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Call of the Forest Preface


The doctor solemnly walked towards us, and we feared the worst-that Bella had died.

As Dr. Cullen opened his mouth, we braced ourselves for the news we were about to hear.

"We need to perform a blood transfusion." Dr. Cullen looked at all three of us expectantly.

"But none of us are her blood type…" Seth started.

"It doesn't mater-she needs the blood, and she needs it now."

"I'll do it." I said as I stood up. Bella's been my friend since before elementary school; we were raised almost as brother and sister.

"If Jake's doing it, then I will too." Embry stated as he stood up.

"Good, now if you both could please follow me…" Dr. Cullen said as we started to follow him.

"Wait for me!" Seth called as he came after us "I don't want to be the one who keeps Bella's life from her."

All three of us stayed at the hospital with Bella overnight, giving her our blood. Charlie was in Olympia at some mandatory clinic, so he couldn't be there for a few days. We stayed up in shifts, giving Bella our blood until Dr. Cullen told us that she was stable.


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