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Mental Breakdown Part 1

The team were gathered in the training hall of the mountain, watching with Red Tornado the Justice League battling the aliens. They could only watch as one by one their mentors were incinerated by the lasers.

"Uncle Jonn!" Megan cried out as Jonn vanished with Superman when they were blasted. Now only Batman was left, he tried to activate the backup jets but they malfunctioned. The alien fired on him before he could escape.

A hushed out whispered "Robin…" was the last thing said from the Dark Knight before he too was engulfed by the crimson glow. Dead silence was all that was left.

"NOOO…!" Cried Robin as he lunged at the screen searching all over in a vain attempt to try and find his father among the cosmos of space.

Kid Flash grabbed Robin and held him close for a moment when his best friend knees give out. 'It's ok Robin, I got you. I got you….' He tried to console.

Superboy was doing the same with M'gan. Hugging her close to his chest as she sobbed into his shirt.

Zatara appeared on the screen and in a stunned tone asked "Red Tornado, did you see-?"

"Yes" cut of Tornado as he turned to the team. "I have to go and help. But know this, should the League fail, earth will rely on you to be its protectors."

Aqualad stood tall with his back strait and said "We shall stand waiting."


'It hurts… it hurts…my heart hurts…daddy…' thought the youngest of the team as he clutched his chest in pain. Wait… he was clutching his chest. But didn't he just die? He could hear the moans and groans of his team mates around slowly lifted himself to a mid- sitting position.

"What happened?" Asked Superboy being the first to recover hugging wolf as the white beast threw himself at his master, practically knocking him off the table.

"You were all under a training simulation." Replied Jonn in an exhausted voice. "But something went wrong. You all knew going in about it but do to the overwhelming mind power between M'gan and I combined, your minds believed that everything that was happening was real. I tried to pull you out as soon as I realized it, but my mind was clouded by too many voices and I could not think strait."

"Yeah... I'm begging to remember now" Wally groaned recovering from the shock.

"We did not realize the destruction it could cause, had we known the outcome we would have never done it" Jonn tried to explain.

Robin was looking to Batman who was placing Jonn on the could hardly believe it. His mentor… his father was still alive, still here. The realization was starting to hit him hard.

Robin's breathing was coming out quick and he was at his clutching his chest again. Batman noticed this and bolted over to him. "Robin!" Batman exclaimed in concern. He was about to place a comforting hand on his shoulder when


That echoed through the mountain. The teens and League members were all stunned. Hell Batman was stunned. Robin had just freaking slapped him.

Batman beheld Robin and the sight cracked his heart. The poor child was shaking like a leaf. Tears were running down his fever flushed cheeks.

Batman cautiously rose a hand to Robin's small face and lightly brushed away the tears with the back of his knuckles. He cupped the boy's cheek with his palm and guided him to his chest. He wrapped his other arm his other arm around Robin, lifting him into his embrace.

Robin let his head rest against Batman's chest for a little while before wrapping his arms around his father. A hushed but clear "Daddy…" was heard.

Nobody could believe what they were seeing right there in front of them.

Batman enveloped Robin in his cape and turned to the League. Dead serious. "I'm taking him home." No one bothered to go against him. It was an argument they would lose.

And they left.

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