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Disclaimer: i do NOT own Negima! master Negi Magi - Juliet is my own character, if she sounds like another character in any way, i did not mean to do so.


It was a warm spring day, the sky was clear and the grass was greener than usual, the birds sang cheerfully flying in the sky performing their wonderful ballets. But today to peaceful in Negi's opinion, (he was getting more paranoid every day, thanks to Asuna as well other things that continually try to kill him). But today was a more hectic day than usual because the school Mahora Academy for Girls was getting a new student. Negi had no idea what she looked like or if she was normal (most of the students in his class were really quite strange). Negi looked at his watch and started running, he was late for class, what a great way to make a first impression to his new student.

Negi is a ten year old teacher with red-ish hair always tied in a low ponytail, he frequently wore a suit and glasses that made him look like a very stuffy person. But he was not, although Negi was a child prodigy and a Magi in training, he was still just a child. And everywhere he went he always carried around a long staff (wand) given to him by his father. He used this wand frequently due to his compulsion to save people and to complete his training as a wizard and become a master Magi, like his father. But first he had to become a teacher at Mahora Academy and was finally getting used to life as a teacher, but was still not used to the rabid fan girls in his class.

"Hello Asuna-san," Said Negi as he caught up to his roommate.

"Oh, hey Negi," said Asuna not dropping her pace.

"Good morning Negi-kun," said a girl peering around Asuna.

"And to you Konoka-san," Negi smiled, Konoka was a very sweet girl. She was Kind and nurturing, she always had this sort of motherly aura around her. Konoka had rich black hair and beautiful brown eyes which just made you instantly want to be her friend. She shared a dorm with both Negi and Asuna. And quite frankly Negi was glad to have Konoka-san around or else he would either be dead going insane due to Asuna's violent tendencies and hatred of children. Asuna had long blonde/orange hair put up in pigtails tied by ribbons that had bells attached. She had one blue and one green eye, making her look like a maniac when she lost her temper.

"Hey Negi, is it true that we are getting a new student?" asked Konoka.

"Yep it's true," answered Negi.

"I hope she's not crazy, like some of us" Asuna said.

"Like you is more like it," Negi mumbled.

"What did you say you runt?" Asuna said, she coming to a sudden halt in front of Negi so he ran into her and fell down on to his ass she towered over him menacingly and grabbed him by his tie, lifting him off the ground.

"Asuna let him go he's only a kid!" Konoka cried.

"You're goanna' pay for that Negi!" Asuna shouted shaking Negi like a ragdoll.

"We're going to be late!" Konoka said which had a surprising effect on the situation. Asuna dropped Negi, who landed on his back knocking the wind out of him, his wand digging into his spine and ran towards the school as fast as she could.

"I thought I was done for, thank you Konoka-san," Negi whispered as he started running with Konoka towards the school after Asuna.

"Any time," said Konoka smiling.

The two of them entered the class room gasping for breath just as the final bell rang; Konoka ran to her seat and sat down, even though Negi was going to tell them to stand right away.

"All rise," Said Negi after he caught his breath. After about five seconds Negi told them they may all sit down. He stood behind his desk for a few more seconds before he started his announcement. "Now then," said Negi, trying to sound professional, "I know you all know that there have been rumors floating around the school that state that class 2-A is getting a new student," at this everyone leaned forward, even Chisame-san the person who was least interested in gossip leaned forward a little bit. "And I am going to confirm that these rumors's are in fact, true. She is new to this area and I want everyone to be nice to her. Everyone, please give a warm welcome to your new classmate, Juliet Jeevas!"

Everyone's head's turned towards the door as it slowly slid open to reveal Shizuna-sensei leading a relatively petite girl with long red-ish hair with little strands of brown and gold hair mixed in, the florescent lights only added to interesting hair color making it look like a ruby, and all of her hair, except for her bangs, was pulled back into a neat braid that stretched all the way down to her calf's. Her skin was white but had a subtle tan, she was quite skinny, but had a little muscle as well as a decent sized bust.

As Juliet reached the front of the classroom and faced her new classmates, it was reviled that she had stunning large blue-silver eyes; her iris and pupil were rimed with a sort of indigo color. Her entire face was like that of a doll's; with a few freckles sprinkled on her nose and cheeks. And her bangs framed her beautiful complexion perfectly. And the school uniform only added to her cuteness, with the button down white shirt under the maroon vest. All covered by a sleek, long sleeved jacket that was left unbuttoned; it was the same color as the vest with the Mahora academy crest embroidered on the left Breast Pocket. She wore the pleated plaid mini-skirt that was also part of the school uniform as well as white stockings that went up half-way past her thighs leaving a little bit of space between where her skirt ended and where her stockings ended leaving just a small part of her thigh's uncovered.

"He… hello, I… its n…nice to meet you all, m…my name I…is Juliet, I am looking forward to getting to know ever one," she said nervously, her voice like a soft bell capturing your soul, making your knees weak. She also managed a small smile that revealed dazzling perfect white teeth. And that's what she was…


Her appearance had no flaws, every hair that was out of place worked to her advantage it made her look more innocent then she already did. Evangeline saw the girl out of the corner of her eye and did a double take. She didn't usually take interest in new students, but this one was different, there was something about her that just didn't seem right. Eva looked to Negi to see if he realized her oddity as well but he was in a stunned silence like the rest of her class mates. She shook her head and turned toward Asuna. She had figured out a while ago that Asuna was not as susceptible to magical influences as normal people were and sure enough, Asuna looked as though she thought something was off. Eva wanted to try to talk to Asuna (even though she didn't really like her) just to hear her thoughts on this 'girl' or whatever she was. Then Chachamaru would do research on her to confirm any suspicions.

"Your seat will be next to Evangeline-sans in the back, Juliet-san," said Negi pointing to the empty seat next to Eva.

"Thank you Negi-sensei," Juliet said quietly and walked briskly to the back of the class room to her seat.

Perfect thought Evangeline, now I can interrogate her all I want.

Juliet arrived at her seat and quickly sat down; leaving the scent of pomegranates in her wake, but there was some other scent that the pomegranates were hiding.

she and Evangeline were about the same height only Juliet was slightly taller. Eva studied her new neighbor through the corner of her eye, and apparently Juliet was doing the same. When their eyes met they stared each other down, neither willing to admit defeat. Eva cocked one eyebrow and gave a malevolent smirk, and Juliet quickly averted her gaze.

"Now," said Negi, taking away Eva's chance to interrogate Juliet. "I want you all to turn to page 137 in your books and to translate this passage," Negi cleared his throat and said something in English that Eva was to uninterested in to listen to. Instead she focused on trying to find out if something was up with this girl, or whatever she was. She filed through her mind picking out all sorts of creatures eventually losing herself inside her own mind.

"Yes Jeevas-san, would you like to translate this passage?' asked Negi, snapping Eva back into reality. Juliet nervously got to her feet and recited the passage in Japanese without making a single mistake,

"'We cannot conceive of matter being formed of nothing, since things require a seed to start from... Therefore there is not anything which returns to nothing, but all things return dissolved into their elements.' William Shakespeare, who's most famous Quote is 'to be, or not to be: that is the question from the well known play of hamlet, act three, scene one," and she sat down without another word.

the room was silent