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Six hours later Major Mason stumbled in through the back door, arms full of shopping bags with Rosie and Carter just two steps behind him. "I had no idea that it took this much stuff to get two girls ready for a dance!" Major Mason said the three of them climbed the stairs up to Carter's room. "That's because you are a guy Major mason" Rosie said. "Yeah dad, You throw on a tux and walk out the door" Carter added. Major Mason placed the bags on the floor in front of Carter and Rosie's beds. "Not true!" Major Mason said turning to defend himself. "Oh yeah?" Carter said as she too placed her shopping bags on the floor. "Yeah!" Major Mason said matter of factly, "Sometimes I put on cologne!". "Oooo!" Rosie said smiling, "I am so sorry we left off an extra two seconds!".

Major Mason turned to her with a small smirk on his face. "You are starting to sound like my daughter!" He said. "You have learned well young grasshopper!" Carter said crossing her arms and slowly bowing. Major Mason just shook his head and turned to walk out. "Costa Luna gives me their princess and I'm sending them back a punky teenager" He mumbled as he exited the room. "I heard that!" Rosie yelled out after him as he closed the door.

"I'm exhausted!" Carter said collapsing onto her bed. "Me too!" Rosie said, "I never knew actual shopping could be so much fun and so hard at the same time!". Rosie fell back beside Carter and stared up at the ceiling. Carter sat up on her elbows and raised an eyebrow as she looked at Carter. "You mean you've never been shopping?" Carter asked. Rosie sat up and shook her head. "No, I usually just have someone go shopping for me but most of the time everything is custom made for me by the palace staff" Rosie said as if it were common knowledge. Carter just shook her head. "Must be nice not having to go to the grocery store or have to carry around heavy shopping bags" Carter said, "You are so lucky, what else do you not have to do? Compare my life with yours".

"Well for starters, I never have to go to an actual school. I have a tutor that comes to the palace three days a week. In fact I've already completed my studies" Rosie said. "No school? I would kill to be able to do that!" Carter said, "What else?". Rosie thought for a second. "I basically go to a prom every other night only minus the fun" Rosie said. "Why would you do that to yourself?" Carter said, "I'm freaking out getting ready for one night". Rosie laughed.

"I don't have a choice" She said, "If I didn't go then it could possibly ruin relations with the other royals and hurt costa luna in the future and that is just not an option". "Wait, so these things are like work basically right?" Carter asked. "Yes" Rosie said, "Everything that a princess does is for the good of her country. One mistake could have massive consequences". Carter thought all of this sounded miserable. Suddenly Rosie shot up. "What? Whats wrong?" Carter said.

"I leave in two days" Rosie said facing Carter. Suddenly Carter felt her heart drop. "I have to start going through these profiles and choose a prince. I have to get married in a few months." Rosie stood up from the bed and walked across the room to her night stand. She opened the drawer and pulled out the giant stack of photos. "I have completly forgotten about this" Rosie said as she sunk down onto her own bed, "I have been wasting my time". Carter sat up and looked over at Rosie.

"Wasting your time?" Carter said, "Is that what has been going on here?". Rosie didn't even look up at her as she began spreading the photos out in front of her. "Yes, I have let myself get distracted from my duties" Rosie said. Now Carter was just angry. "So I'm a distraction" Carter said as she stood up from her bed, "Well don't mind me princess, I won't bother you anymore". Carter turned and stormed out of the room, leaving rosie alone in the room. Rosie felt a stab in her heart at Carter's words but she took a deep breath and began flipping through the photos.

Carter walked outside and went over to the swing they had sat down at earlier that day. She sat down and crossed her arms over her chest and bit her bottom lip. "I can't believe she said that" Carter said outloud to no one in particular. "I'm a princess, I'm gonna marry a prince, I don't have time to be distracted by little peasents like you" Carter said trying her best to mock every single princess she had ever had the unfortunate pleasure of meeting.

Rosie just sat on her bed and stared at the photos in front of her. There were so many of them, some she knew, others she didn't. She felt like throwing up. The past week had just been so different from her normal life that she let herself forget that she had things that needed her attention. For a few days she forgot that she had all of this pressure on her shoulders. For the next two hours rosie poured herself into the task at hand, choosing a prince.

After two hours of talking to herself like a crazy person, Carter walked inside and back up to her room to find Rosie staring at five photos pinned to the wall. "I don't mean to distract you princess but have you choosen a husband yet?" Carter said sarcastically as she pulled the covers back on her bed. Her tone did not go unnoticed by rosie. "I'm sorry Carter" rosie said, "I did not mean to offend you with what I said". Carter rolled her eyes. "Of course I'm going to get offended by what you said!" Carter snapped back as she turned and climbed into her bed, "My girlfriend just called me a distraction!".

Carter and Rosie both froze. Rosie turned and looked over her shoulder at Carter. "What did you just call me?" Rosie said as she swallowed hard. Carter couldn't speak. She was fumbling for words, wishing she could take back what she had just said. Rosie turned around and looked at Carter who was sitting straight up in her bed. "My girlfriend" Rosie repeated over and over in her head. She couldn't ignore the small leap her heart did hearing Carter call her that. Unfortunatly, that was something that could never happen.

Carter just stared at Rosie, half of her praying that Rosie would just go about her business as if nothing happened and the other half praying that Rosie would just climb into the bed with her and hold her and tell her that she loves her and that everything is going to be ok.

"Carter, I can't be your..." rosie said trailing off, unable to finish the sentence outloud. "Just forget I said anything" Carter said, "It was stupid, I didn't mean it". Rosie just nodded. She was a pro at hiding what she really felt. "Good, then it's settled then" Rosie said as she slowly nodded her head, "Good night Carter". Carter just rolled over and turned off the lamp beside her bed.

Rosie turned back to the area of wall that had five prince's photos pinned up. She had to make a decision and fast. However, if she was completly honest with herself, she had already made a decision. The person she wanted wasn't on of the five prince's she was staring at. No, instead it was the young brunette that laying in the bed just across the room. Rosie shook her head, trying to block out thoughts of Carter. Her eyelids were heavy so she decided to call it a night. Tomorrow was the last day of prom queen elections. Even though it seems as though Carter wasn't speaking to rosie, Rosie was still going to do everything in her power to help Carter win. If anyone deserved it, it was Carter. "She's beautiful, caring, gentle, and just...amazing" Rosie thought to herself as she climbed into her own bed and turned out the light, "I am in way over my head".