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Chapter 28 Beat of the War Drums

"Voooii!" Squalo shouted over his shoulder. "Would you two keep up!"

Yamamoto laughed. "Sorry, we're coming now."

Levi huffed. "I'm only here for Xanxus-sama!"

Squalo rolled his eyes and marched onward. It wasn't worth pointing out, yet again, that Levi only ever replied with the same mantra. "Just get a move on. We have better fish to fry!"

The raven haired teen of the group laughed light heartedly. "That's a really good joke Squalo, because your name means shark right?"

"That wasn't a joke at all!" The silver haired male shouted, waving his sword around. "Can't you take this mission seriously dammit!"

Takeshi just laughed and laced his hands behind his head.

A sinister giggled cut through the group's antics. "Well look what we have here."

"Herbivores. I'll bite you to death." Hibari charged through yet another group of enemy combatants, plowing through like a hot knife through butter.

"Chrome checking in," the young female illusionist said into her mic. "The outer East section is nearly finished up. The cloud man and I will be heading inside to provide backup soon."

A sudden blast and a cloud of smoke drew everyone's attention off to the side.

"Foolish weaklings. I'll arrest all of you."

Alaude's frame came into appearance, having just blasted a large portion of the school's student body out of commission. Handcuffs flew out and took down the few remaining students for both the North and East sections.

Hibari turned to his brother in outrage. "You're invading my section. I'll bite you to death." The raven teen jumped forth and attacked his sibling.

Alaude narrowed his eyes. "It is you who has crossed over into my territory foolish brother."

Chrome sighed and pressed the little communications button on her device again. "Chrome checking in, both North and East section have been finished up. But the cloud men won't be available for a little while, please stand by."

Laughter rang out, but only the female bothered to look over to see who it was, as the two brothers were still engaged in combat.

"It looks like we have some pests wandering about our school grounds! This is a perfect chance to try out my new cannons!" A beefy sort of teenager shouted. He sported a mohawk, tiny eyes, and ridiculously big armor. The teenager laughed again, only to notice that no one was paying attention to him. "Why you!"

The teenager smirked and charged up his turbine shoulder cannons and fired. Lighting flames blasted the intended area and smoke erupted from the blast.

The teenager laughed once more. "That's what you get from ignoring the great Dendro Chilum, the Top Lancer at Millefiore Academy!"

A clang of metal against metal stopped Dendro in his tracks. Not only had his attack failed, but the two cloud users hadn't even noticed him at all. Growing outraged, the teenager pulled out two boxes, plunging his ring into both and releasing a lighting boar and a enormous lance.

"I'll show you! My Elettro Cinghiale has five times the piercing power of my Lancia Elettrica! But I'll use my most powerful attack and tear you to shreds!" Dendro hopped onto the boars back and ordered it to charge. "Triplo Corno Lancia!"

Hibari and Alude continued ignoring the teen in favor of each other, dashing forward to strike. Right before their attack could hit, something came in between them. The brothers paused and looked down to see a heavily armored male lying between them.

Dendro, for all his boasting, had been taken out by a single unintentional synchronized attack.

"Cloud man, we are supposed to head inside," Chrome spoke up before the two could start fighting again. "Bossu is expecting us."

"Hn." Hibari turned on his heel and headed toward the gaping hole in the school's wall he had made sometime during his rampage. "I'll bite you to death when we return with the omnivore."

The elder brother rolled his eyes and headed back to his own section. "I don't fight children."

The young female illusionist smiled slightly and ran after her partner for the mission. It was almost funny how those two showed their affections, but she still recognized it quite easily.

At the same time on the other side of the school, Xanxus was facing his own nuisance. He crushed his earpiece where Squalo's voice came shouting through. "Fucking noise."

"Oh? That must be..." A new voice called out.

"There's no mistake. That's the Varia's boss," another person, definitely up in their years stated. "Formerly the man who almost became the Vongola's tenth boss, or so they say…Xanxus."

The said teenager looked up lazily to see a teenager that looked a lot like that pest Belphegor and a butler floating up in the air. From what he could see, they were a waste of time.

"Such an incredibly vile look~. No wonder he's the boss of a delinquent squad. But," Rasiel smirked, "you're not really that strong, are you? Didn't you lose to a little school girl? ShehShehSheh! Stopped by a fourteen year old girl, Sawada Tsunayoshi! Isn't that super lame!"

Xanxus just stared. When was this person going to be done, he had better things to do than listen to more trash rambling.

"Ohoho? What's the matter? Jt the mark, did I? Are we lost for words? ShehShehSheh!"

The teen stopped laughing when Xanxus yawned and leaned back into the throne he made Levi bring (it was further proof how much everyone in this school was trash since they couldn't get him to stand up for even their own raid).

"Oi. Are you going to keep sprawling like that? The only one who can sit on a chair and fight is his great royal highness Prince Siel." To this, the scared teenager closed his eyes and made himself comfortable. "Why, you...You obviously don't understand your current position."

Xanxus slowly raised his arm and beckoned the two with a single finger. Bring it trash.

"Kaching." The arrogant prince leaned forward slightly in anger.

"Prince Siel," the butler interrupted, "there's no need to dirty your own hands. Leave this to me. Elefante Forte Pioggia!" The rain flame elephant burst forth from the small box and charged. "Eat this and die! Martello Della Terra"

A boom sounded as the attack struck and the ground broke apart.

"GaaHaaa~! Squished to bits!" Rasiel laughed.

However, something was off to the butler. Olgert moved to get a better look around his elephant, only to see it turned to stone and hovering in the air right above his intended target. "Impossible! He stopped it without even touching it?!" A shadow flickered behind the teen, catching the older man's eye.

"Well, I was going to take my time. But, now that you uttered the name Sawada Tsunayoshi, you two scumbags…" Flames of wrath gathered in Xanxus's hand. "Fucking die!"

The box weapon was blasted to pieces, leaving the Millefiore student and his servant in shock.

"Wha-! This is nonsensical…" Olgert said horrified awe. "He stopped the elephante forte pioggia completely…"

"You're the one being nonsensical, Olgert," Rasiel chastised, though his smirk was gone. "The culprit stopping the elefante forte gioggia is something else."

"A box weapon!" The elderly man realized.

"Bingo~. Behind him, in the shadow under that piece of rock. Do you see the pair of hostile red eyes."

A white lion prowled out from under its hiding place, padding over to its master's side.

The butler looked down, his eyes growing wide. "Th-That box weapon is…Leone Di Cielo"

"An extremely rare: White King of Beasts, eh?" The prince studied the animal with a bit of fascination.

"That's right! It was said they couldn't be copied: The Sky Lion Series!"

"Heh. Xanxus, your wave energy attribute is sky after all. Yet, you're the bastard who go rejected by the Vongola! That's it! Compared to me, the rightful successor of the royal crown, you're far, far inferior! You're just a mixed breed!" Rasiel shouted out mockingly, so sure of his superiority.

"Oi," Xanxus called up. "I've heard enough of your yowling."

"How dare you!" The tiara wearing teen snapped.

"Please wait, Prince Siel! Something's not right! I don't believe the Leone Di Cielo is capable of doing that. Because the sky attribute's characteristic is harmony!" Olgert pointed out.

"Who cares about that? Whatever the opponent may be...They're all the same once we kill them." A sinister grin slid across Rasiel's face once more.

"Yes sir." The elderly servant immediately called out two more rain elephants. "Prepare yourself, Xanxus. I will force you off that chair, and you will kneel on the floor! Watch this! Doppio Martello!"

"Bester," the teen said calmly. The sky lion leapt forth and roared, petrifying the box weapons yet again. Xanxus raised another handful of flames of wrath again. "Go to hell."

"You're such a fool," Rasiel commented as his attack finally made its mark. "Shehshehsheh. Well? How does it feel? The ultrasonic flames of my Pipistrello Tempesta. Are you still going to continue sitting down there? Otherwise, before you can get up...That might just turn into your eternal resting chair."

Xanxus just continued to glare, even with his breath a little heavier than before and blood running from his ears.

"The petrification on the rain elephants has been reversed."

"Very well. Destroy them." The self proclaimed king ordered.

Suddenly, the sky lion jumped forth and roared viciously, stripes appearing on its fur as the scars on Xanxus became more prominent.

"What! It uses its roar to attack!" Olgert staggered back from the force of the attack, shock clearly evident in his tone.

"You two are seriously making me mad."

Xanxus watched as the two fumbled for answers over what was happening.

"Bester is neither a lion nor a tiger... Whoever said a mix breed was inferior?" The teen allowed the enemy to take in his Ligre Tempesta de Cielo, his gift from his little sister. It was time he retrieved his family. He brought out his x-guns and fired, taking out all the storm bats in one fell swoop. "Bester."

"Olgert! Don't just stand there! Hurry, form a full shield!" Rasiel prompted in his rising panic.

"Yes, sir! Pellicano Di Pioggia, maximum defence!"

"Are you fucking kidding me?" Xanxus sneered. In a single roar, both the pelican and the butler were turned to stone and broken apart.

"My-My legs!" Rasiel shouted, jumping out of his throne. "Eee! It got me too!"

"Hey, fucking scumbag," the adopted child of Vongola Nono called up to the last survivor. "Weren't you going to stay on your princely throne and fight?"

"Kuh!" The other student reeled back, realizing he had lost this battle. He scrambled desperately for his life. "Wait! Hold on, calm down! I'll let you talk to Lord Byakuran! I know what you want! What you want be the boss of the Vongola right? It's obvious why you hate Sawada Tsunayoshi more than anything, right? That's why you've declared yourselves under the command of the ninth boss! That's it, isn't it? She stole the title of the tenth boss from you! With our combined power, we could defeat that hateful Sawada and crown you boss of the Vongola! More accurately, the Millefiore Vongola Branch! I'll settle it with Lord Byakuran and get you appointed among the executives of the Millefiore! Lord Byakuran is a very generous man! After we defeat Sawada Tsunayoshi, you will be equal to the present Vongola! No! You'll be able to have more power than you ever imagined! Shehshehsheh! What do you think? It's great, isn't it?"

"Fucking scumbags. I only want the Vongola when it's at its strongest. I'd rather puke than work under you scumbags. And you got a few things wrong. Sawada Tsunayoshi is to be the Vongola Decimo because she'll bring the family to its strongest. Also, the Varia have declared ourselves under her not the ninth. Tsunayoshi is one of ours and you have taken that, which is why we'll give you what your deserve trash. Regardless of our internal strife, in times of crisis, when we are attacked by scumbags from the outside, we- the Vongola- are always as one. And last of all, you piece of pathetic trash, I don't hate Sawada Tsunayoshi," Xanxus raised his weapon. "She's my imouto."

The trigger was pulled and a blast of his mixed element flames burst forth.

Xanxus huffed and finally stood up, heading toward the school. It was time he retrieved what was his. The Varia looked after their own after all.

"Get them!"

"Sorry, kora! But we have things to do." With that, Colonello fired, taking out the group of charging Millefiore students.

"Hm. 20 percent energy used," Lal observed, raising her goggles. "Not bad. You get an A."

The blond smile brightly. "Aw, thanks Lal-chan!"

"Idiot!" The bluenette blushed furiously and slapped the back of her kohei's head. "Get your head on straight, we're in the middle of a mission!"

However, Colonello just laughed and moved forward. "Kora! Lal, you should be nicer to your favorite student."

The woman rolled her eyes and shook her head. "You're my only student idiot. Now come on, we need to disable the surveillance system."

The blonde chuckled but didn't comment, allowing himself to become serious once more as they neared the entrance to another room. "Looks like no one's home," he muttered as the two peered inside the large space.

Lal Mirch slid her goggles back in place and looked around as well. "I'll go in first. Wait for my signal, then follow."

Colonello gave a curt nod and pressed his back against the wall as his team member moved into the room.

"All right. It's fine. There doesn't seem to be anything...Wait!" Lal tensed as the heat signal her device detected started multiplying rapidly.

"Lal! What's wrong? What's going on in there!"

"Kuh! Over there!" The blue haired woman fired and a blast erupted as the attacks met in the middle.

"Lal!" Colonello shouted, moving into the room despite not receiving a signal. "Are you alright?"

"It's just a graze," the woman dismissed easily, holding her bleeding arm.

"You managed to see through the pattern of these randomly multiplying targets and devise a counter within a hair's breadth. As expected from an Arcobaleno failure." The attacker snapped his fingers.

Colonello narrowed his eyes and raised his weapon to prepare to attack. "That outfit belongs to the magician's doll. You're Gingerbread, aren't you."

"Fufu~ And here we have the Rain Arcobaleno too," the young looking boy said, ignoring the other's question. "I have quite the catch today. So who should I kill first?"

"What was that?" Colonello demanded, outraged.

Lal swung out an arm to stop the other. "Back off, Colonello. I'll take this one."

"Are you sure?" Gingerbread taunted. "You two may be making a strong front for each other, but you two don't seem so hot after being in the non tri-ni-sette radiation for so long."

Both Arcobaleno ground their teeth together in frustration. It was infuriating, but it was true. That radiation was slowing them down and making them weaker.

"But, that's enough for the teasing. It's time to have some fun~. However, we're only going to have one round, just you and me. Once I've taken care of you, I'll be reporting to my superiors. By then, I'd probably have gotten bored with all this." The magician snapped his fingers together and suddenly an army of sun spiders sprang up between the two Vongola students and spewed out a wall of webs.


"You're too naive, much too naive. And you call yourself one of the I'Prescelti Sette." Gingerbread smirked. "Let's make this fight more exciting. I'm sure your friend doesn't want to be left out either, hm?"

"Gaah!" The Rain Arcobaleno collapsed from the sudden surge of non tri-no-sette radiation.

"Colonello!" Lal shouted in concern. But her cries went unheard as the blond grimaced in pain.

"Fufu~. Naive, much too naive." The magician's doll chuckled as he took in the rage on his opponent's face. "Don't disappoint me now~."

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