So, I was going through some of my fanfictions and realized something...not so encouraging. Not only are they virtually reviewless, they are similar in style and they need space to breathe. So I've decided to broaden my horizons and instead of doing just anime and manga. I was going through the browsing section of FF and clicked on games. I saw some games that I owned as a video game nerd (360 BABY!), and figured that was a perfect horizon spreader. To make a long story short, expect some fanfictions from games as well. Right now, I'm thinking about, if not already working on titles like L.A. Noire, Catherine, Dance Central {1 and 2}, Left 4 Dead {1 and 2} and Phoenix Wright. I figured why not give my page a little more zest as I change up for a few? Don't worry, I'll come back and upload some more chapters, new Hetalia, Naruto and maybe some crossovers. However, for right now, I'll be working on games only. If you have a title you'd like to see in the near future, leave your suggestions in the reviews and/or private message me.

~Katera (SecretUchiha) :3