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Blue Bird

Chater I

Karin loves Sasuke, he is her blue bird because he changed her life for better. Well... at first it did, then things turned to be really bad for Karin since he almost killed her in his attemp to defeat Danzo.

There used to be better times for her but for now there´s only one thing left; pain. You cannot see it; on the surface she´s a tough girl trying to manipulate someone else feelings in her favor or getting a good deal in exchance for information. However; underneath she´s sufferering. When no one sees her, she cries. At night, she looks at the dark sky and cannot help but to remember his eyes and his chacra, then she wonders if it is darker than the night itself.

Karin does not know anything about Sasuke since the day he betrayed her. She has said that she wouldn´t worry about him anymore, but at the botton of her heart she still does. Sometimes in days like this one she wonders where he would be and if he is all right.

At the moment she is watering flowers in the little yard of her appartment. She cuts some roses, they are not as beautiful as the ones in the Yamahaka's flowershop, but they have an exquisite smell. Karin likes that; she does not see the surface but the underneath because that is the real thing. Karin tries to cut more roses but she hurts her finger. She puts her finger in her mouth. Immediately she remembers him without any intention. She frowns because she should not be thinking of him, but then she smells her blood and that dizy feeling comes again. She feels her head spinning and want to throw up. She has been feeling this way recently, she starts to worry. She frowns again but for another reason.

Running, Karin goes to the bathroom to vomit her breakfast, not like she had plenty of food to waste but she cannot help it. Her stomach does not seem to understand that she hardly lives with her salary and has no money to buy extra food, not like there´s much supplies in Konoha either!

Anyway, after she finishes to vomit her worries about money are replaced by one even worse. She has been careless recently, she has had more important things in mind that she did not notice that a certain thing has not happened in a while. After all she is woman, and all women, like her age, bleed one each month. Karin's eyes widens at the time she realizes she has not done that; since when? She tries to remember, a sudden realization comes in her head, then she feels a watermelon in chest. She cannot breath propperly because just thinking that she might be bearing a child frightens her to the bone.

Karins runs deseperately to the hospital´s drugstore to put and end to her doubts, suddenly she realizes no one can know about her situation. If someone finds out she´s pregnant, if she in fact is, she might be in danger since the father of her unborn child is not wanted here nor in any other village. On the other hand, if it is just a misunderstanding, she will be more than eager to thank God for not giving her a baby in the most difficult times from the most hated man in the five great nations.

But Karin is going to realize that the storm is just starting and that her blue bird in fact changed her life commpletly. For better or for worse? Who knows? The time will say so.