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Bella's point of view

The small fight was over two and a half weeks ago. If you could call it a fight that is, from what I have been told. All of the guys said that it wasn't hardly a challenge. Things have slowly been back to normal, except that the vampires were invited to Sue's and my dad's wedding on the beach. Luckily the wedding was at night so they won't be reveling there sparkling selves to the human guest.

The elders of the tribe rewrote the treaty. They now can come onto the rest, but if they go and kill, and change anyone without the elder's permission, then a war would break out. They also agreed that if any of them need help on either side, they will get the help, as long as it was in reason. Everyone liked the new treaty, so they added the Denali's and Peter and Char. But they have to stick to the animal diet in the area.

I liked the new treaty better, then the old one. Especially since they all formed friendships with the wolves and the vampires. It was incredibly shocking to the elders even getting along with the vampire. They were now starting to move towards the future.

The wedding was perfect for Charlie and Sue. It was too beautiful to describe in detail. They were married in front of the ocean as the moon shown down on them, giving them a certain glow. Her wedding dress was very simple since it was not the first time either of them were getting married. Although it was the first time they were marring each other.

Leah was the maid of honor, while Emily, Kim and I were the brides mates. The dresses' were a nice lavender color, and flat sandals'. Seth, Paul, and Sam were the groomsman. There were, three flower girls; Callie, Farah, and Clair. Jackson and Hunter were the ring bears.

Then Sue and Charlie went for their honeymoon at Honolulu Hawaii, for two weeks. During that time, the female vampires went shopping with the female pack members. Rosalie, Alice, and Esme spent time getting to know Bella and her girls. The Denali's, were also getting to know me and the wolf pack. That was how the weekly shopping trips for the female started and sports bars for the men started.

My relationship with Paul has been going very well. We haven't moved in with each other, but we stay over each other houses a lot. His mom on the other hand was excited to have two granddaughters. She was told about the situation with Callie, and she plans to treat her like she will with Farah.

Megan, on the other hand, decided to do an online college for general studies. But her real passion is anything to do with the supernatural world. She was always talking to one of the elders or vampires. She became the unknown area's supernatural historian. When I started up a diner with Emily, she babysat, the kids on the side. To this day she has lived with me.

Kelsey decided that life was to short, so she moved in with Embry two weeks after she met him. She said that since they were for life she would go for it. But she was hiding the real reason for moving in, she was pregnant with Embry's child. Apparently before the fight, Embry was afraid that he wasn't going to survive. He wanted to fulfill his last wish, to have a child. She was in her fertile stages of her period, so they decided to try for a baby. Which worked on the first shot.

Everything was good, the Cullen's and Denali's moved back up to Alaska, since the Cullens are well known in this area. They promised to keep in touch this time around, not like the last time were, I didn't even get a goodbye from any of them. So every two weeks on a Saturday they would always get together and do something.

I told my girls that Paul was their father, several days after my father's wedding to Sue. We both wanted them to get along with each other before anything was said to the young ones. They were happy that he was their father, as seeing they liked him a lot. In general, they were happy to have an actual father near them constantly. That day was when we really became a family of four.

I also have been discovering ways to teach, Callie, good magic when she starts to show signs. Which she has been for three weeks. Most of the pack was there when, her magic started showing. She got mad and one of the pack members, so she was able to turn his soda into grapefruit juice.

It was the middle of October, and I was sitting outside on the back porch at midnight. The air was very cold, so I rapped my jacket against my body tighter. I had a funny feeling that someone was watching me. I looked to my right, near the woods of my house. The breeze picked out some of the fallen leaves in the wind. A voice that I recognized as Jake and Paul's grandfather, "beware! That was just part of the storm. Remember things aren't always as they seem."

Author's note: I wrote this before I completed the story. I just forgot about it on my USB drive that I lost somewhere in my desk. But there is a Sequel to this story that is so much better and will be long then this story. The sequel is Long Journey Home. It takes place two years after this story.