest texts.

He cleared his throat when he was near enough and she looked up at him, those eyes locking onto his, freezing him to the spot.

"Would you go to dance with me?" He said, his heavy Bulgarian accent causing him to slow his speech.

His palms began to sweat as she continued to look up at him, not saying a word. "You must be joking."

He shook his head no, "No joke."

He then continued to tell her about how he had been watching her for the past couple of weeks, and how he admired her obvious intelligence.

He left out the part about her eyes, however.

Finally, she smiled, "Yes, I would be delighted to go to the Yule Ball with you."

He gave a smile of his own and seated himself across from her at the table. Together, they talked for hours about various things. They were finally kicked out when the librarian decided that they had been their long enough. He escorted her back to her Dorm where he placed a single kiss on her cheek.

He smiled as she blushed and bid him goodnight.

On the way back to the dungeons he smirked and muttered to no one in particular, "Beautiful."