Yoldar gripped the bridge's railing and his white knuckles cracked against the worn wood. He glared down the river at the Origin's royal palace that straddled it on both sides. Castle Origin dominated the skyline with five imposing spires that rose into the sky and glowed with the soft light of candles within. Yoldar began to descend the eastern side of the bridge when he heard a creak and felt the bridge flex with the weight of another; drawing his long sword he turned to meet his attacker.

"Come and attack; stop hiding in the shadows, coward!" shouted Yoldar.

"Hey! You! Who do you-", said the man, then a loud rumbling belch broke the silence. "Hey! You! Why are we yelling?" came a deep, slurred voice from the western end of the bridge, then a barely audible gulping noise, and finally a resounding "thump" sound of the man hitting a wooden floor.

Yoldar sheathed his sword, dismissing the drunk, and began east toward the noble's city estates; the quickest way to the castle. "I wouldn't turn my back so casually on The Drunk Monk", a voice just behind him advised.

Instinctively, Yoldar rotated while descending, slashing at the second voice. His sword clanged off of the man's right bracer, and rapidly received a left, right, left combination for his efforts.

Yoldar quick-stepped backwards bringing his sword to bare, "Who are you and what do you want?"

The man, well more like teen, reclined against the rail easily and made no move to answer or attack. He just grinned and glanced westward.

"Answer me!" shouted Yoldar.

"Who am I indeed? I should expect some gratitude from the man whose life I just saved", the teen responded.

"Saved my life? Speak plainly, boy, I don't want to hurt you, but I am in a hurry and I won't delay any longer. I will have my vengeance." Yoldar growled.

The teen laughed as he leaned backward, crossed his arms and said, "That drunk is quite possibly the deadliest man in the royal city, and you couldn't hurt me if you tried, goat fucker." He glanced westward, and then continued, "I would advise against attacking the royal family also, if you want to live any longer than tonight that is."

"How did you know I was from the farms or had plans against the royal family?", asked Yoldar, now more curious than mad.

"You couldn't make it any more plain if you tried. Maybe in the country the study of body language isn't important, but here it is paramount to survival." The teen glanced westward again and said, "Duck".

"Wh-", was all that Yoldar got out before the empty wine bottle smashed into his temple. As Yoldar's vision faded he could make out the teen's laughter, and heard, "Boom, head shot. Damn I'm awesome" from the west end of the bridge.