When We Meet Again

Summary: When Paul is slapped by Bella, he secretly imprints on her. No one knows but him. Although he has gotten closer to her then he normally would. One night they ignited their romance and had sex. But what will happen when Jake's imprint doesn't like Bella?

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Chapter One

Bella's point of view

It was a week after graduation, and I was in my incredibly small, pale yellow kitchen, making several things for tonight's bonfire down at La Push beach. Tonight was an end of the school year celebration, which all the imprints', and the wolf's families that know of them being shape-shifters were attending. I personally think that they use that excuse to celebrate anything.

That also includes my father since he started hanging out with Sue and accidentally saw Seth phase into a horse sized wolf. Like me, he didn't freak out, which was a good thing. He did know something was up, but he just never imagined that their horse sized puppies. Since they phased in front of his eyes, if also heard the tribes stories. Including knowing that the Cullen's are vampires, which he was pissed off at me from going out with Edward.

Since I was told about them being werewolves, I started a friendship both with Emily, Kim, and surprisingly Paul; the shape-shifter with the anger problems. Emily was Sam's imprint, and Leah's cousin. Kim was Jared's imprint, and the same age, as I am. They became my sister's and they accepted me without any problems. All three of us shared cooking for the wolves since Emily found out she's pregnant.

Paul on the other hand, was another story. Before he downright hated me, until the day I slapped him outside of the Black's house. After that day, he was slowly opening up to me, and being kind of nicer in a way. We became closer, then we normally were. Just a few people know that. Plus there was one time where I slept with him, although it didn't last as long as I hoped. Besides it only happen once, which I was kind of disappointed.

I was currently finishing up with the three deserts, triple batches of; double chocolate chip cookies, apple turnovers', cheesecake brownies topped with colorful m&m. I usually baked the deserts. It was a ritual since I had gotten over my Edward leaving-me-depression, as what Jake always called it.

Opening the sunshine yellow cabinet, where we stored the containers, I was about to grab several until the doorbell rang. Sighing, I threw off my flour covered dark purple apron, while it landed on the floor right beside the refrigerator. Opening the front door, I was shocked to the core, at seeing who it was.

Jessica Stanley, my friend since the beginning of junior year, also Jake's imprint as of three weeks ago. Jake told her about them being werewolves. She fainted, after she saw them in their wolf forms. She was standing there on my front porch wearing, a light blue tank top and cut off jean shorts with black flip flops that tie her outfit together. Her straight brown hair was light blowing in the hot summer breeze. I was not in the mood for her, so I plastered on a fake smile. Something that I had recently, gotten extremely good at doing.

"Hi, Jessica, you can, come in if you want to?"

"Sure," she said, hesitantly.

We move into the living room. I sat down on my father's old brick red recliner, while she was sitting on the comfortable mismatched plaid couch. She took in a deep breath, nervously looking at her recently manicured hands. Her eyes twitched around the room, taking in the homey feel. Afterward, her eyes darted to mine, "There is a reason why I came here."

"Okay. Tell me."

"I want you to stay away from Jake."


"He doesn't want you. So stop trying to pursue him. He has me."

"I'm only his friend. I have only thought, of him as a brother. I would never take him away from you."

"That's where we have the problem. Now don't we. I'm his imprint. Soul mate, his other half, the whole nine yards. From what I heard from the guys, he is all you think about. He is still in love with you, and I'm tired of it. Tired of hearing those all talk so lovingly about you, especially someone who used to be, in love with their enemy."

I thought for a moment, "What I don't understand is why you're telling me to stay away from him. I'm not taking him away from you. I don't think of him in that way. I only thought of him as a brother and nothing more. There was no romance between the two of us. Jake was the one that liked me like that. Not me, as seeing I was still getting over Edward. What the hell is your problem! So what if I used to date a fucking vampire. It's not like I would ever date one again! They cause too much fucking problems. I also love the pack. They are like my family. For the first time in my life, I finally feel like I belong. Now I don't stick out like a sore thumb."

She smirked, "Well, I'm his imprint. With him being the rightful alpha of the pack. I can get what I want. You can leave by my warning or theirs."

I got up, and so did Jessica. I was staring at her blue eyes with hatred. My hands were on my hips. "Who are you to tell me what to do?"

She gave another evil smirk, before saying, "Simple. You knew about them before me. They always want their imprints happy. All I have to do is tell Jake that I'm not happy. Then, you would get it twice, as bad. So how about this, you don't step a foot on the res and away from my Jake you lousy leech lover, and if you don't I will have another thing coming towards you."

With that she turned around and left my father's house. I sat their stunned. How the hell could she? I was beyond angry. How can that little slut, ever tell me to stay away from my best friend? Tears of anger shed from my eyes. Great more freaking drama that what I normally have in my life; first with Edward leaving me in the freaking cold ass woods to now being told to stay away from Jake. Even though I only thought of him as a younger brother.

Ten minutes passed as I sat on the couch too stunned to even move. In the bottom of my heart I knew she was right. Why would they want me? I'm a nobody, so who would care if I up and disappear.

Since I'm a pale face leech lover that everyone secretly hates even though they are nice towards me behind my back, although not from Paul; even when Victoria was chasing after my ass she was at least nicer towards me. They wouldn't care if I leave and never come back. The only person who would be is Charlie. But he hangs around Seth a lot. He is like the son he never had.

I picked myself off of the couch before Charlie came back from the store. I ran up to the bathroom, without falling over my own two feet, scrubbing my face clean with soap and water. Once I was in my room, my cell buzzed, bringing me out of my fuzzy phase.

Bella, I need your help. Please come down here to Phoenix- Eva Wally.

Eva Wally has been my best friend since I moved to Arizona at the age of three. She always was like a sister to me, but she was a year older than me. My parents meet her and love her like a second daughter. She even lived with me and my mom for a year.

She is taller than me, and had light blond hair with natural brown highlight to her lower back. She also has sapphire blue eyes, and tanned skin. She was also into sports. We were the same, but yet different at the same time.

So when I received her text. There was no way I was not going to be there for her. Especially since she has a young daughter; Calliope Wally.

I took out my phone and sent her; I will be their soon. Don't worry everything will be fine.

With that settled. Plus I needed to get away from the area, too. If Jessica wanted me to stay away from the res, and Eva needs me it was the perfect get away and Forks also held too many memories with Jake and the pack, not to mention even some with the Cullen's. I quickly wrote a letter Emily, Kim, and Paul. I had to give them a goodbye, even if it wasn't in person.

Paul. Thinking his name brought butterflies into my stomach. I never thought I would, ever felt that way about some guy, ever. Not when I was ever with Edward, or any guys in Phoenix. Even with the quick sex we had before he got called to vampire duty. Some part of me deep down knows I will miss him the most.

Two hours passed as I packed up all the things that were important to me. I had the notes set up on the top of the containers. Hoping Charlie would bring them. Heavy footsteps alerted me to Charlie's present.

He came into the kitchen in his usual light blue jeans and one of his many plaid shirts. His dark brown hair was sticking up all over the place. "Hey, dad, there is something that I have to tell you."

He looked at me, judging my serious expression. I think he was able to tell that it was important. "Sure, go ahead, Bells. You can tell me anything."

Taking a deep breath, while preparing myself from leaving him, "Eva text me today. I need to go down there. It's something important. I don't know exactly what, but she wants to tell it to me in front of my face."

He sighed, "When will you be leaving?"

"Now, she said it was important, and you know how she doesn't like to lie."

He came over to me, giving me a hug. "Be careful. Are you going to tell Emily and the gang you're leaving?"

"I have written letters for three people. It explains everything in them. Can you give them to the right person for me at tonight's bonfire?"

"Yes. Although it would be better if you give them to yourself."

"I can't. I have to go. My flight will be leaving soon, any my truck wont make it there."

"Bye, Bells."

"Bye, dad," I yelled out to him, as I pulled my two suitcases.

Making my way to the car, I threw the two large suite cases to the passenger side of my ancient truck. As I turned my key it wouldn't start. "Now is not the fucking time to die on me!" I screamed. This can't be happening. Not now, I thought panicking.

Grabbing my cell from my jeans pocket, as I dialed Angela's number, she picked up on the third ring.

"Hello," her voice came from the other end.

"Angela, it's me, Bella. Can I ask you for a favor?" I asked her hoping she would be able too.

"What's the favor, Bella?"

"I need a ride to the airport."

"Sure, I will be over there in ten minutes."

Ten minutes have passed at the same time as she pulled her care up to my house. She got out as, her long black hair blew in the wind. She came over to me, helping me get the second suitcase out of the car.

"So where are you going? Not that I want to be noisy." She asked me once we were in the car.

"Back to Phoenix, my friend and her daughter need me there. Plus I'm not really doing anything now anyway," I told her, as I ran my hand through her brown hair. "I need to get far away from Jessica. Before I use violence on her."

"Why?" Asked Angela, as she eyes did a quick glance at Bella. "Did something happen to Jake?"

I sighed, "No. She forbid me from seeing Jake and going onto the res like she owns the place."

Angela's eyes flicked to me once again. "Why the hell would she do that? I mean you and Jake have been friends for a very long time."

"She must be very insecure," I stated. Angela nodded in agreement with me.

"Here we go," she said, as she stopped out front of the local airport. I didn't even notice that she already have pulled to a complete stop. Time sure does fly by. "Have fun, and please keep in touch."