Chapter 3

"Do you think they're real?" I asked my friend. We had been herded to the wall with our hands on our heads in the normal hostage fashion.

"Why are you asking this now?" he whispered back to me in a scared tone.

"Well it's just they don't look real. I mean if they were real they would be in more trouble as it's probably illegal possession of fire arms which adds to their sentence when they are caught?"

"Why are you worrying about this now?! You should be worrying about us and no-" Denis was saying before he was cut off by one of our assailants screw if next to us, "Hey! I said no talking!" Denis nodded furiously and stopped talking and put his face back against the walk. I followed suit, not as eagerly but not indigently either; just because I am a DarkStalker doesn't mean I am invincible. I waited a bit before I had an idea, which I realize now was probably worse or stupider then my later plans. The first thing I did was take out my phone which was an old droid that probably had the most reflective screen in existence as I was able to see most of what our captures were doing. There were three of them, all wearing random attire as if they had robbed a clothes donation box before this. One was basically hovering around us like some very indicisive guard dog, the second was keeping an eye on the door way, making sure that no one were going in of out. Th last guy was stuffing money in a sac. I decised to aim for the one who was chugging money. As he moved to another register to stuff his sac, I used some of the shadows underneath the counter to trip him. As expected, he was moving too fast to catche himself and so fell face first on the floor and lost his hold on nth of his belongings. The sac spilled it's contents while the hand small Uzi banged on the floor and slide across it. It arrived just close enough to one of the shelves for me to condense the shadows around it so that it would fall into the ground, teleported somewhere else. I didn't know where but I do know that I moved it somewhere. I gasped at the effort; depending on the actual shadow's darkness, it became harder to maniplulate. The guy didn't seem to realize his gun disappeared as the first thing he did was collect his undeserved earrings and shove then right back into the sac. He then got up and went on to the next register with out even looking for his gun.

"God dammit! Hurry up Marv." said the guy at the door.

"Don't rush me dammit!" Marv responded as he broke open another register and started shoving money into the sac. I decided to grab the second guys attention, turning around to face him, I asked in a voicecompletely void of fear, "Could I go to the bathroom?" The guy was holding a small hand pistol that look like either a Desert Eagle or a FIVE SEVEN. He looked baffled under his ski mask but then regain his composure and yelled at me. "I thought I said to not to talk!"

"And I thought that I could go to the bathroom with out the gun in my face." I replied, really stretching my sense of courage out. Smart talking to a guy with a gun is something that I wouldn't do on a daily basis.

"Fine then go to the bathroom!" he yelled at me. I started walking to the area where I thought the bathroom might be but was stopped by the guy at the door yelling, "What the hell are you doing you idiot?! He could get out from the window!"

"Ain't having a kid shit his pants. I don't want to have smell that shit. Just let him go to the bathroom."

"Fine but go with him. I'll watch the hostages." he said, and moved to the look at the hostages. The other gunmen pointed his gun at the back of my head and gave me the gruff command of "Move.". I did what I was told and went to where we assumed the bathroom was.

Once there he shoved me towards one of the urinals and began to wait. This was going to the hard part since I really didn't think this through. My basic plan was to get them to loose their guns so that they would have nothing to threaten us with and the police could come in and solve a lot of problems. I had gotten one gun far enough from the rest of the hostages but there were still two others, and they didn't look like they would just drop em if I asked nicely.

"Hurry up kid before I start scratching my fingers." he said, trying to be clever. Then it hit me, heart attack. Just as I had finished, zipped up my pants and buttoned them, I used my shadow to make a shadow fist which uppercutted him in chin. As he was in the air I turned and threw a punch right into his stomach, knocking the air out of him. As he fell to the ground, he stumble then fell and was out cold. I let out a large sigh of relief. The tension of the predicament was killing me. I looked at the gun he was carrying and I was correct in suspecting it was a FIVE SEVEN.

"Thanks every stupid game of CoD ever made" I whispered to myself. I picked it up and threw it under the sink to where I shadow transported it to the bottom of a nearby lake. I check to see if the guy would wake up anytime soon. Once I was sure of him not waking up soon, I ran out of the bathroom and yelled in the gunmen's general direction, "Hey, hey, some one get help! I think he is having a heart attack."

"What?! God dammit! Marv, watch the hostages, I am going to go check on Donny!" the guy at the door said as he ran towards the me. I saw Marv nod and turn to look threateningly at the hostages. As the third guy came closer he pointed a sawed off shotgun at me and indicated to led the way. I led him to the bathroom and opened the door to show him my handy work. He bent down and put the gun next to him, close enough in his peripheral vision to notice any movement from it.

I could not believe my luck. I didn't really think a plan like this would actually work. To tell the truth, I thought that they would abandon their friend and make off with more money. I did hope for the guy with the gun to come over but I thought that they would be a bit smarter than that but then again, they were robbing a Stop and Shop.

He investigated his friends limp body and started performing CPR on him. I wondered what he was thinking; CPR isn't they way to stop a hear attack, then again I aint an expert so maybe he was doing something right. I waited a bit for him to get into rhythm so that small movement wouldn't disrupt him. I took a deep breath then made the shotgun slowly fall into its own shadow. This time I was sending the shotgun to a shadow that was somewhere under a car of a police outside. Eventually all of the shotgun was gone and the gunmen was still trying CPR, not noticing that his only means of controlling the situation was gone.

I smile back out side and began walking a a normal paces down one of the isle of the supermarket. I picked up a glass bottle of olive oil and hid it behind my back for use later. As I walked up to the group of hostages Marv turned to me and pretended like he had his gun by doing the 'hidden in jacket' trick.

"Where are you going!?" he yelled at me. I continued to casually stroll towards. He got angry and attempted to threaten me by puffing up his chest and walking over to me, "I said where do you think yo-" he couldn't finish the sentence as I brandished the glass bottle like a small hammer and brought it down on his head. There was a crash and then a light sprinkle of glass hitting the floor. This wasn't the first time I had broken bottles over head but it was the first time the bottle was filled with anything. It was interesting as when the glass broke, the oil inside acted like a water ballon exploding everywhere.

Marv was standing for a couple more seconds before he fell back and passed out cold. I wiped my hands and went wet to the door. I could see a small line of officers, all armed with pistols waiting for what looked like a signal to come in. I started waving my hands frantically, grabbing there attention. Luckily one of them saw me and assumed that either the guys left or that is was OK to come in.

As the police officers came in and arrested the trio of gunmen, I fell back against a wall. I let another sigh if relief, this one larger than the last. After a minute or so there were ambulance worker and policemen everywhere. It took Denis and I maybe half an hour for us to get the clear to go. He was ok, nothing serious just some bruising that he did to himself and shock from the incident. Once we had gotten our things we walked in silence for a long time before we hit the cross road that would led us to different paths. Denis continued walking as if I wasn't there and I called out to him when he was a bit father off, "See ya Monday." he nodded still not looking at me and moving forward as if in some strange trance.

Upon entering my house my dog, Titus, jumped up to great me. He was a large, black English Mastiff. He was the most lovable animal I have meet. He would almost never get angry, and he would comfort you when your down. He wasn't to pushy either, he would know when you need him and knew when you didn't.

"How you doing Titus?" I asked him dropping my bag down in the door way. He waged his tail and bounded up, standing on his hind legs, leaned up on me and started giving nice slippery licks all over my face. I laughed as he surprised me, be was a big dog, if he stood he was as tall as me and it was always surprising when he jumped up on me.

"Down boy down! Come on, come on, stop it. Let me go boy I got to get some work done today." I complained and he let me go. I gave him a scratch on his head and he woof'd in appreciation. The rest of that day we didn't hear a word of the Stop & Shop raid so I figured that they wouldn't mention it at all. This left me with a reasonable cheer as my little brother begged me to play Halo Reach with him.

Next morning however was when the problems came back to bite me. Next morning I woke up late as I had a small comic binge as I reread every issues of Fables that I had so far. As I entered the kitchen the news was playing and they were showing the Stop&Shop break in.

"Due to not being able to obtain footage of what happened and it's brevity, we didn't report on it yesterday but now that it has passed there is now amble amount things we can tell you and show you. Yesterday, at around 3:25, three armed middle age men had decided to take a Stop&Shop hostage and rob it of all of it's money. However the plan goes array as apparently, they loose their firearms. Reporter Jonathan Terrence is on scene now."

"Thank you Donna. I am here in front of the supermarket in question. To the knowledge that I had gathered, the three assailants entered through the front entrance and proceeded to hold everyone hostage. From some of the employees here I deduce that things where going swimmingly for them until one of the hostages had ask to go the bathroom. We have footage here that we wish to show you on the downfall of the attempted robbery." then footage started playing, "Sadly we don't have all because at one point one of the robbers realized the they were being filmed and made of of the employees shut off the cameras. However we do see where it begins to crumble."

I couldn't believe my luck. They hadn't caught me on film. I was riding the this lucky streak hard as I had not only destroyed a robbery attempt but now they didn't even see me. I gave a small laughed of joy, and my dad who was at the table gave me a look which I couldn't discern. The footage continued as they showed all of the hostages getting herded into a corner of the screen. After a bit waiting, Marv was shown falling over.

"If you see here, this is where I believe where the robbery start to fall apart cause is you look closely here as the guy with the money falls he drops his gun and never goes back to pick it up." Jonathan was saying as the video continued. After a bit more was when I asked to go to the bathroom. When my mother saw that it was me, she gave a small gasp and my dad nodded as if he finally understood something. My brother looked at me and gave a smile of admiration and started shooting question, "Is that you? Did you use your shadows to stop them? What guns did they have? Were they real?" my mother come over and gave me a hug, "Oh thank you earth mother for delivering my child back to me unharmed!" she said. It was like this for a good five minutes or so, then my dad asked, "Hey Antinanco, I just remembered, could you help me out with the car? I think there is something wrong with it but I can't figure it out. I want to take a look at it before I go to the shop, you mind"

He was going to confront me about something. My father never used my full name unless I was in trouble. He would usually call me Anti, or sometime Ant just to make fun of me a bit.

I got up and grabbed a piece of goats from my brothers plate and speed walked out of the room before he called out to me. I followed my dad into the garage and I pulled out some tools of the wall. I was the family's fixer guy. Though I wasn't good in school, I was really good and seeing how things work and making them work again. The first time I fixed my dads car was when I was 12. It had apparently worked better then before and seeing as it cost less, my dad bought me a tool box and some tools and said that he would be fixing the house. It would save my dad some cash and teach me how to fix things. I liked fixing things to because however nonsensical and crazy the world got around me, fixing something would always help me relax and put my mind back on the right track.

"So what's up?" I asked my dad.

"Nothing really. I would just like to know what happened at Stop&Shop" he said.

"Nothing aside from the robbery thing. We were herded into the corner and then the cops came." I lied. I didn't know why but I knew that he would either freak, give men's sever punishment or both.

"Really? Nothing out of the ordinary? Nothing Stalkish?" he asked. I gave a wry smile as I understood where he was going. 'Stalkish' was a word my dad used when he was referring to my powers. He either knew or was trying to figure out what had actually happened. I decided to stick to my guns, and continue to question his knowledge, "What? Why would that happen? Just because I am a DarkStalker doesn't me-"

"Your invincible. Yes I quite remember you saying that they second school that kicked you out. When was that? 3rd grade?"

"Alright then. Where is the proof of your conviction?" I asked. He gave me a smile, walked over to a larger tool box, opened it and pulled a familiar tool out. The Uzi that was the first weapon i threw out was being held in his hand. I put my head in my hands and gave a loud groan of shame.

"So was this on purpose? Did you really think you could get away with this?" he said, never raising his voice. He would do that, he doesn't raise his voice when confronting someone. This was one of the things that made him a great lawyer.

"No, dad.'I swear, this wasn't my goal at all. I just had to throw it away, and I didn't think about sending the first one here. Please you got to believe me." I started pleading. He held up his hand, and waited for me to stop talking which didn't take long. Once I was done, he started dismantling the Uzi in front of me without looking saying, "Look, I already know you didn't do on purpose. For one you sent it go me in my car as I was driving home. Besides there was no way you could have hid this from your mother. You are terribly lucky I had the good sense to hid this for you." he had finished dismantling the Uzi and had place all the pieces on the small moving table I had for my tools.

"So what does this mean for me eh?" I asked, using some shadows to bring a chair under me as I fell. He smiled at me, "I raised you to become someone with good ideals, I believe that you have shown them and I commend you for it."

"So does that mean I aint going to be punished?"

"Oh hell no, your still getting punished." he said smiling. I gave a depressed sigh. He turned to me and gave me a pat on the shoulder, "Don't feel bad, I ain't punishing you for what you did. I am punishing for getting yourself in the situation to begin with. No working and your little project for two weeks."

"What?! Come on dad, I am pretty sure I am almost done. Please!"

"No buts. Now get your work done." he said closing the door behind him. I turned to the project in the corner of the garage and sighed. Just because I'm a DarkStalker doesn't mean I can escape the prison known as 'parental power'.

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