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Chapter 8 Family Night

The rest of the day was uneventful. Lunch was almost as awkward as breakfast had been, but at least it was over quickly.

After the uncomfortable meal concluded, Sam and Dean retreated to their room until four thirty.

At four thirty they tramped down the stairs and cautiously entered the living room.

Then it was announced that they were going to play charades, and Sam started grinning.

He loved charades. It had always been his favorite game as a child, but he hadn't enjoyed it as much in college.

Maybe that was because the other college kids didn't play it the same way he always had, though.

The Winchesters didn't play acting out famous people, objects, or animals, but with scenes from their own lives.

If even one person in the room didn't recognize the scene, then the person acting it out had to bring other people up and act out the full scene with words.

The worst part was that the actor had to play the same person they had been imitating to begin with.

It led to some very funny scenes with Dean pretending to be Sam, and Sam playing John, and John playing Dean just for the fun of it.

They didn't play the game often, but when they did they nearly always ended up collapsing with laughter half way through a scene.

It really helped in the whole getting to know each other department. Maybe that's why their father had always enjoyed playing it….

The funniest time had been when Sam had secretly video taped the whole thing and replayed it for his family later. He didn't play it for anyone else because he did some pretty embarrassing things during the game too; he didn't want that all over the hunting world.

Sam could only hope that this game would be the same.

He quietly set his ipod (how did that manage to come with them?) on video and arranged it so it would be able to tape everything.

"Who wants to go first?" Calen asked, eyes sparkling.

"Oh, oh, pick me!" Dean cried, waving his arm around in the air.

Sam looked at him with amusement. Dean always had a way of putting people at ease, even if it meant making himself look like an idiot.

"Go 'head," Mark encouraged, obviously amused.

Dean ran into the middle of the room as everyone else settled into chairs.

"Is it the same rules we always played by?" he asked his father.

"Yeah," John grinned. "You didn't think I was imaginative enough to come up with something like this, did you?"

"You never know," Dean trailed off.

He extended his arm and started rubbing an imaginary something in mid air.

Sam knew immediately who he was playing. It was all given away by Dean's expression; an attempt to look worshipfully awed.

"Really?" he groaned. "Like, really really, Dean?"

Dean grinned.

"You can tell what he's doing already?" James questioned in surprise.

"Yeah," Sam moaned. "You're going to make me act this out with you, aren't you?" he inquired of Dean.

"Of course," Dean grinned.

"This is going to be good, isn't it?" Caleb added in his two cents.

"Yes," Dean answered at the same time as Sam said, "Depends what you're definition of 'good' is."

"It's going to be very good," Caleb concluded.

Dean strode over to the couch and dragged Sam up.

"You just stand there and play yourself. Don't forget to look all uncomfortable and freaked out. And don't miss the stuttering; that was the best part," Dean instructed.

"Dad, you can be me," he informed their father as though this was an amazing privilege. Then he dragged their father away to explain his part.

When Dean released him, John stumbled back to the couch, barely containing his laughter.

"I'm glad someone finds this amusing," Sam huffed. "That girl was," he whistled.

"I can't believe she actually-" John broke off, practically giggling.

Yes, this was a very different version of their father.

"Ok, ok…calm," John coached himself. He sat back down on the couch and pretended to be holding a remote.

Sam sat at a "table" (also read as "on the floor") and grabbed a random book to pretend to be reading.

Dean "knocked" on the "door" (also read as "mid air") and both John and Sam looked up.

John moved around to the side of the "bed", a gun appearing in his hands. It was a real gun, too, since he never went anywhere without one.

Sam got up and "opened" the "door" a little before "leaning" on it.

Dean took a deep almost hyperventilation breath and stared at Sam with a look of open mouthed awe before making a few almost sobbing noises.

John looked around Sam with a "what the hell" look on his face.

"You ok, lady?" Sam asked.

Most of the room burst out laughing as they realized Dean was playing a girl. It was a ridiculous thought.

Caleb nearly rolled off the couch, but none of the three actors broke character.

"Sam!" Dean gasped in a breathy voice. "Is it really you?" Dean continued.

Sam looked back towards John with a "huh?" expression.

Dean moved forward to press his hand against Sam's chest.

John and Caleb were having trouble not cracking up at the simple sight, but everyone else was riveted to the scene with fascination.

Sam looked down at Dean's hand with confused alarm.

"And you're so firm!" Dean exclaimed.

Darren was the first to give in to silent laughter at that sentence.

"U-uh," Sam stuttered, staring at Dean as though he had gone insane. "Do I know you?"

At this question, even more people gave in to silent mirth. Sam looked so bewildered and freaked out that it was a little pathetic and a lot funny.

"No," Dean admitted, withdrawing his hand. "But I know you! You're Sam Winchester-"

Sam was looking more and more alarmed.

Dean looked towards John. "And you're….not what I pictured," Dean finished with an odd look on his face.

John did his best to look confused through his ever growing mirth.

"I'm Becky," Dean declared, turning back to Sam.

He stalked passed his brother and into the room while saying, "I read all about you guys, and I've even written a few…." He shivered in pleasure. "Anyway," he got back on track. "Mr. edland told me where you were."

"Chuck?" John asked, rising from the couch.

Sam closed the "door" before Dean continued.

"He's got a message, but he's being watched. Angels," Dean added, looking towards the ceiling.

Sam and John exchanged look as Dean put in, "Nice change up to the mythology, by the way; the demon stuff was getting kinda old-"

He had barely finished when Sam was talking again. "Right, but ah, just, um, what's the message?" he asked.

John crossed his arms and watched on.

"He had a vision," Dean proclaimed. "The Michel sword is on earth. The angels lost it," he said, punctuating each word with his hand.

"The Michel sword?" John cut in.

"Becky, does he know where it is?" Sam questioned, his face serious.

"In a castle," Dean informed him immediately. "On a hill made of forty two dogs," he finished with a slightly crazed expression.

"Forty two dogs," John confirmed, his face clearly showing how sane he thought "Becky" was.

"Are you sure you got that right," Sam asked gently.

"It doesn't make sense," Dean agreed almost before Sam fell silent. "But that's what he said. I memorized every word," Dean reached out and planted his hand on Sam's chest again. He closed his eyes reverently and started rubbing. "For you."

By this time there wasn't one person there who wasn't silently laughing, some going as far as tears rolling down their faces as they rolled around.

"Um," Sam tried. He made a 'help me' face towards John, but was ignored. "Becky, uh, could you, could you quit touching me?" he requested, looking supremely uncomfortable.

"No," Dean denied immediately, keeping his eyes closed as he kept rubbing Sam.

The room reached a whole new pitch of mirth as the scene finished, and everyone was free to laugh out loud.

John started rolling around on the ground, holding his stomach as he gasped for breath, and Dean chuckled.

Sam watched them all in amazement.

It had not been funny. It had freaked him out that some random girl was being all touchy feely with him.

"I don't think anyone can top that," Danny grinned.

"Did that really happen?" Adrian choked.

"Yep," Dean grinned. "You should've seen his face the first time around. It was like 'oh-my-God-this-random-girl-is-touching-me-and-she-won't-stop!'."

The room exploded in laughter again.

"What would you do if some creepy girl started touching you like that?" Sam demanded.

"I would've taken advantage of it," Dean grinned. "She practically worshiped you."

"Worshiped me a bit too much," Sam said bitterly. He definitely hadn't enjoyed being tied to a bed without pants.

"Yeah, she was a creepy stalker," Dean agreed.

They moved back to their seats, and Opal took their places.

The rest of the scenes were acted out and induced glee, but not quite to the amount Dean had managed to produce.

That was until John insisted they reenact Sam's first word. Apparently he had been direly in need of a nap (which meant he had to sit there pouting when they acted it out).

John played himself, Caleb played Bobby, and Dean played himself.

John and Caleb staged a huge argument over which gun was best for icing a werewolf.

There wasn't really any difference, but Sam thought maybe his dad and Bobby just enjoyed arguing.

They were not screaming entirely appropriate things either, so they kept having to "bleep" things.

Finally John yelled, "Screw you Singer!" and Sam tugged at Dean's sleeve.

"De," he talked for the first time, though John and Caleb were so busy "arguing" that they didn't notice. "What scew ou me?" Sam continued. He hated having to play a baby.

Dean was fluent in Sammy from the moment Sam first opened his mouth, so he knew exactly what Sam meant.

He cocked his head to the side in thought for a few seconds, then shrugged. "I du'know, Sammy. Let's ask Daddy," Dean suggested.

He stood and hoisted Sam up with him before "toddling" over to John.

"Daddy?" he inquired, tugging at his father's sleeve like Sam had.

"Sammy wants to know what 'screw you' means, and I don't know," he informed John when he got the man's attention.

John's face had the rest of the room collapsing again.

"How did you even know what he was saying?" Violet asked.

"Are you kidding?" John questioned with raised eyebrows. "Dean spoke 'Sammy' from Sam's first gurgle; deciphering words was a whole hell of a lot easier."

Sam was last to go. He decided he was tired of being the butt of the scenes for today, so he carefully picked through his memories for a time that Dean looked stupid.

He grinned as he finally settled on the time he and Dean went to an alternate universe.

He stood in the middle of the room and adopted the expression he had sported upon finding out Ruby was his wife there. He knew Dean would recognize, because it was very similar to the one he wore around Becky, but with a touch of fear.

"Oh come on," Dean snorted. "Really?"

The scene was acted out by him, Dean, and Violet took the place of Genevieve. They started with, "Wait; you and Ruby," and ended with, "I should figure out her name," excluding the kiss because they were related to everyone and that was just wrong.

"That is a story you're going to have to tell in full sometime," Calen laughed.

"Now for the best part," Liam proclaimed with an evil looking grin.

"Karaoke," Aiden and Hayden smirked together.

The songs were many and varied. They ranged from Avril Lavgine to Our Lady Peace to some rapper Sam had never heard of before.

How they got so much karaoke music, Sam couldn't imagine. Maybe it was because they had been doing this for so long?

John, Dean, and Sam waited to go last. It was awkward for them to sing

in front of anyone, so they were trying to stall their way out of going at all.

Needless to say, that didn't work.

John was forced up first.

He had no idea what he was doing on stage, Sam noted. He had never seen this side of his father, and it was interesting to see the man honest to God nervous.

Sam was stunned when he heard the music. It couldn't be.

He had written that song. Under a different name, granted, but he had still written it. Four years into this world's future.

He could only guess this was Gabriel's work, because how else would his father know "You Found Me"?

His dad carried the song well. He could sing much better than he had ever let on to Sam or Dean.

Then again, Sam knew both he and Dean could sing a lot better than they let on too.

Dean was next.

"Heaps up," Sam called, throwing his ipod to his brother.

Dean caught it with a grin. "Thanks," he said.

Sam nodded.

Dean scrolled through Sam's list of songs, and came across one that he obviously hadn't expected to be there. Sam could tell because his big brother's face betrayed his surprise.

Dean looked conflicted for a second, then shrugged and set the little device playing.

It was probably another thing to "thank" Gabriel for.

It doesn't hurt me

Sam didn't recognize the song at all.

You wanna feel how it feels

You wanna know, know that it doesn't hurt me

You wanna hear about the deal I'm making

That was when Sam figured out why Dean had been so stunned to see this particular song.

Sam always had odd things on his ipod, but this was a song that he hadn't heard because it was Dean's song.

It seemed he wasn't the only person in the family to dabble in song writing.


You and me

And if I only could, make a deal with God

And get him to swap our places

Sam was eternally glad Dean had never met God and tried to convince him to swap Sam out of Hell and put Dean in.

It had saved him the trouble of getting God to swap them back.

Be runnin' up that road

Be runnin' up that hill

Be runnin' up that building

If I only could

You don't wanna hurt me

But see how deep the bullet lies

That part was probably about Lisa. Sam could only imagine her tiptoeing around Dean, trying not to hurt him and only succeeding in hurting him more by reminding him that he was fragile because his Sammy (Dean seemed to like referring to him as such) was in Hell.

Unaware that I'm tearing you asunder

Sam rolled his eyes at that. It was just like Dean to believe that he was sabotaging someone's family just by being there.

Dean didn't often realize how much of a help he could be.

And there's a thunder in our hearts, baby

Sam smirked. He could more than see Dean and Lisa having that effect on each other.

There's so much hate for the ones we love

Very true; a lot of people hated everything even remotely connected to Winchesters. Not to mention monsters…

Tell me we both matter, don't we?

That part was talking about Sam again. They both definitely mattered, just not to the people (things) they wanted to care.


You and me

You and me won't be unhappy

They were always unhappy though. Not many good things happened to them.

Maybe Dean was talking about his ideal heaven?

If I only could, make a deal with God

And get him to swap out places

Be runnin' up that road

Be runnin' up that hill

Be runnin' up that building

If I only could

Come on baby

Come on come on darling

Let me steal this moment from you now

Come on angel

Come on come on darling

Let's exchange this experience

Sam was startled that Dean would refer to him that way. The older boy kept pet names to a minimum in public.

It wasn't always that way, though. When they were younger Dean had no problems calling him anything from Sweetheart to Baby-Face (odd, but so was Dean) wherever they were.

Sam supposed imagining all the horrors he was going through in Hell brought out the super-mega-big-brother-over-protectiveness for Dean.

Incidentally, this also seemed to bring out the side that still saw Sam as the baby Dean had taught the alphabet to (the side that Sam wasn't supposed to know Dean had) and the nicknames.

Half of them were used to make fun of him (Baby-Face), but the other half (Angel) Dean actually meant.

Sam wondered if Dean had some kind of obsession with nicknames. Sam couldn't even remember all the random things Dean had called him over the years, but Dean seemed to relish coming up with something new when he felt things were getting boring.

Oh oh oh

If I only could, make a deal with God

Get him to swap our places

Be runnin' up that road

Be runnin' up that hill

With no problems

And if I only could make a deal with God

And Get him to swap our places

Be runnin' up that road

Be runn' up that hill

With no problems

If I only could be runnin' up that hill

Dean finished by repeating the last line several times.

Sam thought it was a bit "emo" for Dean's normal style, but when Dean was in Hell Sam turned into a dude who drank way too much and chugged demon blood. He couldn't be a pot and still call the kettle black.

Besides, Sam loved the song, and he knew music tended to come out how it wanted to, not how you wanted it to.

Sam wrote plenty of rock songs, and he liked them even thought he normally couldn't stand that type of music.

Music was just funny like that.

Sam found he had been allowing his thoughts to wander for too long, because the next thing he knew he was up on the stage.

And he didn't have the slightest idea of what he was going to sing.



Dean watched as his little brother climbed up on the stage.

He couldn't help but notice that Sam seemed much more comfortable up there than he or their father had. Maybe Sam had done this before?

Dean himself wrote music, but he had never played it before or sang in front of people.

For a few seconds, Sam looked undecided. His face went from distaste to fondness to uncertainty as he scrolled through the list. He looked down at Dean, and his face took a determined tinge.

Dean thought maybe he wasn't the only one singing an original composition today.

The music started, and Dean almost reconsidered. This wasn't what Sam normally played on the radio when he was driving.

This place is many things

But I'd never call it home

It wasn't Sam's voice that issued from his baby brother's mouth.

Dean knew every pitch Sam's voice could ever even possibly reach, and the pitch of the song wasn't one of them.

Dean had heard of people who could do things like that. What were they called? Impersonators, impressive, impressionists! That was it!

Was Sam an impressionist, and if so, why had he never told Dean?

It's just a building in a city everywhere I go

Dean could sympathize with that. It did seem like they never really had a home.

They were always on the road to somewhere, and if they did stay in one place for longer than a week there was always an air of impermanence

This place is many things

But I can't call it home

Home is the place you are and I just wanna let you know

Sam had written a song alright. A song about what Dean meant to him, if Dean knew anything about his baby brother.

Normally Dean would've scoffed at someone doing such a mushy thing, but looking at his baby brother, the one he had practically raised, and realizing how much he meant to the younger boy erased all thoughts of doing any such thing.

That I've done I few things I wasn't proud of

Of course he had; everyone had done things they weren't proud of.

If Dean had to guess, he would probably say that this was written some time close to the whole demon blood blow out (note to self; ask Sam what Gabriel meant about that not being his fault) and it kind of made him feel really low to know that Sam still held Dean in such high regard after everything he had said to his baby brother at that time.

Dean knew he hadn't exactly been fair about that. So it was ok for him to torture people in Hell and break the first seal, but it wasn't ok for Sam to get addicted to something while he was dead and try to do the world a favor even when he was extremely high?

No, things didn't work that way. Dean did things that Sam said not to every day. He could name several times when he had let Sam down or broken a promise to him (cough cough, Stanford and Amy cough cough) but Sam lets him down and Dean jumps on it; holds it above his head for months.

It just wasn't fair to Sam.

And it wasn't like he had never trusted someone he shouldn't have.

Might've said a few things that hurt you

Well, duh. They were brothers; they had arguments just like anyone else. Sam hurt him, and he knew sometimes he hurt his Sammy.

But you're still the only one that fills me up

And every night spent alone was worth it

You are my home

You are my everything

When I feel so alone

Dean almost couldn't believe the level of devotion Sam still had after all they had gone through.

Dean hadn't exactly been a very good big brother lately. First he didn't pay enough attention to Sam's wall cracking (he just wanted to believe everything was fine for once) and then he was too caught up in his own grief over Bobby, snapping at Sammy and pushing him away.

But Sam was still there, and obviously still thought the world of Dean, no matter what the older boy had done.

It was a little humbling.

You are my home

You are my shelter

When all my hope is gone

Music played for a couple seconds and took the time to look around at all their relatives.

Their expressions ranged from confusion at hearing the second new song of the night, to nearly in tears from the emotion Sam put into his words.

Sam was always good at bringing out people's emotions.

And I've seen many things

Got that right he had!

But they don't look like home

They're just the bright lights from a city glowing all night long

Lots and lots of cities, actually. They had definitely seen lots of cities….

And I've seen many faces

Also very true. Sam probably saw more people in a month than most people did in all their lives.

It came with moving around so much.

It was also normally accompanied by a sense of detachment from all of them because they're nothing like you and never will be.

But they all look the same

They did tend to blend together after awhile. A bunch of Mary-sue and John Does.

Home is the place you are and I just wanna let you know

That I've done a few things I wasn't proud of

Might've said a few things that hurt

But you're still the only one that fills me up

And all the tears that we've shared was worth it

Lots and lots of those in Sam's life too. Sammy just wasn't born to be happy. The universe was adverse to him ever being completely satisfied.

They had had a sucky childhood, leading into troubled teens, a brief stint at Stanford without Big Brother to take care of him, and several deaths as adults.

They just weren't meant to be happy.

You are my home

You are my everything

When I feel so alone

You are my heart

You are the one

When it all comes undone

When it all comes undone

When it all comes undone

When it all comes undone

When it all comes undone

It came undone a lot. Dad. Ellen. Jo. Ash. Pamela. Pastor Jim. Caleb. Hell, even Bobby.

You are my home

you are my everything

when I feel so alone

you are my home

you are my shelter

when all my hope is gone

you are my home

you are my everything

when I feel so alone

you are my heart

you are the one

when it all comes undone

Sam ground to a stop.

Wow. That was…..very emotionally charged, very stirring, and just so very Sam.

And to know that Sam still viewed him as home, after everything they had gone through, was just mind blowing.

The room was quiet for a few more seconds before people burst into applause.

They had done the same for everyone else (including Dean) but Dean noticed they were somewhat more enthusiastic about the amount of emotion he and Sam had put in.

Sam had closed his eyes at some time during the song, but now they popped open and his face went red.

He scurried off the stage as fast as he could and latched onto Dean.

It had been a long time since Sam latched onto him; tried to hide behind him. Dean didn't mind, though. He liked the feeling of Sam needing him.

"Well, that's it for tonight. Time for bed," Hadrian declared.

The rest of the family agreed and hurried off to their respective rooms.

John put a hand each on Sam and Dean's shoulders.

"Let's go, boys," he said quietly.

His hand was a weight, but not a pressure on the back of their necks as he guided them up the stairs.

He waited for them outside while the changed (not that either of them really noticed) and reentered the room when both were dressed.

Much to Dean's amazement and Sam's suspicion (he was almost to the point of saying christo here) their father tucked them in and kissed their foreheads.

"Sleep well," John whispered against his baby's forehead. He ran a hand through Sam's hair, and then left them to sleep.

It would take a lot of work to even partially erase what their father had done, but John was willing to do anything it took to make any version of his babies happy.

Dean's thoughts during Sam's song are not precisely my view of how Dean was acting, but we all know Dean has a tendency to blame himself for everything. So does Sam, actually.

We're almost done here! Only a couple more chapters till the end. Three, actually, unless I decide to add something more.

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