He saw a light.

And everything faded to white. When he opened his eyes he could hear a voice. It was Taeyong's, his sister-in-law.

"OMO, Ryang, you wake up! Honey, please call the nurse…"

And then he felt so doze off, and the sound became dim again.

The next day, he was sitting in his bed and looking at the doctor stood up in front of him.

"Mention the number of fingers I show you…"

He started making a peace sign.

"Two," he replied.

He added one more finger.


Then he showed all fingers in his right hand.

"You want to give me high five, Doc?" he teased the doctor.

The doctor smiled and ordered him to do something else, "Answer my questions!"

"Who are you?"

"Jaegal Ryang, a senior in high-school, going to start college in Hanyang next autumn…"

"Mention five names of animal which begin with letter "A""

"Ants, Antelope, Ancient Egypt cat, Ancient Chinese Dragon, Ancient Mongolian Horse"

The doctor giggled and stared at him.

Then he turned to Hun, his brother and Seho and Mungyeong who were also standing in the room.

"Surely, he will be fine… Don't be worry to much… I'll be back after the result of the last CT Scan come up" and he left the room with smile.

"You bastard, I thought you will die…" Mungyeong yelled at him.

"Stop sobbing, you pussy", Ryang teased him and Seho started giggling.

"Hey, I leave him to you guys… I have something to do with the prescription" said Hun.

Seho smiled, "Sure"

"Now could you give me water, Seho? And you, feed me with that apple… you guys are my guardian now"

Mungyeong grumbled in slow voice but still he peeled an apple for Ryang.

"By the way, do you guys know a girl with a long black hair and beautiful cute face… no I mean not that cute… because she looks so… what is the term… emmmm"

Seho and Mungyeong stared at him.

"NO, there is no way YOU or US could know such girl you wish" Mungyeong shouted.

Seho stunned for a while, but he chosen to say nothing, for the good he thought.

"Well, I guess I'm just dreaming then…" Ryang whispered, more like to himself.

Fuck, why does it feel so wrong?

Why do I feel so empty…?