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Chapter 15: Halloween

The weeks had passed, as September slowly faded into October. Both Lily and Gloria had quickly recovered from their ordeal, and after a tearful reunion with their friends, things returned relatively back to normal, except that now they had been brought unintentionally closer together. The fact that they would put themselves in danger for another, earned them an emotional thanks from Gloria's mother and older sister. They would forever be in their debt for their brave actions, and everyone noticed that it was Lily who they were looking at. Even the Headmaster came to thank them personally, reminding Lily that if Mr. James Potter had not been around she would have been dead. Lily was by no means conceited and thanked her friends, especially James, insisting that it was them who had saved Gloria's life.

To their relief, the whole incident was kept hushed up. At the time, the students were grateful for this and could have cared less about what happened as long as they remained far away from that horrible thing. It was only years later when they began to suspect that there might have been a connection between this silence and the growing suspicions some were having about the darkness outside of Hogwarts.

Life proceeded as normally as it possibly could for them. They went to their classes, received interrogating stares from those who had heard the rumors, and refused to speak about the incident, only confiding in each other and occasionally Molly and Arthur.

When Quidditch tryouts arrived, James and Allison were the first ones in the bleachers. They stubbornly insisted on watching the entire tryout, which lasted several days, and would talk of nothing but how they were going to tryout next year and how so and so would make it and such and such wasn't a good flier. Sirius and Arabella, often joined them, and reluctantly so did Lily one night. When she asked a small question about the player's position, she received a confusing full lecture on the game of Quidditch from all four of them. Lily soon knew more about Quidditch then she had ever wanted to know. She managed to make up excuses for the next few nights and stayed in the common room with Gloria instead.

It was a relief when they were finally over. Conversation changed to more interesting topics and it was only with the return of Remus, who had left for some unknown reason, that the tryouts were once again described from the beginning to the end.

The much anticipated Halloween Feast was arriving quickly, and everyone, including Lily, was excited about the event. As they drew closer to the date, the days became slow, and classes began to drag, as if wanting to draw out every last millisecond.

Lily found it unbearable because during these long hours she began to experience homesickness. She began to think of Violet and her parents more frequently, remembering the roof where she had sat nearly every night, the laughs she had shared, the life they had had, and even the fights she had had with Petunia. Old friends whom she hadn't talked to in months suddenly came into her thoughts and dreams, blending with those familiar dreams of James and the strange girl who looked like him. During her spare time she often wondered what she would be doing if she had gone to the public school with her best friend. And then she remembered that Michelle was in France. It was painful to remember, but the one thing she missed even more then Michelle, was Violet.

"Why couldn't she have been a witch?" Lily asked herself countless times.

It was a question that she would never know the answer to, but for some reason Lily found herself in the owlery on that very morning of Halloween, asking herself that very question.

Violet had sent her usual letter, it had made her laugh and at the same time cry. Lily reread her favorite line of the letter with a tear in her eye. "I'll always be here for you, don't let the distance separate us! I'm just a letter, or an owl, away!" Lily nearly broke down and cried after reading that but Violet proceeded to urge her if she had any need of boy advice, any at all ("Your boyfriend James is simply adorable, you two were simply made for each other just face it, and I wouldn't mind if you introduced me to your other two boyfriends, Sirius and Remus. They're staying with us this summer, I don't care whether you like it or not.").she would be willing to give it.

Wiping her strangely watery eyes, Lily managed to tie her reply to a school owl. Instead of leaving, Lily watched as the owl became smaller and smaller and then finally disappeared. It was a long time before she moved and it was with a smile that she came to herself with an indigent laugh.

"He is not my boyfriend!" She protested to no one in particular.

"Lily has a boyfriend!" A voice gasped loudly.

Lily spun around and found herself face to face with a mischievous Allison, and none other then James Potter himself. They had snuck in without her noticing. Allison was grinning, looking half horrified and half amused at the idea of Lily having a boyfriend. James on the other hand didn't look too happy.

"Who's not your boyfriend? Wait, you had a boyfriend! And you didn't tell us!" He looked confused but was steadily becoming angry. For some reason Lily was enjoying it thoroughly.

"Yeah, I had a boyfriend. But we broke up a few weeks ago, it just wasn't working out." Lily sighed and once again leaned on the windowsill, hiding a grin from their view. She tried desperately to make it look as if this idea was not something new to her.

"How long were you going out?" Allison asked curiously.

"Oh, about five months." Lily replied developing an imaginative story about her non existing ex-boyfriend.

"So he goes to this school?" Allison asked suspiciously raising an eyebrow and laying the trap.

"Oh yes." Right then and there Lily knew she had made her fatal mistake.

"Funny, I thought you were muggle-born." Allison said dryly knowing that it was all a lie.

Much to their surprise though, James had not noticed Lily's error and was still fully convinced that Lily had an ex boyfriend at Hogwarts.

"What's his name?" He demanded.

"Robert." Allison snorted loudly.

"You never told me you had a boyfriend!" James exclaimed, his eyes scanning the owlery, no doubt he was looking for Robert, who didn't exist.

"We wanted to keep our relationship a secret." Lily lied.

"I'm sure you did, but when I met you, you didn't seem to have the faintest concerns about Robert." James narrowed his eyes and glared at her.

"That's just because you're soooo irresistible." Allison said sarcastically. James didn't reply to this but gave Allison a hard shove.

"How'd you meet him?" Allison asked playing along.

"Well, since he was a wizard, well actually it was the strangest thing." And suddenly from somewhere in her imagination, Lily began to tell the most stupid, unbelievable story she could think of.

"Actually he comes flying into my yard one day on a broomstick, he and his younger cousin Tiffany. We became friends that day and he really liked me, and I liked him. I had no idea he was a wizard, but he had to tell me because I couldn't help them if I didn't know what they really were. And well, they couldn't get home, so I had to give them directions then suddenly a wall opens in my yard and then." Lily trailed off because suddenly the world became very foggy. The motion picture was playing in her mind. The boy, her and his younger cousin Tiffany, that was her name, it was Tiffany! They were moving toward the hedge, and suddenly they were through entering another world. The boy and her were dancing his arms around her, their laughing eyes met, they were brown! A man came and then they were saying goodbye, those brown eyes looked into hers and then the flash of red! It was all dark and then it was light, and she was lightheaded, opening her eyes to the blinding sunlight with not a clue as to what happened.

"Lily. Lily!"

Lily was so dazed that she remained motionless with her eyes open but slightly unfocused. She vaguely recognized James and Allison hovering over her snapping their fingers and shaking her, slapping her back into reality. But she did nothing, not sure whether this was part of the dream or not.

"Lily can you hear me? Answer me Lily, wake up!"

Slowly Lily came to herself. Shaking her head rapidly, she gained control of her body and began to sit up.

"I can hear you loud and clear. I'm fine now. Allison, really, I'm okay!" But Allison and James would not let go of her, still unsure of what had happened. One minute Lily had been telling a story and the next minute she was, well not there, crumbling to the ground. She had been out for a few minutes. Now though she seemed fine.

"You can let go of me, James." She tried to shake them off, but they were relentless.

"Can you stand Lily?" Allison asked cautiously.

"Yes! Just let go of my arm!" Even so, they helped her to her feet where she stood for a moment shaking and then seemed as normal as ever. She brushed herself off, looked around and then grinned at them.

"I'm fine, really." She insisted.

James and Allison exchanged a puzzled glance.

"Maybe you should go to Madam Pomfrey's." James suggested.

But Lily persisted in putting up a fight, assuring them that there was nothing wrong and that she was perfectly fine. Of course Lily won, because there was obviously nothing wrong with her at the moment, but even so Allison and James would not leave her side for the rest of the day, irritating Lily to no avail. It was with a great relief that Lily realized the Halloween Feast was in an hour's time. It had been a long day.


"Do you know anyone named Robert?"

James, Sirius, Remus and Peter Pettigrew, who would not stop following them, were sitting at a table near the back of the Transfiguration class. Peter was trying to figure out what had happened to his quill, which Sirius had hovering just above his head, when James dropped the question. Remus and Sirius looked at him curiously.

"No." Sirius told him.

"No. Why do you want to know?" Remus asked as Sirius returned to concentrating on the quill.

"Robert is Lily's ex boyfriend." James said not without a touch of anger.

"Lily had a boyfriend!" Sirius exclaimed, causing several near by heads to turn. The quill dropped right onto Peter's head. After a moment, Peter was overcome with delight that his quill had just dropped mysteriously from the sky and began scribbling down notes with a grin that reached from ear to ear.

"Yes." James said, wishing Sirius would keep his voice down. Lily and the girls were sitting mercifully near the front and hadn't heard, yet.

"Wow." Sirius said edging over in his seat to get a better look at Lily. James dragged him back by the neck of his robes.

"Oh so you're jealous of Robert and Lily." Remus observed.

"I am not!" Once again the class turned to look at them.

"Keep your voice down Mr. Potter." Professor McGonagall snapped.

"Sorry Professor."

"So this Robert kid was going out with Lily?" Sirius asked raising his eyebrows.

"And he goes to this school, Lily told Allison and me this morning that they just broke up, after five months." James said fixing his gaze on Lily, who was totally unaware of what was going on a few rows behind.

"It sounds weird, are you sure Lily has a boyfriend?" Remus asked him suspiciously.

"She HAD a boyfriend." James corrected.

Remus rolled his eyes.

"Well yeah, that's what she told me." But for the first time, James was beginning to wonder whether maybe it was a little weird. First of all, Lily was rarely apart from them, so how could she see Robert. Second of all, was there anyone at all that was named Robert? Third of all, Allison hadn't known about it and she was one of the few people who saw Lily more then he did. It all sounded fishy, especially that story of hers.

When class was finally over, James pulled Arabella and Gloria aside and asked them whether they knew about Lily's ex boyfriend. They both said no, but Arabella was trying hard not to laugh and Gloria was staring suspiciously over his shoulder at Remus and Sirius.

Even so, James made sure that he asked every guy in the class whether their name was Robert and whether they knew anyone by the name of Robert.

"Hey buddy, maybe he's a Slytherin!" One Ravenclaw suggested jokingly.

This was too gruesome to even think about so James ruled out the entire Slytherin house and decided to think about second years.

It was with his mind still on Lily's boyfriend, ex boyfriend actually, that he started down to the feast with the others. He was so preoccupied that he lost the group and didn't even notice. The story of how they met had suddenly replayed in his mind, it was just before Lily passed out. It was strangely familiar, but where did he remember it from. The younger cousin's name had been Tiffany, that's weird, he had a little sister named Tiffany. And they had suddenly ended up in her backyard, and they had become friends, and then they had had to tell Lily about the magical world just before the wall opened up, well that was weird the same thing had happened to Tiffany and him when they had ended up going through the hedge through.

It was as if a light bulb had just gone on in his head. James stopped short so suddenly that a group of Hufflepuffs crashed right into him. As they told him to watch where he was going, James suddenly remembered everything that had happened exactly five months ago.

There was no Robert, it was all a big joke that Lily had been playing, but it was the story, the story of their first meeting that brought him to his shocking conclusion.

Lily was remembering!

He had to talk to her. Where was she? It took him a moment to realize that she was at the Feast along with everyone else. James started running down the corridor, pushing the very same group of Hufflepuffs out of his way and carelessly into a line of armor.

"Hey watch it!"

But James did not slow down until he reached Lily Evans sitting at the Gryffindor Table, positively dazzled by the decorations and sweets and in no mood at all to talk.


"Oh Lily look!" Arabella exclaimed.

Lily turned her head and was suddenly overcome with awe at the site of the decorated Great Hall. Hundreds of large orange jack o' lanterns hovered above them along with the floating candles, giving the Great Hall a bright flickering but cheery look. There were more ghosts then usual, gliding among the decorations, adding to the Halloween mood. There were even a few live bats darting this way and that, and the ceiling, enchanted to look like the sky outside, revealed a fat full moon arrayed in thin wisps of clouds. But best of all, was the hundreds of colorful sweets that lined each of the four tables.

Before she could say Quidditch, Sirius, Remus, and Allison had dived toward the tables, and were already tucking into their sugary meal.

"I've never seen them move that fast, I swear they were moving faster then even the Silver Arrow at top speed!" Arabella remarked wide eyed.

"You'd think that they had never eaten before." Gloria observed.

"Impressive." Lily whispered.

"Do you think we should stop them?" Gloria asked the other two.

"And spoil the fun of watching them? No way!" Lily protested.

The three girls turned to each other and laughed.

"Come on, it looks like we could use some sweetening up ourselves." Arabella joked.

The three girls proceeded to the Gryffindor Table where they proudly joined their fellow Gryffindors, indulging in sweets of all kinds and colors and of course tons and tons of sugar.

"Lily, I've been looking for you!"

James had appeared out of nowhere, right beside her, interrupting her sugar fest.

"Oh hi James, uh, where were you?" Lily asked between mouthfuls, in a very unladylike manner.

"It's not important where I went. Listen Lily, can I talk to you?" He asked, perfectly aware that several people were looking at him now.

Lily swallowed and looked at him as if he had four heads. Why did James want to talk to her now? And now people were staring at them, why now? She leaned closer and lowered her voice.

"Can it wait until later?" She asked.

"We have to talk, Lily, it's important, I know that you're" James was suddenly interrupted when Sirius seized hold of him, plopping him down in a seat.

"James old buddy, where have you been? Have some candy!" Sirius pushed a large plate of sweets into James' face.

And that was the end of that. James tried to get Lily's attention but it was useless. He would have to wait until after the feast for them to talk in private. Besides it would be stupid to bring it up in front of all these people and he decided that he better not let those sweets go to waste.

"What did he want?" Arabella asked raising an eyebrow.

"He probably wanted to know more about Robert." Allison replied grinning.

"Who's Robert?" Gloria asked.

Allison and Lily exchanged a private grin. Taking a few more sweets for herself, Allison launched into the story.

"Robert is Lily's imaginary ex boyfriend." Arabella snorted and Gloria choked on her pumpkin juice. And she proceeded to tell them the ridiculous tale of how Lily had lied to them and then created some stupid story, about the boyfriend that didn't exist and her meeting and then breaking up. By the end of it Gloria and Arabella were laughing so hard that they were crying.

"He - actually" Gloria gasped for breath. "Fell - for that!"

Lily and Allison nodded in reply.

"He's so gullible!" Arabella exclaimed wiping her eyes.

"You should have seen the look on his face!" Lily giggled.

"His eyes were practically popping out of his head!" Allison chimed in, grinning at the memory. "And he was soooo mad." She proceeded to impersonate him, causing Arabella and Lily to giggle again.

"I can only imagine." Gloria said dryly.

The other three looked over at her. She had a strange knowing smile on her face that reminded Lily of a grin that Violet had worn in one of her crazed dreams. For some reason Lily felt very uneasy as Gloria's eyes swept over the three of them, and then finally found their way back to Lily. It was as if Violet was staring back at her.

"I knew it." She said simply.

"What?" Allison asked, looking from Lily to Gloria and then exchanging a confused glance with Arabella.

"How could I be so stupid! It was there all that time, all the signs, and here I was thinking.I just can't believe it." Gloria trailed off but continued looking at Lily.

"What are you talking about?" Lily asked, fidgeting beneath her knowing grin. It was almost as if deep down inside she knew exactly what Gloria's puzzling message was.

"Isn't it obvious?" Gloria looked surprised that Lily wasn't catching on.

"What?" Allison repeated loudly.

"It's just that James is, well he's."Gloria drew in a deep breath ready to break the news to her.

Suddenly a goblet came flying out of nowhere, crashing down onto the table. Pumpkin juice went everywhere, staining the robes of everyone within ten feet of it. Unfortunately it was the girls who got the blunt of the blast.

"What was that for?" Arabella exclaimed jumping to her feet.

"Just ask her since she was the one who threw it." Arthur Weasley said, from a few seats away.

He was scowling, growing steadily red in the face, staring fixedly at someone on the opposite side of the girls. Everyone turned, following his gaze to another red faced red head on her feet, who was obviously losing her temper.

"I was aiming at you!" Molly snarled.

"Well your aim isn't very good." He hissed getting to his feet.

Molly narrowed her eyes to dark slits, and the girls knew even before she reached for Gloria's goblet, to duck. Arthur actually swore and had to move out of the way as it narrowly missed his head. It crashed into a sweet dish at the Ravenclaw table, causing a few girls to shriek.

"What the hell is wrong with you?" Arthur's voice rose suddenly, grabbing the attention of anyone in the Great Hall that wasn't already staring at them.

"I think the question is what's wrong with you!" Molly growled.

"What on earth are you talking about?" Arthur asked.

Molly didn't reply, but Lily's goblet sailed through the air, narrowing missing Arabella's head. The four girls and anyone else who had been between them quickly scuttled behind Molly where there wasn't a risk of potentially dangerous flying objects. A few started to leave but most of the students were held back by curiosity.

"How could you Arthur! How could you? I trusted you, and you," Molly picked up a plate of sweet and tossed it at him, this time finally colliding with her target. Arthur swore again, stumbling back.

"If you hadn't been so" He was cut off as Allison's goblet sailed past his left ear.

"It was you that" He ducked, as Arabella's goblet hit the floor behind him.

"HOW COULD YOU?" Molly bellowed. Her eyes were sparkling with tears as a transformation suddenly went through Arthur's face.

"Molly, you have to listen to me!" He started toward her, but it proved to be a mistake.

"NO!" Molly flung yet another goblet and a final plate of sweets at him. Arthur was too shocked to move. Both the goblet and the plate bounced off of him, and he barely even flinched. He stood there in a trance, watching as Molly stormed out of the Great Hall.

The only sound in the Great Hall was Molly's echoing footsteps. For the longest time everyone just stared at Arthur, and it was a full minute before he came to himself.

"What are you staring at?" He snapped.

Then he stomped off, heading in the opposite direction that Molly had gone in. But the door was the other way, so he had to do a complete turn around and exit the Great Hall.

As soon as his footsteps died away the hall started to fill with chatter.

"Whoa!" Sirius exclaimed.

He spoke for all of them.

"Those red head's they have such nasty tempers! They can be really scary when they get mad." James remarked.

Instantly, Lily bristled, her hands going to her hips.

"What are you insinuating?" She asked him, her eyes narrowing dangerously.

"Well you know they can get pretty-Ouch!" Lily had tossed a treacle tart at his head.

"Oops!" Lily's hands went to her mouth, in a dramatic manner.

"Sorry James, it just sort of slipped. Now what were you saying about those of us who have been blessed with red hair?" She asked in a sweet voice.

"I was just going to say that you should never mess with them because they can get, Ok you can put the treacle tart down now, because I'm not finished yet." Lily put it down obediently, but kept her hand hovering threateningly over the plate of sweets.

"And I also was going to say that red heads are very pretty." He grinned.

His eyes locked with hers and Lily smiled. Suddenly they realized what he had just said they both looked away blushing. Gloria grinned triumphantly, looking exactly like Violet. Arabella and Allison giggled, and Sirius and Remus snickered.

"Looks like James has a thing for red heads, particularly someone by the name of Li"

James and Lily threw a few sweets at him, sufficiently shutting Sirius up, hitting Remus as well.

"Hey!" Remus said. He picked up some candy and tossed it at James.

Unfortunately James ducked, and it hit Allison instead.

Allison in turn retaliated, hitting both Remus and Sirius with a handful of Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans.

"This is so immature." Gloria said rolling her eyes.

A Caldron Cake rocketed off her head. Gloria whipped around, to find Sirius snickering, and Remus smothering a laugh. Sirius ducked, and Remus was soon unfortunate enough to find out that Gloria did indeed have a very good arm, and extremely good aim.

Remus and Sirius picked up new artillery, but this time they knew to duck and they hit a group of Ravenclaws instead. They retaliated, but hit the Hufflepuffs by mistake, who thought it was a group of Gryffindors, who in turn thought it was their Slytherin rivals.

"Food Fight!" Sirius shouted, joyfully.

Everyone started scrambling around for the sweets and candies, jumping to their feet and ducking. The air was soon thick with flying multicolored objects. There were shrieks, there was laughter, there were battles, fierce rivalries, and a touch of magic added in here and there. Students were running in every direction, using anything as a shield. It was a scene of chaos and the teachers and Headmaster looked on helplessly, knowing they could do nothing to quell the riot.

In the midst of the battle, Lily Evans grinned and dumped a goblet of pumpkin juice onto James Potter's head. The boy hesitated for a mere second before running after her with a fresh supply of enchanted chocolate frogs. Laughing Lily hid behind Sirius and Allison, covering her head from the chocolate amphibians that were raining down on her.

It was a Halloween that Lily would never forget.

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