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Summary: Elena isn't the doppleganger, she's Katherine's younger twin sister. How does this change the story?

Okay, this story was stared a while ago, and, while I haven't been updating it a whole lot, I can honestly say that I'm doing okay on it - it's not like the two VD stories that I just took down. I'll fill you in on all of the particulars within the first few chapters of this story.


Bulgaria, 1490

"Please mother, let me see her," Katerina Petrova said, holding out her hands for the child she had just painstakingly delivered. Her father, who had been standing just outside of the room, stepped in. He looked angered as he saw his wife going to hand the child over to Katerina.

"Woman, don't! What are you doing?" he asked her, reaching for the child himself. His wife handed it to him.

"Let me hold her at least once…just once," Katerina begged, tears in her eyes as she watched her father head towards the door. He gave her a look of the deepest loathing.

"Forget it! You have disgraced this family." He walked straight out of the room, ignoring Katerina as she cried out for him to come back.

"Father." The quiet voice, one that held the same tones as Katerina's, but was more respectful, called towards him. He turned towards his other daughter, the more respectful of the twins, Elena.

"Father, please," she whispered, though a part of her knew that it was useless. She had been trying to get her father to change his mind for months now, ever since they all found out that Katerina was pregnant, but her father – one of the wealthiest men in Bulgaria – was more concerned about propriety and imagine over family.

He glared at her, though his love for her was mixed with it. He couldn't be mad at his golden child; it wasn't possible. But that didn't mean that he wasn't angry at her suggestion, one that she had been trying to get him to change his mind to for weeks.

"No, Elena," he said, his anger palpable. She shrank back – unlike her sister, she was shyer, softer than Katerina, delicate in a way one wouldn't expect. Elena was an anomaly, unexpected but not unwelcome. She was sweet and loyal. However, her loyalty had a fault – it was Katerina she was most loyal to, Katerina whom she usually agreed with. Katerina whom she protected often.

Of course, Katerina was just as loyal to Elena. Katerina, as wild and selfish as she was, would do just about anything for Elena. Just as Elena always agreed with Katerina, just as she always protected Katerina, Katerina protected Elena; maybe even more so, with Elena's obvious softness.

However, after this, after Katerina's obvious disregard to the family, that loyalty would soon shift. He hadn't told either of them yet, but Katerina wasn't going to be staying with the family much longer, and Elena would. Elena would be giving back to the family, as she should be.

Elena was going to be married once Katerina was gone. He had already picked out her suitor, Viktor Skarske, whom he expect she held some affection for. Why else would she and Katerina be around Victor so much.

Yes, a marriage between them would be he best thing to happen. Elena would rise up to such a challenge; Elena would realize that being loyal to Katerina was wrong. Elena wouldn't disappoint him as Katerina had.

Elena hurried towards the back bedroom, her sister's bedroom since they'd discovered she was pregnant. Their mother was hurrying from the room, tears clouding her eyes. Elena didn't have to ask what was wrong; she could hear Katerina's cries from where she stood.

She flung herself toward her sister, wrapping her arms around Katerina's shaking shoulders. Katerina grabbed the front of Elena's dress and pulled herself closer as she sobbed. She hadn't even gotten to hold her..

"What?" Elena gasped as her father loaded Katerina's things into a wagon. This could not be happening. Not only was her father disowning and kicking Katerina out of the family and Bulgaria, but he was going to force her to marry Viktor Skarske. She hated Viktor Skarske. He was the reason why Katerina had been pregnant to begin with, having attack her thinking she was Elena during a party. Elena knew this was true, and not just because her sister would never lie to her.

The attack had happened just outside her window, Viktor having carried Katerina's struggling body from the party to the first dark space he could find.

It had been dark, and she had been sick, that was the only reason why it had been Katerina who had been raped, not her. And yet, here was her father, selling her out to a rapist. They had told her father that it had been Viktor, both girls having recognizing his voice, but their father had ignored them, not believing them for a second.

Elena had already decided to stick with Katerina, no matter what happened. And this news solidified her decision.

"No," she said, running back into the house, where she quickly packed a bag, putting everything important to her in it. She thought about grabbing her journal as well, but decided to leave it. Maybe she would come back for it, once she was sure her father had realized the truth of what happened. She had, after all, written the attack down, how she had heard it from her window, unable to scream or move much.

She placed it on her bed, grabbing her bag and running out to the wagon, which was already halfway down the road. She quickly caught up and hopped in back, ignoring her father's protests as Katerina helped her up.

"Elena, no, you need to go back," Katerina said. She wanted her sister safe. Elena shook her head, and quickly told her what their father had said once Katerina had been sent off. Katerina's eyes widened at the fate her sister had almost had, and she didn't protest when Elena said she wanted to stay with her.

England, 1490

It had almost been two months since Katerina and Elena Petrova arrived in England, quickly becoming accustomed to their customs. They were also considered to be exotic, with their olive complexions, dark chocolate hair, and chocolate eyes. Everyone who met them often agreed that Katerina was the more vivacious of the two, with her hair often curled to perfection, and the brightly colored gowns she was prone to wear. However, Elena had admirer's of her own, with her pin straight hair often done up in elaborate styles that Katerina's hair couldn't hold, and the dark and richly colored gowns she wore.

Spring had arrived. A ball was being held, one in which the twins had been invited by the family who was charting them. Though they were disowned, that news hadn't been told to those in England – everyone assumed that the twins had been sent to visit. The fifteen years old knew that lying was wrong, but they had figured out quickly how to use their title to their advantages.

Katerina wore a gown of purple, with a white kirtle, dark red threading, and a red and purple beaded belt. Elena wore a gown of dark blue, with a blue kirtle, dark blue threading, and multi-toned blue beaded belt. Both wore headdresses, though Elena wore he's with her hair up in an intricate bun with thin braids . Katerina's wildly curled hair flowed down her back like a waterfall.

It had been several hours since the party had begun. Katerina, as she was prone to do, was one of the most sought after girls for the dances, Elena usually refusing to dance as what her custom. She stayed of the fringe of the party, watching for the time when her sister would tire so that they could get back home.

It was as she was heading towards the gardens that she ran into someone. Gasping, she looked towards them, an apology on her lips when it stuck in her throat. The man she had ran into was handsome, but that wasn't what caught her breath. The look in his eyes did. Everything about him screamed danger to her.

"I'm so sorry, miss," he said, his accent unidentifiable. He was looking at her with shock on his face, as if he was looking at a ghost. It was making her uncomfortable.

"It's alright. I was the one who wasn't watching where I was going. I shall be more careful next time." She bowed, and went to hurry away when he hand grabbed hers. She looked at him, startled.

"Wait," he said, "please. May I know your name, miss?" he sounded hopeful. She swallowed the lump in her throat, the one that said it wasn't a good idea to give him her name. Nonsense she thought to herself.

"I'm Elena Petrova, sir," she said, bowing again.

"Elena," he purred her name, and it scared her. "I'm Klaus, Klaus Gregovitch."

He brought her hand up to his lips, leaving a light kiss on her knuckles.

"Come, Join me in the gardens for a turn," he said, rather pleasantly, and yet, at the same time, Elena felt as if he had commanded her. And, perhaps it was just a trick of the light, but she could have sworn his pupils had just dilated…

She mentally shook her hand, gently pulling her hand from his.

"I'm sorry, but I have other plans," she said, noticing shock cross his face once more. She bowed once more and turned to leave, but he hand shot out once more, grabbing hers. However, he didn't say anything when she turned to him to demand that he leave her alone, for his eyes were looking in the direction she had been about to head in. She turned to see what had caught his attention, and saw Katerina, who had noticed them, walking toward them.

"Elena, come, it is time we get home," she said, sounding rather rude toward Klaus. She knew that she should have a bit nicer, but the guy wasn't leaving her sister alone. She wrenched her hand away from his, pulling Elena into her side as she hurried out the place toward the place they had been staying.

However, before they could make it, they were intercepted. Klaus, along with several of his 'friends' – his guard, really – inconspicuously surrounded them.

"Miss Petrova and Miss Petrova," he announced, gaining their attention. He looked deep into Katerina's eyes, apologizing for his rudeness towards Elena, then asked if they would like to board at his estate. Elena, having nothing but a bad feeling about such an adventure, hoped that Katerina would decline, but was disappointed when she did so.

However, she trusted her sister, and didn't deny when he held out his arm, her own coming up to wrap around it as he escorted her to a carriage. Katerina followed, being escorted by a man whom she head introduce himself as Elijah.

A loud beeping noise filled the room just then, waking it's occupant. The occupant – a single, young-looking woman – shot out of bed, a knife in her hand as she looked around for whatever it was that awoke her. It took her a few minutes to realize that it was her alarm on her phone, informing her that it was time to awaken.

Sighing, she grabbed the phone, turning the alarm off. She shook her straight hair out of her face, running her hand through the dark strands. It was then that she noticed a message on her phone. Curious, and worried, she quickly connected to her voicemail.

"You have one new message. Message one."

"Hey, I need you to go to Mystic Falls for me. John and Isobel have the device, but I think they've gone rogue. I need you to make sure that the Salvatores will live though it. Isobel is trying to have them killed. I would do it myself, but I your closer at the moment. Also, check on Mia for us. Just go by her house, and then wait for me at the inn. I'll see you soon, little sis."

The calm, cool voice of her older twin called her. Nothing was wrong with Katerina. Elena sighed once more, deleting the message on the phone as she thought about the dream that she had just had. No, not dream, she corrected herself. Memory. It was her memory, memories, of when her father had taken Katerina's baby away from her, banishing her from Bulgaria while informing Elena of her impending engagement and marriage to Viktor – the name left a bad taste in her mouth – to the first time she met Klaus and Elijah. A shiver ran through her as she remembered Klaus.

No she scolded herself, stopping herself before she could think of him. She hurried towards the bathroom, showering quickly before dressing in a pair of skin tight black pants, a purple velvet shirt with three-quarter sleeves, and black multi-strapped sandal with silver studs. Packing her bags, which didn't take long at all, for she only had one at the moment, she checked to make sure the necklace, bracelet, ring, and anklet that allowed her the power to walk in the sunlight were on – she only needed one, but having so many tended to confuse other vampires, as they never knew which one to grab – and walked out of the hotel she was in.

Katerina was right; Elena was closer to Mystic Falls that she was. And she would go, not only because her sister had asked her to, but because she would have the chance to see her sister, whom she hadn't seen since Katerina discovered Isobel, who knew who Katerina was.

It was just lucky that Elena had remained hidden.

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