I hate Highschool

There is a large black box in a large room filled with people. The black box was surrounded by a lot of flowers, most of them red and black roses, which were specially made for the occasion. I knew a lot of the people here. My parents were in the front row with my younger brother, and my favorite uncle was in the back drinking like he normally did. My friends where here too, talking to each other because I think this was their first time seeing each other. My new girlfriend was in the second row with her parents and her older brother. The rest of the people there were either family friends or my dad's side of the family. Everyone was wearing black and were either crying or had a sad face one. My parents were crying and my younger brother wasn't, he had his defiant face on. One of the best and worst things about him is that he never believes thing like they are. My girlfriend wasn't crying, she had already cried her eyes out the day before and I don't think she could cry anymore.

If you hadn't guessed already, we're at a funeral. I also believe that you guessed who is in the coffin, but if you didn't I'll tell you.

It's Old Man Jenkins from across the street.

Nope just kidding, it's me.

Yeah I died. Sucks don't it. Now if you're not a sadist then you're probably asking 'why or/and how I died?'

Well let me answer that whit another question, do you know what a Darkstalker is?

Now if you're not an idiot or someone who has been living under a rock for about 25 years you would now this, but if you are I'm forced to tell you. Darlkstalkers are people who have special powers, these abilities vary from having an animalistic form to being able to control things with your mind.

I am a Darkstalker. It's usually passed down from parent to child because of it being a dominant gene. My mother is a Darkstalker; her ability is that she has an animal form of an eagle. My brother inherited that but didn't, instead I got control over darkness. This means that I can turn shadows into a solid form and able to travel through it to different places across the world. OK let me drive us back to the topic. Well I'm dead. If you want to know how I died, I'll tell you but I'm goanna have to start from the beginning.

My name is Antinanco Riverwood. My first name is of Native American origin since my mother was Native American and it means 'eagle of the sun'. I'm 17 years old and as I mention before I'm a Drakstalker. I have dark blue hair and I'm 5'7. I'm pretty strong and I'm in the twelfth grade, yeah I skipped a grade. This was the third school I had to change this year, I told you about the last school that kicked me out and the school before kicked me out because of to many pyrotechnic accidents. If you haven't guessed by now, I one of those trouble makers.

Well the story started about four months ago, the second week of October. I was transferring school again because I got into at least five fights to many at my last school. My dad was disappointed in me but I got good grades so he only took away my PlayStation which was ok with me because they're games suck. The new school was a lot bigger and looked like it was going to be that stereotypical school. I walked in and made my way to the office to get my locker number, schedule and locker combination.

"Hello, I'm new to the school and I need my locker combo, locker number and my schedule"

"Name please?" the lady at the desk said in a brisk voice.

"Antinanco Riverwood" I said. She typed the name in and printed out a piece of paper and gave it to me. She then picked up the phone and called someone. I heard her say as I was looking at the paper, "Please send Mr. Frederickson to the office" she put the phone back down and then said to me "Wait here". I did what I was told do and sat on the spare chair. It took about five minutes for the kid to get here. He had spiky hair and was wearing a cool button up shirt that was black and white stripped, and had a pair of almost black jeans. He looked pretty cool, I got and offered him my hand saying "Hey, nice to meet ya, my names is Antinanco Riverwood"

"Nice to meet you to, my name is Denis Fredrickson, I'm your guide for today"

"Cool" I said handing him the piece of paper. He looked at I and said "Well right now you got gym with me, so let me show you to you locker and we'll get going"

"Fine by me, do you know what we're going to do in gym?"

"Don't know but knowing Ms. Johanos, it's probably going something painful"

After we went to my locker he led me to the gym, as we went we talked about how the school's, girls, sports programs, and teacher were like. From the conversation I got the teacher were good but crazy and the guys varied from where they hang out and the chicks are basically all dumb and looking for the hunky guy. I figured that I could just lay low and not get into any fights again because its seems like I'm a fight magnet. We kept talking as we entered the gym, I heard the whistling of air. I grabbed Denis and pulled him down. "Woah" he said when he grabbed him down. A doge ball landed on the wall behind us where Denis head would have been if I didn't pull his head down.

"Your late Frederickson"

"Sorry Coach I was called to the office to show the new kid around" he gestured to me. I walked out of the door way and said "Hi, my name is Antinanco Riverwood"

"Antinanaca, what the hell kind of name is that?"

"Its Native American"

"Well whatever it is got your lazy buts over here, we are playing dodge ball. Get on the court you guys are on Jeremy's team." We reluctantly dropped our bags and went on the side where Jeremy greeted by saying " Hey nice to meet you, prepare for a lot of pain"

"What why?" I asked, he pointed to the opposite side of the court where I believe half of both the football team and wrestling team were.

"PLAY BALL" screamed the Coach she dropped, but she dropped them closer to the side where the shaven apes were. Everyone on my side scattered, and Denis and I were left in the center of our side of the court. The enemy picked up every ball in the court and began pelting everyone they could see, going for the smaller ones first and then heading to the bigger ones. They laughed as they hit each one, marveling in the idea that they hit targets that were barley attempting to dodge their missiles. After about 10 minutes, there was only three of us, Denis, a kid called Marty and me. They had exhausted their ammunition to only one which on threw at Marty who almost dodge it, but he was grazed which the Coach saw and said "OUT". He walked of the court saying "good luck". Denis looked at me as I was picking up one of the balls and said "Dude, I know I've only known you for about 5 minutes but I can tell you people who try usually die"

"Don't worry" I said "I usually get lucky" I turned and chucked it as hard as I could at the guy who was laughing at me. BOOM. A direct hit to the head. The coach laughed out loud saying "Out" the other people on that side looked like someone that slapped each and every one of them. They looked angry and I picked up another ball and passed one to Denis.

"Come on, let's see if me luck can keep us up" I said and chucked my ball into one of the guys on the other side. I knew it wasn't luck but I didn't have to tell him. That's one of the upside to being a darkstalker, you had increased hand-eye coordination and agility. We took out around 8 of the guys before Denis was hit out. It was me versus 4 other guys, they had all but 3 balls which I was juggling, around, taunting them. They were the kind of guys that didn't have much patients and were provoked easily. It toke them around 30 seconds to come up with a 'plan', which I use loosely because it basically involved through all the balls at me and in every direction that I could move too. It would have worked if I hadn't used one the balls in my hand to deflect most of them. I decided to get a bit fancy taking them out I threw two balls consecutively at one of them, he caught the first but the second hit the ball hard enough to move it out of his hands and into his face. I did the same thing again except I threw the second ball a bit to the left, with a spin and faster than the first. The kid when to the right just as the second ball collided into the first making it fly towards the one who just dodge it. The other two pick up the four balls and, be ready for this, chucked them at me. I dodge them without breaking a sweat, I caught one and manage to hit the kid who threw it at me. Then there was one.

"Lets make this a show down" I said as I rolled a ball to "You know like in the old western movies were we turn our backs to each other and we try to it each other before the other one does"

"Sure" he said. I knew he wasn't goanna do it but it was worth a shot. We both turn and walked a couple of feet forward. I yelled "Denis, count off please" he smile and began the count down.

"One" I knew he wasn't goanna go through with it but I might as well right.

"Two" I heard him turning, and I heard the ball whistling through the air.

"Three" Denis finished as I sidestepped the incoming ball and through mine. I wasn't really aiming for that spot but it hit his crouch with a resounding *THWONK*. He fell down and the coach laughed and said "Hoowe , that was the most anticipating game of dodge ball ever". The bell range.

"Get out" she screamed and I grabbed my bag and went out of the gym with Denis who was praising me about how that was amazing. I told him it was nothing but that didn't stop him from spreading the story to far and wide. The rest of the day I had only three periods; Science, Animal studies (yeah I know, it's actually class, which is more fun than taking a language) and one free period. The last class was actually really cool, the teacher was a hippie stereotype and the class was in a shed that was outside. It had horses, dogs, cats, cows, goats and even birds. There wasn't that many people who toke that class but a lot of them were girls. The only guys were me and another dude named Leo, he was a nice guy and we had a great time. I left the school and headed for home with one thought in my mind. This might just turn out to be a good school. Man I was wrong, because that was strike number, having a good school. The rest were goanna come on the way, every stepped getting closer to my death.