"May I present to you, Princess Roslinda of Costa Luna!" the tall guard said as Rosie gracefully made her way down the grand staircase in the country side castle of King Felix.

The ballroom was filled with Kings, Queens, Princes, and Princesses. Every eye was on her for the moment as she made her grand entrance. She smiled politly until she had finally reached the bottom of the staircase and the guard at the top introduced another royal. Rosie hated these parties. Everything was so formal and fake. Everyone in the room thought that just because they wer born into a royal blood line that they were better then everyone else. They wouldn't be caught dead socializing with anyone with the status lower then that of a duke or dutchess. It made Rosie sick to see all of them in the tuxedos and ball gowns, drinking champagne and talking about their wealth in one way or another.

Just a year ago Rosie was no different. Status meant everything to her and she would go out of her way to let everyone know who she was and what she had. Wealth and popularity were just a few perks that came along with being a princess. Rosie would love taking a carriage ride through Costa Luna and watch as everyone on the streets would stop and bow down as she passed. She liked the feeling of power that she had over them. However that was before the tragedy that not only took the lives of her mother and father but changed her life forever. That was before Carter...

Chapter 1

Rosie awoke to the sound of loud banging coming from the first floor of the castle. Concerned, she grabbed her robe from the beside table and climbed out of her large bed. The marble floor was cold beneath her feet as she tip toed down the long hallway. The walls were adorned with paintings of the kings and queens of the past, also known as her ancestors. Rosie couldn't wait until she could walk down this hallway and see a grand painting of herself hanging on the wall.

Rosie's thoughts were interrupted by her father's voice. "If you want Costa Luna, you will have to kill me first!" Her father said through gritted teeth. A second voice that Rosie did not recognize filled the hall with laughter. Rosie had finally reached the stair case and could see guards holding her mother and father while a man that she did not recognize paced in front of them, a row of guards holding large guns standing behind him. "Well you heard his majesty!" the man said turning and facing the row of guards, "Kill him!". Without hesitation the guards pointed their guns and began firing.

Before she could stop herself, Rosie let out a terrified scream as her mother and father fell to the floor. The guards stopped firing upon hearing the scream and the man that had been talking to her father smiled up at her. "Ah, Princess roslinda" He said in a tone that made Rosie's blood run cold, "How nice of you to join us!". With tears streaming down her face rosie took off running back to her room. "Get her!" The man yelled. Rosie could hear the guards footsteps coming up the stairs as she ran down the hall.

She pushed her bedroom open and slid inside, locking it behind her. Panic began to set in as she looked for a way out. A loud bang came from the bedroom door as the gaurds had finally caught up with her. She let out another scream as the guards began pushing against the door, fighting to get inside. Her heart was racing and fear surged through her body.

Without warning the glass of the large window behind her shattered and a black figure stepped inside. Rosie backed up as the figure came towards her. "Wh-who are you?" rosie said as she fell back onto her bed and scrambled to get away from the man dressed in black. The figure reached up and pulled the black mask from his face. "I am agent Mason with the PPP" He said, "Come with me princess".

He held out his hand and for a moment Rosie was afraid to trust him. That was, until she heard the gun being fired at her bedroom door. Rosie quickly grabbed agent Mason's hand and he pulled her to the window. "Hold on tight" he siad wrapping on arm around her and grabbing onto a rope that was hanging just outside of the window. Before rosie could process what was going on, her feet left the ground. The streets and tree tops of Costa Luna were flying by underneath her. She looked above them and saw a helicopter and the brown eyes of agent Mason. "Its ok Rosie, I've got you" he said seeing the look of fear and confusion on her face. Then everything went black.

When she woke up rosie was lying in a small bed in unfamiliar place. The walls were a dull gray color and there were no windows, only a single door a few feet away from her. Rosie let her feet hit the cold linoleum, the memories of the previous night came rushing back to her. The image of her parents being shot right before her eyes embeded itself in her mind. Tears poured from her eyes and she began sobbing uncontrollably. Her parents were dead.

Just then the door flew open and a older woman came strolling in. "Princess Roslinda" she said, her raspy voice echoing off of the grey, brick walls, "Follow me please". The lady turned and walked out, not bothering to wait on the Princess. Rosie wiped her tears away and followed the lady down a dimmly lit hallway. The lady opened one of the nearly hundred doors on the hall. "This way please!" she said as she held the door for the Princess.

The office was small and like everywhere else was poorly lit. The lady walked around to the other side of the desk and sat down and motioned for Rosie to take the other chair across from her. Rosie hesitantly sat down and looked up at the lady. "I am agent Johnson of the Princess Protection Protection Program" she said coldy. Rosie went to ask the lady what the hell the Princess Protection Program was but was silenced when the lady put up her hand and continued.

"The PPP is a top secret military organization devoted to the protection of the young Princesses of the world. You have never heard of us because that is the way we like to run things. After you recieve your relocation information that I am about to give you, you may never speak of this place again. Are we clear?" the woman said glaring across the desk at Rosie. Rosie gulped and nodded her head. Her hands were shaking with fear and her heart began to race. "From now until further notice you will be known as Rosie Mason. You are being relocated to Louisiana to the home of Major Mason. You will go to school and do as Major Mason tells you and we update him periodically on the situation in Costa Luna. You must not tell anyone your true identity and must never discuss the PPP with anyone other then Major Mason".After a few days of being transformed from Princess Roslinda into Rosie Mason, she was finally ready to be relocated.