Title: Carry On Wayward Son

Author: Sesshomaru-gal

Fandom: Supernatural

Summary: Dean must suffer the consequences after a hunt for a witch alters the Winchesters lives in a way they could never have imagined.

Characters: Dean, Sam, John, Bobby, Ellen, Jo.

Chapters: 9/9

Status: Complete

Disclaimer: All Supernatural characters are the property of the CW network and Eric Kripke. I do not own any rights to the show or characters. This fiction is for entertainment purposes only and I do not make any money off of it.

Notes/warnings: mpreg, long birth, sexual situations. This is not a wincest story. Any Latin used was found on various web pages, I have no idea what it actually says so I apologize in advance. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy it! Comments are welcome and appreciated.

Chapter 9

Dean is nine months along and right now he is napping on the couch with Ellie laying across his huge belly and Robbie curled up near the end, both asleep as well. The minute his nose picks up on something being made for lunch, however, he is up in a heartbeat and makes a mad dash to the kitchen, waking the twins from their slumber as well.

"What's for lunch?"

Sam just laughs at him because any other time Dean would still be getting off of the couch but the minute food is involved, he's as quick as he was before the pregnancy.

"Fried pork chops, macaroni and cheese, mashed potatoes and rolls."

Deans mouth automatically salivates.

"Yum! When's it going to be done? I'm starving!"

"You were sound asleep two minutes ago, now all of a sudden you're starving."

"Hey, it's pregnant mans prerogative."

"Yeah, whatever man. It'll be done in ten minutes or so."

Dean looks slightly disappointed at the wait and grabs Ellie and Robbie and takes them outside to play until the food is done. Of course, Dean himself doesn't get down and actually play. His belly is too big for anything more strenuous than what it takes to get up and out of the chair when one of the twins wants him to look at something. They go back in when dinner is announced and everybody enjoys some quiet time. The next day Dean walks through the library late in the afternoon when he suddenly catches himself on the desk with a gasp and starts moaning. John and Sam immediately run over to him and grab him when his knees buckle. He breathes through the contraction and once it's done they help him over to the couch. The contractions start out at ten minutes apart, but seem to be a lot more intense than when Dean had the twins. A few hours in and he is already exhausted. He's laying on his side in the grips of another contraction when Robbie comes walking over.

"Daddy? Will you play with me?"

Dean fights to stifle the groan wanting to escape his lips for fear of scaring his son.

"No, buddy, daddy doesn't feel good right now. Why don't you go back outside with grandpa and uncle Bobby for a while?"

"No, I want to play with you."

Sam comes walking through right as the contraction intensifies and Dean can't help but groan into the pillow he's leaning on.

"Sam, do you think you could maybe keep him occupied? Or is that too much for you to handle, cause in case you haven't noticed, I'm kinda busy right now!"

Sam comes over and takes Robbie back outside with John and Bobby. Ellen and Jo had Ellie out shopping with them. They had been called when Dean went into labor and were already finishing up their shopping. They get back to the house an hour after the first contraction to see Dean pacing around the library rubbing his large belly with both hands. It's getting dark outside now so John, Bobby and Robbie have come back into the house. The twins watch quietly as Dean breaths and groans through the contractions. Eventually the twins bedtime rolls around and even though they both fight, everyone decided it was better for them and Dean if they go to bed. After a couple more hours, Dean starts whimpering on the couch. Sam goes over to him to make sure he's still okay.

"Sammy, I want to go upstairs and lay down."

Sam says okay and with Johns help they get Dean up to his bed so he can lay down. He groans through a few more contractions before he drifts off to sleep. The others decide to try to get some sleep as well. Dean wakes up around eight in the morning to the most intense contraction yet. He tries taking deep breaths through it but as it drags on he ends up screaming into his pillow. At that point everybody else is already up. Bobby has the twins downstairs trying to keep them occupied so Dean can focus on what he needs to do. They had finally gotten word form somebody willing to get them pain medications for someone in labor so Ellen left early that morning around five to pick them up. Unfortunately the contact is a couple hours away so she doesn't know how long she'll be gone. Jo and Sam are sitting on either side of Dean on the bed while John sits in a chair beside it. Dean starts sobbing as yet another contraction seems to go on endlessly.

"Please make it stop! Why does it hurt so much more than the twins? You promised I wouldn't have to do this again! Please I need something!"

Dean starts whimpering as the contraction finally wanes and Ellen comes walking into the room with a bottle and syringe in her hand. It's nearly 9:30 so Dean's been in labor about 16 hours when she gets back with the pain medication.

"Sounds like somebody could use some drugs."

Dean looks up at her through pained eyes.

"Please, Ellen, I really need something! It hurts so bad!"

Ellen rubs his leg before pulling up some of the liquid into the syringe.

"I know, baby, just hold on, it's coming. It'll be over soon."

She sticks the needle into the muscle of his lower back and injects the pain medication. After the medication kicks in Dean is able to fall asleep for a few hours. Ellen told them that her contact said they can administer the medication as often as needed until it's time to deliver. When Dean wakes back up he is pretty loopy from the effects of the drugs and talks them into letting him go downstairs. They get him settled on the couch with his legs stretched out across the cushions and sit down for some lunch in the kitchen. Dean is sitting up, facing the kitchen with his legs covered with a light blanket and he has a confused look on his face. Sam looks over at him and laughs at the dumfounded expression on his brothers face.

"Dean, is something wrong?"

Dean looks over at him with a deep frown before looking back at his legs.

"Where'd they go?"

Sam frowns in confusion and walks over to the couch.

"Where'd what go?"

"My legs. What did you do with them?"

Dean looks up and glares at Sam, who is trying not to laugh.

"Dean, your legs are fine. Look, they're just covered up."

He pulls the blanket back so Dean can see his legs and Deans face lights up with a goofy grin.

"How'd you do that?"

"I didn't do anything but pull the blanket away."

"Dad! Sam found my legs!"

By this point they are all quietly laughing at the middle Winchester and John can't wipe the smile from his face as he addresses his son.

"Yeah, I can see that!"

Dean starts wiggling his feet and toes around like a baby discovering their feet for the first time. Dean seems so ecstatic that he now has them back. Sam covers Deans legs back up as Dean looks back up at him.

"Sammy, can you do that?"

He points down to his still wiggling feet. Sam sits down next to the couch before answering.

"Yeah, Dean, I can wiggle my feet too."

Sam bites his cheek to keep from laughing at the 'duh' glare Dean gives him.

"I'm not talking about your feet, Sasquatch. I'm talking about mine."

For a minute Sam thinks Dean is joking but one look at his face tells Sam that he had better give a satisfactory answer. Preferably with a straight face.

"No, Dean, not unless I reach over with my hand and grab your feet."

Deans glare disappears immediately and is replaced by a look that is part shock and part horror. He is whispering low when he starts talking again.

"Would you really do that?"

Sam leans closer to hear him better and also starts whispering, trying to figure his brother out.

"No, I have no reason to grab your feet."

"Are you sure? Cause I don't want you to."

"I'm sure. I won't grab your feet."

When Dean speaks again he is nearly yelling at the top of his lungs and makes everyone jump from the increased volume. He suddenly seems very agitated.

"What the hell are you whispering for? This isn't a library!"

Sam looks around and indicates for Dean to do the same in the hopes he will realize they are in fact in Bobby's library. He doesn't seem to get it, though, so Sam starts talking.

"I was only whispering because you were. And we are in a library, Dean."

Dean finally looks around the room at all the stacks of books on the shelves and gives a sheepish grin.

"Oh, yeah."

Several hours later they are all sitting down to dinner when Dean starts whimpering. Sam goes over to check on him.

"Dean, you okay?"

Dean looks at him pitifully and Sam sees he is rubbing his stomach.

"Sammy, I don't feel good. My stomach hurts."

They can tell that even though Dean is still slightly goofy from the drugs, they are starting to wear off. Before Sam can say anything, Ellen comes over and gives him another dose of the medication. After it kicks in he naps for a while and is startled when he wakes back up. He looks over and sees Robbie and Ellie playing with some Lincoln logs. Ellie looks up at him when she senses his confusion. Robbie gets up to go over to him but Ellie stops him.

"Ellie, let me go. I want to go by daddy."

"No, Robbie, daddy is confused, stay here."

Robbie pulls away from her and makes his way to Dean but stops when Dean starts yelling.

"Sammy, help! There's a leprechaun and gnome building a trap! They're coming for me!"

Sam runs in to see what Dean is screaming about. He looks over and sees the startled looks on the twins faces at Deans outburst. He tries reassuring them before going over to calm down his brother.

"Hey, Dean, it's okay. It's just Robbie and Ellie playing."

Dean is pointing a spoon at the twins with a threatening expression on his face.

"You stay back! This silver knife will kill anything! That includes thieving leprechauns and gnomes!"

Sam forces Dean to look at him and takes the spoon away from him.

"Dean! Calm down. It's just Ellie and Robbie. Look."

Dean looks back over at the twins hesitantly and looks relieved before looking around the room.

"Sammy! They saved me from the leprechaun and gnome! How'd they do that? We haven't taught them how to hunt."

Sam rolls his eyes and motions for the twins to join him since they seem to be on the verge of tears. The twins climb up on the couch with Dean and sit with him until bedtime. When Ellen and Jo come back down from putting them to bed they pause in the library to see Dean poking his stomach with an irritated expression on his face. The other three are just watching Dean with amusement. The women walk into the kitchen and ask what Dean is doing. Sam tries talking between snorts of laughter to explain. Instead of talking to them, though, he addresses Dean because having his brother explain it is much funnier.

"Hey, Dean? What are you doing?"

Dean doesn't even look up to answer.

"I'm poking it."

Jo takes a few steps into the library, watching Dean prod his swollen abdomen.

"The baby?"


"Dean, I don't think you should be poking the baby."

"Why not?"

"It's not nice."

"Well, he started it!"

"Started what?"

"Little bastard keeps kicking me!"

The men bust up laughing, unable to contain themselves any longer.

Deans water finally breaks and they get him back up into his bed and get his pants and boxers off, covering him up with a sheet. It's nearing dawn before he is finally able to start pushing. After a couple of hours, the twins wake up so Bobby takes them downstairs to keep them busy. Dean pushes through several contractions and falls back against John panting. The contractions are rolling on top of each other and Dean is tiring out. He turns into John and groans into his shirt as the latest contraction keeps intensifying.

"Dad, please make it stop! I want more drugs, please!"

They decide to start giving Dean half his dose to take the edge off of the contractions but it is decreased enough that they don't have to worry about him getting loopy again during the delivery. After a few more contractions, the baby is starting to crown. At this point, Dean is too tired to say much of anything so he just groans through the contractions. After another hour the baby finally exits his birth canal and Ellen announces that Dean has another little girl. They get her cleaned up and clamp the cord and place her on Deans chest. Tears are streaming down his face as he and Jo gaze down at their baby girl. They get Dean cleaned up and let him bond with the baby for a few minutes before asking the baby's name. He glances around the room at everyone before looking back down at the baby and answering.

"Her name is Samantha Joanna. That's the closest I could come up with to naming her after Sammy."

Soon the twins are brought in to meet their new sibling. They are both in awe at their little sister and both lean in to give her a kiss before they're ushered from the room so Dean can get some rest. Dean and Jo just lay there with the baby. Dean can't believe that he finally has the family he has always wanted and can't be happier. They stay like that for a while before drifting off to sleep, content in the knowledge that it can't get any better than this.

Authors note: I hope you guys all enjoyed this. I appreciate everyone who read this and commented. Thanks for your suggestions and comments, i think they helped me write a better storyline.