New story idea in the mix, only had time to write a prologue-I know I'm notorious for starting stories and then never finishing them, but I promise to actually write this one! That is, of course, if you're interested. Let me know in your reviews por favor :) As always, I own nothing.. except the deer! I claim the deer!

SMC 1/16/12

I was eleven the first time I met death. Half listening to mom laugh about a mix up in patient procedures, I caught the faint reflection of soft eyes in the distance through the windshield. In the instant it took me to register the deer standing along the roadside, its time had come to pass. With one slow graceful leap, the soft eyes in the darkness became nothing more than a fine red mist dampening the glow of a semi's twin taillights. In one passing thought, it was gone.

When I think back to that day, I remember wondering, is this it? Really? A single moment of life, and then, what? oblivion? Mom had always said that life was what you made of it. In fact, it was her basic reasoning behind the hours of studying and extracurriculars she forced me to do even at the age of eleven. Life is what you make of it Spencer.

When asked about my favorite childhood memories, I'd have a hard time throwing the ghastly explosion of an animal in the mix, but, it is a moment that sticks out among all the rest. It was the day I realized that life is, and then, just as quickly, it isn't. It was the day I started fighting for life, rather than letting it fight me. But, above all else, it was the day I started looking for you.