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Port Angeles

The drive to Port Angeles was slightly shorter than it should have been, due to the fact that Jessica drove just a bit faster than Charlie did. We arrived at three forty, giving the others plenty of time to find dresses for the dance. I was glad to have arrived as soon as we did, disliking the whiny sounding songs that Jessica had playing. While I liked to listen to a plethora of music, I could also be pretty picky – none of the songs that Jessica and Lauren enjoyed were what I'd call good music. Add in the fact that neither of the two could stop talking about boys and gossip had me putting on my ear buds and listening to my music as loud as I could stand it.

Port Angeles was a beautiful little tourist trap, much more polish and quaint than Forks. Of course, it was only the main revenues that looked like this – as we'd been passing them by, I'd noticed that the residential area wasn't quite up to the standard that the main revenues were. And it doubted the industrial areas that I could just make out within the distance from the main area of the town were up to the standard.

Jessica, knowing the town quite well, didn't waste any time in letting up gawk at the picturesque boardwalk. She drove straight to the one big department store in the town, which was a few streets away, though still in the visitor friendly face.

The dance had been billed as semiformal, and none of us were completely positive about what that meant. It didn't make me feel any better when I revealed that I'd never gone to a dance back at my old schools.

"Didn't you ever go with a boyfriend or something?" Jessica asked dubiously as we walked through the door.

"No," I said. "I really don't date."

"More like no one asked you out," Lauren muttered lowly; based on the looks on Jessica's and Angela's faces, they hadn't heard what she said like I had.

"Did anyone ever ask you out?" Jessica ask as she led us to the women's clothing area.

"Yeah. Still didn't go. I don't care for dancing – it's why I didn't ask anyone this time around," I said. I decided not to mention the fact that I had been asked by Mike, knowing that Jessica wouldn't really care for that fact. We stopped in a second of clearance racks that were laddened with dresses.

"Like you told everyone here," Angela said. She was well aware of the fact that Mike had asked me; plus, she had overheard some others talking about asking me as well, though she'd dissuaded them from doing so after informing them that I wouldn't be available.

"Well, except for Tyler," Jessica corrected her. Lauren scowled as she stalked off, clearly not wanting to waste time talking with us anymore – or rather anger with what Jessica had just said. As for me, I was just a bit stunned.

"What?" I asked, thinking I had misheard her.

"Well, Tyler's told everyone that you agreed to go to Prom with him," Jessica said casually, looking through some dresses on a rack near us.

"He was what?" I said, sounding as though I was choking. Angela gave Jessica a scowl.

"I told you it wasn't true," she said, shaking her head.

"Exactly when did he start saying this. I mean, other than friendly conversation, nothing about dances has been mentioned between us," I said.

"Well, he mentioned that you'd agreed to go with him after having to turn him down for this dance, because you'd already made irreversible plans for the one coming up," Jessica said.

"No, I never agreed to that. I despise dances. I've always made sure I had plans on the nights there was one, so I wouldn't have to deal with them. I mean, the one major attendance was required if you stayed at school during winter break, I purposely went home because I wasn't going to be dealing with it," I said, anger clear in my voice.

"So, does that mean that you're definitely not going with him?" Jessica asked, sounding unaffected by the anger I'd been showing.

"Yes, that's exactly what it means," I said.

"Well, that should make Lauren a bit warmer to you," Jessica said. "That's part of the reason why she doesn't like you all that much, you know."

I doubted it was the actual reason, but I didn't say anything. Instead, I turned to look at the dresses myself, glancing at Angela every now and then as I did so, trying to decide if it was worth having her try on. Jessica disappeared in the direction that Lauren had gone – probably to find her and look for more dresses. I knew that Angela would prefer to stay within this second, but, seeing the very limited choices, I had the feeling that we'd find something better on another rack. Still, I did grab a few dresses that I figured would look good on her.

I went over to her, looking through the rack that she was, and finding nothing that I could see her actually wearing – in fact, I noted that nothing on the rack were something I'd suggest to anyone.

"Come on," I said. "Let's go look at some of the other dresses."

She frowned but nodded, putting down a hideously bright yellow dress back on the rack before following me. We made our way to where Lauren and Jessica were at, going through any racks that held some dresses on our way. I threw some more choices over my arm before turning to her.

"Here," I said, handing her several of the dresses I'd grabbed, while keeping some in my arms, being that they were for myself. "Try these ones on."

"Okay," she said, taking them and the two she'd found herself, into the dressing rooms. Lauren and Jessica followed, carrying their own piles.

Angela tried on each dress she had, finally deciding on a navy dress that had a runched look to it, as well as cascading ringlet sleeves. The dress went an inch past mid-thigh on her, showing off her legs. I smiled when she finally decided that it was the one she wanted – it had been one of the ones that I'd picked for her. She went back into the dressing room to change just as Jessica came back out, fully dressed.

"I found the one I want," she said, motioning to a nude and blue dress in her hands. Lauren seemed to have chosen which dress she wanted as well, for, when she came out, she only carried one of the choices she'd brought in with her.

"Angela not find her dress yet?" she said snidely, only to see Angela come out with a dress hanging on her arm. I saw her face pinch in disbelief and slight jealousy when she saw which one Angela had decided on. Somehow, I had the feeling that she knew that Angela would look good in it, because she started to make subtle hints to Angela that the dress would be horrible. As it was, since Angela was somewhat expecting this, and trusted my judgment, she let the comments slide right away, walking towards the shoe section of the store with Jessica. I made a small stop to grab a dress in the same style as Angela's for myself – to go with the ones I'd already grabbed for myself – before following the group myself.

We checked out fifteen minutes later, a lot sooner than we were all expecting to have done. While we had plans for dinner, it wasn't anywhere near time for that, nor were any of us all that hungry yet. Plus, none of us really wanted to head back to Forks anytime soon. It was deciding what to do that we ended up running into a dilemma. Jessica and Lauren wanted to go walk along the bay boardwalk. I – and Angela – however, having already decided on what to do if there was time, wanted to go check out the bookstores, something that neither Lauren nor Jessica could understand, not being big fans of books.

It only took a few moments to get the two – or one, really, since it was only Jessica not wanting us to separate – to be convinced to just let us go, provided that we arrived in time to eat. Since I doubted we'd take that long, especially since the sun was beginning to be low in the sky, I had no problem agreeing to that. I made sure that Angela had her receipt for her dress, making sure mine was tucked into my purse, before we left – I didn't want to chance Lauren being so much of a bitch that she'd take advantage of our absence to return Angela's dress for something else.

We went to the nearest bookstore, which was the one that sold older editions of the books. On our way there, I let my mind drift, thinking about the one person who hadn't crossed my mind since waking up. As I was almost expecting, disappointment rose up in me as I wished that it hadn't been sunny today. This point was driven more to hope when I saw a silver Volvo. Stupid inconveniencing vampire I thought to myself upon seeing it. Of course, as we got closer, and my eyes saw the plate, I couldn't help but become a bit suspicious. I shook it off, however, as we arrived at the first bookstore I planned on going to.

While Angela looked around at he choices, I went up to the counter, giving my name to the proprietor so I could pick up my order. On the way to the counter, I grabbed several more books. Once I'd paid for my order, I waited to see if Angela would get anything, and, when she didn't, we headed to the next bookstore.

It was quite a bit away, and our shadows began to lengthen as the sun got lower in the sky. Still, there was enough sun left by the time we arrived. This time, I didn't go straight to the counter, checking out the other books that where there instead. I was intrigued when I saw a book about Quileute legends, grabbing it along with several others. It wasn't until I looked at my watch, seeing that it was getting a bit later than expected, that I went to the counter, paying for the books in my hands along with the order I'd placed. Angela decided to get a few books herself this time, and, when we finally let, there was hardly any sun left.

I wasn't too worried about it, though, not until I got a bad feeling. I felt eyes on us, which I considered stranger – the bookstore wasn't in the tourist friendly part of town, in fact, it was in a pretty empty part of town. We were pretty much surrounded by brick walls sported boarded up doors and windows. Perhaps it was this fact that had my nerves on edge. However, ahead of us, I suddenly heard loud, rambunctious laughter. I saw Angela start from the corner of my eye as I looked up, seeing a group of four men walking our way, making noise. I transferred my bags to one hand to free up a hand to grab Angela's arm, pulling her closer to me as I crossed the street, putting more distance between us two and the four. I expected them to ignore the two of us, so focused as they were on each other, but my instincts were saying something different.

"Hey,there!" one of them called as they hit the point where they would have passed us had we been on the same side. I didn't say anything; neither did Angela. Instead, I resolutely ignored them while picking up the pace slightly, enough to get us away from them much more quickly. I accidentally missed turning at the corner I was supposed to in my hurry, though, especially since I was on the wrong side of the street, but I was sure that I could find my way to where I needed. At the moment, I was more concerned with getting as much distance between us and the males as I could.

I turned the next corner we came upon, slowing down once I had done so. That was when I saw that I had gone the wrong way. I but my lip, my ears straining to listen around us. Hearing nothing at first, I had us begin to walk forward. I made sure to keep listening, my senses still on alert. That was why I wasn't all that surprised to pick up a set of footsteps from behind us. I saw Angela look behind us, eyes widening as I also took a look back. Two of the men that we'd seen were now following us, at a distance. I turned forward, biting my lip wondering where the other two were. I wasn't stupid enough to think that they weren't somewhere else.

The guys behind us didn't make any moves to come closer; in fact, as I turned another corner, I heard them fall further back. Angela let out a breath of relief upon hearing the same thing, but I wasn't going to get my hopes up. I didn't think that they had been hoping to just scare us – I had the feeling that they had wanted something else, plus there was the mystery of where their other friends had gone. Thankfully, upon turning yet another corner, we could see a more lit area a few more blocks ahead of us, coming closer to the more busy part of the street. It was as we were about halfway there that we stopped.

Just ahead, next to a the second of the two final buildings that we needed to go past, were the two missing members of the party of four. Behind us, the other two had sped up a bit. It became clear what it was that they were doing – we were being herded. I looked over Angela, who had gone pale upon reaching the same conclusion as I had. Then, my eyes darting around, I grabbed her arm once again, and pulled her after me, ducking around a different corner, pulling us through the dark walkway and emerging on a different street.

"Bella?" Angela asked, hushed. "What are you doing?"

"Making sure that they can't surround us," I whispered, a plan forming in my mind as I looked behind us. I could see the two that had been following us still doing so. Pulling Angela to the next corner, I went the opposite way than I had before, beginning to lead them on a wild chase. I knew that I wouldn't be able to do this forever, but I wasn't about to let them be in a position to split up. Upon turning another corner, I paused, picking up Angela fairly easily, and and having her wrap her arms around my neck and legs around my waist.

"Hold on," I whispered, picking up my pace until I was running, much faster than a normal human should. In my mind, I was rather thankful for the fact that I was able to even do this. I ran until I found a dead in. It was next to another bay area of the town, this one clearly not meant for tourist to see. Crossing the parking lot near it, I set Angela down next to the fenced area leading to the piers where several boats were moored.

I looked around as I placed the bags down, about to tell her to stay back while I took care of the men when I remembered the Volvo I'd been suspicious about earlier. A new idea came to my mind, cementing when I spied a street sign not to far from us.

"Angela," I said hurriedly, my straining ears hearing the soft thuds of running foot steps coming closer. "Listen to me very carefully. See that street sign? I want you to repeatedly scream, in your mind, what it says, alright?"

"Why?" she asked.

"Just trust me," I told her, hearing several sets of heavy foot falls. I turned, stripping off one of my gloves, as the group of men found us coming from three different streets – clearly, after I'd started running, they'd done whatever they could to lesson our chances of escaping unharmed.

"Well, looky here, boys," one of the guys said. He was tall, muscular built with dark hair and the beginnings of a beard growing on his tanned face, and, based on the way the others stood around him, was the leader of this little group. I would most likely have to take him out first, having the feeling that the other three would scatter without him, especially when they realized that I wasn't an ordinary human girl. I took a quick glance at the other three. A greasy blond with a zit-covered face and pot belly; another blond with gelled back hair, a tan, and wiry muscles; the third, red haired that was receding and wearing a crumpled business suit, as if he'd gone straight to the bar instead home.

"Hey, sugar," the tanned blond said, eyeballing my body lustfully, a fact shared by the others as well. Okay, maybe they wouldn't be scattering if their leader was down. I was sure that I would be able to hold them off, especially if what I had Angela doing panned out.

"Go away," I said lowly, dropping the glove I'd stripped off. The four laughed.

"Now, don't be like that," the guy I suspected to be the leader said, raucous laughter beginning again. I glared at them, much to their surprise, their laughter dropping as they realized that I wasn't cowering as they'd hoped. Anger flashed across the leader's face; he wasn't happy that I wasn't playing his little game properly. Obviously, I was ruining the mood. However, just as quickly as it had come, the anger disappeared, leaving him with his pleasant features once again.

He stepped forward, figuring that I'd loose my bravery once he got closer. It was would turn out to be his biggest mistake, and I brought my ungloved hand out from behind my back in a flash, connecting to the bare skin on his face. He froze as I soundlessly gasped, vein-like rises flowing towards my hand, his eyes widening as his body stiffened. I started shaking as his memories, starting from when he he saw me flash my hand out and going backwards from their, flashed through my mind, anger beginning to fuel me as they played in front of my eyes.

I didn't let him go until I couldn't stand the memories I was seeing, wrenching my hand from him, causing him to drop like stone, completely unconscious and unlikely to awaken again – he'd live, though, as I hadn't taken everything. I looked at the other three, who were standing where he'd left them, shocked and horrified to see what I'd done to their leader. However, as they glanced at me, and then looked at Angela behind me, I could see that they weren't about to let us go – or, rather, it was unlikely that they'd let her go.

I saw the tanned blond look at the other two, making a small motion at them before walking towards me, pulling out a switchblade as he did so. I almost felt insulted – did he really thing that would help him? Apparently, he did, for he tried to attack me with it. I grabbed the hand he held it in with my gloved one – I had no desire to see his memories, on top of the ones that I'd already saw. Squeezing with just a bit of strength, I easily broke bones in his hand, much to his surprise.

I saw movement from behind him; the other two had begun to move towards Angela, taking advantage of my distraction. I didn't hesitate, bringing up my leg and sharply kicking tanned blond's chin with a high kick – his head snapped back quickly, too quickly, a squirt of blood fly up from his mouth as the bones in his jaw and neck snapped loudly. I let him drop, snatching the knife from the air as it slipped from his limp hand. I quickly flung it at the balding business man, where it found it's mark just above his knee. I watched him drop to the ground in pain before turning to the zit faced one, whose face had drained of all color upon seeing just how easily I had downed the other three.

He swallowed harshly, looked at me with fear in his eyes, before his gaze looked at Angela once again, as if he was calculating if it was worth trying to go for her. I didn't give him a chance to even try, walking straight to him and backhanding him across the area, straight into a light post, which his legs hit harshly. The action of his legs hitting the light post was illuminated by a set of headlights that had suddenly appeared, belonging to a silver Volvo that was speeding towards our direction, and, for the first time since I'd seen the men, all tension left my body.

I hurried over to Angela, stopping for a moment to pick up the glove I'd dropped so that I could replace it. I noticed that she was no longer looking at the street sign as I had instructed – instead, her eyes were wide as they took in the scene I'd left. Three unconscious men and one injured that was pitifully crawling away from the scene, a slight trail of blood being left in his wake.

"You okay?" I asked. She nodded faintly, looking as though she was barely holding up. I extended my mental shield over her as I heard the door of the car open.

"Bella, Angela," the male voice of the car owner said, and I turned for a moment to glance at him, seeing him take in the scene around us as well.

"Edward," I said, bending to grab the bags I'd set down. I made sure to grab the ones that Angela had dropped as well, not wanting any hints that we'd been there. The two guys who were still alive and able to awaken may be able to describe us, but I doubted it would do any good once their DNA was matched to those of unsolved cases. They'd most likely realize that the results of their injuries were more than deserved.

I placed a hand around Angela's arm, pulling her over to the Volvo, and pushing her into the back seat with the bags before getting in myself. Edward followed moments later, a puzzled expression on his face as he took in my too calm expression. Still, he backed up and turned the car around, heading towards the public area of the town.

Now's not the time to ask questions, Edward I mentally told him, before he cold open his mouth. He glanced over at me, clearly not liking that he wasn't allowed to as anything, but didn't say anything. Just head to La Bella Italia. We were supposed to meet Jessica and Lauren there, and we're probably very late. I sighed, another thought occurring to me. They've probably already eaten, too, which means that we'll be heading straight back to my house after that... Oh, that car ride is not going to be pleasant.

Edward pulled up to La Bella Italia, right as I saw the backs of Lauren and Jessica walking away from the steps leading to the door. Pushing open the door, I called to them, gaining their attention. They turned, Jessica relieved and Lauren mad, upon hearing my voice. The expressions fell from their faces as surprise took over to seeing who was with me as Edward and Angela – looking more composed, though I doubted that she was actually reflecting what was going on through her head – stepped up behind me.

"Hey, guys," I said. "Sorry about losing track of the time. We just ran into Edward, and I started talking."

"Oh, it's no problem," Jessica said, while Lauren sneered at at me; I got the feeling that she not only didn't believe what I'd just said, but that she wasn't happy to know that Edward had been willing to 'secretly meet with me', as she was probably thinking as what had happened. I didn't care if she thought that, though, as anyone with an ounce or brains would realize that, if I was trying to set up a secret date with him, I would've tried to talk Angela out of coming with me.

"I hope you don't mind if I join you guys," Edward said in a silken, irresistible voice. I could see, from the staggered expressions on their faces, that this was a side of him they'd never seem.

"Sure," Lauren said, a new look crossing her face as she eyed Edward like he was her favorite meal.

"Actually, we already ate while we were waiting," Jessica said, slightly more coherent than Lauren.

"Well, I'm kind of hungry," I said, frowning lightly.

"So am I," Angela said.

"Do you two mind if I drive Bella and Angela home tonight? That way, you won't have to wait while they eat," Edward offered.

"Um, no problem, I guess..." Jessica said slowly, biting her lip as she tried to figure out whether I minded the plan or not.

"That's all right with me," I said. "Let me just go get mine and Angela's things from Jessica's car."

"Okay," Edward said. Angela just stood there, letting the two of us decide on what was going to happen and not arguing. Perhaps it was because her emotions were on edge at the moment; maybe it was because she knew that the two would try and grill her about what actually happened, and she didn't want to think about what had almost happened. Goodness knew what it was that she actually saw me do – I had no idea at what point she'd stopped doing what I'd said and begun watching me. I didn't know what of it that she even saw; that was something that I'd have to find out.

I followed the two over to Jess's car, grabbing the bags from the trunk and said bye to Jess as I turned and walked back over to Edward. He took the bags from me and placed them in the car while Angela and I walked up the steps through the front door of the restaurant.

It wasn't very crowded – it was the off-season in Port Angeles, so there were only a few others dining at the moment. The décor of the place was pretty tasteful, all full of soft colors and dark lacquered wood tables. The main dining area was set up in three different sections, with a slight cloud of smoke floating over the section the nearest to a set of doors that led to an outside pavilion. Clearly, that was the smoking area.

The host for tonight was female, so I completely understood the look she gave Edward once he arrived and ushered us in front of her. She glanced at both Angela and I dismissively, as if judging us and deciding that neither of us were with him as she greeted him a little bit more warmly than necessary. I hid a scowl, looking her over instead. She was several inches taller than me, closer to Edward's height, with unnaturally blonde hair in need of a touch up – I could see the dull brown near her roots.

"A table for three?" Edward asked, his voice alluring, whether he was aiming for it or not. Her eyes flickered to the two of us again, and I took Edward's hand with my own in a rather bold move, entangling my gloved fingers with his cold ones. If he was surprised at the motion, he didn't act like it; he simply closed his fingers over mine in a gentle hold.

"Please make the table a private one," I said. "We don't want any unnecessary interruptions."

Her eyes widened, and I almost laughed, able to tell what it was that she was obviously thinking. As it was, I did roll my eyes, putting my other hand on Angela's shoulder and leaning in to say something to her seeing that she was confused by my words as well.

"It's so that we can talk without worrying about someone undesirable overhearing us," I whispered to her, as the hostess shook off her shock.

"This way," she said, leading us past the first section. I saw her glancing at one of the tables big enough for a family of four to sit at as we passed it; clearly, she wanted to seat us there. However, since it had already been aired, she knew that she could, not unless she wished for us to have a cause to speak to her boss. Instead, she led us around a partition to a small ring of booths, all empty.

"How's this?" she asked, motioning to the first booth, right behind the partition.

"We'd like that one, actually," I said, pointing to a corner one, where there would be no way she could spy on us without being seen. She frowned, glaring at me, making it clear that she had been thinking about doing something like that. I ignored her, though, walking over to the booth I'd chosen with Angela and Edward following. The hostess reluctantly followed as I let Angela slide in first before sitting down myself at one end, leaving Edward to take the opposite end.

"Thank you," Edward said, flashing the hostess a gleaming smile, dazing her momentarily as she set the menu's down.

"Um," she said, shaking her head, blinking, "your server will be right out." She walked away unsteadily, and I laughed lightly once she'd disappeared.

"That wasn't very nice of you, Edward," I said, still laughing.

"It wasn't all that nice of you to do what you did," he said, though his eyes showed that he was amused over the way I'd taken control. I shrugged.

"At least I didn't dazzle her," I said. "And even you have to admit, she wasn't planning on putting us anywhere where we could speak without worrying about being overheard. Admit it, she was thinking about how she just had to keep an eye on you."

He looked confused at my words as I passed a menu to Angela and took one for myself. However, in his confusion, I could see that there was also a guarded look.

"I dazzle people?" he said.

"What did you think you did?" I asked. He didn't answer, and I looked over at Angela to see how she was fairing. She looked a bit better than she had outside, looking over the menu in her hand. I wouldn't lie; I was bit amazed at how she was handling what had almost happened and what she'd seen – even if she hadn't seen what I'd done, the aftermath wasn't exactly pretty to look at either. When she looked at me, I saw that she wasn't freaked out at all, and was about to ask her about it when I heard footsteps heading our way.

My head spun to see a server walking towards us, her face expectant; clearly the hostess had dished about Edward. This new girl didn't look the least bit disappointed as her eyes raked Edward. She flipped of strand of short black hair behind one ear and smiled with unnecessary warmth; I also noticed that she ignored Angela and eye resolutely.

"Hello, my name is Amber, and I'll be your server tonight," she said, introducing herself to Edward and Edward only. I caught the slight emphasis on 'your' when she spoke. "What would you like to drink?"

Edward pointedly looked at me, and I looked over to Angela.

"Um, root beer," she said, making it sound a bit like a question.

"Two root beers," I told the waitress. She ignored me.

"Three root beers," Edward said to her, still looking at me. I saw her write something down.

"I'll be right back with that," she told him, another unnaturally warm smile on her face. His eyes didn't even flicker to her as she left.

"Amber better learn some manners when she comes back," I said. "It's rather rude of her to ignore a customer – I wonder what her boss would think if they knew that she was doing that."

"You plan on causing trouble for her?" he asked.

"Not if she get's some manners," I said, shrugging. "It won't bother me if she loses her job because she was hoping to score with you."

I bit my lip after that, slightly startled to hear the slight jealousy in my voice at the idea of that happening. Thankfully, Angela then spoke, saving me from whatever Edward might have to say.

"So, you're the mind reader that Bella mentioned was at the school," Angela said. Edward turned to her, a look of shock on his face that had me wanting to laugh. I couldn't help but like the blunt way she had said that, especially when faced with Edward's expression. As it was, I could see that he wanted to deny her words, but I spoke before he could.

"Yes, he is," I said.

"Well, I guess that explain why you never dated anyone at the school," she said. I could tell that her calm acceptance staggered him, since I had the feeling that he hadn't realized that his mind reading could be attributed to something other than him being a vampire; in fact, I had the feeling that he was just waiting for her to mention something about being that next, but she simply began looking through her menu, probably to find something to eat. I did the same, waiting for Edward to shake off his shock.

Since it didn't take me long to find what I wanted to eat, I was able to watch as her exact words – as well as mine – made their way through his brain completely, for he turned to me then.

"I've known that you were a mind reader from the first day of school," I told him, before he could do anything to deny what I was saying, or ask me how I'd found out. I would have continued, but the server started heading back to us, and I looked over at her as she placed all three root beers in front of Edward, not bothering to give the individual cups to the other two people at the table.

"Are you ready to order anything?" she asked Edward, once again ignoring Angela and I. Edward, however, didn't answer her, looking pointedly at me.

"Bella? Angela? Have you decided yet?" he asked us, forcing the unwilling server to turn in our directions as well. She let a scowl cross her face as we ordered, having both decided on the four cheese ravioli with sauce, which she wrote down quickly before turning to Edward, the scowl gone.

"And can I get anything for you?" she asked him, suggestion dripping from her words, as she leaned forward an inch, trying to draw his attention down her shirt, which had been unbuttoned at the top, allowing a hint of cleavage to show to anyone who may want to see. Edward didn't even look at her as he said no, and she pouted and stalked away, clearly unsatisfied. I wondered exactly how many others had taken the invitation she'd offered – from the way she was acting, I had the feeling that Edward was the first not to take advantage of looking over her bared skin.

"How did you find out?" Edward asked me, once she was gone. He spoke low enough that only those at the table could hear. I snorted at him.

"You actually thought that you hid it?" I stated, then shook his head. "The mental shield around my mind can feel attacks to it. I could feel it every time you tried to enter my mind. And I know that it was you, because you'd also react every time I let the down."

He sighed.

"And you told Angela?" he said.

"Only to explain why I was spreading my shield out over her," I said. "I ended up having to tell her after mentioning that I'd been shielding her since the accident when I explained everything else to her."

"Everything else?" he asked. I sighed. It was clear that, by the tone of his voice, he was thinking about how I'd managed to save Angela and I from both the van, and those men – obviously, he had seen, through Angela's mind, what I'd done. At least, I suspected it.

"Yeah," I said. I didn't say much more, though, making it clear that the ball would be in his court. And he'd have to ask if he wanted to know – my shield was still around Angela's mind, so he couldn't get his answers from her if he tried to.

I could see that all of this had occurred to him, and he seemed to understand that what his only choices were. His eyes glanced around quickly, and he looked at me.

"Bella, what was that that you did to the one..." he trailed off, not quite sure what to call the guy.

"To the one bastard?" I suggested helpfully, and he nodded. Another sigh came from me, before I began explaining my unique primary ability, and how it worked. He looked fascinated upon hearing it, especially when I mentioned that the ability allowed me to copy those of others. I could see, in his eyes, that he was beginning to put together the pieces of just how I'd managed to stop Tyler's van, and cause him to stumble and not hurt myself when I'd hit him. Of course, I doubted he'd actually mention the last bit out loud, since it was clear that he was able to understand the fact that I'd painted him as another mutant like myself.

I could tell that he didn't realize that I'd done so because of the fact that Angela wasn't supposed to know about that. As far as he knew, I didn't have a clue on what he actually was, which relieved him.

"Bella?" Angela asked, once I'd finished telling Edward everything. I looked over to her, seeing an anxious expression upon her face.

"Yes?" I asked.

"What did you see?" she asked me, slightly haltingly. "What was it that had you so...angry back there?"

I froze, not having expected the question. A glance at Edward showed that he was just as curious for the answer.

"I pretty much saw all of his most treasured memories," I said, the disgust in my voice making it clear what I thought about them. "And lets just say... We wouldn't have been any of their first victims. In fact, I'm sure that, once the police find them, they won't be seen in society ever again." Especially the two.

"But what if they get away from there?" Angela asked.

"The one I touched most likely won't ever wake up, the second one I went up against, the one who originally had the knife, he's...well, when I kicked him, I put way to much force in it. It snapped his neck; he's dead. The third one, the one I threw the knife at, with the way the knife went through his leg... even if he manages to move far away enough, he's going to leave a trail of blood leading to wherever he stops at, as the knife wound it too deep to heal alone . As for the last one, he's most likely in shock right now; the angle at which he hit the pole not only shattered the bones of his hips and thighs, but the fall to the ground probably cracked a few others," I told her. Her eyes widened upon my admittance that I'd killed at least one of them, but she didn't appear too freaked out over it – I suspected that, knowing what it was that they would have most likely done to us, was what was helping keep her from freaking out over what I had done to them.

Amber walked up then, giving Angela and I our plates before turning to look back at Edward, smiling invitingly at him once again.

"Are you sure that you don't want anything?" she asked him, her voice heavy with suggestion upon the last word.

"No, thanks," he said, his eyes still on me as he all but ignored her. She glared at me upon realizing that he wasn't paying her any attention, the stomped away like a spoiled princess not getting her way.

"I really don't think that she liked your answer very much," I stated, picking up my fork to begin eating.

"She doesn't," Edward answered automatically. I rolled my eyes as I took a bite, glancing out from the corner of my eye to make sure that Angela was still doing all right. Thankfully, she was, though I noticed that she had attacked her soda without me realizing it, the empty glass pushed towards the center of the table. She was also shivering from the cold that the drink had caused.

"Here," I said to her, looking around for her sweater. I was confused when I didn't find it, until I remembered that I hadn't grabbed it. Once I realized that, I pulled off my own sweater, handing it over to her. She took it and pulled it on, her shivers stopping as the warmth from my body helped heat up her own. I was the one shivering now; the restaurant was a bit on the chilly side, which I wasn't expecting.

"Here," Edward said, handing me his own jacket, which I took. It was cold, as though he hadn't just been wearing it, and I shivered for a few moments until my body heat got rid of the chill within it. I didn't really pay attention to that, though, my eyes roving over Edward instead. I'd never really paid attention to what he wore before, more interested in his face than clothes. I rectified the fact now, though, taking in the light tan turtle neck shirt that silently emphasized his slight muscular form. The shirt, though plain, looked to be of designer origin, as did the beige jacket I wore. It looked good on him, though I wondered why he wore such a light color.

"Bella," Edward said, and I looked up to his face, holding back a blush at the fact that he might have caught me. "How come you had Angela do what she did while you faced those monsters?"

"You mean, why did I have her screaming out where we were in her mind?" I clarified.

"Yeah," he said, nodding.

"I thought I saw your car earlier, while we were on our way to the first bookstore," I said, shrugging. "The license plate, from what I could see, looked the same, anyway. And, since I knew that you were a mind reader, I hoped that you were not only still around, but that you're range was pretty large. I'd also hoped that you would pay attention if you caught the sound of someone screaming in their minds. I know that it's probably something that isn't a usual thing, and it would make me curious if I had your ability."

I shrugged, taking another bite of my food.

"So that's why you were looking at the Volvo the way you were," Angela said. I nodded my head. "It didn't even occur to me to think that it might be Edward. I mean, considering what a tourist trap Port Angeles is, I just assumed that it belong to either a local or someone from out of town or state."

"It wasn't like I said anything," I said, shrugging. "Truthfully, the only reason why you now know that it's Edward who's the mind reading is because there really isn't any way to hide it anymore."

"I know," Angela said. "I remember what you said when you first mentioned that there was a mind reader at the school."

"What did you say?" Edward asked.

"I told her that I wouldn't tell her who it was," I said to him. "It wasn't my place to do so. However, because I'd rather had not have you asking about my abilities, I would shield her mind so that you couldn't."

"Oh," he said, and it was silent once again. It stayed that way up until Angela and I had finished our food – Edward, not wanting to waste the glass of root beer he'd gotten, gave it to Angela once he not only noticed her empty one, but the fact that our server was ignoring the fact that it was there. The look I gave Edward when he did that told him that he had better hope the girl didn't piss me off anymore.

Don't bother tipping her, as she had not earned it I sent to him as he waved her over.

"Check, please?" he asked, before she could continue her 'offers' to get him anything he wanted.

"Here you go," she stated, handing him the receipt book over placing it onto the table – I got the feeling that she'd written down her number on the receipt, and wanted to make sure he got it. She was disappointed one again as he took a card from his wallet and placed it in the book, handing it back to her without looking at it. She growled quietly before stalking away, this time in a way that suggested that she was giving up on trying to get him to notice her.

"Okay, I have to know. What was she thinking then?" I asked him.

"She's decided that I have to be gay to have not only been ignoring her, but also because I didn't bother taking her offer of her phone number," he stated. I rolled my eyes.

"And the fact that you're here with two girls..." I stated.

"Oh, she's already decided that there's no way I'm going out with either of you two," he said. "Not only because of the way we have been interacting with each other, but also because of the fact that she can't see anyone going out with either of you two, or choosing either of you over her."

"So, she's a bitch with a complex stating that there no way any man she find worth herself would chose someone other than her," I said.

"Pretty much," he said. "Not that I can understand it. The both of you are a lot more beautiful than she is."

"Thank you," Angela stated, while I blushed, not expecting the compliment. I could see it in his eyes that, while he hadn't been lying about Angela being beautiful, he believed that I was even more so that she was. I was glad he was kind enough not to actually say that out loud.

"So, I guess it's time to head home," I stated, as Amber came back out, handing Edward the check again so that he could sign the receipt and then leaving, all without any attempt at flirting as she'd done before.

"Yeah," he stated. We all stood up, heading to his car, where I got into the front seat while Angela got into the back.

"Just head to my house," I told him. "Angela sleeping over at my house."

"Will do," he stated, and we were off.

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