Hey everybody, I've decided to take a week off from my two works and publish this story, as no one else has put this pairing together. Personally they wouldn't be together as they never really interacted with each other, but it's something that's been bouncing around my head for a while now. I'll start uploading my other two stories again next week. Anyways please enjoy and let me know what you think. M for Lemon.

Events following the end of the war were a surprising quick transition to normalcy. While the deaths of Tosen and Gin were sad for those who had cared for them, for the majority of shinigami things quickly returned to normal, with some changes. Rojuro, Shinji and Kensei had retaken their positions as captains in the Gotei 13, as well as their comrades rejoined their former divisions.

Besides this things had returned to normal, the 11th harassed the 4th division, the SWA pulled off more ridiculous antics and the 12th was as creepy as ever. All in all despite the betrayal things were how they were supposed to be.

That is until the fateful day Shihouin Yoruichi and Yamada Hanataro happened to cross paths. That is where our story takes place. Sometimes the oddest of circumstances could bring two people together, whether it is for a moment or for eternity.


For Hanataro it was just an average day for the young medic. Helping patients in the ward, avoiding the roving gangs of 11th division thugs and dealing with the general insanity of the shinigami. He gave out a small sigh at this, as he walked towards Sokyouku Hill.

While he was glad that the war was over and things were no longer as fearful and dangerous, he had gotten used to the high pitched preparations and emotions leading up to the war. Now that they had passed, it was a difficult transition back to peace. Sometimes it was hard to believe everything ended so quickly, while other times he felt tense, as if arrancar would burst around the corner at any minute. His hand crossed over his chest, the scar from Rukia still tender to the touch.

Thank god Renji told me about these hot springs, I really could use a break. Seeing the entrance to the training ground he gave out a smile and walked in, looking forward to a little peace and relaxation.

Little did he know that at the moment he was heading towards the lion's den, and there would be no way out.

2 Minutes Earlier

About a mile or so away from where Hanataro had just entered Yoruichi was walking by, having stealthily avoided Soifon who had caught wind she was visiting. Don't get her wrong she loved the girl like a sister, but sometimes her obsessiveness was best avoided. She had come to Soul Society to check up on things and get a checkup by Unohana. Upon arriving she found the healer had left for Rukongai for a month, and would not return until then.

And here I thought I could be in and out of this place in no time. Now I'll have to come back here in a month . Hmm well I'm already here, I might as well enjoy myself before I go home? Perhaps a soak in the hot springs would do well for the day.

As she headed towards the training ground she heard somebody stumbling by. Jumping up into the trees she saw a young black haired teenager. Looking closer she saw the bag on his bag, identifying him to her. So this is Seinosuke's little brother, strange how different the two look. She watched as he headed towards the execution hill, jumping from tree to tree.

Eventually she found herself at the edge of the woods watching as he entered through the passage way into the cavern. As he entered the spring she stealthily followed behind him, a growing grin on her face. Well while Unohana has me here I might as well have a little fun.

Hot Springs

Hanataro climbed down the ladder, marveling at the sheer size of the training grounds. It was easily large enough to house one of the division compound buildings if someone could be able to put it in there. Being careful he stepped off the bottom rung, looking around at all the different gashes and craters in the cavern, not noticing a purple and orange streak landing silently on one of the rock terraces nearby.

Seeing the steam Hanataro quickly rushed forward his face lighting up as he closed in on the steam. Reaching the edge of the spring he began pulling on his shihakusho, only to stop when he heard a pebble clatter. He whirled around expecting to see someone only to see nothing.

"He-hello, is so-somebody there?" Hearing no answer he turned away slowly, taking off his outer layer of clothing.

Not far away Yoruichi was cursing herself for her slip up, having nearly alerted the boy. I am getting rusty, back when I was a captain I never would have made such an error. Shaking her head she turned her attention back to the boy who had slipped into the spring.

Hanataro's figure literally went from tensed like a rope to unwoven as the hot water washed over his shoulders. His head resting back on the side of the spring, he felt the fear and anxiety usually in his life seep away. Yoruichi watched this with a smirk on her face, began disrobing from her clothes, waiting for him to get juuust relaxed…

Hanataro's eyes began closing, the boy felt himself drifting away. The medic inside him was vainly yelling at him not to, trying to warn him that falling asleep in the water was not a good idea, but the lethargic side of his brain just ignored this. For the first time ever he felt completely re-

"CANNON BALL!" Hanataro's eyes opened just in time to see the waters of the spring tidal wave over him. Going under he felt the water go down his throat causing him to flail and spasm out his arms. Before he could right himself an arm hoisted him up from the water, patting his back while he coughed up water.

"Sorry about that kid, didn't know you'd get surprised that badly, you alright?" Hanataro nodded his head, unable to answer at the moment. That voice didn't sound like anyone he knew, but there was something about it that just wasn't clicking at the moment.

"Geesh kid, you need to slow your breathing down, now calmly let the oxygen flow in and out." The tone was comforting but somehow it seemed playful as well. Taking said strangers advice, he slowed his breathing down until he regained control.

"We'll that's better, why don't you turn around and introduce yourself?" Rubbing his eye's he started to turn towards the voice. "Oh I'm sorry m-my name is Hanataro Yamada, nice to…" He trailed off as his eyes caught sight of the tall, dark skinned, very beautiful and very naked woman.

Two things happened simultaneously at that moment. First Hanataro's eyes bugged out as he turned away from the sight, face turning crimson. The second was the feline look that went onto Yoruichi's face as she watched the reaction.

"What's the matter kid, you act like you saw a gorgon, am I really that horrifying to look at?" While she said this in a sad voice, it was impossible to mistake the mischievous smirk. Hanataro shook his head, moving to grab his towel from the edge.

"N-N-no th-that's not it a-at all, I-I just remembered I have to g-go n-now, so sorry to intrude!" His hand just fell on the tower when he was yanked back, finding himself pushed against something soft. "Nonsense you aren't intruding at all, as a matter of fact I could use some company."

Hanataro turned to argue, only to find himself pressed against Yoruichi's breast. Eye's shaking he actually managed to pull back gaze turned away and head half covered in water. Yoruichi sat back at this and untied her hair, purple locks swaying down and covering up her front, content to just relax for a minute she sat back.

"Sit back and relax kid, I don't bite. I suppose not being a total stranger might make you relax a little, the names Yoruichi, your name was Hanataro right?" The teenager nodded, still half submerged below the water. Good he still doesn't recognize me, knowing who I truly am would probably knock the poor kid out.

"I'm surprised to meet someone as bashful as you, most shinigami I know would either be staring without shame or passed out from blood loss by now. Your captain must be very proud of you."

At the mention of his captain Hanataro finally looked at her, a slight blush still on his face. "You…you know my captain?" the woman nodded, a pleasant smile stretched across her face.

"Yeah Unohana and I go back quite a ways. We were comrades once, as well as friends, but it would be hard to say the former anymore. She still scaring the hell out of people kid?" The boy gave a small smile, reflecting on her last incident with Captain Zaraki.

"Y-yeah she is, though I d-don't think she intends to. Sh-she just has that kind of effect on people." Yoruichi laughed at this, remembering the time Urahara had tried hitting on the petite woman. He had spent the next three days cowering in his quarters refusing to come out.

"Most of the time I'd agree with you, kid although I think there are times she knows exactly what she's doing, but I could be wrong. Anyways how are things going here, you know with the end of the war and all?" Hanataro sighed, having been asked this question before.

"B-better than considered, but not to the level I'd like. People are still grieving for Tosen and Gin, despite their actions. Ichigo a-and the others went home, but Hi-Hinamori-san still at the 12th recovering." Yoruichi was grinning on the inside, noticing the boy stuttered less when speaking of the wellbeing of others.

"Good to hear, but I'm more interested in how you're dealing with this. Lieutenants and Captains are used to hardship and struggles, not this big but still pretty hard. This war was your first if I'm not mistaken." He nodded his eyes hardening.

"I've seen some tough things before, being in the 4th no one would expect you to but I've seen the damage inflicted on people, either in a fight or on accident. But this…this was a lot harder. Sometimes I feel like this is all one of Aizen's illusions, and any second he's going to pull it back showing that we lost." Yoruichi nodded, having experienced similar feelings of uncertainty. Seeing this was painful she decided to change the subject.

"How'd you get that scar on your chest anyways? I'll admit it's kind of curious to see a healer with such a large cut." Hanataro's eyes dropped, afraid to say how it really happened. "I got cut down trying to heal Rukia-san, by an arrancar." He left out the part about it being an espada and Rukia being the one who actually did the cutting.

Yoruichi sighed, sensing there was more to it than that but not wanting to push her luck. Looking down at him she decided to tell him something her mentor told her a long time ago.

"War's tough kid, takes time to heal the wounds, but they will heal. The scars will linger from this, but perhaps that's not a bad thing, sometimes you need them to remember the past. I think you already know that though." At the mention of scars Hanataro's arm instinctively covered his chest, but understood what she was saying. Like falling off a bike this was painful, but he would be better for it in the future.

"You know you could heal that if you wanted, or ask Unohana to take care of it." Hanataro shook his head at this, a small grimace on his face. "No I…I need to keep it. At least for now." Yoruichi nodded in understanding, her arm rubbing an old scar behind her elbow, the first she received from an enemy.

For a moment the two fell into silence, the two remembering how they got them. What neither one knew was that they'd both received them not by an enemy's hand, but from an allies, directly or indirectly. Noticing the somewhat glum look on his face Yoruichi reached into a nearby crack near the sauna. Please tell me the redheaded baboon didn't stumble on- AHA FOUND IT!

"Hanataro here's a tip to dealing with times of stress, when reflecting on memories of hardship its best you share the misery with a little company and some sake. Just don't do one without the other, that's the worst thing you can do."

Saying this she scooted up next to the boy, placing a small saucer while she uncorked a small jug. She poured him a small portion then poured herself a good sized one. Wrapping her free arm around his shoulder she lifted her glass, motioning for him to do the same.

"Here's a toast to our comrades and friends, both the fallen as well as those we're lucky enough to still have." Tapping her cup against his she drained hers in a single gulp, while he did the same, somewhat slumping back from the alcohol, unused to the feeling. "Need another refill kid?"

Hanataro shook his head no, already feeling a little light headed from the alcohol. Yoruichi respected his decision, but did not let that prevent her from taking another swig. As she did this she noticed the boy squirm a little under her arm. She looked at the boy, a mischievous smirk on her face.

"Hanataro, you wouldn't happen to be ticklish would you?" The boy quickly shook his head, traces of panic evident on his face. "N-no I'm not, I-I just needed to adjust myself?" He said the last part in a squeak trying to scoot away.

Yoruichi for her part gave a feline like smile, setting the bottle down on the side. "I don't believe you, guess there's one way to find out."

Rushing forward she leapt on top of him, hands working their magic across his side. Laughing Hanataro tried to pull away, his face a mixture of merriment and panic. Merriment for the laughs that were being pulled from his lips, and panic for the effect she was having on his body.

Yoruichi was enjoying herself immensely, having gotten the boy to brighten up even if it was through such childish methods. She felt so high on this that she didn't notice the true intent of his escape attempts, not even when he wrenched himself backwards causing him to land on his back and her on… Poke.

For a moment neither of them moved, both caught unawares by the accidental brush. While Yoruichi hadn't intended to…touch him there, at the very least it wasn't a disappointment. If he's like this at this age… Looking down at Hanataro she felt a little regret since she started having her fun. His face was turned away, a combination of embarrassment and fear sketched on his face, eyes closed as if trying to wake up.

Guess he wasn't kidding when he said he needed to "adjust" himself. Shaking that thought away Yoruichi reached her hand down and turned his face to look at her.

"Hey it's alright you're not in trouble." Hanataro opened his eyes, a little moisture gathered there. "B-Bu-But I…I to-touched you and you did-didn't give me…" Yoruichi sighed in relief worried he had been ashamed by her actions.

Looking at the young shinigami she made a split second decision. I've gotten a lot of entertainment from this boy, might as well return the favor. Leaning down she allowed her purple locks to fall to the sides of the boys head, casting a shadow over him. Hanataro could only stare as she descended closer and closer, his head pushing back against the ground trying to maintain distance.

"Yoruichi what are you oomph-" was all he had time to say before her lips pressed against his, causing his mind to blank out. He vaguely felt her tongue slip in-between his teeth, wrestling with his own. For the inexperienced boy the feeling of her lips, her hair, and her body on him it was simply too much stimulus to handle. Pulling away the woman saw the dazed expression on his face, she decided to see how further she could keep going.

"If at any time you want to stop, you just have to say." Before Hanataro could ask what she meant he felt her hand snake down his stomach wrapping around his base. He gave out a surprised moan and his hips gave an instinctive jerk. For a few minutes she slowly stroked him, giving him time to adjust to the feeling. Noticing his wide eyed gaze she reached her free hand forward to his, pulling them up to her breasts.

"You wouldn't want to leave me out of this would you?" Hanataro shook his head not wanting to displease her. She grinned at this, motioning to her breasts." Well then, give some attention to them then."

Unsure what to do at first, he decided to fallowing his medical training and went to massaging them, holding them from . Yoruichi grinned at this surprised by the boy's technique, he leaned over and began nibbling on his ear while continuing to tug at him. Deciding to try what he heard Ikkaku and Renji discussing once he lifted his head up taking a breast in his mouth.

Yoruichi practically mewled at this, letting go of his manhood and wrapping her arms around him, pulling him up into a sitting position. His attempts were clumsy and unpracticed, but the fact he was trying to be attentive was sweet. While he suckled on her breasts she wrapped her legs around his waist, rolling the two of them over. Finding himself on top Hanataro froze, feeling the heat emanating from down there.

"Hanataro?" He looked up to see her face, a serious expression on her face. "Y-yes Yoruichi-san?" Her lip twitched at the honorific, but preceded regardless her eyes exuding a hunger he hadn't seen before.

"Just Yoruichi kid. Do you want to keep going? Because once we go past this point it'll be hard to stop." About ten minutes ago Hanataro probably would have agreed to it gladly. Now however he ached in a way he hadn't before, and knew it was already too late to turn back. He shook his head no, eyes glazing over in a wave of want. He shook his head no, indicating his desire to continue.

This wasn't good enough for Yoruichi though. Using her legs she managed to position him right outside of his entrance, while managing to lock him in place. For Hanataro this felt like a new kind of torture, his awakened senses screaming at him in frustration.

"I want to hear you say it Hanataro, beg for it. Do you want to continue?" Hanataro looking ragged and desperate, looked at her with pleading eyes, but found no response in them. Finally his voice found enough strength, barely a whisper. "Yoruichi, please."

Hearing this Yoruichi smiled, a victorious look on her face. "All I needed to hear kid." Suddenly her legs unlocked Hanataro from his position, and before he was aware of it his body plunged into her all, the way to the hilt.

Hanataro found himself unable to move as the warmth gripped his very being. Every unintended twitch and miniscule movement sent tremors down his core and flooding his mind. For a few minutes he simply laid there, doing his best to adjust to the pleasure. Upon gaining his little sense of control back, he pulled back then went forward again.

Yoruichi for her part was adjusting to the full feeling, not having enjoyed such a thing in a long time. As he began moving inside her she felt a little uncomfortable, his movements were uncoordinated and inexperienced. Raising her legs she placed her feet on his hips, helping guide his thrusts. Soon she felt a heat building up in her stomach, pooling downward towards their connection.

Hanataro on the other hand was not holding as fast, his movements getting more frantic by the minute. He felt his muscles beginning to tighten up as his climax started to build. Just following his instincts he leaned his chest against her breasts, placing his hands on her hips as he thrust forward. Feeling him reach his limit Yoruichi put her head near his ear giving it a quick lick.

"Don't hold back on my account, give me everything you've got."

With this Hanataro lost all control frantically thrusting a few more times before almost pulling out then plunging in all the way pleasure washing over him like a tsunami. The combination of those last few movements and his release managed to tip Yoruichi over the edge, causing her to clamp down on him, and release a moan from her throat. Once both of them got over their respective peaks the two relocked lips, although it was more on her part than his. She then laid his head on her chest, and the two quickly fell asleep.

One Hour later

The two of them stood at the base of the Sokyouku Hill, dusk quickly approaching on the horizon. Yoruichi smiled at the kid, arranging her glove armlets. "Well I suppose this is where we part for now kid. I expect your Lieutenants going to need you in the morning." Hanataro nodded, a slight blush still on his cheeks.

"Um, I…I just wanted to th-thank you. N-not just for the…you know but for talking to me. I feel a little better now." Yoruichi having finished her preparations put a hand on his shoulder, giving it a light squeeze. "Don't worry about it, the first conflict is always the hardest. Things won't always be easier than this, but I guarantee it won't be harder than this. We'll I have to do as we'll, so maybe I'll see you again."

Bending over she pressed a light kiss to his cheek, before turning and walking towards the woods. Just as she was about to leave his voice called out halting her.

"Wait Yoruichi…um if it's not to rude of me, could you tell me your full name?" He said this looking down at his feet. Yoruichi smirked, deciding one more bit of fun at his expense wouldn't hurt.

"The name's Yoruichi Shihouin, Goddess of Flash. Well see you later." Saying this as she flashed away, she only went far enough to watch as he began shaking like a branch in a hurricane before he fell back, his nerves finally gotten the best of him.

Watching this and recounting the whole experience Yoruichi couldn't help but laugh out loud, spending several minutes rolling on the ground. She stopped when she noticed him beginning to stir again, she decided to leave a calling card, taking the band from her hair and tossing it near him. Taking off across the landscape she was exhilarated as the wind blew through her hair. We'll despite not wanting to come here, I got to have some fun. I bet Unohana would explode if she knew about today, she cares for that boy like her child. We'll, when I go to see her it'll be Hanataro and mine's little secret,.

Thinking this she disappeared through the Senkaimon, not a care in the world. Little did she know that some secrets are hard to keep, and this one would come back to bite her hard. But as she put it, sometimes a scar is a good thing to have, even if it isn't appreciated at the time.

Woo hoo first and probably only story of its kind. Hope you all enjoyed it, see you later at my next chapter update. Which story, I'm not sure, I guess whichever one feels right.