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The day of the Opera was a blur, most everyone was in a hurry, although there was plenty of time left in the day. Pavi himself, was already finished preparing himself, and had contented to spend the rest of the day preening in his mirror and quietly observing the other members of the Largo family. Luigi had already shredded through several shirts and quite a few more Genterns. Pavi noted with pleasure that he looked visibly strained, no doubt from their previous argument. Amber flitted through the mansion's many hallways with excited yet nervous steps. She would disappear into a room and come out donning an extremely ridiculous piece of clothing, jewelry, or even wigs. Finally, she ceased and flounced over to her older brother.

"What do you think?" She asked with the confidence of a person who knew exactly what was about to be said. "Perfect for tonight, don't you think?" She was wearing a dress of many shades of blue, the hoop skirt seemed to fill the hallway. Her blonde wig towered over Pavi's head, adorned with multiple gems and lace. He managed to prevent a snigger from escaping and answered sweetly.

"Of-a course, sorella. I-a doubt that anyone will-a be able to keep-a their eyes off of you." Amber smiled, and seeming to find the compliment acceptable, turned and walked away. Pavi smirked as she vanished around a corner. Even after applying an absurd amount of makeup, the surgery scars of her most recent face transplant were quite visible. He turned in the opposite direction and nearly ran into his father. Expecting a reprimand, he was surprised when Rotti merely smiled.

"Do be more watchful of wear you are heading, Paviche." He continued on his way. Pavi stood there, a bit shocked. His father's eyes had seemed almost kind, but there was also something else. A gleam that hadn't been there for quite some time, Rotti was expecting something, whether it was good or bad, Pavi felt did not concern him. The rest of the day passed in quite a dull manner. In no time the family was climbing into their limo and were off to the Opera. Pavi glanced at Rotti, and noticed the gleam was still there. Although, on a double take, it looked rather sinister. He shivered and refrained from glancing anywhere except the window the rest of the ride. They arrived with precious minutes to spare, Luigi and Pavi promptly strolled inside and found their seats. Pavi was pleased to notice the young women sitting next to him, he placed his arm over her shoulder and drew her closer, ignoring how she tensed against his touch. In no time at all loud music filled the room. Luigi and Pavi stood, encouraging the spectators to sing their praise to GeneCo. Rotti stood on the stage overseeing all. The audience was overjoyed and thrilled at what was most definitely going to be the most impressive show yet. The Gentern's, Rotti, and the bandleader left the stage, Pavi and Luigi resumed their seats in time for Amber's shining moment.

'At least the back-up singers are good.' He thought, as he and the audience collectively cringed at her butchering yet another note. The crowd was beginning to show dissaproval, jeering and laughing.

'She wouldn't be doing as bad if she would take her hand away from her face.' He thought, irritated. He had no less gave this much thought, when she removed her hand, spun in a circle, and her face fell off. There was a collective gasp, and then the crowd swelled into a single mass of laughter. Their voices were raucous and hoarse by the time they had run Amber off the stage, in tears. Pavi glanced over at Luigi and noticed he was tightly gripping his knife, red in the face from suppressed rage and indignation. For once, Pavi shared his brother's viewpoint. Once the crowd had quieted down, a much softer styled music flooded the room. The curtain reopened, revealing the Voice of GeneCo herself, Blind Mag. The sound of her lilting soprano voice eased everyone into a state of relaxation. The rope holding her lowered her to the snow decorated ground, she gracefully moved across the stage, her voice swelling with tragedy and passion. She worked her way back to the center of the stage, and allowed the support to draw her back up.

"Come take these eyes~, I would rather be…blind~." The still spell she had created shattered like ice as she thrust her sharp tipped nails into her eyes. There were gasps and screams from the spectators as the beautiful Blind Mag seemed to cry tears of blood. Her face was pulled back in a horrible grin that stretched her cheeks into a mocking expression. The screams grew louder as the support rope holding her went slack. She seemed to fall in slow motion, silence stretched on as her body went limp. She plummeted straight down, and the screams reached a crescendo as her form was impaled by the wrought iron fence. Pavi's eyes were wide with fear, and they threatened to pop out as his father walked on stage, looking calm as ever.

"Now don't worry, it's just part of the show. There is nothing to fear." The crowd instinctively quieted at his calm, soothing voice. Pavi snuck a glance toward Luigi, but he was staring intently at their father, apparently needing to be told that what they had just witnessed hadn't really happened. Pavi sought reassurance as well, but looking up at his father he once again felt that cold chill permeate his being. He shivered and the girl next to him tensed once more. His father didn't just look calm, he looked pleased.

'What's going on?' he thought, in slightly panicked tones. It was a few moments before he realized something else was happening. On the stage a girl stood, with raven hair cascading down her back, and a beautiful, form fitting dress that clung to her slender figure. There were noises coming from behind the curtain, and then another person crashed onto the stage. A Repo Man? No. Nathan. The girl… what was happening?!

"Get up, fag." A voice next to him growled making him jump, Luigi stood beside him, looking pale. He motioned up towards the stage, Pavi removed his arm from around the girl next to him, and tried not to notice as she visibly relaxed. They could hear the three people on stage begin to sing, as if this all really was part of the show. Pavi tried to control his frightened breathing. This truly was turning into their most amazing show yet.

'It's not for show this time…'

He shuddered at the voice. No. It was always for show. Dangerous things didn't happen to people like them. Yes, it was just for show, just as usual. They were just chracters in this particular show. He would play his part as well as he could, and hope that their ending was a happy one.

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