Chapter 4

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It had been seven months after they started selling products relating to iCarly. The phone rang in the Shay residence. "Hello, my name is Terrence Bo and I would like to make a proposition for you and the rest of the iCarly gang. If you can meet with me, we can do it at your place of residence." Carly didn't really waste time asking the other two sitting on the couch with her if it was okay to say yes. She just automatically replied getting excited without knowing what the proposition actually was. She turned to the girls on the couch and told them about Terrence and a proposition that he was going to pitch to them in twenty minutes.

Sure enough twenty minutes later there was a knock at the door and Terrence Bo was there exactly on time. He sat the girls down and they began to speak business. Terrence wanted to give the girls a show, he had already gotten the money and showed them their start up budget. They talked about how the show would be run and how the girls would get people to help them write new skits. "It'll make things easier for you three so you have more people to brainstorm with and there are celebrities that want to shoot some episodes with you." The girls couldn't believe their ears they were going to be on Television. They worked out the Daney would still be in charge of all tech and that the girls would have final say in the things they do and don't do.

"Now the last thing I need is for you all to sign a contract, I will give you this copy to read over and you can sign it in my office in a week. Also since you are minors, your guardians must sign it with you." With that Terrence got up and gave Daney the papers and then he shook each of the girls hands. "It was nice doing business with you all." The girls walked him to the door and as soon as it was closed they started jumping up and down. In the excitement Carly pulled Sam into a kiss. Daney shocked stopped jumping and got silent. The girl she liked just kissed someone else. She held in her emotions though and just stared at the girls until they realized that she was there. Carly started blushing and looking any where but Daney's face. Sam had a shocked and happy expression on her face. Her girlfriend kissed her with someone else around and that never happened before.

"So I guess you two are together than." Daney said looking at the couple. "Yeah we are, but you can't tell any one." Carly said looking at Daney with pleading eyes. "It's really important, my father will kill me." Daney didn't really understand how a father could hate his daughter over something that she couldn't control. When she told her dad she was bisexual he hugged her and told her everything was okay, that liking girls was just another thing that they would have in common. Though she didn't want to cause Carly any problems "Okay I understand. You guys are really close, I should have guessed that there was something more going on." Carly hugged Daney and thanked her for keeping her secret. Though now that she knew she had competition for Carly, she wasn't going to give up just because the girl was taken. She would find a way.

"Well I guess since you guys let me know a secret, I will let you know mine. Then we can be on equal ground right?" Carly and Sam looked at Daney with questioning eyes. "Well you guys know me as Daney, I prefer the name over the one my father gave me which is Daniela King." Carly and Sam's eyes widened and they almost fainted. The heir to the King estate was their techie for iCarly. Though this explained way she always wore a cap and glasses when they shot for iCarly. They just thought she was camera shy and would eventually get over it. "I don't really like people knowing who I am since a lot of my "friends" used me in the past for my daddies fortune. I know you two aren't like that and hopefully I can trust you." Carly and Sam shook their heads. "Okay great, before we sign these papers I will show them to my father so he can have his lawyers look at them and make sure everything is okay to sign... don't want to sign anything that fucks us over in the end." Carly and Sam agreed and Daney took the papers and left the Shay residence.

Freddie liked living by himself, it sucked that he had less time to train cause he had to find a job and still had school but his apartment suited all his needs without the babying of his mother. He could now plan out in the open. He knew Carly's father would never stand for this whole gay thing that was happening with his daughter. He was a military man who was the biggest homophobe that Freddie ever knew. He wanted to get him on board with showing that little dyke Sam that she can't have Carly. That Carly isn't hers to have in the first place.

He sent an email to Carly's father detailing what the girls had been doing and even sent a picture that he took of them while they were on a date. He wanted to meet the man in person and talk to him about separating the girls. Carly's father emailed him back within twenty minutes saying he would be on his way in the next 48 hours. They would meet when his plane landed. In the meantime Freddie would get the final pieces of the plan wanted everything to be ready when Carly's father got here.

Two days went by really quickly. Freddie basically blinked and it was over. He was standing at the airport in the lobby waiting for Mr. Shay to arrive. It took ten minutes but Mr. Shay was now walking toward Freddie. "Now while I drive back to your apartment you will tell me the story of how my daughter has become a dyke. I knew I shouldn't have trusted Spencer to instill any moral values in my daughter." Freddie told Mr. Shay how Sam kissed Carly and confused her, how she had been madly in love with him up until that point. He conveniently left out the part where he almost raped the man's daughter. Though he did tell the man how he got the shit beaten out of him. "Son you let a girl beat you up." Mr. Shay said disapprovingly, "Yes sir I was weak but I am no longer. I have been training, It will never happen again. I want to fight for your daughter back, I care for her more than anybody in the world could. Sam has confused her." Mr. Shay agreed, his little girl would have never even thought about being a lesbian if it wasn't for that dyke.

When they entered Freddie's apartment Freddie got straight to business. "Now for this plan to work we need Sam to run to us, so I need you to randomly show up and take her on an impromptu father/daughter date and make sure she doesn't have her cell on her or anytime to call Sam to say you are around. My master has given me permission to use his studio tonight. I will draw Sam there with a promise of a date with Carly. When I text you come to the studio and make sure to hold your daughter so she stays out of the fight. I know you are a man of honor and you will keep your word, so I ask that if I lose you let them be together." Mr. Shay was reluctant to leave his daughters fate in the hands of a kid. "Let me see what you can do first, see if your master will meet with us so you can fight him." Freddie understood and immediately got on the phone with The Destroyer. With his okay they went to the studio so that Freddie could show his skills off to Mr. Shay.

Freddie was pumped he hadn't gotten the chance to show someone else what he had learned. He went all in on his master. He even managed to catch him off guard a couple of times before his master put him down. His master helped him up and said, "Good job Freddie you have improved a lot since you first started here. I am proud to be your master." Freddie smiled, his master had never complimented him before. He beamed at him and Mr. Shay "Well boy you got yourself a deal, I promise on my honor as a soldier to let this decide their fate together." Mr. Shay held out his hand to Freddie and they shook on their agreement.