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Welcome to the circus

Inside the mind of Robin

"This is Robins mind?" asked Kid Flash looking around, "I wasn't expecting it to be so…empty".

"Yeah I would have guessed this was your mind" Artemis scoffed looking around.

"I don't see Robin anywhere" Aqualad said, "where could he be?" They all turned to Batman who was holding Miss Martian steady. The task of getting them all into Robin's mind really took a bit out of her.

"This is just the surface of his mind" Batman explained "I taught him how to protect himself from psychic attacks. This is so no one can get any information from our minds."

"Great" huffed Artemis crossing her arms, "So how do we help Robin if we can't get to him?"

"We need to find the entrance…." Batman stated, scanning the area.

"How do we do that?" asked Aqualad.

"I believe I know where it is" he said looking to the empty are that made up the sky. He took ahold of Miss Martian's hand. "I need you to take us up. Are you recovered enough to do that?"

"Yes", Miss Martian nodded in determination and levitated into the air, taking Batman and the team up with her. They kept going higher and higher until Batman spoke "There", he pointed to an empty area in front of them.

"I don't see anything" Miss Martian said taking them closer to where Batman said. They flew in closer until Batman jumped out unexpectedly and disappeared into the nothingness in front of them. Everyone gasped at the sight and panicked that Batman might have been gone for good, only to be relieved at the sight of the top of Batman's body reappear from the ripples of nothing in front of them.

"It's safe to proceed" he said gesturing them in. Miss Martian brought them in slowly until they were in the middle of a Circus.

"How did you know where the entrance to his mind was?" she asked "I couldn't feel it even after a mind swipe?"

"Robin has always been most comfortable in high places" was all he said before taking the lead and walking ahead. "Stay close, in this condition we don't want to be separated in his mind."

At this everyone took a look around at the messed up mind. At first they just notice the attractions, bright lights and nothing else, but it doesn't take long to realize there was something strange. It was abandoned and almost run down completely. Concrete foundations had cracks where tan grass filled in. Rusty metal poles protrude out of the ground and held the rides together… barely.

As they kept walking they took in the extent of the damage. There were several booths and attractions that have long since been vacated and vandalized, but what was most disturbing about it was the names that were tagged on them. Two-Face, Scare Crow, Killer Crock, and Joker was tagged in bright purple paint with "Ha-Ha" graffiti in blood.

"I'm going to be sick" Miss Martian said clutching her stomach. Everyone stopped and took a moment to rest. Superboy wrapped his arms around Megan and held her close to his chest as she physically gagged and tried to control her breathing. Kid Flash was twitching nervously, scratching his arms, shaking his leg looking around and nervously biting his lip. Aqualad was close to having an anxiety attack. He was trying to calm himself with silent meditation and Artemis was facing away from the team, she didn't want anyone to see she was crying.

Batman… he made no show of how he was feeling. He never did. But inside…he was falling into a raving madness. "My child, my precious baby bird…my fault," he kept repeating over and over in his mind.

He clenched his fist and stood up tall. "Enough, we're wasting time, either stay here to pity or get yourselves together and help me find Robin" he growled. They stilled all stilled at this, took a moment to compose themselves and came together.

Aqualad being the leader came up to Batman and said "No one knows Robin the same way you do. We will rely on your guidance. Lead the way."

Batman nodded at them and turned to keep walking, the team following behind making their way to the big top.

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