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OK, I know that my New Year's Project (fic-a-day for all of January, multiple fandoms, see my profile) stipulated that I was supposed to post something else and post it yesterday. My flash drive died yesterday, so my schedule is being rearranged and you're getting two today instead. :D

We say it's for the thrills and chills,

For handsome faces, stunning eyes,

To see whom this week's monster kills…

But deep inside we know we lie.

The motive's simpler than we knew,

More childish than we dared to say:

We hope that box of purest blue

Will land in our backyard some day,

Yes, secretly we hope to hear

The sound of that dear timeless thrum,

And turn, and see the TARDIS near,

And find the Doctor's really come…

And then the door would open wide,

And out he'd bounce to save the day.

We'd save the world by his side,

And then he'd take us far away.

We'd travel through the furthest stars,

To unknown worlds, forgotten years,

Fighting monsters, near and far,

Conquering our hidden fears…

And when we finally did return,

We'd sadly watch him fly away,

And know inside we'd always yearn,

And yet rejoice we'd had those days.

We blame the Doctor's handsome smile,

Or how we love the blood and screams,

But, deep inside, our inner child

Is dreaming their own starlit dreams.