The Log cabin in the middle of the forest was a cozy place. It was where the retire HEA agent Wolf W Wolf now resided. The living room was the centerpiece of the house and was

where the happily married grandfather mainly spent his time with his grandchildren. One wintry night, Wolf had his grandchildren over for the night and was about to tell them

their favorite bedtime story when one of them had stumbled across his family photo album, and had asked him to

tell them the stories surrounding the captured moments of time pasted on the pages.

"Tell us a story Grampa!" said the cheerful little Wolf as the elderly Wolf slowly sat down his cane and plopped on his favorite squishy lazy-boy chair while his wife came in with a

tray of chocolate chip cookies. The retired HEA agent took a cookie as his two grandchildren, the boy William and the girl Anna sat down on his lap. His wife took out their thick

family photo album and handed it to her husband. Opening it, the first picture showed Wolf and his Wife dancing behind a giant lit tree at the HEA christmas party, a photo of him

laying in the hospital flipping off the camera with a tired smirk, and a picture of the couple standing in front of the log cabin they still resided in since their wedding. As they sat

together in the living room, his wife sitting next to him in her favorite wooden rocking chair and Anna in his lap. As he flipped through the photos, his wife broke the cozy silence.

"I remember you being in that same hospital the first time you got hurt working for the HEA." Wolf W. Wolfs' wife Anne said tapping the hospital photo with her claw as she shifted

her glasses. Wolf's chocolate brown eyes drifted dreamily from the thick plastic frames of his glasses. He looked at both of his grandchildren as they gasped "you were hurt twice

Grandpa?" Anna said as her bright green eyes widened.

"Yes, I was" he said with a hearty laugh as he kissed her on the top of the head."The first time that I was injured working for the HEA was when I very first met your

grandmother," he said. "Seeing as both your parents need some alone time and you will be staying the night here, I might as well tell you about the Wolf family history starting

with me getting shot the first time." he said abandoning the typical bedtime story he was about to tell them. "You see it all began when me and my partner Red Pucket both had

to go looking for some crook who was trying to raise some sort of malitia..."

The human with the hood over his head and a messenger's satchel pulled out his hndgun on the two strangers who were chasing him down the night time city street, with a click,

the iron sights focused on the chocolate brown-furred wolf in his early thirties.

"Look man, I don't want to have to do this," the brown-haired human said focusing it as they moved closer.

"Look," the twenty-four year old Wolf said taking another slow step, "just put it down, give us the messages, and we will be on our way," he took another step reaching out his


"LAST WARNING!" he shouted.

Then, Red pulled out her own hadgun, (turning 18 and being at both their experience level, they were both now carrying guns).


The sound of the gun deafened Wolf and the impact and pain in his abdomen made him double over and fall onto the pavement, the human fired more shots at Red, who took

cover behind a dumpster, before running away. Wolf, still grasping his stomach, took one of his paws away and looked at it only to see his brown paw smeared in his own blood.

His brown eyes looked at Red who was now kneeling by her bleeding partner as she called for a medic via her iphone. His vision began to fade, as the street turned fuzzy, and

every noise had an echoe, he just grew tired, very tired. And just as everything was turning black, he saw the medic run up to him and place the oxygen mask over his muzzle as

Red's frantic "Wolf! Stay awake!" slowly died away and he then thonked his head down and passed out.