Author's Note

Okay kids here's my first SOA fanfiction most of this will be written from Abel's POV I don't know yet if it'll include anyone else's maybe Jax or Tara's.
I know technically this is 15 years after Season 4 but I'm going to pretend most of the club members haven't aged that much because I want them to stay young for this fiction. I'm also going to add a few new members like Opie's son and just some of my own characters.

"Abel up now!" My dad called banging on my door, I groaned and rolled over dragging myself off the bed I looked up at a photo of my Dad, Grandpa Clay and my Uncles Tig, Bobby, Opie, Juice, Happy and Chibs when I was 6 sitting out front of the SAMCRO clubhouse I'm wearing a SAMCRO prospect cut that I guess Grandma Gemma put on me to be cute it hangs down to the ground my younger brother Thomas is in my dad's arms, I stared hard because today I would wear that prospect cut again, SAMCRO is voting me, Abel Teller in as a prospect today during church so my dad wants me at the clubhouse to hear the verdict. I pulled on some black jeans and my favourite pair of black authentic vans I pulled on a reaper crew T-shirt and combed my unruly blonde hair out of my face like my Dad; Jax I had his blonde hair and blue eyes I pulled open my bedroom door and walked down the hallway into the kitchen Mum was brushing my 5-year-old sister Rebekah's hair, Rebekah like me had our dads blonde hair while my 15-year-old brother Thomas had deep brown hair like his mum. Tara was the only mother I'd ever known, I knew she wasn't biologically my mother but since the day I was born she'd always been there.

"Mornin Ma" I leaned over and kissed her on the cheek

"Mornin Baby," She said rubbing my shoulder as I sat next to Becky at the bench

"Hey Becky" I said kissing her cheek as well she wrinkled her nose at me and went back to her breakfast

"Morning moron" I mumbled to Thomas who punched me in the arm I poured myself a bowl of cereal and poured the milk into it

"You nervous Big bro?" Thomas asked me I shrugged and focused on eating my breakfast I was nervous but I wasn't ready to admit that to Thomas SAMCRO didn't admit fear

"Don't be no Son of mine will be refused to SAMCRO this whole vote thing is just a formality, I know the whole crew already considers you family" My dad said walking into the kitchen fresh out of the shower he poured himself a mug of coffee he had yet to put a shirt on and Rebekah used that as a chance to read his SOA tattoo

"Sons of Ana-ana" she said trying to sound out the words Dad turned around from his coffee and placed a kiss on her nose

"Sons of Anarchy" He said and she laughed when she tossed her in the air I smiled, Dad placed Beckah back on her chair and turned back to me

"You ready to go kid?" He asked pulling a SAMCRO t-shirt over his head I nodded and placed my empty cereal bowl on the sink and leaned over to kiss my mum

"Goodluck Baby" She said and waved good bye to my brother and sister.

I followed Dad over to the clubhouse on my own bike which had been a gift from my parents when I turned 16 last year it was an old Harley Fat boy that the crew at Teller-Morrow had restored it had a Reaper painted onto the tank even though I wasn't official SAMCRO I pulled into the lot and parked my bike beside my Dad's I noticed some other hopeful prospects waiting outside the club house I squared my shoulders at the competition SAMCRO only took on 3 prospects at a time there were at least 5 guys waiting outside I made 6 I stopped in my tracks as I followed my dad towards the door he notice and turned back around

"You okay Abel?" Dad asked I looked down at the ground and shoved my hands in my pockets

"You really think I'm right for this?" I asked letting my insecurities eat away at me

"Hey! There's no doubt okay? You're a Teller your Grandpa JT he was original 9 the founder of the Son's of anarchy The President of the Redwood Original, And your my son Abel I grew up in this club and I made sure I raised you and Thomas in it for a reason, I was VP only a few years older than you and now I'm president, It's in your blood; Your birth right you will be SAMCRO and you will be President one day" My dad said then pulled me in for a hug

"I'm proud of you Abel," he said into my ear I nodded

"Thank's Dad I needed that" I said and squared my shoulders and lifted my head high I followed my dad the rest of the way to the door,

"You guys here for the prospects openings?" My dad asked they all nodded or mumbled yes "Then what the fuck are you standing around outside for?" My dad answered aggressively I grinned let the hazing begin, They all mumbled apologies I pushed ahead of them into the club house a lot of the club members were already in at the table the rest lingered around the bar

"Abel! How you going kid?" My Uncle Juice said grinning at me and pulled me into a hug

"Juicy boi!" I said "I'm good, I'm prospecting today" I replied

"Yeah I know! It's good to see you kid!" Juice said before sauntering off into Church I received a few more hugs and a few 'Good luck's' from other members finally my grandpa Clay stood before me

"Goodluck kid, not that you need it" He winked at me and pulled me in for a hug before sending a glare in the other prospects direction before walking into church and closing the door, I leaned against the pool table and the other prospects watched me curiously from where they stood at the bar I nodded in their direction two on the end gave me dirty looks obviously jealous with my in with the club and one muttered something to the other who snickered

"You prospecting?" A kid on the end asked who was the same height as me but skinner ( I'd been working out with my dad since I was 13)he had short black hair I nodded

"yeah, I'm Abel" I stuck my hand out to him and he shook it

"Matt Stevens, you got a last name Abel?" I grinned

"Yeah Teller, Abel Teller" I said I seen all the guys immediately stand up straighter and the two who had been throwing me dirty looks change expressions

"The Pres he's your dad?" another kid asked I nodded

"Fuck, may as well give up now" The kid said with a sour look on his face and walked out of the club house I shrugged oh well his loss, that left two guys Matt and another kid who was short and thin not really SAMCRO material, the two other guys one had a Mohawk that could give juice a run for his money and the other's head was shaved he had a tattoo of a bulldog on his neck, the one with the mohawk stepped forward

"I'm Jake this is Trent" He said and reached out his hand I shook it as I did Jake tried to crush my hand I flecked my arm and squeezed his hand back tighter he winced and let go then I shook Trents hand who just nodded and didn't try to break me,

Jake looked like he was going to say something else to me but before he got the chance the chapel door burst open and Tigs stood at the entrance

"Get in here Shitheads!" He said I followed Tigs back into the chapel to receive the verdict.
This was it.

Authors Note
There we go Guys first chapter down! Hope you liked it!
Let we know what you thought that'll encourage me to write more chapters!
Cheers Jamiexx