Hello everyone i know that its been a long time since i posted something. and don't worry i'll be getting back to my old fanfics and finishing them up. up until now i've only done shugo chara fanfics but i've decided to try some new ideas. let me know if you guys have any requests for animes i'll try to come up with some ideas for them. well i hope you enjoy this new fanfic.


The two teens stood on the roof of a shopping mall looking out at the setting sun. The small girl leaned against the railing with a soft sigh causing her companion to look at her.
"whats on your mind?" He asked as the wind blew softly.
" i had a strange dream last night" she said looking at him. He leaned on the railing next to her.
"what was it about?"
"it was during the tournament... and we were facing each other but... instead of being in the dues's chairs we were standing on the layer and fighting each other.
"you mean we were the angels?" He asked slightly amused. The girl nodded then looked up at him her red eyes meeting his blue ones. "it sounds weird doesn't it"
"well maybe in another universe it might be the case. us being the angels" He said standing up straight. "it'll be dark soon. let me walk you home"
"mm okay" she said happily. The boy turned to walk back to the stairway. The girl watched him for a moment the wind blowing her short pink hair in her face.
"Are you coming Hikaru?" He asked looking back at her.
"yeah sorry wizard" Hikaru said running over to him. He patted her head gently then walked downstairs.