Harry was nearly twenty, and two months away from finishing med school. In school he had thought to be an auror, but after the war, he decided he was done rescuing people. Suddenly being a father, helping to raise his godson who he had recently started the process of adopting, changed his priorities in life. He had remained at school, and allowed the order to help find horcruxes, for his senior year. He and Remus had become like father and son, and Remus and Tonks named him guardian, of Teddy. Unfortunately the couple had died in battle, a blow to Andromeda, who had at the time believed her husband dead. Ted turned out to be alive, and she had Teddy and Harry, but the death of her daughter was rough. And her sister, Narcissa, who turned out to be a spy with her husband and son, as well. Harry had been in medical school, and wanted to work in pediatrics, but this last rotation he was doing in a muggle private hospital. A new muggle liaison department was created, with Arthur at the lead, and some schools and hospitals working together were established. He would spend his last two months there, and then have the summer off. He was already offered a position in the pediatric wing at St. Mungo's. It would be a big summer for him. Ron and Hermione, who had been married for two years, were encouraging him, as they were expecting a child. George though, and other friends like Oliver, hoped he'd come to his senses. Since the death of Fred, George likely was Harry's closest confident, him and Ron had never had such a bond.

As Harry prepared for work, he wondered for a moment. George reminded him of all those who died, and what chances they lost. Harry was living at Black manor, with Andromeda and Ted, a compromise. Grimmauld was renovated, and he and Teddy were to move, for the fall. Andromeda had thought it best, he live with them, while still in school. Teddy had needed his grandparents, and Harry had more than agreed. He knew Ginny expected a proposal that summer. She graduated a year ago, and played for the Harpies, and they had dated since the war. He had put off proposing, saying he wanted to finish med school. But he could admit he was still having his doubts, and it wasn't all about his friends.

Harry met Andromeda on his way to the nursery. "I thought you'd be on your way to work."

Andromeda nodded. "Are you sure George is okay taking Teddy?"

Harry smiled. "He and Angie are happy to have him. Dobby is going as well."

Andromeda trusted him. "It will be odd this fall, when you two move."

Harry sighed. "You know that you'll have him all the time. And I really think…."

Andromeda stopped him. "You know Ted and I are happy you are adopting him, as your dad wanted. We support it."

Harry knew. "But he is still your grandson, and…."

Andromeda cut him off. "You both are. And it is time you boys are on your own."

Harry went into the nursery where his son was. "Hey Teddy bear, ready for a day with Uncle George?"

Two year old Teddy smiled and his hair went Weasley red. "Uncle."

Harry scooped him up. "We should be home by dinner."

Andromeda walked with him. "No dinner plans with Ginny?"

Harry shook his head. "Not tonight."

Andromeda didn't miss the look. "You know when done school, you'll have more time to date."

Harry knew she meant other than Ginny. "I know."

Andromeda didn't want to push, Tonks had accused her of meddling. Andromeda hadn't been sure about Remus, due to his age and lack of work, not his curse. But he had made Tonks happy, and given her Teddy and Harry, to hold on to. She and her husband loved Harry, and wanted him happy. They hadn't forced Harry to live with them, but had thought it would be good for Teddy, but Harry too. He had not had family of his own, and between Remus and Sirius, he was. He was Lord Potter-Black, and made the Malfoys look poor, but family no. Except the Weasleys, and she worried what may be, if he broke up with Ginny. George would always be there. She would be happy to see him move out, in that he was now an adult, and ready for his own life. And she knew she'd see him and Teddy all the time.

George and Angie were expecting twins in three months. They had learned they were boys, the third set in three generations in his family. They loved having Teddy, even though the shop was open today, and happy to have him. Angie was a reporter, and ran the shop.

George smiled when he came in. "Hey."

Harry handed off his son. "Are you sure you're fine? Your mum would have him."

George shook his head. "I planned to put him to work, about time."

Harry smirked. "Last I looked, I was half owner."

Angie came up beside her husband. "You know we love having him."

Harry handed the diaper bag over. "I'll come for him at dinner."

George stopped him. "Mum wanted to remind you, about dinner tonight."

Harry stopped. "I had forgotten."

Angie reminded him. "It is a welcome home dinner for Artie. Percy and Penny did name you godfather with Ginny."

Harry nodded. "I'll be there."

Angie looked at her husband when Harry was gone. "Hermione and Ron will name those two as well. Pressure again."

George put his hand on his wife. "Well we'll name him and Katie for little Freddie in there."

Harry's real friends were hoping for him to break it off. Hermione and Ron were due in two months, timing it so Hermione was done law school before, she done a few weeks before Harry. Harry was to Victoire, but it was a bit of a shock, when Percy and Penny named him godfather. They seemed to take it for granted he'd marry Ginny. Bill and Fleur not, they had named him, as he saved Fleur in the final battle, and her sister before. And George and Angie couldn't think of a better godfather for Freddie, than his namesake's closest friend, and his honorary Uncle.

Harry headed for the private hospital, and put his mind into the work. He was given some basic rounds, in the physical rehab section, where there was mainly wizards now but using both techniques. His first patient was a shock though.

Harry looked at the head healer. "He has been here for two years?"

Healer James nodded. "He was injured in the war. He was paralyzed, though he is slowly regaining some feeling."

Harry read the file. "I don't recognize the name."

The man shrugged. "He has a lot of money. The name may be fake."

Harry was reminded it was a private hospital, and in their world, such things were easy to do. His mind ran through who may have been hurt. But it may not have been the final battle, and even if it was, there was a lot of people he didn't know. The man had been totally paralyzed, but he was slowly regaining feeling, and may walk one day. He had no guests, and though he could go home, he had chosen to remain.

Harry was shocked as he walked into the room, and forgot his usual greeting. "You? How?"

An: I haven't decided on who the mystery patient is. It is someone thought dead, but this is not cannon, so someone like Draco is an option. I am taking a vote. This is my first original story, so I am hoping for some support.