-Chapter Four: It's a Date-

Ratchet just ran across his workshop as he tried to find a present that was bought for a special occasion. Clank just watched him in wild wonderment as he just sat on the present. The Lombax just lowered his ears as he realized it was in the most obvious place. Grabbing the present, he quickly jumped on his hover board to get to the hospital. Jumping over people walking on the streets, he made it to the hospital in record time. Running to the nurses' station, the Lombax huffed indefinitely as he pointed and stuttered, but no words would appear before the nurse's ears. The robot just frowned as she realized he wasn't spitting anything out. Ratchet took a deep breath, "I came to visit Mrs. Qwark; she just had a baby. I'm a friend of the father."

"Name?" the nurse replied as she grabbed a clipboard. "I need to make sure they have said you were allowed to visit at this moment."

"Ratchet and Clank," he answered. "We're his 'sidekicks' as he so kindly calls us. We got a call that the baby was born, so the both of us got here as soon as possible. Just, let us up there soon."

The nurse just nodded as she allowed them to use the elevator to the maternity ward. Ratchet just waved as he quickly ran to the machine. Clank just chuckled as he walked to the elevator. The baby wasn't going anywhere anytime soon. Ratchet had all the time in the world. As the elevator opened, both stepped quietly in the ward. After asking a nurse about the room, the both of them entered to see the proud parents giggling over a new addition to their family. Qwark still wore his green spandex proudly. The Lombax and robot just cracked a smile as they realized that Qwark was proud of his father status. They just hoped he wouldn't let it go to his head. Qwark heard Clank's steps as he turned around. The new father smiled as he ushered them over to the see the baby. She was tucked in her mother's arms. Green eyes softened at the sight of a helpless child. Babies were absolutely amazing in his eyes.

"Isn't it wonderful, sidekick?" asked Qwark. "A new life was born into this world just a few hours ago. And, they'll be the best at life! I will teach her everything that I know to save the universe! One day, one day, she'll be as famous as me!"

"You keep working on that, Qwark," commented Ratchet. "I'm sure she'll be just fine with your guidance. Now, what is her name? Did you decide upon one? Congratulations, Crystal. How do you put up with him?"

Crystal just smiled as she heard Ratchet's questions. It was tough being the wife of Captain Qwark, but she loved to keep him grounded on one planet. She gently cradled her child as she had started to stir. Blue eyes opened to look at her mother. The baby started to cry as she was hungry. Mrs. Qwark just laughed as she looked at the three in the room, "I hate to be rude, but my dear Gloria seems to be hungry. If you don't mind, could you please leave the room? You to, Captain Qwark."

Ratchet and Clank nodded as they dragged the father out of the room. As soon as the door shut, they let him go as he moped around. The Lombax, as Clank didn't have to eat, just went to a vending machine to see if the snacks were good. As he placed bolts in the slot, the guy noticed a familiar strawberry blonde tail. Kenya had left his home after the apartment was fixed with a security system. She felt a lot better with it installed. Clark hadn't been around in the city, but he probably didn't want to risk getting caught. Most villains weren't that smart. Walking over, he noticed that she was talking to a nurse. Thoughts crossed him mind. The most prominent was the reason for her being in the maternity ward of the hospital. He just walked closer before grabbing her tail to scare the Tigerix. Kenya jumped as she felt her tail being grabbed. She smacked her assaulter as Ratchet caught her fist. He just smiled innocently as she growled her response. The Tigerix just huffed as she turned toward the nurse, "I'm sorry. Anyway, as I was saying, I'm just generally irritated with life at the moment. Everything just wants to make me snap. All the doctors I talked to told me that the maternity ward would help. Can you? It's just really annoying. I've never felt this way before."

"Never?" the nurse asked. "Aren't you a little late then, miss? It's not uncommon, but at your age, it is quite rare. Maybe we should see if you are alright. I'll see if we can schedule an apartment with one of the doctors with this ward. Please, just wait a minute."

The nurse turned away as Kenya just growled. She didn't want to see another doctor. What the hell did the robotic bitch mean? She just flexed her fingers of one hand as the claws came out. Ratchet's ears moved up as he looked over her shoulder. Kenya just looked at him annoyed. He just rolled his eyes before picking up a pen. Kenya just snatched it from him as she snapped it with her hand. The Lombax just backed away before returning to the vending machine. She just sighed as she realized he knew the same thing that everybody else knew that she didn't quite understand. The woman wasn't a Tigerix by birth. Clank and Qwark appeared around the corner as they spotted Kenya by the nurses' station. The woman just glared at them as she went to sit in one of the chairs as she waited for the nurse to come back for a scheduled appointment. The hero and robot looked at Ratchet as he opened his snack from the machine.

"What?" he asked. "Have neither of you ever seen a severely pissed off feline in heat? She's going to be like that for a couple of days. Of course, I do believe Miss Kenya doesn't even know herself. Isn't that right, Kenya? By the look of it, it seems you have never been in heat before. Weird species you have there."

"Humans are not a weird species," she hissed. "The females of my species do go into heat. We just don't show it in weird ways. Yes, we do PMS, but not as severely as wanting to snap your head off right this second. I'm not in the mood, Ratchet. What the hell are you doing here anyway? I'm sure you aren't having a child. If you were, I bet I could make a lot of bolts off of you. I'd be rolling in them!"

Ratchet just sighed as he realized she was going to be very unpleasant the next few weeks. He, honestly, has never been around a female in heat in his entire life. He didn't even encounter them while dating Angela and Sasha. He shook his head to clear his mind of thoughts before going to introduce the person behind him. Kenya just raised her eyebrow at the green spandex wearing alien. She just slouched in her seat as he began to introduce a new character to her, "Kenya, this is Captain Qwark. He recently married (don't ask me how), and their first child has just arrived. I had come to visit the baby as they had called to inform of Gloria's arrival. Now, if you don't be so kind, I will be going back to that room to give them the gift that I had left on the table farther across the room. Good day, Kenya."

The three of them went to return to the room when Kenya spoke softly toward them. Clank turned around as the other two didn't hear her. She just sighed as her arms found a way to hug her knees. Such things are always new to her. She doesn't mean to snap. It was her inert reaction to snap due to the heat part of her biology. Kenya shuddered at the word; she really sounded as if she was a true animal. Her four fingers flexed as she moved them around. Claws came out as she inspected them. They were nice and sharp. If she wasn't scared, the woman probably could have used them to get away from Clark when he attacked. She shuddered once again; Clark was not going to be on her mind. He was going for useless revenge as Clank had explained to her. He would lose eventually. Clank just sat on a chair next to her as she looked at him.

"What did you say?" he asked.

"I wanted to see the baby," she answered. "Babies amaze me. They are such small creatures that grow to be something like me, you know? It's just absolutely amazing. Do you think I could see the baby?"

"I do not see why not," he answered. "Please, follow me. I'm sure Crystal wouldn't mind being introduced to you. She loves to meet new people. Of course, as a warning, she is a matchmaker. Two people that are felines … one a Lombax and the other always mistaken as one … she would start to formulate ideas. I'm sure that warning you well in advanced would be beneficial."

"Don't worry about that," she commented. "I'm done with the whole dating, relationship, and love thing for quite some time. Clark ripped my heart out when he cheated on me. You don't have to worry about me being hooked up with somebody I met five weeks ago. I barely know the guy. Well, go on, show me to the room. I want to see the baby!"

Clank just chuckled as he showed her to the room that Crystal and Gloria were currently resting. Kenya quietly stepped into the room as Ratchet turned to look at her. He just rolled his eyes and huffed before paying attention to Gloria. She was currently sleeping in the bed provided for her. Kenya walked beside him as she looked at the baby. She was really cute. The Tigerix just smiled as she gently touched the newborn's face. The baby moved slightly but she didn't wake from her slumber. The fur probably felt warm to the baby. Kenya just giggled as she felt the baby grab her finger. Babies were absolutely adorable. Ratchet just stared at the Tigerix as she continued to interact with Gloria. He had never seen her so content since she arrived on the planet. Crystal woke to see another person in the room. She smiled as she realized it was the Tigerix her robot friend was telling her about a few days ago. She found her quite beautiful in her own way. The new mother just smiled to herself as she noticed the two felines interacting with each other at the same time. Kenya would growl as Ratchet would say something to her; it seemed never ending to the self-proclaimed matchmaker. An idea was already stirring in her mind; an idea to help her friend get a girl to love him as much as he will love her. Clank saw her look, and he just had to shake his head. The woman was thinking of an idea. One that would either favor the two felines or make them farther apart.

"So, Ratchet," Crystal began, clasping her hands, "why don't we go out after I'm out of the hospital? Clank is willing to watch Gloria for a few hours. You could bring your female friend along to introduce her to me fully. What do you say? I mean if you are busy it is quite alright, but I thought it would be a lot of fun."

Ratchet just nodded to her suggestion. He thought it was a good idea to show Kenya around more of the town. He figured she only knew the way to the bank, her apartment, and his house. Kenya just smiled to the idea and to the baby. She wouldn't mind babysitting if Crystal and Qwark needed a break; babysitting was a lot of fun when she used to do it as a teenager. It was a good way to make more bolts at the same time. A fun part-time job was something that she really needed at her present moment. Crystal just smiled brightly as she noticed both of them agreed to the date. None of them knew her plan which was perfect for her. She decided to finish speaking her plan, "We will go to one of the restaurants in the upper courts. You'll have to dress for the restaurants. Hope you have nice clothes."

Kenya choked on her air as she turned to look at Crystal. She would have to wear a dress. The Tigerix tried to avoid those things like the plague. She hated to wear dresses; she felt too exposed in one. Of course, she had agreed to go on the outing, so buying one was mandatory. Looking around, she nudged Ratchet slightly in the side. He jumped slightly before looking at her. They weren't as mad at each other as before, so talking civilly was a gift for them. He just quirked an eyebrow at her elbow nudges. She leaned closer to whisper in his ear, "Can you help me find a dress? Or at least a dress shop? I don't like wearing dresses, so shopping for one is going to be interesting. Are you willing to help me?"

"It's a date," he whispered back before turning his attention toward Crystal and Qwark. "Congrats guys. Here, I had gotten a gift for Gloria, but I suppose it is a gift for you, Crystal. It can be used for Gloria."

Author's Note: Long chapters and short chapters, my oh my. Anyway, this story is officially 9,096 words without the next few words of the author's note. I will have the next update on Thursday. University had just started, so I will try to get a couple of chapters done before the Thursday update, so I will have more updates ready for the next week. I'm really happy with the story. Four chapters in and there is a villain that had disappeared, a baby born, and a date about buying dresses. Not to mention Crystal's matchmaking scheme. Kenya really isn't interested in the dating life at the moment. Maybe, she'll change her mind. Who knows?