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Chapter 1

The hallway was silent as Sam kissed Carly. She had been trying to conceal her feelings for Carly for so long and without thinking she grabbed her best friend and kissed her and Carly didn't move away. She suddenly felt hands grab her and was flung around just in time to see Freddie's fist land straight into her face. He hit her so hard that she lost consciousness. She woke up later in the nurses office. It took her a little to realize what she had done. She kissed her best friend who was dating Freddie. She quickly tried to stand which caused her to get dizzy and stumble. She caught herself and got up more slowly this time. She left the office just as the school day ended and everyone was leaving classes. People looked at her and whispered, they were all talking about her.

She quickly made her way to Carly's locker hoping that she was still there. When she got there Carly was waiting for her. "I'm sorr-" Carly slapped her and started to walk away. However Sam quickly grabbed her hand "Carly listen to me please. I don't know what came over me seriously I just did it without thi-." Carly went to slap her again and Sam moved to catch her hand and decided that she deserved it. "SAM I'M DATING FREDDIE... WHY WHOULD YOU DO THAT?" Sam looked down at her shoes she knew it was wrong. She shouldn't have done that to her friend. "I'm sorry Carly I couldn't help it, it it -" Carly was getting more mad at Sam because all she did was keep saying sorry. "Save it Sam... just leave me alone" Carly once again turned and this time Sam didn't grab her.

As Carly stormed away she kept on replaying the kiss in her head. She was more pissed at herself then Sam. She didn't move or push Sam away when she kissed her. She felt something there when they kissed. Carly shook her head and tried to stop thinking about the kiss. She wasn't gay, she couldn't be gay...Could she? When she got to her apartment she heard Freddie's mom yelling at him for getting suspended for hitting Sam. She opened her door and went straight for her room her head hurt so much all she wanted to do was take a nap. During her nap all she dreamt about was the kiss.

Freddie was steaming he was grounded for all of his suspension. He was pissed Carly wasn't gay so why did she let Sam kiss her? WHY DID SAM KISS HER IN THE FIRST PLACE? Carly was his girlfriend and Sam knew how much Carly meant to him. He was glad he punched her in the face, if a teacher didn't grab him he would have kicked her while she was down. He wanted to beat up Sam for what she did but he knew in a fair fight he would get his assed kicked. As he was thinking his mom came into his room to tell him that there was something she needed to take care of and that he wasn't supposed to leave the apartment. As soon as he heard the front door open and close he jumped out of his bed and went over to Carly's.

He knocked on the door and Carly opened it. She didn't look very excited to see him there and just moved aside to let him in. "Is Spencer here?" Carly shook her head no. "Good. Why didn't you push her away?" Carly didn't know what to say at all. She didn't even know all of the reasons why she didn't move. She didn't say anything as Freddie stood there and continued to get angrier because she wouldn't answer his question. After five minutes of silence and Carly just staring at the floor Freddie hit the boiling point. He walked over to Carly and grabbed her by the hair and pulled it hard. "I ASKED YOU A QUESTION? YOUR MINE YOUR SUPPOSED TO LOVE ME? WHY WOULD YOU LET SAME KISS YOU" Carly was in shock Freddie was usually so calm and weak and right now he was hurting her. She was in so much shock she couldn't answer his question all she did was let out whimpers. Freddie couldn't think straight he pushed her down on the couch and forced her to kiss him.

Freddie started to get an erection from doing this and it started to scare Carly she could see the rage in his eyes. She realized that Freddie was rubbing his hard on, and she started crying. "FREDDIE PLEASE STOP." Freddie snapped out of it. He jumped off of Carly and immediately apologized put his cock away and ran out of the apartment back into his room. He couldn't believe what he almost did to his girlfriend. He didn't know what he was thinking. He was still hard so he quickly ran into the shower.

Carly was in the shower crying. Freddie had hurt her and he got turned on while doing it. She didn't understand what was going on with him. Yeah she let Sam kiss her but that was no reason to hurt her. Carly got out of the shower only when it turned cold. She walked out of the bathroom to see Sam out her window. She let her in even though she was still mad at her. She needed her best friend right now. When Sam came in she saw that Carly had been crying. Sam thought that had something to do with her and she felt even worse about what she did. "I'm truly sorry Carly, I really didn't mean for all this shit to go down. I wasn't thinking." Carly didn't say anything she just hugged Sam and started crying all over again. Sam was really confused about what was going on but she put her hands around her best friend and just let her cry.

Carly cried herself to sleep on Sam's lap. Sam set and wandered why the girl would hug her and cry. Carly never explained why she was crying in the first place. It was worrying her had she made the girl cry? She never meant to hurt Carly she didn't want to be the cause of pain for her. She cared for her and would do anything for. Sam set there watching the girl sleeping. She couldn't move outta the position that she was in because Carly had a death grip on her and she didn't want to make the girl wake up when she just fell asleep. So she just set there watching Carly until she fell asleep.

In the morning she woke up to Carly still knocked out with a death grip on her. She continued to watch the girl for a little while until Carly woke up on her own. Carly looked up at Sam and quickly let go when she realized it was morning "Did you sleep like that Sam?" Sam just nodded and Carly just hugged her. "Thank You" Carly kissed Sam's cheek "I'm confused cupcake, aren't you mad at me?" Carly shook her head yes "Then Wh-" Carly interrupted her "I'm mad yes but your my best friend and I needed you and you let me hug you all night when I was sad." Sam realized at that moment that most likely Carly's sadness probably didn't have anything to do with her. But then what made her sad?"Carly why were you crying?" Carly didn't say anything for a minute because she knew that if she told her friend she would murder Freddie but she couldn't lie to her friend. "Freddie he hurt me an-" Sam got up really quickly and she looked really angry "That momma's boy is going to die." Before Carly could tell Sam no she was already gone.

Sam ran through the apartment, past Spencer, and then kicked in Freddie's apartments door. Not caring if Mrs. Benson was home or not. Freddie ran out of his room yelling "WHAT THE FUCK PUCKETT?" Sam wasted no time in punching Freddie in the face while shouting "YOU LAY A HAND ON HER AGAIN AND I WILL FUCKING KILL YOU!" she then punched him again in the nuts. When Freddie fell to the ground she proceeded to kick him in the stomach until Spencer ran in and grabbed her up. "Fuck you Puckett" was the last thing Freddie said before he past out from the pain. Carly was standing in the doorway and she ran up to Sam and a very confused and freaking out Spencer. "Omg whats going on why did Sam beat up Freddie?" Carly looked at her brother and she told him he freaked out more as Carly called the for an ambulance. She told the cops that they found Freddie that way and hoped that Freddie wouldn't say otherwise.

It took a couple hours for Freddie to wake up and he said he didn't remember what happened to the cops. He knew that Carly told Sam which meant if he told on Sam, Carly would tell on him and he would be in trouble to. After the cops left his mom ran into the room and cried and babied him like usual. He stayed in the hospital for what seemed like forever until he was cleared to go home. Where he was babied even more by his mom. When he could finally go back to school he was happy until Sam and Carly came up to him. "We are done." Freddie got angry again this wouldn't have happened if Sam never kissed Carly. He blamed her, Sam saw the anger in Freddie's and got in front of Carly to enforce her point. Freddie backed away from them towards class, he would get her back she was his.

End of Chapter one