Author's Note:

Hello, everyone. I am back after months of not updating or writing anything Neopets related. I got bored with my AotA plot parody, because that plot really sucked. I didn't have the motivation to try and make it funny or somewhat decent. So, I am starting my new project - 26 short stories centered on Hanso and Brynn - to help me improve my writing when it comes to dealing with relationships and romance. There will be one story based on either a prompt word or song starting with each letter of the alphabet. Prompt ideas and requests for a story are greatly appreciated, as I do not have an idea for every letter just yet. I will consider any requests or ideas, unless they are for a sex scene. I am not comfortable writing one for a number of reasons.

The events in this story are unrelated to whatever happened in my old TFR parodies. This is an entirely new takes on the characters based off of what information TNT has given out. However, because TNT can be rather vague at times, I have made up a bit of information to fill in some gaps (such as ages). Since I will refer to some of these things in the story, I'd advise you read it.

Character Ages - Brynn and Hanso are stated to be in their late teens, and so both are nineteen in this story. Brynn's birthday is sometime in November, while Hanso's is in December, making her a month older than him. She uses this age gap to justify bossing Hanso around when she is off-duty.

Brynn began her guard training at the age of fourteen, coincidentally at the same time Hanso dropped out of school and decided to run away from home. She completed her training at the age of eighteen, and was appointed Captain of the Brightvale Guard at the age of nineteen, prior to the Faerie Festival incident. Given that the incident ended in Neopia before it did in our world (we'll say end of September), Brynn and Hanso were still nineteen when the reconstruction of Faerieland was completed, and they both turned twenty shortly after.

Education in Neopia - Every Neopian land has its own elementary, secondary, and post-secondary school, with the exception of Tryannia (where neopets are taught life skills by their elders). The size of the schools vary, depending on the population of the land. Larger lands may have more than one of each type of school.

In Brightvale students typically complete K-12, and from there either go into the work force, or choose to further their education by studying at the University of Brightvale, one of the top universities in all of Neopia. Students may choose to attend a university in another land if they wish.

If they so choose, they may forgo their high school education to instead study at the Knight Academy, where they will train to go into Law Enforcement. Regular lessons will be held in addition to their training. This is where Brynn studied to become a guard.

Brynn's Career Post-TFR - Brynn was appointed Captain of Fyora's Guard after the reconstruction of Faerieland was completed. The ceremony took place before the festival celebrating the completion of the new Faerieland in addition to Hanso and Brynn's victory over Xandra.

Torn between her loyalty to Brightvale and King Hagan, and her new loyalty to Faerieland and Queen Fyora, Brynn opted to keep both of her jobs by appointing a second captain in each guard to take over her place when she can not be there, assuming that she is second-in-command to both King Hagan and Queen Fyora. They will also cover for her when she is hunting for dangerous artefacts with Hanso. She lives on the outskirts of Brightvale/Faerieland in order to make this arrangement work.

Thanks for reading. The first chapter will be up either January 17th or 18th. And I apologize for the lame title. I could not think of anything better and my iTunes was open.

- Heather