Where are these words coming from? What do they mean, how do they arrive in your head, and who is sending them? To what purpose? You don't know. Part of you doesn't want to know. But your ship, the Skylark is coming alive, though what it will become, you don't know. All you know for sure, is that you're not the captain anymore. You're a part of the organism, but not the brain, nor even the heart. You're just what keeps the thing healthy, making repairs and other minor alterations, though the majority of them are being taken care of by the ship itself. The closest you can come is the antibodies in a biological beings bloodstream, rather then whatever this is.

"All hail Lord Yawgmoth, the Ineffible! Father of Machines!" You whisper, as the door slides open with a faintly organic sound. "It is He who opened my mind, and it is He who healed me, of sickness, of pain, and of mortality. And it is He who shall lead us across the Multiverse to the heavens, as Gods!"

You don't know who it is you are praying to. Or how you understand the language, or even how your throat forms the alien sounds. It's better that way. But whatever it is, it's already got a hold on you that you fear you'll never break. You haven't slept in days, because when you do your body keeps on moving on it's own, and you wake up to find it taking apart the life-support or any of a thousand other incomprehensible tasks, all of which add up to something you don't understand.
But you will. Evolution is at work here, and you are part of something the scientist within you can barely wait to see. And the rest, what people would call a soul? That doesn't have a say anymore.