All right, the next chapter. The ball is rolling as we get closer to the big reveal for Bella and Edward - in fact, that'll probably be in the next chapter for Edward learning about Bella being a mutant, and then the chapter after that for Bella telling him that she knows what he is. This chapter is, unfortunately, without Edward and is more of a filler chapter than anything. It does, however, have Jacob...though I'm not sure that's actually a good thing or not... No, it somewhat is. It gives Bella a bit more information about why her house alarm went off on one of the wolves, after all.

La Push Visit and Plans

Crowded my ass I thought to myself, looking at the beach. Except for those of us that had come straight here from the school, the beach was completely empty. I scanned it, noticing that, while not the usual beach I was used to, it wasn't the worse looking one. In fact, it was rather beautiful in a way. Cliffs stood on either end, trees growing high on them. Huge rocks laid scattered around the cliffs, while the area we were at was mostly smooth, save for the movement of the sea, and what looked like some sort of landmass in the very distance. The shore was nothing more than a slightly narrow strip of sand, stretching from one cliff to the other. The screeching of seagulls hung in the air.

Two of the boys who'd come with us were already on their boards in the water, and I frowned. It wasn't a good day to go into the water, gray clouds cover the sky just as they had been every day since arriving. In fact, it looked as though it would start raining soon as well, maybe even snow, as there was a slightly chilly wind blowing.

Angela and I sat in one van, my heaviest sweater (I'd been feeling rather cold upon waking up, and the ocean air was doing nothing to help lessen the feeling) on while Angela was wrapped in a blanket. Across from us, in the other van, Mike and Eric were getting dressed in wet suits, Jessica standing next to the open passenger door doing the same. Right in front of the vans, three more of our group – Lauren, another girl whom I rarely talked to, and yet another boy – were waxing their boards, about ready to head out themselves.

"Hey, it's freezing," Jessica said in response to something that Eric had mentioned, which I hadn't payed attention to.

"I'm padding out, Coats," Tyler said to us, having just finished getting ready himself. He headed out with the other three who'd been getting ready themselves.

"I don't know if it's worth it anymore," Eric said, looking nervously at the water as a slight shiver shook his frame. I wasn't all that surprise that he was nervous, having heard more of his surfing exploits from the others – apparently, Jessica wasn't just being a bitch when she'd sad that he'd only ever once stood up on a foam board.

"We drove all the way out here," Jessica said, zipping the back of her suit up as she frowned at him. "I'm at least padding out."

"Yeah," Mike agreed. I just shook my head at them, wondering just how many days they would be out of school because of this. While they had asked me to go out with them, I had firmly mentioned that I didn't surf, nor did I plan on starting to, and that I would be just fine saying out of the water; Angela had looked relieved to hear that, and I found out later that it was because of the fact that she had no desire to go out in the water herself.

Ignoring them, I turned to Angela, who had been talking to me while we were in the van on the drive down.

"So, I keep thinking that Eric is going to ask me to the dance, and then he doesn't," she said, frowning as she looked over to where he stood, talking to the other two – arguing a bit, from the sounds of it.

"Why don't you ask him?" I said, holding the bag of Twizzlers I'd brought with me out to her. She reached in and took one. "I mean, there's no rule against it. Just take control. You're a strong, independent woman who doesn't need to wait around for a man to gain his courage."

"You think so?" she asked.

"Yes," I said, nodding. She smiled at me, and then Jessica came over to her.

"Hey, will you do me up?" she asked, Angela, presenting her back to her.

"Yeah," Angela said, her hands immediately doing what Angela asked. As she did so, three guys came up, and I immediately recognized two of them: Jacob Black and Embry Call. The third, though, I couldn't place at all.

"Bella!" the one said.

"Jacob, Embry, hi," I said. I made a motion to Angela and Jessica. "Guys, this is Jacob and Embry."

"Hey, guys. How are you doing?" Jacob said, sounding as though he already knew who they were and giving the impression that they already knew whom he was. I felt stupid as I remembered that, having grown up near each other, they probably already knew each other. As Jessica and Angela both said hi to the trio, I studied the third one. He was rather burly, like Sam had been, with his hair cropped close to his head. His eyes were dark, and his skin was the same russet-color as all of the Quileutes that I'd met already.

Seeing my puzzled look as I studied him, the unknown one stepped forward, offering me his hand.

"Hi," he said. "I'm Jared. You must be Bella."

"Yeah," I said, reaching out my own gloved covered one to give him a light handshake. "That's me."

The moment we let go and let our hands fall away, Jacob cut in front of him, crossing over to sit in the empty spot next to me.

"So, are you stalking me?" I asked Jacob jokingly.

He snorted. "You're on my rez, remember?" he answered, only to wince lightly at my puzzled looked. Somehow, I think he must've remembered that, unlike everyone else, I didn't know that little fact, having never been here before, nor having asking him anything that would give hints to where he lived.

"You live around here?" I asked. He nodded. "I didn't know that."

While I vaguely remembered that Charlie had mentioned having friends on an Indian Reservation, I hadn't realize that First Beach was apart of the reservation; in fact, I hadn't realized just how close the reservation was to Forks at all.

"Yeah, I live within walking distance of here," he said, pointing in the direction he'd come from. I didn't see anything, but that was due to the trees that blocked the way.

"That's cool," I said, looking down. It was silent for a few moments, neither of us really having an idea on what to say, most likely for different reasons.

"Are you going to be surfing?" he asked me.

"Uh, no, definitely not," I told him, holding holding out one of the candies I had to him, silently offering him one.

"Thanks," he said, taking it.

"You guys should keep Bella company," Jessica chimed in. "Her date bailed."

"What date?" Eric said, both him and Mike showing a hint of dismay over this fact. I rolled my eyes at their reaction, while Jessica started laughing a bit, mostly over the look on Eric's face. I would have done the same, had I not listened to Angela fears about whether Eric would notice her or not a few moments before.

"She invited Edward," Jessica said through her laughter. I rolled my eyes over her reaction; she seemed to be unable to not crack up whenever it was mentioned for some reason.

"To be polite," I said, shrugging as if it wasn't any big deal; which, to me, it wasn't. While I did have a bit of an alternative motive for doing so – it would have been nice to hang out with him – it really wasn't any of their business of I did or not. Of course, I was sure that, if the others had been listening better, they would have noticed that I hadn't discounted it as being a date.

"I think it's nice that she invited him," Angela commented. "Nobody ever does."

"Yeah, 'cause Cullen's a freak," Mike said. I frowned at him, having the feeling that he wouldn't have said that comment if it hadn't been Edward we were talking about – he didn't seem to like the closeness that the two of us had. I was pretty sure that, had I invited either of his sisters, he would have never said that.

"You got that right," Jared said. My gaze shifted to him, my face hiding the surprise at his words.

"You know him?" I asked, Jared's smile faded as a serious look took over his face.

"The Cullens don't come here," he said He did it in such a simple way, yet I couldn't help feeling that there was more to it. The way he spoke seemed to belay something else, painting what appeared to me an ugly picture in my mind. It made me think that they weren't allowed to go there. However, I didn't question it; or, rather, didn't question him. I didn't think it would be worth is, especially since I didn't think I'd get a straight answer from him.

I looked at Jacob from the corner of my eye. I was pretty sure that I could get an answer from him, though I'd have to be careful on how I did it. While I knew that flirting would be the most effective method, I wasn't going to be so cruel as to make him think that he had a chance with me, especially when he didn't. I knew that, if I did flirt, his crush would continue, probably intensifying upon getting a hint that it might be reciprocated. So, flirting was out.

Taking the information I wanted using my mutant abilities could appear to be good way of doing it, but I'd not only would I need privacy for that,but I had no clue of what, exactly, I needed to look for, nor how far back in his mind the information was; chances were, I wouldn't be able to get it would taking everything else – and doing that would lessen his chances of ever waking up again, or even remembering certain memories, ones that he just might need. So, using that ability was out.

Perhaps I could use a magical method. I'd need privacy for doing that as well, but not as much as I would using my mutant abilities. Unfortunately, there were only two methods I could use. The first was using Veritaserum, the only truth potion there was to get it. That option wasn't an option, however, due to the fact that it took months to brew, with several ingredients to brew it were heavily regulated; it had to be used more cautiously when it came to using it in non-magicals; and I didn't have any on me at the moment. The second method I could use was Legitimacy, but I was wary of doing it – while not illegal, the mind magics were very frowned upon. Add in the fact that I was technically not supposed to use magic any magic, other than Obliviate on mundanes...

No, now thinking about it, it wouldn't be a good idea to use magical means. Maybe I should just straight up bully the answers from him...

As I thought about this, I realized that I liked the idea, a lot, but decided that actually beating him up wouldn't work all that well. Thinking about it some more, I decided that I should just ask him about it, pressing for the information should he not want to answer me. I doubted he'd actually keep from caving if it came down to it – even without me flirting, he'd probably be willing to talk about it, if only to try and impress me.

"Hey, do you want to go for a walk?" I asked him, knowing that I couldn't implement my plan while near the others. Not just because I had the feeling that Jared would stop him from answering me, but because I didn't want any of them to get suspicious about Edward and his family if they heard what Jacob said.

"Sure," Jacob said, a bit too eagerly – I knew that I had the right idea about not flirting with him for answers. Of course, I did have the feeling that I might have to still verbally discourage him, something that I would do that later, if it did indeed need to be done – finding out what I wanted was a bit more important at the moment. We walked along the shore, and I waited until we were quite a bit away from the others before speaking again.

"What did your friend mean, when he said 'the Cullen's don't come here'?" I asked. He snorted, giving me a look that seemed to suggest that he'd just realized why I wanted to walk with him, though there was also a bit of hurt in his gaze as well.

"You caught that, huh?" he said, looking away.

"It was kind of hard not to," I said, stopping for a moment as I looked at him.

"I'm not really supposed to say anything about it," he said.

"I can keep a secret," I said immediately. He laughed.

"Really. It's just, like, an old scary story," he said, trying to brush my question off. To bad that he didn't know that I didn't give in all that easy when it came to things I wanted to know.

"I like scary stories," I said. "And, well, I really want to know."

He looked contemplative for a moment, thinking, glancing at me twice before seeming to come to a decision.

"Okay," he said, slowing down for a moment as he looked around us. "Do you know any of our old stories, about where we come from – the Quileutes, I mean?"

"Not really," I said.

"Well, there are a lot of legends," he said, "some of them claiming to date back to the Flood – supposedly, the ancient Quileutes tied their canoes to the tops of the tallest trees on the mountains to survive like Noah and the ark." He rolled his eyes, showing just how much stock he was putting into that legend. "Another legend clames that we descend from wolves – and that wolves are our brothers still."

"Wolves?" I asked, a slight chill going down my spine at the implications that left to my mind. "Like real wolves?"

"Yeah," he said. "That's one of legends that are taken very seriously around here. It's even against tribal law to kill them.

"Then there are the stories about the cold ones." His voice dropped a little lower upon the last two words.

"The cold ones?" I said, finding the name strangely appropriate for them.

"Yes," Jacob said. "There are stories of the cold ones as old as the wolf legends, and some much more recent. According to legend, my one great grandfather knew some of them. He was the one who made the treaty that kept them off our land." I could tell by his voice that he was of the belief that whoever had told him this had been smoking weed.

"Your great grandfather?" I said, interested. I wondered if that part was actually true or not, though I got the feeling that it was, as it being true would explain Edward's reluctance to come here when I had invited him.

"He was a tribal elder, like my father," Jacob explained. "You see, the cold ones are the natural enemies of the wolf – well, not the wolf, really, but the wolves that turn into men, like our ancestors."

"Werewolves," I stated flatly. It was the best I could do while holding back the hate I felt at the mere thought of them. I didn't think the werewolves that Jacob was talking about were the ones I was thinking, but having dealt with quite a few of them trying to kill me and my friends had left me with less than pleasant feelings towards them. As it was, there was only one were I even cared about.

"Werewolves," he repeated, nodding his head. "So, you see, the cold ones are traditionally our enemies. But this pack that came to our territory during my great grandfather's time was different. They didn't hunt the way other of their kind did – they weren't supposed to be dangerous to the tribe. So my great grandfather made a truce with them. If they would promise to stay off our lands, we wouldn't expose them to the pale faces." He made a motion to me, telling exactly who he was talking about when he said that last bit.

"I take it there's a reason why they had to promise to stay off 'your lands'," I said. "I mean, if they weren't supposed to be dangerous..."

"There's always a risk for humans to be around the cold ones, even if they're civilized like this clan was. You never know when they might get too hungry to resist," he said, working a thick edge of menace into his tone.

"What exactly do you mean by 'civilized'?" I asked.

"They claimed that they didn't hunt humans, that they were supposedly somehow able to prey on animals instead," he told him. If I was a bit less controlled, I would have snorted over the way he said 'supposedly'. I could tell that, even though he didn't actually believe the legends, he also didn't believe that vampires could survive on non-human blood.

"Okay," I said. "So, what does what you just tell me have to do with the Cullens? Are they like the cold ones your great grandfather met?"

"No," he said, pausing damatically. "They are the same ones. They're more of them now, a new female and a new male, but the rest are the same. In my great grandfather's tme, they already knew of the leader, Carlisle. He'd been here and gone before your people had ever arrived."

I nodded absentmindedly, my mind going over the story. Well, I guess I could see why Edward had refused to come. I had no doubt that the treaty was honored by the Cullens. From what I knew of Carlisle, and what I'd seen of Edward and Jasper, they were very honorable, and I doubted the rest of them were all that different.

I was quite glad for that fact as well, since I knew what would have happened if the wolves had revealed their secret to the town. There would have been a blood bath, since regular, non-magical humans were not allowed to know about vampires. I didn't doubt that it would have have gotten out to the Volturi – the vampire royalty – if they'd done that, and I knew what they would do. If the wolves had revealed the secret to the town of Forks around that time, it wouldn't exist anymore, nor would they. If it wasn't for the fact that all Indian tribes had legends like that, there would be trouble for Jacob and the other Quileutes about these legends. As it was, being able to pin the Cullens down as their cold ones could cause problems for them, if it came down to it.

Of course, if Jacob actually did know what the truth from the fiction about the kind of vampires the Cullens were, his life was in danger, especially if it got out to the wrong people. Unless, of course, there was some truth to the wolf thing... And I remembered the fact that one of them had caused the ward around my house to go off...

"Bella," Jacob said, sounding worried. I jumped lightly, having gotten lost in my thought.

"Sorry," I said, not looking at him.

"Are you okay? You're pale... well, paler than you usually are," he said.

"It's nothing," I said, giving him a look to drop it. He did.

"So, what are they? What are the cold ones?" I asked, not really expecting an actual answer. He snorted.

"It's just a story, Bella," he said, clearly no longer all that willing to indulge my questions. "Come on, let's go."

He walked ahead of me, making it clear that he was done with me asking questions. I, wondering if I should follow him and continue our walk, when the decision was made for me as my cell phone rang. Looking down at it and seeing who it was, I turned, answering it as I headed back to the van.

Friday went by rather quickly, though I was very disappointed to discover that Edward wasn't there. I had looked for him, a frown on my face as lunch had drawn to a close and he was still missing – I did notice, though, that his brother Emmett wasn't there as well, though the others were. I mostly played around with my food as I wondered where he could be, and slightly mad at the fact that he hadn't thought to tell me that he wouldn't be there when we'd talked during Biology. Not that he had to tell me, of course. In fact, it probably would have appeared weird if he had, especially since I wasn't aware of what excuse was being used for his absence.

Still, if he had planned on not being there, it would have been nice to know in advance that I would be without my lab partner.

When I inquired about it to Jasper during French, though, I learned that he'd gone hiking with Emmett in the Goat Rocks Wilderness, which was just south of Rainier. I'd discreetly checked the area out on my phone during Biology, learning that it wasn't exactly the best place to go hiking at due to the presence of quite a few bears and realized that he had most likely gone hunting. I had frowned again, wondering why he hadn't waited for the weekend, being that it was just a day away, but decided that it really wasn't my business.

Nothing exciting happened during the weekend, either, for it was just as cloudy as it had been all week. I did explore the town a bit more, finding the sad excuse of a library, where I decided to get a card, despite the lack of books. I wondered if it would be worth figuring out a way to make a private donation to help stock the shelves up some more, and decided to look into it once I'd gotten home. As it was, I did find a few non-fiction books that were on subjects I was interested in, grabbing them to look through later.

Sunday was spent with me finishing an essay for English – or, rather, rewriting a previous one, as I had no desire to spend time writing something new. I also began researching a particular person for an essay that was for History, as well, as begin writing one for French as well. Basically, I spent Sunday doing homework, though I also thought about Edward, wondering just what his mood for the next day would be; while he had been pleasant on Thursday, he hadn't really gone out of his way to speak to me, as he had done so the day before. I didn't quite realize that my attempts to predict his mood would end up being quite useless.

Monday dawned brightly, and, almost immediately, I could tell that there was something different about today – the light seemed brighter than it usually was. Awakening, I was surprised to see a yellow beam of sunlight shining through my windows. Jumping up from my bed into the cold air, I hurried to the closest window, not believing my eyes until I saw that the sky was indeed clear of any clouds.

"No," I moaned, knowing immediately what it would mean. I'd have no chance to see Edward at all today, a fact that I did not care for. This, of course, shocked me, as I really shouldn't have a reason not to care. I barely knew him, and, with his mood swings giving me whiplash, I should be grateful for the break. Of course, I did enjoy his company, and speaking to him, but it was no reason to be upset over him not being able to go to school.

Shaking my head, I glared up at the cloudless sky, tromping away from the window to my closet. Going through my clothes, I quickly located a bright blue camisole with a see-through over blouse that flowed from one shade of blue to another save for the second strip from the top, which was white, while different symbols of brown decorated it.. I paired it up with a long skirt that started out greyish brown at the top before becoming blue for the majority of it, waves and sparkling sun spots, as though the skirt was indeed water, in lighter colors than those they rested upon easily seen. After pulling on a pair of white leather boots with three inch heels and a pair of thin, dark blue wrist length gloves, I grabbed my bag and headed downstairs.

Angela was already there, looking up towards the stairs upon hearing my bedroom door open and shut.

"Ready?" I asked. She nodded, walking out the door in front of me.

"It's so nice today," Angela said, looking upwards towards the sky.

"It's nice," I said, keeping from frowning. I could tell by her voice that she was excited for the unexpected sunny day, and I no wish to spoil her enjoyment. However, even though I did my best to hide it, I think she could sense that I wasn't actually all that happy to see the sun, though, as she eyed the long sleeves I wore, I got the feeling that she was guessing it was for the wrong reason. Thankfully, she didn't say anything, just mentioned that her mother would be taking her shopping for a new car this coming weekend, finally having found the time to do so.

"You excited to be getting a new vehicle?" I asked after hearing that.

"Somewhat," she said. "I have to admit, I will be glad to not wake up so early in the morning, but I do enjoy driving to school with you as well. And I love how comfortable the seats are in this truck as well."

"Yes, they are very comfortable," I said. We arrived then, and, upon looking around, I saw that we were among the earliest students there. Shrugging, I grabbed my bag, heading over to one of the rarely used tables in front of the school. Wiping off most of the water on the table, I made sure to sit on my jacket to keep my pants dry. I saw that Angela had headed over to Eric, speaking to him in a low voice. Shrugging as I realized that I was left alone, I grabbed a book from my bag, beginning to read it as I waited until it was time to go to class.

Of course, I was barely two chapters in when I was interrupted, feeling eyes focused on me. Looking behind me – where I felt the eyes – I couldn't see anyone looking at me. Still, the feeling didn't desist, and I huffed silently to myself, not really caring for it. When it was joined by another pair of eyes, I growled silently. Thankfully, unlike the first pair of eyes, this pair was more easily findable. Mike had arrived and, having spotted me, was walking towards me.

"Hey, Bella," he said as he neared, smiling at me.

"Morning, Mike," I said, giving a short wave. I couldn't muster up an answering smile, though. Between not liking the fact that I wouldn't see Edward, and not like how he was looking at me, I didn't feel up to faking a smile.

He came to sit by me, wearing khaki shorts and a striped Rugby shirt. A glance around showed that other students were just as dressed down as he was – I was the only one not showing off my arms and legs.

"I never noticed before," Mike stated, gaining my attention. I looked at him, slightly puzzled over his words. "Your hair has some red in it." He reached up to catch a strand that was fluttering in the light breeze.

"That's because it only really shows when the sun's out," I said, feeling uncomfortable as I slipped the strand away and tucked it behind my ear. He didn't seem to get the fact that I wasn't all that comfortable around him.

"Great day, isn't it?" he asked, looking up at the cloudless sky.

"It's okay," I said, movie just a bit away from him, as to not have him so close.

"What did you do yesterday?" Mike asked, looking back over at me and making me stop my slow procession away from him.

"I mostly worked on my essay," I said, leaving out the fact that I had finished it. I didn't see a reason to be smug, plus it wold give me a good excuse about what I was doing after school so that I could back out of any social gatherings.

He hit his forehead with his hand, I bit back a smile as I realized that he must've forgotten about the fact that there even was one.

"Oh, yeah. That's due Thursday, right?" he said. I shook my head.

"Wednesday," I told him, and he frowned.

"Wednesday?" he repeated, his frown becoming more pronounced. "That's not good... What are you writing yours on?"

"Whether Shakespeare's treatment of the female characters is misogynistic," I said. By the look on his face, I may as well have been speaking pig Latin for all he understood of my words.

"I guess I'll have to get to work on that tonight," he muttered, deflated. "I was going to ask you if you wanted to go out."

"I would've said no," I told him, straight up. He looked at me, startled. "No offense, Mike, but I think of you as a friend, and that's it. Unless it's a social gathering with the rest of our friends, I wouldn't have said yes. Besides, I don't think it would be a good idea to go out with you, regardless. I know that Jessica really likes you – I mean, you'd have to be blind not to notice it – and I knew that she's looking forward to the dance, and would love to date you."

"Really?" he said, and I nodded before getting up and gathering my things. He stood up as well, and we walked in silence to building three, his expression distracted. I hoped that whatever thoughts he was immersed in were leading him in the right direction.

The day seemed to flow by so quickly that, before I knew it, it was lunch. Being sunny today had at least one advantage that I hadn't expected – we were allowed to eat outside, at the rarely used tables that were set up near the cafeteria for this very purpose. Jessica and I – for Angela didn't have Gym before lunch as we did – found a table in perfect view of the sun, near where some guys were taking advantage of being able to be outside to throw around a football. Jessica didn't appear to be very interested in eating, wanting to catch as much Vitamin D as she could. Several other of the girls whom usually sat with us came over, Lauren unfortunately with them.

I ignored her as she sat down, just as she ignored me. Instead, I looked around, seeing what everyone else was doing. Jessica, who seemed to think that I was doing this for a different reason, spoke up then.

"He's not here," she said. I looked at her. "Whenever the weather's nice, the Cullens disappear.

"What, do they just ditch?" I asked, kind of curious to know what excuse they used to keep suspicion off of themselves.

"No. Dr. and Mrs. Cullen yank them out for, like, hiking and camping and stuff," she explained. "Tried that out on my parents. Not even close."

Angela came up, then, obviously excited.

"Guys, I'm going to the dance with Eric," She said, smiling as she sat down. "It just asked him. I took control.

"I told you that you were strong," I said, slightly startled when she gave me a short hug – being mindful not to make skin to skin contact.

"Are you sure you have to go out of town?" Angela asked.

"Yeah. It's a...thing I promised I go to," I said. Jessica then spoke.

"We should go shopping in Port Angeles before all the good dresses get cleaned out," Jessica said. Lauren, who had been listening in, nodded her head.

"You know I'm up for it," she said, while Angela nodded in agreement before turning to me.

"You'll come with, right?" she asked softly. "I'm going to want your opinion."

Lauren, hearing what she said, sneered slightly.

"Oh, you won't need Bella for that," Lauren said. "I can help you find the perfect dress. Besides, since she's not going to the dance, it'll be a waste for her to come along with us."

I didn't like the vicious light that entered her eyes upon saying that, knowing that no good could come from it.

"Actually, I will go," I said, ignoring Lauren. "It'll be nice to get out of town for a little bit. And I'll be glad to help you find something."

"Thank you," Angela mouthed as Lauren turned, displeased. I nodded to her as Jessica began talking to Lauren, gaining her attention and leaving Angela and I alone to speak to each other. It wasn't long after that, though, that the bell rang, and we all stood to head to our classes, the four of us staying together and walking slowly as to finalize our plans. After going through several options, it was finally decided that we'd go the next day, around three, as it was the first day we'd all have free to go, since Jessica – bubbling with excitement as she spoke – had a date with Mike that night. We also decided that it would be Jessica who'd take us, as Lauren's car wasn't suited for more than two people, Angela didn't have a car anymore, and I had no desire to contaminate my car with Lauren's presence – though I didn't quite say it like that, simply not offering my truck up as a ride.

As Angela and I separated from the other two, I began looking up bookstores in Port Angeles, figuring that I might get lucky enough to be able to visit one if there was. Of course, I didn't have much time to look before we arrived at class. Since Jasper wasn't there, I was given slightly different instructions compared to the other students, as well as informed that I wouldn't have to worry about collecting any notes or papers on what was discussed and worked on for the day, as she'd talked to Jasper's mother about what we would be doing this day.

Once I'd finished with my work, I continued looking for bookstores in Port Angeles, finding that there were three, though a look through the online inventory showed that only two were what I'd consider interesting – one book store which focused mostly on older volumes of books, while the other was focused on myths and things of that nature. Both stores held some interesting books, and I decided that I would have to make time to go to both stores. I planned on distracting myself from the fact that Edward wasn't at school during our one shared class by thinking about what I'd buy, when, as we passed by several students who'd just come from Biology, a faint scent of salt and rust made it's way to my olfactory senses. The scent was stronger than I cared for, enough to cause my stomach roll as I looked up, searching for where it was coming from I realized that quite a few students passing us scented of it and then my eyes saw Elisha frowning at her one finger, which she held a cotton ball tightly against.

"Hey," I said, gaining her attention as I paused for a moment; beside me, Angela did the same thing, looking confused over my actions. I discretely opened my mouth to breath that way upon noticing that the scent was just slightly stronger around her as opposed to the others.

"Hi," Elisha said, giving me a slight smile.

"What's up with that?" I asked, motioning to what she was doing. She looked down, frowning again.

"Mr. Banner decided that we're to do blood typing today, due to the fact that the Red Cross is having a blood drive tomorrow," Elisha explained. I grimaced.

"How fun," I said sarcastically.

"Yeah," she said, just as sarcastic. "And it really doesn't help the fact that my partner ended up overdoing the jab, and messed up just enough that I was bleeding pretty well."

"No, I supposed that it doesn't," I said, then said bye to her so that she would be able to get to her next class. As she left, I turned to Angela, who didn't look too thrilled in what we'd be doing in this class.

"You know, I think I'll ditch for this class," I said. "In fact, I think I'll be gone for the rest of the day, just so Mr. Banner doesn't discover that I purposely skipped his class. Want to come with?"

While Angela hadn't look all that comfortable knowing what we'd be doing, she looked even more uncomfortable at the idea of ditching straight up, for herself. I could see that she didn't really question why I wanted to ditch, though I couldn't tell if she knew I wasn't comfortable about blood, or if she suspected that it had something to do with what I was. I wasn't about to explain my reasons for not wanting to be there, though.

"I think I'll stick it out for the rest of the day," she said.

"Alright. Do you want me to come get you when school lets out?" I asked her. She nodded before continuing on her way. I walked off in a different direction, heading for my truck, glad for the fact that the school was the way it was, for I had no need to actually go through the office to leave due to the lack of fences to keep students from doing what I was about to. I thought about pulling out and going somewhere, but, with the town being so small and there being nothing to do around it, I realized that actually skipping for the rest of the day wouldn't actually be worth doing.

I ended up looking through more of the selection of books at the bookstores on my phone, realizing that that had a way to have book held by customers so that they could just walk in and pay if in a hurry. While I doubted that all the books on the websites were actually at the store, as well as doubting that all the books at the store were on the sites, I still decided to hold a few of the books, mentally keeping track of the price – not that it would be any problem.

Once I was done with that, I ended up playing my I-pod quietly while waiting for school to end, not at all bored as I begun to tackle what homework I had. In fact, I'd just finished when school ended, and I saw Angela heading towards me, spotting where I was immediately. The scent of rust and salt that had probably followed her after Biology was gone by the time she hopped in, making me glad to know that I wouldn't have to deal with the smell.

"Lauren tried to convince me to tell you that you didn't need to come with tomorrow," she said as she got in. "I have the feeling that she suspects that I'm the only reason why you decided to come."

"Not really," I said. "While I am going to help you find something, I was already thinking about going there myself, and, even if you hadn't asked me to come, I would have asked to go anyway."

"Really?" she said. "Why?"

"Feel like getting out of town for a bit," I said. "Though now, it's to go to these two book stores there. So, just so you know, I'll probably end up breaking off from you three at some point, though I promise not to do so until you find something."

"I'll probably want to go with you," she warned. "I know how Lauren and Jessica can be when it comes to shopping. Not only will they take for forever, but Lauren will probably repeatedly bug about whether I really should go with a dress I chose unless it's something that she's chosen for me."

"Let me guess, what she chooses actually isn't something you would have actually chosen for yourself, and not only makes you uncomfortable, but also doesn't actually look good on you," I said. She winced a my words, but nodded.

"I tend to realize that last bit a little late, though, especially since Jessica, who usually comes with, never says anything against what Lauren says and I'm left with just the one opinion," Angela said, and I could that she was hated that fact, because she truly wanted an honest opinion, not one fueled by jealousy riddled girls. I was a little disappointed to know that she tended to be easily swayed by another's opinion, but I also knew that, sometimes, another's opinion on a dress was needed – I'd needed the same thing quite a few times, after all. Only difference between us, it seemed, was the fact that I could truly trust those whom I got my opinion from – she couldn't.

I was kind of glad to know that she was willing to trust my opinion.

"Well then, I'll make sure you're not steered wrongly," I said, and we laughed for a bit after I said that.

It was sunny again the next day, a fact that I noted with another frown. It didn't help that I was dead tired, not having slept well the previous night. However, I still trudged out of bed, grabbing a long sleeved shirt of purple velvet, that had two pairs of ties along the sleeves, spaced several inches apart, and another that came just under my bust. I paired it with a pair of wrist length purple gloves and dark wash jeans. My heels were purple glittered Mary Jane styled.

I felt a bit more awake after downing some coffee, and, as the prospect of leaving town started gaining strength, I looked forward to when the final bell rung for the day. Not even the fact that Lauren was coming with us was enough to down my mood, something that Angela couldn't help but comment about as we headed to the school. Of course, as the day went by, even she started feeling excited, to the point that, like me, she couldn't wait for the final bell to ring. Not even the fact that Lauren was coming with us could dampen my mood.

When the final bell rang, Angela and I headed to my truck, having already made an agreement to have Jessica pick us up from my house. Angela placed her backpack in my room, with the other things she'd brought that morning – it had been decided, after securing permission from her parents, that she could spend the night, despite it being a school night. It helped that her parents would be super busy the next day, so this made it so that she wouldn't miss school the next day.

I switched my I-pod and wallet to a purse, making sure that I had the directions to the book stores I planned on visiting, and crawled into the backseat of Jessica's car with Angela. My excitement was paramount as we actually drove out of the city limits.

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