Across Another Dimension

Author's Note: Hey, everybody. I haven't been on for a while. University has gotten in the way of writing anything for fandoms. Well, I'm back with a brand new story. What about my other stories? I'm going to delete them. The more I read over them … the more I cringe. I'm going to start anew on this account. Anyway, the story is based on Ratchet & Clank. It based after the whole series, so it is a future based after the future. If you got that sentence … kudos to that reader. Well, I'm sure none of you want to read a page of author's note, even if I do have a page worth to type about. Without farther ado, here is the prologue for my newest story.

-Prologue: Launch to Space-

"Everything looks ready and raring to go," the engineer muttered. "I need to get away from this planet for a while. Let's just hope that the space station is ready for Kenya McClain. This planet needs to behave."

"No need to be bitter at the planet, McClain," a voice appeared on her radio transmitter. "Your ex-fiancé cheated, and you got rid of him. It's time to move on. Going to the space station might help clear your head. I'm just glad that the event didn't hinder your training."

The astronaut rolled her eyes as she shut the transmitter off. Having him yap in your ear was enough to make one's head spin. She looked at her partner and growled. He just had to be her partner. Of course, they had planned this trip since he asked her to marry him. The other astronaut just smiled before turning to push some buttons for takeoff. The space station had needed to be fixed, and they agreed to go into space to fix it. The preparations took a few months; the both of them needed to be trained in fixing the space station. She just pushed a few more buttons on as the thrusters started. The guy looked at her before beginning to speak in a hushed tone, "Kenya, this is strictly professional. Do not let your emotions get in the way of this trip. If one blanks out, then the space shuttle could become inept. You, of all people, should know this very well."

"Shut up, Clark," she hissed. "I know all of that very well. I know it very well. You're an ass for bringing that incident back into light. Everybody took the priority of forgetting about it the best that they can. It was nobody's fault according to the investigators."

"Yes, of course," he said, smirking inside the helmet. "It's nobody's fault."

Before she could get another word in, the countdown had started for the ship to launch. The woman just sighed as she gripped her seat. It took every ounce of her will just to climb back into a space ship after the incident a year ago. It took those months of training just for others to convince her to go. Her mind was still telling to disengage from this trip to the space station. Clark gripped the wheel as the countdown ended. The white and blank ship blasted off as people clapped in the background. Kenya held her breath as she tried to relax her muscles. It was going to be an interesting ride to the space station. She couldn't wait to get out of the shuttle. The woman didn't mind space; she just hated riding in shuttles. Kenya had to question the reason she was still an astronaut.

[A Few Hours Later]

Kenya looked out the window of the space shuttle as she saw the stars passing by. The woman just sighed as she realized autopilot was engaged by Clark. He was currently asleep as she just walked around the shuttle. The shuttle would get to the space station in around two hours. She had been awake for that long. The woman was afraid to fall asleep. Sitting in the driver's seat, she just watched the emptiness called space as her eyes drifted closed. She opened her eyes quickly as a blue light rocketed through the shuttle. The ship jerked as she grabbed the wheel. Autopilot was turned off upon contact. Gulping, she looked for the space station. It was still nowhere in sight. Clark walked into the control room as he looked around. The blue light was coming back around. It looked stronger than it was the first time. Kenya gripped the steering control as she tried to move away from the light. It rocketed through the shuttle as everything started to shut down. Green eyes looked frightened as Kenya passed out from the shock. She barely heard a bump as Clark had fallen unconscious a few seconds before her. Darkness enveloped her as she figured this was one way to die.

[Outskirts of City]

Eyes blinked upon as Kenya moaned from the pain. Did they crash back on Earth? How'd they survive if that was the case? These thoughts flew through her mind as she looked around a little dazed from the events. Plants grew around them, and strange creatures ran past. It definitely wasn't planet Earth. Groaning, she sat straight as she looked at the destruction of the space shuttle. It was all in pieces except for the major parts of the ship. Remembering the bane of her existence, Kenya quickly surveyed the area for him. Finding his body, the woman crawled toward him. Her legs were still too weak to stand. After a few minutes, she managed to be right next to him.

"Clark?" she whispered, nudging his shoulder. "Come on, Clark. We're on some kind of planet. What happens if we found some kind of alien planet? Clark, wake up! We need to find a way to contact NASA. Clark!"

Getting frustrated, she rolled him over on his back. The sight made her scream. Clasping a hand on her mouth, Kenya realized fur was in her mouth. She looked at her hand. It was strawberry blonde, the color of her hair, and had claws. The four fingers didn't throw her off either. Standing, she looked at her partner one more time. His entire face was burned off. She bit her lip before yowling. Sharp canines … she had teeth like an animal. Managing to spot a stream close by, the woman stumbled over to look at her reflection. She fainted upon the sight of a female feline like creature. It had strawberry blonde fur, two big, fluffy ears, green crystal eyes, and a tail that flickered back and forth on occasion. Kenya had fainted at the stream, her hand wading in the water. The hand of a different creature.

Author's Note: The prologue of the story Across Another Dimension. In the event, I was planning on having Kenya turn into a Lombax, but the more I thought about it, the more it seemed unoriginal. She is a species that I have created. It will be explained eventually through the story, but at the moment, it sounds as if she is Lombax. In fact, she's another kind of feline creature altogether. Hope you had a fun read of the prologue. Reviews are encouraging. Favorites are nice, but not as nearly as nice as reviews.