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Chapter 1 Meet the Devil

The students eyed the clock anxiously as they waited for class to end. It was a beautiful day and many of them were planning on spending it outdoors with friends. It was a shame that it wasn't quite the weekend yet, or they would take the chance to spend the day at the nearby town. Then, freedom! With one last reminder to finish their homework, the students were able to rush out of the classroom to locate their other friends.

Only a lone figure took her time as she slowly packed away her belongings and headed out of the classroom, quite thankful that yet another day had finally come to an end. At least she could finally get away from all the taunting and teasing and just relax in her dorm. Hopefully no one would bother her today.

A group of students in the same year snickered at the girl as she walked past.

"Dame-Tsuna is so pathetic," a male student said with a smirk.

"If she wasn't so lame, then maybe people would actually want to hang out with her!" His female companion added with a sneer of her own.

A few others laughed as well, but grew bored when their teasing didn't elicit any response and continued on their way.

Tsuna sighed inwardly. She was used to this by now. Their petty insults didn't hurt her as much as they used to.

Such is the life of Dame-Tsuna.

Reborn was pissed.


Well, as he was trying to escape his suffocating classroom full of attention grabbing false admirers, his teacher called him back and asked if he could deliver a stack of files to the first years' teachers' lounge.

But don't get him wrong. Sure the task irked him a little, but that wasn't the reason he was so pissed off. Nor was it all the girls swooning and trying to flirt with him as he walked past.


The reason he was so irritated right now was the fact that he couldn't remember where the office was located.

What? He was human after all.

However, there was no way in hell that Reborn was about to admit to anyone that he had any flaws.

But the problem still remained. If he wasn't going to ask anyone to point out the office for him, then how was he doing to deliver the damn files?

Suddenly and idea popped into Reborn's head.

If he couldn't find the office, then he could just pass the job off onto someone who could.

Reborn smirked, causing all the girls in the hallway to squeal and whisper excitedly to their friends.

But Reborn ignored them in favor of looking for someone suitable enough to push his task onto. He had to find a smaller group so that he wouldn't be surrounded by a gaggle of girls and have to waste extra energy trying to get away.

Reborn rounded another corner and low and behold, a girl was walking slowly all by herself.


"Hey!" Reborn called out and jogged up a little to meet the girl. "Excuse me, but could you do me a favor?" He asked with a pleasant, forced, fake, and soft smile.

"Heh?" The girl stared at the raven, then looked around to see if he was talking to someone else.

Overall, Reborn thought that this girl was really unappealing. Unlike all the other girls in the school, the girl in front of him wore no make-up, her eyes were covered by her ridiculously long bangs, and her clothes were slightly baggy. In fact, it looked like she had no feminine curves at all.

But Reborn continued to smile despite her looks. He needed her to fall for him so that he could shove his work off onto her after all. "Well, I was wondering if you could take these files to the first years' office. I would do it, but I have a lot of work to take care of." Lie! But this girl would never know. Reborn widened his smile a little bit. "So would you please take care of it?"

"Sorry, but I can't," the girl replied bluntly.

It didn't show, but Reborn was in shock. No girl had ever so no to him before. He decided to try a different tactic. "Wow, you're kind of cute."

The girl raised an eyebrow at the boy. "Um…thanks?… Look, I've got to get going."

Double shock. How could this girl not fall for his charms! The girls he passed to get here were turning to mush just by Reborn walking past them! So how could this girl not feel…anything! But, this made Reborn smirk. "You're a strange one, aren't you?"

The brunette sighed. "Look, just continue down this hall and it'll be the fourth door on the left down from here, okay?"

Reborn raised an eyebrow this time and offered his own intelligent reply of, "huh?" It's a good thing they were the only two in the hallway.

The girl rolled her eyes. "The office? That's where it's located."

Reborn's eyes widened the tiniest amount. "How did you-"

"You really should have just asked," Tsuna cut the boy off.

"I know where the office was-"

"Everyone forgets stuff sometime," Tsuna continued, interrupting her senior again. "No one can be perfect and that's what makes us human… Well, bye." Tsuna started to walk past, but Reborn caught her wrist.

"You know, you're really interesting." Reborn smirked again, making Tsuna shiver to his delight. She probably was sensing that that smile was a bad omen. "For now on, you're going to be my subordinate."

Tsuna deadpanned. How selfish could you get? "How about not." She tried to pull away, but Reborn held on tight.

"You should be thankful that a member of the Arcobaleno Association is willing to make you their servant."

"Geh! Are you serious?" Tsuna paled a little. This situation was getting from bad to worse in a matter of seconds.

"Nice to see you know about the Arcobaleno." Reborn smirked again. He knew that he had won a big point in winning this argument.

But Tsuna surprised him again by continuing to fight back. "Hiiiiiee! I still don't want to work for you! Now. Let. Me. Go!"

"Too bad! I've taken an interest in you, so you are now my slave!"

"That's against human rights!" Tsuna yelled.

"Okay, then my pet."

"Why does that position keep getting lower?" Tsuna shouted frustrated.

"You can keep me entertained for a long time my new toy!" Reborn said with a mischievous grin, completely ignoring Tsuna's complaint.

"Don't ignore me you bastard! And why did that position drop again?"

"Yes, you'll definitely be a lot of fun."

"Don't ignore me you idiot! Dammit! Why is someone I just met doing this to me?"

"We can get to know each other as you work for me."

"Listen to what other people have to say! Don't just decide these things on your own!"

"Come on, let's go." Reborn started pulling the poor girl down the hall.

"Stop ignoring me you jerk!" Tsuna dug her heels into the ground in an effort to not be dragged around, but her feeble attempts were a waste of energy.


The duo turned around to see a blond standing at the hall entrance.

"Yo, idiot blond," Reborn called out half-heartedly. He didn't really like the other male.

Relief washed over Tsuna and she called out to her senior. "Ieyasu-senpai! Please help me!"

The blond frowned. "Reborn, what are you doing with Tsuna?"

"What's it look like? She's my new slave," Reborn replied cheekily.

The blond rolled his eyes. "Ha, ha, very funny. Now release her."

Reborn shrugged his shoulders. "Eh, I have other things to take care of for now anyways. I'll see you later strange girl."

The other two waited for the raven haired boy to disappear through a doorway before they both let out a huff. For Tsuna it was out of relief and the Ieyasu was out of weariness and slight frustration.

"You really should be more careful, Tsuna-chan," the blond said with a warm smile. "How did you even manage to grab his attention?"

"I don't know!" Tsuna huffed exasperatedly. "All I did was tell him where the office was because I didn't want to deliver those files for him."

"Aaah, I see now." The blond chuckled.

Tsuna turned to look at the blond. "Hey, Ieyasu-senpai, what did I do?"

"First, didn't you promise to call me Giotto when others weren't around?" The blond grimaced a little bit. "Really, it's like you don't want to remember that we're childhood friends."

"I-It's not that, Giotto!" Tsuna said quickly. "It's just…"

Giotto smiled again and ruffled the girl's hair. "I know, Tsuna. Come on, I decided I wanted to eat your home cooked meal for dinner today."

"What! You lazy moocher! Go make your own dinner!" Tsuna protested.

But Giotto only laughed and grabbed Tsuna's hand, tugging her toward the dorms.

Tsuna grumbled darkly under her breathe, but continued to make the dinner anyways.

Giotto laughed again. He knew Tsuna liked to be lazy and not cook if she could avoid it, but it was too much fun to tease her. That and her cooking was just about as good as her mother's.

"You know Tsu-tsu, I know the reason Reborn took an interest in you," Giotto said as her propped an elbow on the counter to support his head.

Tsuna raised an eyebrow in confusion. "Excuse me. Reborn?"

"The kid, who was trying to make you his servant earlier," Giotto explained.

"Oh? And what reason is that?" Tsuna asked sourly.

"It's because you were disinterested in him."


Giotto chuckled a little. "Unlike all the other girls in this school, you didn't fall for him with just one smile."

Tsuna huffed a little as she tossed the contents around in the frying pan. "Why should I fall for some stranger with a single fake smile?"

Giotto shrugged. "Well, most girls do. The same happens to me."

"But at least your smiles tend to be genuine, unless you're not having a good day. That Reborn guy looks like he doesn't smile kindly from the heart too often. Actually, he seems like the type to smirk dangerously a lot."

"Pfft. Smirk dangerously?"

"Yeah, you know. Like when he's thinking of someone else's demise or torturing them, or something."

Giotto broke out into a fit of laughter and nearly fell off his seat.

"What?" Tsuna asked indignantly.

"Nothing, nothing," Giotto assured the girl as he calmed himself. "It's just that, you're the only one I know who could get a good judge of character in one conversation. Reborn is exactly how you pinned him."

Tsuna shivered a little. "I'm going to have to avoid him carefully then."

"Yeah, you are." Giotto went back to his previous position so that he could continue watching Tsuna. He opened his mouth to continue their conversation when the door suddenly slammed open.


"Hey there, G." The blond gave the newcomer a short wave.

"You idiot! You skipped out on doing your paperwork again!" The red head yelled.

"Ha, ha, ha! Calm down G, I was trying to tell you that Giotto finished, but hid all the papers away so you couldn't find it!" A new voice chimed in.

"That's not any better, and you know it Ugetsu!" G shouted.

"What is this, open house?" Tsuna yelled.

Asari laughed. "Sorry to intrude like this Tsuna-chan."

G cooled down and offered the girl a calmer smile. "Sorry chibi, your idiot brother here just pissed me off."

"Story of your life," Tsuna sighed.

Giotto snorted, resulting in G slapping the back of his head.

"So what are you making?" Asari asked.

"Now I'm making three times as much," Tsuna grumbled.

"Ha, ha! Sorry," the raven said with a bright smile.

"I knew I'd extremely find you guys here," a calm voice said.

Giotto was going to tease Tsuna little bit, but noticed an eyebrow twitching dangerously and her grip on the pot growing tighter. Instead the blond turned toward his red headed friend. "I bet you 10,000 yen that the next person who walks through that door ends up with a frying pan in their face," he whispered behind his hand.

G snorted. "I bet it'll be either a pot or a knife."

"Deal!" The duo shook hands.

"Nufufufu, it seems to be quite rowdy in here."


Giotto snickered then turned to G. "You owe me ten thousand yen."

"Yeah, yeah, yeah." G rolled his eyes and handed the small wad of cash over.

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