February 5th, 2013:

Okay, so, a lot of people have been begging me to continue this. I decided to read through some old chapters and see if I could get inspired to write another chapter. Instead, I came to a rather frightening conclusion:

My writing for Impossible sucked.

Honestly, this was only my second story on the site, and my first one that wasn't a oneshot. It's clear to me that I've grown a lot in terms of writing skill over the past year if that is what I used to write like. Looking over them now, I can tell that the chapters would need some serious revamping in order to be up to my new standards. This leaves us with two options:

1. I leave them as-is, and abandon the story, labeling it as Complete.

2. I rewrite the story entirely, which could take a very long time.

Tell me which you would like. Unless I get, let's say, two dozen reviews telling me to go for the second option, I'll stick to the first option. I'm not demanding reviews here; I'm just not willing to put in that much effort into a project when I already have so many waiting for me elsewhere unless there really is that high of a demand for it, and a promise to get a decent return on the idea as well. You have one month for me to make a decision.

March 9, 2013:

Right, so...

I've decided to... abandon it.

I know there are people that won't be happy with this, but this was never a very good story in the first place. It was a little sad, even. Nowadays, I have stories that are so much better, and that I actually feel like continuing, so I'd honestly just rather pour my effort into those projects, which actually mean something to me, rather than into this. Especially with my bad health recently, I just can't keep up with the demand that I have. There isn't as big of a wait on this story as there is on my others, and there isn't as much allure.

I'm sorry, but I guess this is goodbye. Look at my other stories if you want to. I promise they're all a lot better.

Ja ne