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In movies and books the appearance of a villain or the first dramatic scene it is often accompanied by a dark storm or the approach of a starless night, to symbolize the troubles that may come. In life however such things do not always coincide and often times the weather is just as likely to be beautiful as ugly. Authors put those storms in to set the tempo for the scene but just because the weather does not match the event does not make the event any less significant.

This was why when the mail carriers of the 8th division ran around delivering the magazines early in the morning to nothing seemed that unusual to the few shinigami who happened to be up at the time. They each grabbed a magazine of course but being part of the early shift would not read it until after they had gotten some sleep. As for the shift coming in to replace them they would not have a chance to read until they got to their first break.

The magazines had all been distributed at 8:00, and by the time lunch came around every shinigami in the Soul Society would be fighting to get their hands on a copy. As for the rest of Soul Society...well that remains to be seen.

4th Division: 8:00 am

For Hanataro however he was unaware of such events as of yet. Waking up from one of the most bed tossing nights he'd ever had he wasn't wondering whether or not he had been exposed. No all he was thinking about was the smell of bacon and eggs that had wafted into the guest room. Something smells off about it though, it smells a little burnt. Stumbling out of the bed he pulled his uniform on without falling (a feat unto itself) then walked out of the guest room.

Entering the kitchen he saw something few others ever got to see. The patient and ever kind Captain Unohana, was quietly cursing as she attempted to salvage whatever was left of breakfast. This in itself was warrant for him to stand their shocked, but once you added the apron and gloves to the mix? It was quite a sight to see.

"Curse this infernal pan, non-stick huh? Non stick my- HANATARO!" Unohana almost yelled out, finally noticing him standing behind her. Hanataro smiled a little, walking over to the stove. "N-Need any help captain?" Unohana was going to say no but then the eggs started to catch in fire. "That...would be wonderful."

Stepping forward Hanataro took the pans, dumping the remains from the food out of them. After quickly cleaning them he began cooking what was left of the eggs while Unohana made a pot of tea. Once the two were finished they sat down on the outside porch, Hanataro handing her the first plate then setting himself one.

"Thank you Hanataro, did you sleep we'll last night?" Hanataro nodded, not telling her the truth seeing as she had enough on her plate at the moment. "Y-Yes it was very restful. And yourself?" Unohana smiled, having just finished a piece of bacon.

"Oh I've had better, but enough about that. Today you and I will be going into the office to practice some lessons in etiquette. When meeting with any of the four noble families such things can be the difference between meeting with them or being dismissed by them. In your case the stakes are higher." Hanataro nodded, chewing on his food a little glumly at the thought.

He could just picture how this meeting might go...

Begin worst case scenario:

"And so that's how I got pregnant. So Mother, Father this is the father of your future grandchild, Hanataro Yamada." The imaginary father extended a hand to him one which Hanataro tried to return, but couldn't due to tripping on a rock. And accidently touching the man's wife.

"Umm, I'm so-" Was all Hanataro got to say before his head went flying from his shoulders. the nobleman making sure to step around him to avoid getting blood on his sandals.

Back to Reality:

"...ease finish your breakfast so that we can get going. We need to prepare you as much as possible before tomorrow." Nodding at this Hanataro began eating his breakfast, quickly but cleanly so not to seem piggish. Finishing his meal he took the plates from him and the captain, cleaning them before the two headed out the door, unaware that such lessons would be unnecessary.

2nd Division: 8:15 am

Yoruichi found herself awakened as well, but rather than the smell of food she was awoken by the battle practices of the Omnitsukido. It was a combination of barked commands mixed with grunts of pain from recruits. Giving out a small yawn she stretched herself in her cat form, having found this form ideal for when sleeping outdoors before poofing back to her human form. She slipped her clothes on quickly, then began running across the rooftops.

I was going to visit Kukaku today, perhaps I have a little time before I need to check in with Sui-Feng. With this she disappeared from sight, emerging near the edge of the wall. The giant manning the gate recognized her, giving an informal bow while opening the gate. As she passed under it she thought about her impending pregnancy, and the source of it as well. Breaking the news to them was not going to be easy.

God Kukaku is going to have a field day with this, all those times I ribbed her for the times she would have her fun and now it's my turn. Although, maybe the shock on the two's faces will be worth it in the long run. Besides, this could be good practice for when I tell my parents. Smiling at this in a somewhat weary expression she began making her through the Rukongai, trying to pinpoint where they had moved this time. She was unaware that a certain magazine had already made its way into the Shiba complex, and was currently sitting in front of two very irate nobles.

SWA meeting room: 8:30

Isane began to wake up as the effects of the sedative wore off, blearily opening her eyes only to clamp them shut as the light blinded her. With a groan she attempted to sit up, only to feel a hand on her shoulder guiding her back against a flat surface. She heard the voice asking her something but she couldn't quite make it out at the moment.

"Umm, I'm sorry but I couldn't quite hear that, one moment please." Whatever was talking to her seemed to understand, the low volume in her ears stopping while something pressed under her nose. Taking a whiff her nose crinkled at the smell, recognizing it as one of the smelling salts the 4th sometimes used to rouse patients. Rubbing her eyes she expected to see one of her squad mates sitting in front of her, or maybe one of the lieutenants.

Which made it twice as surprising when she found herself staring into the slightly frowning face of one Captain Byakuya Kuchiki. She sat almost bolted up from her seat, only to find herself unable to do so by the captains hand, causing a small blush on her cheeks.

"C-Captain Kuchiki, wh-what are you doing here?" The man's frown increased ever so slightly, as did one of his eyebrows in confusion. "I believe I should be asking that Lieutenant Kotetsu, I know you and that club of yours has been using the spaces in the walls of my home for your meetings, but this is not a place for you to take a nap."

"I-I was asleep in here?" Isane asked, confused as hell. Byakuya's eyebrow rose higher, in curiosity even as his frown decreased a little. " not remember being woken up last night? You were tossing and yelling about "fish paste" and one of the servants heard you. That's why I had you stay in one of the guest rooms here."

At the mention of guest room Isane looked around with a start, not finding herself in the meeting room, but rather in a large and very comfy bed. Which Byakuya was currently standing next to. To say her blush increased twice as much was an understatement. Byakuya noticed this, but chose not to comment on it. "So why where you asleep in there, do you remember anything?" It took Isane a minute to remember, but when she did the color in her cheeks disappeared, replaced by a look of horror.

"What is it Lieutenant, is something wrong?" Isane nodded at him numbly, her next question coming out in a strangely emotionless voice. "Did you happen to receive a copy of the Seireitei weekly today?" Byakuya nodded, a little confused by the question. "Yes but I haven't read it yet, I believe Rukia has it in the dining room. Why, what's in it?"

Before she could answer a voice screamed out in rage, barely recognizable as Rukia's "That feline bitch!"It was at this moment the temperature dropped around fifty degrees while Rukia's reiatsu skyrocketed, sending a chill through the two. Hearing a large crash the two ran through the hallways into the dining room.

What awaited them was a scene from a winter horror movie, the inside of the room completely frozen over while the table, and more specifically the paper on it had been sliced in two. Other than that there was no sign of Rukia. Byakuya looked over at Isane, who was staring at the scene half afraid. "What has the SWA done this time?"

"I tried to stop them but Nemu injected me with something. I'm sorry Captain Kuchiki but I have to warn my captain!" Isane shook her head, pointing at the magazine before bolting from the building, heading straight towards the 4th.

Byakuya shook his head with a weary groan, knowing the rest of the day was going to be like this. He stepped across the frozen floor gingerly picked up the two half's of the magazine cover, putting the two together. Once he did his face lost its usual facade, a pure expression of shock on it. After about a minute he came out of it, shunpoing out of the estate to try and find Rukia before she did something in her rage. But not before he grabbed Senbonzakura from the office first of course.

2nd Division: 8:30

Omaede was currently scared out of his mind. Now while this was not a far shot of what he usually was, considering his captain and her all consuming interests of assassination and anything to do with Yoruichi. It was when these two things combined that Omaede knew running for the hills was the only option available.

It was regrettable then that his captain had seen him come into the office at his usual late time before she sent him to fetch the magazine, the cursed thing currently resting in his hand. Having just seen the cover was enough to know that he was in trouble (as well as whoever the beautiful clan head was lip locking and a certain lieutenant of 9th division).

Despite his general oafishness there was one thing Omaede did well, and that was being able to assess a situation and see it's inevitable conclusion. And the conclusion of this situation was...if he handed her the magazine he would be royally fucked. So he decided to do what his father had so adamantly taught him to do in situations like this. Dispose of all evidence and lie his ass off. He dropped the magazine into the nearest waste bin he could find then made his way towards the office.

"There you are Omaede, you better not have been slacking off today, we have security details to organize." Omaede nodded, giving a small bow and apology sitting down at his desk. He began fervently working on his paperwork, hoping she wouldn't ask the obvious. "Omaede, where is my magazine?" Damn he thought, old warning bells foretelling a potential beating.

"Uh sorry captain, I couldn't get one today, they were all sold out." Sui-Feng looked up from her paperwork, a frown immediately working across her forehead. "Did you use your position as a lieutenant to get to the front of the line, like you do at every restaurant unfortunate enough to be graced with your presence?"

Omaede shook his head yes, willing to ignore the order considering the circumstances. "Yes, but it d-didn't matter, they were all gone before I could get one. Must've been something popular." Sui-Feng studied him for a moment, scrutinizing his every word and expression. Omaede sat there trying to appear as innocent as possible, a task unto itself. Eventually she turned away, going back through her paperwork.

I-I can't believe that worked! "And acting job of the year is given to 2nd division Lieutenant Omaede, come collect your reward." He was so pleased with his acting that he didn't notice the ninja robed messenger appearing in the room, slipping the dreaded document into her hand. It wasn't until the messenger disappeared that he heard her speak. "Well no matter, I thought that might have been why you were gone so I sent our 3rd seat to get a copy."

He could only watch in horror as her eyes shifted down, and the transformation from content to silent furious rage took place. First came surprise, probably at the picture on the front cover. Next came the confusion as her eyes began to read the title, finally followed by a shift to cold hard darkness. "The scandal of the century, buy now to read about the secret relationship of one Hanataro Yamada with the Shihoin princess, and the child they will soon have."

The fact she spoke that sentence so emotionlessly scared Omaede more than anything else, and was compounded even more when she opened the magazine and flipped through it. Spotting the name of the editor she gave a small nod, closing the magazine and tucking it under her arm. She walked out into the hallway, causing Omaede to breathe a sigh of relief before she reentered, a second copy of the magazine under her arm.

"I assume this is the magazine you originally grabbed for me, correct Omaede?" the overweight man nodded his head, knowing that lying at this point was a useless gesture. She approached him from the doorway, and he closed his eyes, waiting for the beating to come. When all he received was a light rap on the head he couldn't help but open his eyes, something he really wish he hadn't done.

Sui-Feng's eyes were blazing with light, reiatsu literally pooling around her body. "This paperwork, as well as the paperwork from now on will be done on time. If I discover you have even once slacked off or put a wrong check in the wrong box, you will suffer a fate worse than any other. It will be so horrifying even your ancestors will weep in despair for the pain I will inflict. Are we clear, Lieutenant?" Shaking his head fearfully, truly scared for his life, Sui-Feng nodded, knowing she had gotten the truth out of him this time. She walked to her desk, grabbing her zanpakuto from it and heading out the door. As she closed the door he heard her mutter half a sentence before the door closed cutting her off. "Can't believe I had to see that twice in-" SLAM!

The moment the door had closed Omaede slumped back, bullets literally sweating out of him as his knees shook. After a few minutes he gained his composure, and began focusing on the paperwork, doing it as quick and proper as he was able to. Guess the time I get to slack off is now over. Well, that's luckier than whatever's going to happen to the poor bastard who authorized the story.

4th Division: 8:45

"Is something wrong Hanataro?" Unohana asked as the two of them entered the medical building, the doors sliding shut. Hanataro shook his head passing by different members noticing them staring at the two. "N-No, just had a chill p-pass through me. Umm, is it j-just me or are p-people looking at us f-funny." Unohana looked around, noticing as people suddenly averted their eyes from her. While that in itself was not unusual for patients it was for her division members.

"It probably has to do with yesterdays evacuation, people will probably be a little tense around me for a while. Regardless we should get..." Rounding the corner to the hall connecting to her office a pair of familiar captains awaited her. Ukitake and Kyoraku both stood in front of the door, the former with a somewhat nervous expression on his face while the other had his usual laid back manner. The fact that his smile got bigger when Hanataro rounded the corner immediately set off warning bells in her mind.

"Wait here Hanataro, this should only take a moment." Smoothing out her Haori she walked up to the two captains, her usual smile set in its place. "Jushiro, Kyoraku it's good to see you both. To what do I owe the pleasure?" Ukitake gave a smile off, rubbing the back of his head. "Oh nothing, we just thought we'd stop by. After all I heard there was a little excitement yesterday."

Unohana nodded, her smile only slightly twitching at the edges. "Yes, a simple misunderstanding I assure you. Now I don't mean to be rude but I'm afraid I'll have to discuss things with you later, Hanataro and I need to begin his Ikebana lesson." She added the last bit with a little of her doom smile, hoping that would be enough to warn them off. Regrettably though this seemed to have no effect on Kyoraku, who used the opportunity to approach the boy.

"Oh so you're taking an Ikebana lesson huh Hanataro, are you doing it as a hobby or do you have someone special in mind for them?" He said this last part with an exaggerated wink, smile set in a devilish manner. Hanataro couldn't help blush, knowing how close the supposedly foolish man was with his guess. Unohana frowned a little at this, though only those closest to her could tell the difference.

"Now Captain Kyoraku you should know better than to try and embarrass my subordinates, it is improper conduct for a captain to display." Kyoraku chuckled at this, turning back to eye her playfully. "Yes because considering the last couple of months we've been doing things "properly". Unohana looked in the man's eyes, noticing the twinkle currently playing in them. Wait, did Yamamoto tell him?

"Out of the way, move I have to see the- Hanataro!" The silver haired lieutenant of the 4th said as she rounded the corner, sweat pouring down her forehead. She ran up to the little shinigami, both hands on his shoulders. "Thank god I found you, there's something I need to warn you...about." It was then that she noticed the three captains were staring at her, two with curiosity and the third with suspicion.

"Perhaps we should discuss this inside, Isane?" Isane nodded, picking up Hanataro and taking him into the office. Unohana turned to the two captains, a smile on her face. "We have things to discuss, be dears for me and go see what has my division members acting so strangely would you?." She shut the door in their faces, taking a small amount of satisfaction when she heard Kyoraku grunt in pain. She waited until she felt them walk away, then turned to Isane, who was doing her best to half hide behind Hanataro who just looked confused.

"Now, what is it you need to warn him about, Isane?" Isane nodded, turning to Hanataro "Now before you get upset Hanataro just know I tried to warn you, really I did but then Nemu knocked me out with some tranquilizer and then I woke up in Captain Kuchiki's home and-"

"Isane." The lieutenant turned around slowly and saw her captain bathed in a dark light, eyes looking almost demonic. "What did you need to warn him about, Isane?" Isane shook slightly as she reached into her sleeve, pulling out a magazine. "Th-the SWA, they p-published this in the Seireitei Weekly today." Unohana took the magazine from her hand, turning it over to look at the cover. When she did the color disappeared from her cheeks, leaving her very pale. As she flipped through it Hanataro saw the cover on the magazine, and with a sick feeling was able to guess the rest.

"How...How much do they know Isane? How much did they write about?" Isane hung her head, ashamed to answer. "All of it, they published all of it. They were almost out of money again, so they needed to-" Unohana cut her off, already seeing where she was going. "So Nemu provided the information and they took it to recoup their budget." Isane nodded, moisture in her eyes. When her captains hand fell on her shoulder she looked up, her captain looking at her in a serious expression.

"I'm not mad at you Isane, but we can't discuss this right now. Head to Hanataro's and pack a bag for him, we're getting him out of the Seireitei. Now." Isane didn't need to be told twice, heading out the door. She slipped through the halls, unaware of the two captains eavesdropping by the door.

Hanataro looked at her, panic in his voice. "But what about Yoruichi, she doesn't know yet shouldn't we-" Unohana cut him off, already picking up and putting on her sword. "If she doesn't already know she will soon, and besides she can handle herself. You on the other hand need to lay low for awhile. Do you think the Shiba's would be willing to take you in?" At Hanataro's nod she guided him into the hallway, closing the door behind her

"Then let's not waste any time." Exiting the building the two took the back hallways out before Unohana took hold of his shoulders, jumping up and moving across the rooftops.

6th Division: 8:45 am

Renjii was sitting behind his desk, scratching the bandages and casts on his body, every movement sending pain through his body. Damn, captain Sui-Feng did a number on me, I hope I don't have to go against her again. I never knew a slap could hurt so bad. Why the hell was she trying to kill Hanataro though? Shrugging the question off he went to work on his paperwork when he saw the magazine on the corner of his desk poking out of his paperwork. Say isn't that Yoruichi on the co- WHAT THE?" Having pulled out the magazine he saw the picture of Hanataro locking lips with Yoruichi.

Renjii fell out of his seat, a movement he would soon regret as his body began to tremble in agony. As he shook on the ground in pain his captain entered the office, noticing the lieutenant on the ground. For a second Renjii thought he was going to help him but then Byakuya calmly stepped over his body, grabbing his blade from the wall then stepping back out of the office, leaving him alone again. The only thought that passed through Renjii's mind before he passed out was this. That lucky bastard, when I see him next I'm...

8th Division: 9:00 am

"We need to print out 5,000 more copies before the end of the next shift. Make it snappy!" Kensei yelled as the shingiami around him scurried to the left and right. Turning away from them he looked at Hisagi, who was doing his best to move the load's of boxes. "You're putting out a lot of work to get to just one girl kid. Do you know how much of the profit we're trading away since you waved the participation fee?"

Hisagi nodded, placing another box in the arms of a subordinate. "I understand captain and you can take it out of my pay, I'm just trying to impress her you know."Kensei nodded, crossing his arms and leaning his back against the wall. "Yeah Yeah, chasing a girl who probably has her heart set elsewhere. You know this attempt may not work the way you think it will." Hisagi momentarily stopped what he was doing, looking over at his captain.

"Doing this puts me in good favor with Hinamori-san since I'm helping save her club, and the money we'll make on the side will not only cover their budgets but ours as well. I can't see a downside to this." As he finished his sentence the doors to the division crashed into the opposing wall. The two looked over at the doorway to see Sui-Feng standing there, face set in cold fury. "Oh I don't know, how about the rage of a cat obsessed captain?"

Sui-Feng strode up to the two immediately, hand resting to close to her blade for comfort. "If you'd pardon us for a second Captain Kensei, I need to speak with your lieutenant for a moment." Kensei looked at the slightly deranged woman, weighing the pro's and con's of refusing her. After a moment he simply nodded, walking away and deciding to wash his hands of the whole fiasco. "C-Captain?" Kensei looked back at Hisagi, seeing how frightened and desperate he was. One sharp glance was all he needed to resume his walking.

"Your project, your responsibility Hisagi. Come have a drink with me if you're not dead." Saying this he left the building, as did all his shinigami. Hisagi found himself staring in horror as the assassin captain approached him, reaching into the sleeve of her Haori. He expected her to pull a blade from it only to see the magazine in her hand. "Lieutenant Hisagi, how many of these have you sent out so far."

Hisagi was caught off by the seemingly innocent question, having expected at least a verbal barrage. "C-Captain Sui-Feng?" For reasons he couldn't quite comprehend the stutter registered as an immediate mistake, causing the hardness in her eyes to double. She reached forward, pulling the taller and larger shinigami to his knees, so they were at eye level. "I said, how many of these disgraceful and insulting invasions of privacy did you release, Hisagi? I will not ask again"

It was then that Hisagi noticed the way she held the magazine was very familiar, almost exactly like she held... His face turned pale as he imagined being paper cut to death. Either by a thousand blows, or considering the captains skill perhaps one would be enough.

"We distributed around 50,000, with another 20,000 on the way." Sui-Feng simply nodded, seeming to loosen her grip for a moment before tightening it more, causing him to wince in pain. "Anything else I should know? And keep in mind there's more than one way to make you talk." Hisagi was about to say no when a thought suddenly occurred to him, one that caused him to get even paler. "We'll, there is one thing-"

It was at this moment that a screen set up in the building turned on, the video tapes that Sui-Feng had seen the day before playing, only this time with audio. She watched as the scene of the two kissing played, then watched as it skipped over to the scene of her strangling the medic, then finally to Yoruichi's confession. As the scene began to loop again she turned to him, a scowl on her face as she dropped the magazine in favor of her sword.

"You have one chance, and one chance only if you ever want to have children Hisagi. First you will account for all magazine sales that were made today and will submit that number to me, and then be prepared to pay a fine.A big one." Hisagi nodded, willing to do anything to be able to keep calling himself a man. "A-And the second?"

At this she lowered her head next to his, her head just hovering an inch to the left of his. "You are going to tell me who put you up to this and more importantly, WHERE THAT DAMN SIGNAL IS BEING PLAYED FROM!" She said this last part screaming in his ear. Hisagi hesitated only for a second knowing this would ruin his chances with Hinamori, but at the sight of the woman so close to him he had no choice but to give in.

Shiba Residence: 9:30

"We'll here it is my home away from home." Yoruichi said as she leaned over slightly, having a little trouble breathing. Damn pregnancy already kicking in, I am dreading the day I start swelling up. Catching her breath she stood up and walked over to the house.

As she was caught up in her thoughts of what she was going to say she failed to notice certain warning bells that something wasn't right. The first thing that should have warned her something was wrong was when she hadn't been met at the entrance to the house by the two look alike man servants. The second thing she failed to notice was how quiet the house was, the Shiba clan was not known for its discretion or volume control.

Of course she finally wised up to the situation when the moment she entered the Shiba living room a wall of sand moved behind her, sealing off the room. She looked to the end of the room and saw the two clan siblings standing there, Kukaku with her pipe noticeably absent from her mouth and her brother with a scowl on his face.

"Ku-chan, Ganju...what's with turning the inside of your living room into a sand dune? And why are you looking at me like that." By that she meant Kukaku's large grin and Ganju's threatening demeanor. "Well Yoruichi-chan, it just so happened that the two of us were getting ready for your visit today then we received this in the mail." Kukaku chucked something across the room, Yoruichi snatching it out of the air. She looked down and saw the back of the Seireitei weekly. "Silver Beetle's glasses Emporium. I fail to see the significance of-

"Turn it over." Ganju said in a barely contained snarl. Yoruichi did so only to drop the magazine, picture staring up at her from the cover. "Well I guess you can understand our surprise when I get to find out my best friend is pregnant-" Ganju cut in, finishing off her sentence. "With my best friend. I know you liked your men a little young, but this is a little extreme. Aren't you almost twice his age?"

Yoruichi ignored the age barb, her hands turning through the pages as fast as she could. "How did they find this out, the only ones who know besides me and Hanataro is Sui-Feng and Unohana, and they wouldn't-" Kukaku cut her off, enjoying the sight of her friend panicking. "Come on Yoruichi this is Soul Society, you'd have to be as smart as Aizen to keep anything secret in this dump. Besides I bet you'd look good with an extra forty pounds." Kukaku grinned at the anger on her friends face. While she didn't say another thing Kukaku's point of blocking off the door was clear. Payback is a bitch.

Kukaku lost that grin when she noticed Yoruichi's face turn from angry to worried, something that rarely occurred even when they were kids. "What's wrong Yoruichi? is there something you're not telling us?" Yoruichi shook her head standing right back up. "I have to leave, I have to get back to Hanataro." Ganju frowned more at this, the sand wall rising higher.

"Haven't you done enough already, I bet the poor guy is getting heckled left and right at the moment." Yoruichi shook her head, panic rising inside her. "He might be getting stabbed left and right if I don't find him. If you guys out here already got this copy then-"

"Your family probably has one by now. Damn it, Ganju!" He didn't need to be told more, dropping the sand wall and following the two women out into the street. Yoruichi was already locked on his reiatsu signal. While it was good he seemed to be heading this way she wanted to meet up with him as soon as she could. Crap he might not even be aware our secret's already been blown!

"Yoruichi, would your family really hurt him, even over something like this?" Kukaku yelled as she ran behind her, doing her best to keep pace. "I don't think my parents would, my concern is one of the elders might take offence. Even if it wasn't true they might just kill him on principle."

Ganju started saying something when Yoruichi cursed, sensing several other reiatsu signals heading towards Hanataro. "You guys catch up, there's several of them heading towards him, He's just getting to the east gate!" Saying this she activated her Shunko, literally blasting away from the pair as she rocketed towards Hanataro.

Rukongai East Gate

"Where is the house Hanataro, I thought it was close by?" Hanataro nodded, as he walked between Unohana and Isane, staring at the vacant area that had once held the home. "I-It was, th-they must have moved b-back to the 30th district." Unohana sighed, shouldering her zanpakuto again.

"In that case w e should get going. Isane cover the rear, I'll cover the front and-" Several swishing sounds were heard as a couple dozen's figures surrounded the trio. They were standard ninja garb but on each of their shoulders the Shihoin crest stood out proudly. At the sight of them Isane and Unohana both drew their swords, dropping into their kendo stances.

One of the figures stepped forward, removing the garb from around her head. Once it did it revealed a head of blond hair, with a purple streak going down the left side of her hair. On her back a small tanto was sheathed. While her face was thin her eyes stared out at the three dispassionately, grey eyes meeting Unohana's blue eyes.

"Captain Unohana, by the order of Elder Hirohito of the Shihoin clan, Hanataro Yamada is to be taken in for questioning. Please stand aside." Unohana frowned slightly at the woman, her blade moving to the side. "The Shihoin clan has many powers under its sway, but it does not have the right to give orders to a captain. Nor may it take an officer into custody without a proper reason Kisumi Sayuri."

Kisumi for her part sighed, drawing the tanto out and placing it near her side. "Regardless of that we have our orders. Take him men." Rushing forward she swung her blade in, Unohana raising and blocking the blade with ease. She pushed her back and blocked the incoming attacks of several other attackers, slicing their tendons on the back of their legs. Kisumi watched them fall to the ground, a scowl on her face.

"Don't behave like moron's, your Shihoin soldiers, occupy the captain and overwhelm the lieutenant." Isane for her part was managing to keep back a trio of soldiers back. She drew her sword to the side, a determined look on her face. "Run, Itegumo!"

As the handle sprouted the two smaller blades she swung it at the approaching men, a white wave of mist coming from the handle. It washed over the men, for a moment they looked down in horror as their limbs stiffened, locking them in place. As the others looked a there warily she turned to them, blade prepped for another swing.

"Your comrades have breathed in Itegumo's air, the oxygen of my blade travel's through your bloodstream until at my command it freezes over. I have only frozen their limbs but if you attack again I will freeze your lungs." The group before her hesitated, looking at their comrades who had fallen before her. After a glance between them they all went forward at once. Isane swung the mist again, but was panicking inside knowing she couldn't hold them all off at once. another four fell to the ground but more were pressing forward, going around her.

Three of them slipped by her guard and were heading towards Hanataro. He could only watch numbly as they closed in...

12th Division

Mayuri was extremely pleased with himself at the moment. From his camera's he was able to monitor every store in the Seireitei, and the sales for the magazines were simply booming. At this rate I'll be able to finance my projects for the next five years, budget cuts be damned. He turned his attention to the main screen where The videotape was currently playing the scene between the two, laughing to himself a bit on the inside. And to think that assassin must be driving herself insane trying to figure out who's playing-

The entrance to the monitor room slid open, said assassin entering the building with a cold expression on her face. Her zanpakuto was drawn and held to the side, the edge of the blade gleaming in the light. Mayuri looked at her, a strange feeling of insecurity worming its way through him.

"Captain Sui-Feng, I did not remember sending for you. May I ask why you are here?" Sui-Feng didn't respond, choosing instead to lift her blade to the side. "Bankai" The energy raced out from her, blinding the scientist who quickly drew out his blade preparing to defend himself. Once his sight returned he almost dropped his sword at the sight of the missile currently being aimed at him. He growled at her, preparing to release his own bankai when she finally spoke.

"Captain Kurostuchi, due to the chaos of the recent events as well as for infringing upon the privacy of a noble family I have no choice but to take action against this division." As her reiatsu began spiking up Mayuri ran the words through his head, coming out to its most frightening conclusion. He began raising his blade when she said her final peace.

"With the authority of the head captain, Project Birdseye is terminated." She launched the missile, the force of the shot throwing her out of the building. As the missile came closer Mayuri screamed in frustration, stabbing himself in the neck and turning into goo before the building exploded, a large blast shaking the division.

Rukongai East gate

As the men came closer the ground began shaking, almost causing them to fall. Hanataro who had not been so lucky fell to his back, letting out a pained hiss as his ankle twisted in the process. Once the shaking ended the men continued to head towards him, Hanataro trying to stand back up bought falling down again. He closed his eyes, waiting for their hands to grab hold of him.

"Tsugi no mai, Hakuren!" The three were caught in a blast of ice and hurled backwards, frozen against the wall of one of the buildings. The combatants looked over to see Rukia appear next to Hanataro, blade drawn to the side. "R-Rukia-san, wh-what are you doing here?"

Rukia looked at him with a disbelieving gaze, one which made the medic cringe a little. "Oh not much just wanted to see if you wanted to get some tea and WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK I'M HERE FOR? I came to see if that article was true, but I guess I got my answer." She walked away from his side, taking up a third side to block the attackers. She looked back at him out of the corner of her eye. "You're going to give me the full story later Hanataro, but right now I'll attend to them first."

She looked at the group assembled before the four, eyes staring straight into Kisumi's. "As the heir to the Kuchiki clan Hanataro Yamada is now under the Kuchiki clans protection, until such time either my brother or I withdraw it. I order your group to withdraw." Kisumi shook her head, snapping her fingers and calling in several more ninja's, doubling the groups size. "We do not bow to the authority of your clan, only an order from the Shihoin family or central 46 can make us comply."

A combination of a crackling and the familiar swishing sound swept through the air, causing Kisumi to turn around. Yoruichi stood behind her in all her lightning like glory, a deep frown across her face. Before Kisumi could say anything Yoruichi lifted her hand in front of her face, finger flicking Kisumi across the forehead. That flick was strong enough to throw her back, causing her to crash through her subordinates and blood to run down her face.

"That is where you are wrong Kisumi, you do not have the right to disobey a clan heir unless your orders explicitly say they can, and only a clan head may give you that right. Even if that was not the case I am ordering you to withdraw your men, now." The ninja's did not hesitate to obey, grabbing their comrades and disappearing from sight. Only Kisumi was left, slowly rising to her feet as Yoruichi deactivated her shunko.

"I apologize my mistress, I was just following my orders given by-" Yoruichi raised her hand effectively silencing the woman. "You will inform my parents that I wish to meet with them in one day at the Feng estate to discuss the situation. Until then Shihoin forces will remain on the clan grounds, the second division will be providing me with a security detail." Kisumi nodded, wearily turning away to go back.

"Kisumi." The retainer turned back to address her mistress, only to remain silent when Yoruichi lowered her head, whispering in her ear. "Should you ever attempt to capture or assassinate Hanataro Yamada or any person without my say so, it will be your head that roll's, are we clear?" Kisumi nodded, shaking slightly from her words, once Yoruichi walked away from her she disappeared from sight, only Ice and a few building damage showing anyone had been there.

Yoruichi for her part wasn't concerned about that, she instead walked over to Hanataro who was currently staring at her in awe. "You alright Hanataro?" The medic gave a slight nod, attempting to rise to his feet again only to fail again, the sight of her entrance having made him forget about his ankle.

Unohana sighed, dropping down to begin healing the sprain. "Well that went about as badly as we could have hoped for." Yoruichi nodded, sitting down next to the two. "Perhaps, but they did violate the law in respect to the clan powers, that'll give us some negotiating. Assuming you wish to help Rukia?" The short woman had an icy look on her face, eerily similar to Ganju's.

After a moment she simply sighed and nodded, sheathing her blade. "If it helps with this whole...train wreck I suppose I can talk to my brother."

"No need for that." Byakuya said as he appeared in the alleyway. Ganju and Kukaku also appeared right then, relief on their faces when they saw the assembled group. "As Rukia has extended our protection I see no reason to force it away, although it would serve the interests of everyone if you two stated together for now. If Hanataro is alone they may try to target him again." Yoruichi nodded as she helped the teenager up, before slumping over with her hand over her stomach, face in pain.

"Yoruichi are you alright, you're not hurt or-" Yoruichi shook her head at Hanataro's panic, standing up after a moment. "I'm alright, it's just the stress from the shunko. Guess I won't be doing that for awhile." She went to walk only to stumble, finding herself leaning on Hanataro's shoulder.

"Perhaps it would be best to retire to the estate now, I suspect you've all had enough excitement for one day." Byakuya said as he turned away, walking back towards the gate. Yoruichi turned to the two Shiba's, about to speak when Kukaku beat her to it. "We're going to head back to, let us know if you need anything." Turning around she left with Ganju in tow, dragging him by his ear.

"We should go as well, I believe a meeting tomorrow with the SWA is in order, and I need to get it set up. let's go, Isane." Unohana said, a hard glint in her eye. She looked at Hanataro for a second before looking Yoruichi in the eye, conveying her wish to her. Yoruichi nodded to her, showing she'd watch over him. With that Unohana and Isane left, as Yoruichi and Hanataro began following the two Kuchiki siblings. Despite the fact Yoruichi didn't need it anymore she continued to lean into Hanataro, her presence offering him a great deal of comfort.

Shihoin Estate: Later in the Evening

"So you dare come back to us in failure, I expected better Kisumi." The woman rested on a knee, head looking towards the ground away from the gruff voice. The room she was in was dark, the only source of light being a candle set in front of her. "I apologize master, but with Lady Yoruichi and Captain Unohana there success was impossible. By now they'll be at the Kuchiki estate."

Another voice spoke from the shadows in the room, this one high pitched and almost childish, yet skewed as if spoken through a filter. "I suppose we've lost our chance for now, Kisumi resume your post and wait for further instructions." Bowing her head to the floor the woman stood up, and left the room. As soon as she did two figures detached themselves from the shadows, robes obscuring their bodies.

"So how do we resolve this situation? With the Kuchiki's watching over them it will be impossible to reach the boy." The high pitched voice asked as it rubbed it's hands together. The gruff sounding one merely turned away, picking up the candle from the floor. "The boy is secondary to our true goal, when the time comes he will be dealt with, nothing more. I must say that old geezer Hirohito did just as we thought he would, it is too bad Kisumi failed."

The high pitched one approached the candle, a sleeve of the robe wrapping around the flame. "There are always better chances, the return of that spoiled brat will not stop our plans. The Shihoin clan will be ours to rule, and any who threaten that rule-" The gruff figure raised its own sleeve mirroring the movements of the other.

"Will be extinguished like a candle in the dark." The robes wrapped around the flame, cutting off the light and blanketing the room in darkness, leaving no trace they'd ever been there.

Kuchiki Estate

Hanataro collapsed back on the bed, eyes half closed in exhaustion and his bag and sword next to him. The rest of the day had been exhausting, between impromptu lessons in etiquette from both Yoruichi and Rukia (as well as an interrogation from the latter) the day had just whirled by for him. Finally after eating dinner while being schooled on it by Rukia he was able to retire to one of the guest rooms, currently laying on a bed about the size of his apartment.

This day, scratch that this whole week has just been insane. Everything's moving so fast, I-I feel like I'm going to get swept under. When did my life get so out of control? An image of ichigo and Ganju holding him hostage popped into his mind, as if to mock him.

Right, forget I asked. He laid back on the bed, eyes closing to try and just drift away. Try as hard as he could though he couldn't relax, the events of the past couple days getting to him. He turned on his side, trying to get more comfortable as the scenes of the day replayed themselves.

Outside the window Yorucihi watched as the young man tossed and turned, clearly not handling the situation well. He's like Sui-Feng used to be, this really isn't fair to him. Picking the lock on the window she slid into the room silently, moving weightlessly across the bed and wrapping her arms around the boy. Hanataro's heart panicked for a second before he felt her pull him in, body relaxing at her warmth.

"Y-Yoruichi?" The clan head sighed, resting her head on top of the shorter male, her front pressed up to his back. "You can sleep Hanataro, I'll be right here when you wake up." Hanataro was going to thank her, but it was at this moment the sandman decided to work his magic, eyes drooping down and his breathing calming as he drifted off.

Once she was sure he was deep in sleep did she sit up, placing his bag and zanpakuto to the side while sliding themselves under the covers. She tried to create some separation between the two, but found herself caught off guard when Hanataro turned towards her, arms wrapping around her torso. A slight blush appeared on her face as he nuzzled his head into her shoulder.

Who would have thought he was a cuddler. If he wakes up like this he's going to be embarrassed as hell. She attempted to unwrap his arms, only for him to whimper a little, grip tightening slightly. Realizing she couldn't do it without waking him she settled back, her left arm wrapping around his shoulders. Well, one night won't hurt I suppose.

As she began to drift off a question began pushing into her mind, something she couldn't ignore but was too tired to answer. Just as she fell into a deep slumber she found herself wondering whether she had been referring to his feelings, or her own.

And that is chapter 4. Once again I apologize for the delay. I will try to update this sooner but Yamada Clans has been going really well for me, and the end of the semester is in five weeks, can't afford to take a break. Also I don't think this story will be as long as my other one but you never know. Well let me know what you thought of it and happy Easter everybody.