It hurts….

At least he was sure that his head hurt so badly a few times ago…

Everything started blurring and faded to black.

"Ryang… Listen to me! Stay awake…"

He recognized that voice. Why do you keep yelling at me, Mungyeong? Just let me sleep and I won't feel the pain…

Now he felt that someone shook his shoulder.

"Hey, stop panicking! You're worsening the hemorrhage!"

There was another voice shouting.

Ah, it's Seho. I know it.

"Ryang, focus… Please stay awake..."

"Goddammit, where's the ambulance?"

"Don't close your eyes, I beg you, bastard… You can't leave me now… "

"Hey, the wounded student is over here… Please hurry up"

Vaguely, he could hear people's indistinct chattering voice and Mungyeong's sobbing when he shouted "Ryang" over and over again, and the ambulance sirens.

Then everything became really dark.