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Call of the Forest Epilogue B For Now, Always, and Forever


~*Two Hundred Seventy-Four Years Later*~

"Isn't it beautiful?" I breathed.

"Yeah" she paused "How long has it been since we were here last?"

"I don't know… It feels like just yesterday, yet I know it's been much longer than that."

"A-are you two wolves?" a voice that sounded exactly like Nix asked, yet it couldn't be him- we had watched his funeral from the shadows over a hundred years ago.

"Are you related to Phoenix Lowell?" I asked, not shifting my gaze from the orange sky, the sun casting a beautiful glowing gradient of oranges, purples and reds across the darkening sky.

"Y-yes… I-I'm Cole Lowell."

"Why do you think we're wolves?"

"Y-you two sm-smell like m-my pack mates, only different…"

"Packmates!?" I exclaimed, snapping around, the boy falling to the ground.

I took the lanky boy in- he had Embry's build, and Nix's voice and eyes. Their family trees must've crossed somewhere. He lacked a shirt and shoes, yet seemed absolutely comfortable in his own skin. Fear-scent was rolling off him in waves.

"Y-yeah, m-my p-packmates and I… I-We had t-to k-kill a few v-vampires a m-month ago…"

"Nomads?" Bella asked.

"Y-yeah." Cole nodded vigorously.

"Have you ever heard of Jacob Black?" I asked. Again Cole nodded vigorously.

"Yeah, who doesn't!? There are tons of legends about him and his pack, they were the largest in Quileute history!" Cole's face lit up "He had a russet wolf, and he imprinted on Bella Swan, and they united the Cullens and the pack to defeat the Volturi! But, after that, not much is known about where they went- the only things left from them were a few letters from Jacob and Bella to a few packmates, so everyone just assumed that they left…"

"Kid, Cole was it?" Cole nodded "Do you want to know what really happened to them?" He scrambled to his knees and leaned in close "Jacob and Bella got visited by the Cullens, and Alice told them that she had a vision of them with the family in Peru the next year. And they left with the Cullens, but not before Carlisle delivered your great many times over grandfather, Beck."

Cole's eyes grew to the size of dinner plates as he took me and my companion in.

"Y-you're J-Jacob a-a-and B-B-Bella B-B-Bl-Black!" He exclaimed, starting to shake.

I recognized the sight all too well. "Get outta your shorts before you phase kid."

Granted it was too late- Cole burst into a mahogany wolf with gray and black streaks and black socks- what it would have looked like if Nix and Embry were fused together.

Cole threw his head back and howled a long, excited howl before happily dancing around in a small circle on the beach.

Three wolves came running out of the woods, all of them about the same size Liza and Drew had been when they first phased- about four and a half feet at the shoulder. The tallest one had a russet coat. Not as brown as mine, but more red like Taylor's. The next tallest had Seth's sandy coat, while the last had Jared's brown coat.

They all looked up at Bells and I with pleading eyes. I didn't need to be able to read minds to know what they were thinking- they wanted to see our wolfs.

Bella and I stripped with speed perfected over our last hundred years or so of phasing, before we burst into our eight-and-a-half-foot-tall wolves- one russet and the other gold.

The kids looked up at us in awe, their heads bowing down before us.

"You don't need to do that- I'm the alpha of old." I motioned to the tallest one with my muzzle "He's your alpha."

We all phased back and replaced our clothes, all modesty having been thrown out the window.

After a little prying, I had their basic genealogy down- Cole was descended from Nix and Embry, Isaac, who is their alpha, is in fact descended from both Taylor and Embry. The brown wolf is named Lance, and is descended from Leah, Danny and Jared, and the sandy wolf- Rory is descended from Seth, Liza and Drew.

I stood before the elders, explaining the long gap in our whereabouts, and requesting that it not be recorded, so no other wolves would try to live for as long as Bells and I have, as the only reason we hadn't gone insane over the years was because we had each other.

We left the wooden building, leaving behind the promise of returning to aid every future wolfpack.

Bella and I stood on the beach, watching as the sun set again, the sky turning to a dark blue canvas sprinkled with tiny stars.

I smiled as Cole and Rory stumbled out of the undergrowth, followed by Isaac and Lance.

"G-Great A-Alpha…" Cole started.

"Don't even start with it Cole- The last pack tried it with me a hundred years ago."

A hundred years.

It sounds like so long ago, yet it seemed like only yesterday that we had met the ancestors of our pack.

And of course, a few of them were still alive and on the council- Nix, Seth and Embry.

They all died within the year.

"J-J-Jacob, w-would y-you pl-please stay w-with us for a-a l-li-little bit?"

"We're staying here for seven years with the Cullens, don't worry kid." I said, ruffling Cole's hair "But you probably should expect some more wolves to join the pack."


"There were eight of us when the Cullens were here, and since there are two more members than before, I would suspect at least one more wolf as well."

"D-do you h-have a-any ad-advice?" Cole stuttered, reverence in his voice.

"Connect with your wolves, that way you'll most likely be able to choose your imprint."

Bella and I turned back to the horizon, the sea and sky spreading out before us.

Four teenagers sat in the sand behind us, their eyes trying to find what we were looking at.

But that's impossible, for we weren't looking at anything.

We were remembering.

Our packmates,

Our friends,

And the good times we shared with each other.

Nothing is as precious as your time with your friends;

Your friends support you at your worst and love you at your best,

They laugh and cry with you through all times good and bad,

Nothing can replace them-

Nothing can ever replicate them-

Nothing can ever fit exactly the same way in your heart as they could,

Friends are for:






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