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Chapter 1: Welcome to Camp Wonky Donkey

Logan sighed as he looked out the window of the car as he watched the scenery pass by. It was almost ninety degrees and Logan did not want to be doing this. He was on his way to some camp for three months. He really didn't want to but he didn't have a choice. His mother was making him. His school counselor had recommended it because he was 'antisocial.' Logan wasn't antisocial, he just didn't like being around other people. He liked to be by himself. He could get his work done in peace when he was alone. Being around others only made him lose focus. He knew his mother wanted him to have friends though, so he was pretending to be all smiles as she drove him to the camp, but it was hard. He was heading to Camp Wonky Donkey. The camp was a fun outdoor camp that ran all summer. He would be there for three months with a bunch of snot nosed kids running about and having fun. He was so not looking forward to this.

"Logan," Joanna said from the front seat. Logan didn't respond. He knew if he talked it would only be something smart-assed and it would upset Joanna. He didn't want to get her mad right now. He knew if there was any chance of talking her out of this he needed her happy.

"Logan," his father, David, said.

"What?" Logan asked turning to his parents. He knew they wanted him to be happy about this, but he wasn't. There was nothing that would make him excited about this. He hated the outdoors. He felt safer inside with books and his studies.

"Look, we know you'd rather be home, but this will be good for you," Joanna said stealing a quick glance at him. Logan only rolled his eyes.

"I don't know why I even have to go," Logan said, "why can't I just stay home?" he asked.

"Because this will be good for you," Joanna said.

"No it won't," Logan said, "I'll be there for three months and it'll be just like school. I won't make friends, and I won't have fun. This is just a waste of time," he said.

"You say that now, but just wait until you meet someone," David said, "Camp was where I first met you're mother," he said looking over at his wife.

"Gross," Logan said looking away form his parents when he saw the look David was giving Joanna.

"Who knows you may just meet that special guy," David said looking back at Logan. Logan rolled his eyes again. His parents were always urging him to find someone to date. He had come out as gay to his parents a year ago and they supported him and even tried to set him up a few times with kids of people they worked with. None of them worked out, because Logan was being forced to go out. He wanted to meet someone on his own and fall for them on his own. He did not want to be set up by his parents.

"Doubtful," Logan said bitterly. He looked ahead and saw the camp sign. He cringed. It looked like a happy place. Logan was going to hate it. They pulled into the parking lot where other parents were saying goodbye to their kids. Logan sighed as he got out of the car and grabbed his bags. He then followed his parents to the main cabin. They walked inside and saw an African American woman sitting at the desk.

"Hello," she greeted, "my name is Kelly Wainwright," she said smiling brightly.

"Hello Kelly, this is our son Logan Mitchell," Joanna said pulling Logan towards her. Logan smiled awkwardly at her.

"Ah, yes a first year camper," Kelly said looking down at her clipboard. "Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell you'll need to sign a few forms," she said holding a clipboard out to them. Joanna took the clipboard and Kelly turned her attention to Logan. "Ok, now since you're sixteen you get a little more freedom than our younger kids. Here is your activity schedule for the first two weeks, and after that you'll get a new onw when they change," Kelly said handing him a schedule. "You will be staying on the bear trail, and no it's not named bear because there are bears, you will have one bunk mate, and he will be your guide until you can get around on your own," Kelly said.

"One bunk mate?" Logan asked.

"Yes, teens only get in cabin of two, we find it easier that way," Kelly said smiling, "anyways you're bunk mate is Kendall Knight, he's been coming here since he was really young, so he can answer any questions that you have," she said.

"Great a camp freak," Logan said.

"Logan," Joanna said warningly.

"Sorry," Logan said rolling his eyes.

"Ok, now here's a map, and you should be able to find you're cabin with this," she said handing him a camp map. Logan looked down at the map. The camp was huge. There were several trails with cabins and several more with activity trails. "Your cabin will be in this trail," Kelly said pointing to a trail. Logan nodded his head. "Today and tomorrow are just exploring days and activities will begin on Monday," Kelly said. Logan nodded his head again. "Also there are bear alarms if you see a bear hit one and get to the nearest cabin. It's rare but bears do show up," she said.

"How bear attacks have there been at this camp in the last five years," Logan asked.

"Five in the last ten years since I've been working here," Kelly said. "Oh, and there is a first aid kit in every cabin, but we do have a nurse for bad injuries, and there is a hospital only a half hour away," she said.

"Ok, we're all done here," Joanna said handing the forms back to Kelly. Kelly took the forms and looked them over.

"This seems to be in order, you can go explore if you want," Kelly said, "just know that dinner is at seven in the mess hall," she said. Logan nodded as he followed his parents back outside.

"Well this is it," Joanna said turning to Logan. Logan nodded his head as he looked at the map in his hands. He was going to have to find his cabin on his own. It was a good thing he was fairly decent at reading maps.

"Have fun," David said.

"Doubtful," Logan said looking around the camp. There were kids running about and screaming. If this was anything what camp was going to be like, Logan knew he was going to hate it. This was going to be a long summer.

"Logan just try," Joanna said.

"I can't make any promises," Logan said.

"I love you," Joanna said as Logan started to walk away.

"Whatever," Logan said his eyes returning to the map before him.

"Logan," David said.

"Fine, I love you too," Logan said turning and looking at his parents. He started to walk away again. He was mad at them for making him do this, but he still loved them. Logan stopped and turned around to see them walking back to the parking lot. Logan sighed. "Mom," he called. Joanna turned to look at him. Logan dropped his bag and ran to her and gave her a hug. "I'll miss you," he said.

"I'll miss you too sweetie," Joanna said smiling softly. Logan let go of Joanna and turned to David and hugged him as well.

"Bye," Logan said.

"Bye," David and Joanna said smiling at Logan. They turned and walked away. Logan sighed and walked over to his bag and grabbed it. He looked at the map in his hands.

"Mom, chillax I've been going here for years," a smooth male voice said. Logan looked up from his map and saw the most beautiful person he had ever laid eyes on. He was tall, blonde and gorgeous. He had the most beautiful green eyes Logan had ever seen. He was talking to a red haired woman who had her arm around a small girl. "I can look after Katie," he said. Logan couldn't take his eyes off the blonde. He was mesmerizing. He needed to meet him and know his name. It was times like these when Logan wished he was bolder. He wanted to walk up to the boy and introduce himself, but he was scared.

"I don't want you or her getting hurt," his mother said.

"Mom I know this camp like the back of my hand," the blonde said, "Katie's a big girl, the only thing you have to worry about is her corrupting her bunk mates and teaching them to gamble," he said laughing at the face his sister made.

"Ok honey," the woman said.

Logan shook his head and turned his attention back to his map. He would worry about finding the blonde again later, he needed to find his cabin first. He would find the blonde no matter what it took. Logan started walking looking for his trail. He eventually found his trail and started the hike. He looked at where his cabin was and realized it was at the end of the trail which was about three miles.

"You new?" a familiar voice asked from behind him. Logan turned around and saw the blonde boy he had seen earlier. His heart skipped a beat as he walked up to him.

"Is it that obvious?" Logan asked fighting the blush that was slowly creeping across his cheeks.

"Well, the way you're holding that map make it even more obvious," the boy said laughing. Logan finally gave in and blushed.

"Well, it's either use the map or get lost," Logan said, "and I don't want to get lost," he added.

"Nice choice new kid," Kendall said, "I'm Kendall by the way," he said holding his hand out.

"Logan," Logan said taking his hand.

"Logan," Kendall said, "Logan Mitchell?" he asked. Logan nodded his head slowly. How did Kendall know his last name.

"Should I be worried that you know my last name with out me telling you?" Logan asked a brow arched at the blonde.

"I'm you're bunk mate," Kendall said smiling.

"Ah," Logan said nodding his head.

"Come on let's go to our cabin and then I'll show you around," Kendall offered.

"Ok," Logan said. Kendall started down the trail and Logan followed him. He couldn't help but thank god for his luck. He didn't have to go searching for the blonde now. He was his bunk mate and they were going to get to know one another over the next few months. Logan knew the possibilities of Kendall being gay were low, but he would be some nice eye candy. "So Kendall, Kelly told me you've been going here for years," Logan said trying to start a conversation.

"Every year since I was seven," Kendall said, "with my friends Carlos and James, I'll introduce you to them later," he said.

"Since you were seven?" Logan asked, "that's like nine years, assuming you're sixteen," he said.

"I am," Kendall said, "and yes nine years," he said smiling.

"Wow," Logan said, "I take it place must be fun if you've been coming here every summer for nine years," he said.

"It is," Kendall said.

"So where are you from?" Logan asked curiously.

"Well I've lived in Duluth for the last five years, but my mom is moving us this summer while my sister Katie and I are here," Kendall said.

"Where to?" Logan asked.

"Not sure yet," Kendall said, "she said it was a surprise," he said.

"Oh, well I'm from Sherwood," Logan said.

"I have a few friends who live there," Kendall said.

"James and Carlos?" Logan asked.

"How'd you know?" Kendall asked confused.

"You mentioned them earlier and you said you had friends in Sherwood, and I have two guys in my class back names James and Carlos," Logan said as he tripped on a tree root. He fell to the ground.

"I take it you're not the outdoorsy type," Kendall said laughing. He held his hand out to Logan and helped him up.

"Not at all," Logan said, "my school counselor thought it would be a good idea for my parents to send me here for the summer and make some friends," Logan said. He stopped when he realized what he had said. He hardly knew Kendall and here he was ready to just about tell him his life story.

"Oh, just give this place some time and you'll love it here," Kendall said. Logan smiled and shook his head.

"Doubtful," he said.

"Hey don't knock it till you try it," Kendall said. They reached the end of the trail and they're cabin. Kendall walked up to the door and opened it for Logan.

"Ever the gentleman eh, Knight?" a voice behind them called. Logan recognized that voice.

"Screw off Diamond," Kendall said playfully. Logan walked into the cabin and heard three people walk in behind him. He turned around and saw Kendall, and two other guys. He knew them as Carlos Garcia and James Diamond. They were in the same grade as him.

"Guys this is my new bunk mate Logan Mitchell," Kendall said introducing them to Logan.

"Hey you live in Sherwood don't you?" Carlos asked looking at Logan.

"Yes I do," Logan said, "we're in the same class too," he said. James looked at Logan for a moment. "Something wrong?" Logan asked.

"You're that kid who sit alone during lunch aren't you," James asked.

"Yes, that's me," Logan said nodding his head.

"You seem familiar," James said slowly.

"Hey, guys why don't you go find Camille and Jo," Kendall suggested.

"Trying to get rid of us Knight?" James asked.

"Exactly, now leave," Kendall said shooing James and Carlos out the door. James and Carlos put their hands up in surrender and left the cabin. "Don't mind them their morons," he said.

"I know," Logan said.

"So, this is our cabin, you can get your things settled in and then we can go explore," Kendall said walking over to his bed where his things were out already. Logan nodded his head and looked around the cabin.

It was small, but not cramped. There were two beds, and a sink in the corner. They each had a shelf next to their beds and a garbage can in between them. They each had a small dresser as well. Logan walked over to his bed and started to unpack his things. He put his clothes away and put his bag with his toothbrush by the sink.

"Did Kelly go over the rules with you?" Kendall asked suddenly.

"No," Logan said, "not really," he said.

"Kelly, as much as I love her is so stressed that she forget things sometimes," Kendall said smiling.

"Does Kelly run this place?" Logan asked.

"Kind of," Kendall said, "She and her college buddy Gustavo Rocque run this place. Gustavo is the money and Kelly is the brains," he said.

"Gustavo?" Logan asked.

"You'll meet him later," Kendall said, "he's a little rough, but Kelly keeps him in line," he said.

"So what are the rules?" Logan asked.

"Well, one is no fighting with other campers, and other basic shit like that," Kendall said.

"Ok, what else should I know," Logan asked.

"Lights out is at ten, but most teens are up until midnight," Kendall said.

"What about activities?" Logan asked.

"It's a free for all basically, you just have to be in the area where you're told to be," Kendall said, "we have more freedom than younger campers," he added.

"So I've heard," Logan said. He finished his unpacking and sat down on his bed. He looked at the alarm clock he had set up by his bed. It was only three in the afternoon. This day had been going so slow. Logan just wanted to go to sleep right now.

"Come on today and tomorrow are free days and we get to explore," Kendall said standing up.

"Do we have to?" Logan asked.

"Yes, it'll be fun now come on," Kendall said holding his hand out to Logan. Logan looked at Kendall for a moment before grabbing his hand. He allowed Kendall to pull him to his feet. Kendall smiled and pulled him out of the cabin.

Kendall then proceeded to show Logan around the camp. He showed him where most of certain activities would take place, and showed him to the lake and the docks. He showed him where the mess hall was and where the nurse was and other important things like that. He told Logan all about the camp and who ran it. He told him how Kelly was the kind caring one and got things done. He also told him about Gustavo. He told him how Gustavo was always putting money into the camp to make sure that things were up to date and getting new systems for things. Gustavo was the reason the camp was free to go to.

"Kendall," Logan said as they walked down a trail together.

"Yeah," Kendall said.

"Why do you still come here after nine years?" Logan asked

"I love it here," Kendall said, "it's fun and a nice get away for the summer," he said.

"I've never been to a camp before," Logan admitted.

"Well then, I am going to have to make this experience for you the most memorable summer ever," Kendall said.

"I have to ask," Logan said suddenly, "Why do you care if I like this place or not?" he asked looking over at the blonde.

"Well, this place is fun and I can tell if you give it a chance you'll love it," Kendall said.

"Doubtful," Logan said, "I don't fit in well in places like this," he said.

"Give it a chance Logie, you'll love it," Kendall said as they approached the mess hall. "come on it's time for dinner and I'll introduce you to the gang," he said.

"Gang?" Logan asked.

"Yeah, my friends," he said.

"How many friends do you have?" Logan asked as they walked into the mess hall.

"A few," Kendall said. He walked over to a table with eight people sitting around and talking. Kendall walked up to them and got their attention. "Guys," he said. They all turned to him. Kendall smiled and placed an arm around Logan. "This is Logan Mitchell, he's new here," he said. Everyone nodded their heads. "Logan this is Camille Roberts," Kendall said pointing to a curly haired brunette.

"Hey," Camille said smiling widely at Logan.

"Hi," Logan said.

"This is Lucy Stone," Kendall said as he pointed to the other brunette. She had red streaks in her hair. Lucy nodded her head smiling as well. "This is Jo Taylor," he said pointing to the blonde girl. "and this is Heather Fox," he said pointing to a raven haired girl. The three girls greeted Logan kindly. Logan greeted them back. "You met James and Carlos already," Kendall said moving along the table. "These two are Dak Zevon and Jett Stetson," he said pointing to the last two at the table. Kendall sat down across form Dak and Logan across from Jett.

"Hey," Dak said.

"I thought you two would be too busy to sit with us lowly campers," Kendall said to Dak and Jett.

"Beats sitting over there with the other counselors," Dak said looking over to where the other consolers were sitting.

"Dak and Jett are counselors now," Kendall said to Logan, "but they were campers before," he said.

"Yeah, this place has too many memories to not want to come back," Jett said.

"Yeah the late night hook ups and make out sessions," Kendall teased. Dak and Jett blushed at that causing everyone else at the table to laugh. "Oh Dak did I leave my phone in your car?" Kendall asked.

"Yeah," Dak said reaching into his pocket and pulling a cell phone out. He handed it to Kendall. "Don't let Kelly see it," he said.

"Why was his phone in you're car?" Jett asked.

"Dak we agreed not to tell anyone," Kendall said playfully. Dak chocked on his water and Jett looked murderous.

"He rode down with me yesterday from Duluth," Dak said quickly waving his hand. "He was kidding right Kendall," he said glaring at Kendall who was laughing.

"Yeah, I was kidding," Kendall said his laughter dying down. "The look on you're face was hilarious though," he said wiping a tear of laughter from his eye. Logan looked at Kendall confused for a moment before it clicked. Kendall was gay, or bi at least. He also realized that Jett and Dak were together.

"So, Logan where are you from?" Camille asked getting Logan's attention.

"Sherwood," Logan said.

"Oh, I live an hour away from Sherwood," Camille said.

"Isn't that where you two are from?" Jo asked Carlos and James.

"Yes," James said, "the funny thing is he's in our class and this is the first time we met him," he said.

"We are in different circles," Logan said, "I focus on home work while they focus on practical jokes," he said.

"Now I remember you," James said, "I sat behind you in history," he said.

"So, Kendall, Logan you guys coming to the bonfire tonight?" Dak asked.

"Bonfire?" Logan asked.

"Oh yeah," Kendall said turning to Logan. "Every year the first night we have a bonfire and stay up all night," Kendall said. "It's really fun," he said.

"Yeah," Dak said nodding his head.

"Sure," Logan said.

"Great, Kendall will show you where to go," Dak said. Logan nodded his head and listened to everyone talk and catch up. Logan felt like an outsider. He didn't belong here. Logan really wished he had fought his parents more. Sure Kendall was being nice to him, but that was only because he his bunk mate. He knew if they weren't forced to live together Kendall probably wouldn't even look twice at him. Logan knew in a few days Kendall wouldn't even like him. He would get to know the real Logan and not like him. That's how things went. People liked Logan at first, but then they got to know him and they seemed to not like him at all. Logan was used to it by now. He didn't expect anything different from anyone any more.