What Was Once Lost has Been Found.

Mika: Inuyasha belongs to….

*Lawyers pounds on door*

Mika: To the wonderful author Rumiko Takahashi

*Lawyers continue to pound on door*

Mika: Okay okay Twilight belongs to Stephanie Meyer

*Lawyers walk away from door*


Kagome sat on her and sobbed, how could her mother do this to her for no fucking reason. Well maybe she did have a couple good reasons to do this…like that she need to get out of Japan and away from the well, but where her mother was sending was insane did she have any idea what that sending her to Forks, Washington might be a bad idea especially because she had to stay with that stupid, idiotic, brainless, selfish brat of cousin Isabella. That's just asking for a fight to happen, especially with her mating marks fading if.

When Kagome finally stopped crying, she got off her bed and opened her window climbed down the tree that was outside her window and headed toward the well. Kagome sat on the lip of the well and said "Goodbye my loves I will miss you both so much." Then she kissed the lip of the well and walked away. Kagome climb back up the tree and jumped back into her room and started to pack her clothes dreading that she would be seeing Isabitch…I mean Isabella sooner then she had wanted to. While Kagome was packing she came across a picture of her, Koga, and Sesshomaru sitting by the well Sesshomaru was glaring at the camera, Koga was trying to grab her ass the pervert, and as for herself she was trying and failing to get away from his hand. Kagome smiled at the picture of her lovers as she gently placed it in the box.

The next picture she found was one of her, Shippo, and Rin torturing Jaken. Kagome let out a small giggle at the picture; she placed that one in the same box as the other one. By the time dinner was ready Kagome had packed everything but her sheets and a set of cloths for tomorrow. Kagome looked around her room with a sad smile knowing it would be a long time before came back to this house. Kagome laid down on her bed and cried herself to sleep wishing from the bottom of her heart that Koga and Sesshomaru were here to tell her that she was okay and that everything would be alright but they weren't and she didn't even know if she would ever see them again.

To be continued…

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