Title: Carry On Wayward Son

Author: Sesshomaru-gal

Fandom: Supernatural

Summary: Dean must suffer the consequences after a hunt for a witch alters the Winchesters lives in a way they could never have imagined.

Characters: Dean, Sam, John, Bobby, Ellen, Jo.

Chapters: 1/9

Status: Complete

Disclaimer: All Supernatural characters are the property of the CW network and Eric Kripke. I do not own any rights to the show or characters. This fiction is for entertainment purposes only and I do not make any money off of it.

Notes/warnings: mpreg, long birth, sexual situations. This is not a wincest story. Any Latin used was found on various web pages, I have no idea what it actually says so I apologize in advance. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy it! Comments are welcome and appreciated.

Chapter 1

He looks deeply into her eyes, his dripping length awaiting entrance into her hot, moist opening. When she reaches up and captures his mouth in a deep kiss, he can't hold back any longer as he plunges into her depths. He starts out slow until he works up a steady rhythm. Their moans of pleasure can probably be heard from the street.

"salve iane pater matutine gravida, admitte me foetus coram numina parturio lucentia partus. Salv iuno regina te precor quaesoque uti des mihi domo familiae infans nostrae firmitatem ac abortio felicitatem im opere nostro."

He doesn't know what she has just whispered into his ear but once she finishes he feels a tingling heat pooling in his lower abdomen. While it wasn't unpleasant, it wasn't anything he'd ever felt before but he soon forgets it as he is overcome with his orgasm. The two make love several more times before he heads back to the hotel he and Sam booked for the case they are currently working. They already concluded that it is a witch but it takes them a couple more days before they find her and destroy her alter.

Two months later

Dean comes walking out of the bathroom for the third time since going to bed the night before. He looks over at his sleeping brother to see if he had woken him up, it was only 3 am. Convinced that Sam was still sleeping soundly he slowly walks over to his bed holding his stomach and carefully lowers himself into it, pulling the covers up to his chin. He rolls over onto his side, pulling his knees up slightly and tries to sleep through the nausea and bad cramps he has been fighting for the last several weeks. The nausea is pretty bad, but at least tapers off somewhat throughout the day. The cramps are another story. He keeps finding it harder to hide his discomfort from Sam because they are so intense. Sometimes he has to excuse himself either to the bathroom or come up with another reason so he can compose himself, usually hunching over on the ground until he can stand without holding his stomach. He doesn't know how long he lays there like that when he hears Sam get up and go into the bathroom. He hears his brother turn on the shower and suddenly the nausea hits him full force. He jumps out of bed and grabs the small trash can against the wall and vomits into it. He turns his back to the wall and leans against it, his head hanging over the trash can. Sam comes out of the bathroom surprised that Dean is no longer in his bed. He quickly goes over to his older brother when he sees him on the floor leaning against the wall.

"Dean, are you alright?"

He helps Dean off the floor and gets him to sit on the edge of the bed. He can see sweat breaking out on Deans forehead and he is pale.

"Yeah, Sammy, I'm fine. I just need to get a shower and then we can pack up and head out."

He attempts to stand but is hit with a wave of dizziness and drops back down to the bed. Sam grabs his arm to try and hold him steady.

"Alright, I've had enough of this, Dean. I don't care what you say, I'm calling dad and we are going to Bobby's. You've been sick for weeks."

"Sam, I already told you I'm fine. We don't need to call dad and Bobby over nothing. Besides we have a hunt that we need to take care of."

"No, Dean. There are other hunters that can worry about it. Right now I'm worried about you. You don't look good and you're losing weight. I'm not budging on this. I've let you carry on like this long enough and whatever you've got isn't clearing up."

Dean just rolls his eyes at his brother and heads into the bathroom so he can get a shower and dressed. He finally gives in and they head to Bobby's to see if he can help figure out what is going on with Dean. Sam calls John on the way. The hour long trip to Bobby's turns into a two hour drive because Dean keeps getting sick. They pull up in front of Bobby's house to see Johns truck already there and another vehicle they don't recognize. They walk into the kitchen to see the older men talking with Ellen and Jo. They tell the other hunters of Deans ailments so far, the nausea, cramps, lethargy and moodiness. They discuss it for about fifteen minutes when Ellen addresses Dean.

"Have you had any run ins with a witch lately?"

Dean thinks about it a minute before he answers.

"Me and Sam tracked down a witch a couple of months ago, why?"

"Did anything unusual happen that you can remember?"

Deans eyebrows pull together in concentration. "No, not that I can think of. It was pretty straight forward."

Sam sits down at the table and glances around at everyone. "Actually there was something."

Everybody turns to Sam, waiting. "Dean slept with the witch when we first got into town."

"Well, yeah, but I didn't know she was a witch when I slept with her."

Ellen looks back over at Dean. "Did she say or do anything that seemed off?"

After thinking about it for a few minutes he repeated some of what he could remember that she had whispered to him.

"I don't know what it meant but I felt a weird burning sensation in the pit of my stomach after she said it."

The others just stare at him and it starts to unnerve him. Clearly he has missed something. Jo seems to be the only other one that doesn't know what he has just said. Ellen goes walking over to Dean and looks him over. She lifts his shirt up and feels on his stomach, noticing the slight swell to his usually flat abdomen.

"I hate to break it to you, Dean, but I think you're pregnant."

Twenty minutes later they are waiting for Dean to come out of the bathroom. After the revelation Jo went out and picked up a couple of pregnancy tests from the local gas station. They are waiting for the results.

Sam starts pounding on the bathroom door. "Come on, dean. You going to be in there all day?"

Dean flushes the toilet before shouting back. "Don't get your panties in a twist, I'll be out in a minute!"

Sam scoffs at the last comment. "Considering the situation you seem to have found yourself in I'd say you're the one that is more likely to be wearing panties."

Sam expected some kind of retort but the man on the other side of the door is perfectly still. He's about to knock on the door again when it finally opens up and a very pale Dean comes walking out holding the pregnancy test in his hand. He's so quiet they barely hear him.

"It's positive."

As soon as he finishes the sentence Dean is collapsing onto the floor. Sam catches him before his head can hit the floor and they get him onto the couch. Ellen gets a cold, wet wash rag and starts wiping Deans face with it and lays it across his forehead. Jo is sitting next to the couch just staring at Dean. She pulls up his shirt and is rubbing her palm over the small bump already forming. "If it's only been two months why is he already starting to show?"

The men stop talking and look over at her, unsure of an answer.

Ellen is the first one to say anything. "It could have something to do with the curse, or..."

Jo is still rubbing Deans belly, mesmerized by it. "Or what?"

Ellen looks around at everyone, sighing as she realizes that she is the only one who thought of the other possibility.

"Or he could be having more than one."

Jo suddenly looks up at that. "You mean Dean could be having twins?"

John walks over to the couch. "Possibly even triplets. Mary didn't start getting her baby bump with the boys until after her fourth month."

Jo keeps glancing between Dean, Ellen and John. "How will we know? Just wait until he goes into labor and see how many babies pop out? And what about a doctor?"

John shakes his head quickly. "No doctors. I don't want this getting out. We can handle whatever happens."

Ellen looks at John sympathetically. "John, I know you're concerned but he's going to need medical attention."

"No. I don't know any doctors that we can trust with this and I don't know any that you might know. I'd normally trust your judgment but I just can't take any risks with this. We'll figure something out."

Ellen just scoffs at the man standing before her. "You don't want to take any risks but you are risking him if something goes wrong!"

John raises his voice and takes a step towards her. "Look at the way we live our lives, Ellen! We take a huge risk just walking out the front door! I'm not going to let anything happen to my son!"

Bobby shouts to be heard over the other two. "Enough, the both of you!"

He waits until he has their full attention.

"I have a contact with a medical supply company. Helped him out a couple of years back, he owes me. I can see about getting an ultrasound machine and then we can see what's going on in there."

Ellen looks perplexed by his suggestion. "Bobby, none of us know how to use one them things, how the hell are we supposed to know what we are looking at?"

Sam stands up from the table and joins in the conversation. "I can do it. I'll study online, learn enough to use it and be able to tell what we are seeing."

John nods his head at his younger son. "Ok, learn everything you can. Bobby, go ahead and call your contact, get that machine headed our way. I'm going to go get him some prenatal vitamins and anything else he might need for now."

Bobby walks over and picks up his phone. "Ok. And you guys can stay here as long as you need to. He doesn't need to be hunting and moving around in his state."

Ellen addresses them before Bobby finishes dialing. "I've also decided that me and Jo should move in here for the duration."

Bobby looks over before hitting the send button. "What the hell do you need to move in here for?"

"Well, the last time I checked I'm the only one here who has already given birth. I'll be able to help him where you'll be lacking. He's going to have questions you can't answer. Besides, it couldn't hurt to have a couple extra people on hand. I assume you three will still take a case now and then and with me and Jo here you won't have to worry about Dean being left alone. Plus, it's not like you don't have the room, this is a big house. We'll just have to clean out a few of the spare rooms upstairs."

John looks over at Bobby and nods his head, indicating that he agrees.

"Alright, fine. But I don't want you thinkin' you can just go and start making changes and rules just cause you two're movin' in."

Ellen rolls her eyes at him. "I will make any necessary changes that help things go easier for Dean."

Jo's still gazing at Deans stomach when a thought occurs to her. "Hey, what are we going to do about the delivery?"

Everyone gets quiet as they think about the most obvious problem with this situation.

John addresses his younger son. "Sam, I want you to find out everything you can about that witch and see if you can learn anything about the spell she used. If it gave Dean the ability to conceive then maybe it'll help with the delivery too."

Sam nods his head and everyone gets to work cleaning up the house, starting with getting a room ready for Dean. After a couple of weeks go by they are all settled into their own rooms, although they still have a lot of work to do to the house. Right now Dean's room is the only one totally cleaned out with all the necessary furniture. The other rooms only have beds accessible, they are still filled with books and other items. It took Dean a while to come to terms with his condition but he's finally accepted it. He's still worried though because they had mentioned the possibility of multiples and he's been quiet waiting on the ultrasound machine to come so they can find out. Sam's been studying up on the machine and thinks he will be able to tell them what they need to know. He's also been researching the spell placed on Dean and everyone was relieved to hear that while there was no way for them to reverse it, the babies are human and the spell will cause Deans body to change to accommodate the babies and deliver naturally. Dean passed out when he was told that his 'little Dean' would be gone by the end of his fourth month and he will have a birth canal in place of it. From what Sam has been able to find, the spell only creates pregnancy in the male in question when the conditions are right for a pregnancy. Basically, in a case where the woman would conceive from the intercourse, the male will be caused to carry the child instead.

Deans symptoms seem to increase in intensity as the weeks go by. He spends most of his time sleeping on the couch in the library because he doesn't like being isolated up in his room all day. Luckily Bobby's house is big enough that everyone is able to have their own bedroom, although John is still gone a lot of the time hunting while he can. He knows once Dean hits the third trimester he's going to be needed more around the house helping out. Right now Dean, Ellen and Jo are the only ones at the house. John's on a hunt and Sam and Bobby are out getting some groceries and other supplies that they had become low on. Ellen and Jo are sitting at the table eating lunch when Dean comes walking out of the bathroom holding his stomach. They ask him if he wants anything but he just shakes his head no as he makes his way back to the couch. Because of the intensity of the cramps most days he curls up with a heating pad on his stomach. Dean is sound asleep when Sam and Bobby get back. They bring in the groceries and get them put up and then go back out to the truck to bring in the ultrasound machine that has finally come in. They get it set up in the library next to the couch but wait for Dean to wake up before using it. He's been so tired that they like him to get all the sleep he can. When he finally does wake up they get him to lay on his back and pull his shirt up. They also got some gel to put on his stomach to use with the machine. Sam places the transducer on Deans stomach and starts moving it around. Everyone is quiet, watching the screen closely. Because of how long it took Bobby's contact to get the machine Dean is already three months along and has a pretty pronounced baby bump. He looks like he's closer to five months than three months. His heart is racing as he watches the screen, waiting for Sam to confirm what they had all been thinking. Finally Sam starts talking, pointing out things on the screen. As it turns out, Dean is in fact carrying triplets. One of the babies is smaller than the other two but otherwise everything seems fine from what Sam can see. Dean is scared by the prospect of three babies but can't stop the excitement coursing through him. He'll finally have the family he's wanted, although he won't admit it to his fellow housemates. Quiet tears fall down his face as he looks at the babies on the screen, his babies. He can't believe he's finally going to be a dad. The others think the tears are because he doesn't want them and that he's terrified of it all. He'll let them think that for a little while longer. Right now he wants to keep his happiness to himself. He tries to keep up the facade when John gets back and they tell him the news, but John knows Dean better than anyone and can see the hidden excitement behind his eyes. He smirks at Dean secretly but doesn't say anything. He knows Dean's had a hard life and if he wants to keep this little secret for a while he's going to let him.