Chapter Two

Missing Fairy

The sun's morning rays were shining bright on Pixie Hollow by the time Queen Clarion ended the meeting. All of the fairies seemed upset by what had happened with Blazefire, though some of them still agreed with Vidia's argument, that she could be a danger without even realising. Queen Clarion tried to stay calm and in control, but as Tinkerbell and her friends left, they could clearly see that she was emotional by Blazefire's hasty exit. As she spoke to Vidia her voice rose and it was obvious that Vidia was not going to be getting away with a slap on the wrist.

Tink smiled to herself as she flew outside of the tree. "She deserves to be told off after scaring Blazefire away."

"I agree, Sugercane," Rosetta said. "Serves her right!"

Fawn stretched out the kinks in her muscles and yawned. "So were searching for her, right?"

"Can you keep your eyes open?" Iridessa asked teasingly.

Fawn poked her tongue out. "Too many early mornings," was her excuse.

Tinkerbell looked out over the mass of faries as they rushed to do their chores or head back to bed for more sleep. She frowned. Blazefire could be anywhere, and their world was a big one.

"Perhaps we should ask around," Silvermist suggested, floating beside her. She waved her arm out. "There are plenty of fairies who could know where she went."

"But they were all in the meeting with us," Tink reminded her, sighing. "I guess we could be looking for hours, though, if we set off alone to try and find her. You're right, someone might have seen her. Maybe she's even around here somewhere, hiding."

The group flew off together, stopping to speak to different faries as they went. They had their own jobs to do, but considering the situation, they decided that those chores could wait. Blazefire was more important for the moment.

They spoke to many fairies, some of them whom they barely knew, some of them who were friends of the group. None of them seemed to have seen her, and some even suggested heading further out closer to the mainland. Tink's heart sagged at this idea. Without the queen's permission they could not head to the mainland, but it seemed likely that the girl would want to get away as far as she could.

"Maybe she's in the fields with all of the wild thistles?" Fawn asked with a shrug. "It's the perfect place to hide. The thistles run away from everyone, and the grass is really tall. If I wanted to be alone that would be one of the places I could go to hide in."

"Good idea," Tink said, already heading off to the fields. The others followed closely behind, all of them anxious for the new fairy.

However, after a check through the tall grasses, it was evident that Blazefire had not chosen to hide there or the lands around it. They asked more faries, but none had seen her head into their seasonal homes. It seemed that she was no where to be found.

"Tink! Guys!"

"Terence?" Tinkerbell turned to see the blonde haired boy rushing up to them.

He read the girls' downcast faces correctly and reflected them in his own. "You can't find her, can you?"

Tink shook her head. "We haven't given up yet! She must be around here!"

Terence reached out and touched her arm lightly to calm her down. "Queen Clarion wants to see all of you. She sent out the fast flyers to try and find Blazefire, except for Vidia of course, and they searched the whole of Pixie Hollow."

"And?" Fawn pressed.

He shook his head and sighed. "It's like she's just disappeared. None of them could find her."

Tinkerbell's heart sank. "But… she must be somewhere."

"That's why Queen Clarion wants to talk to all of you," he said. "I think she wants you to search for her. She'll give your permission to go further. Come on, I'll lead you back so she can talk to you."

The disheartened group followed his lead as they headed back to their queen, but Tink kept looking over her shoulder, hoping to see the auburn haired girl hiding away.

Queen Clarion was beside herself with worry. That was clear as soon as the girls entered the tree where she had remained. She was pacing too and fro with her wings fluttering madly, and she was clasping her hands together so tightly that they were white.

Terence stood behind her with his hands folded behind his back. He gave the girls an 'I told you so' look.

Tink approached the queen slowly. "Um, Queen Clarion?"

She turned to them, startled as though she had not noticed they were there. She quickly cleared her throat and gathered her composure again. "Girls. As Terence has probably told you, Blazefire is missing. I thought she had left just so she could go and spend some time by herself, but it seems she may have gotten herself lost."

The girls knew she was saying that so she could avoid the truth, that she may have deliberately left Pixie Hollow and wandered off to somewhere dangerous.

She considered the small group carefully. "I would like the five of you to go and look for her."

"But what hope do we have of finding her when the fast flyers couldn't?" Iridessa asked.

Queen Clarion nodded as though she had been expecting this question. "I believe that the five of you are very strong. You are brave, smart, and kind, and I know that you have the best chance of encouraging her to show herself."

Tink smiled and turned to her friends. "She's right, guys. We can do this! Think about it. She's all alone right now and probably really scared because she's just awakened. We need to give this our all!"

The girls all glanced at each other and a silent agreement was made.

"All right, let's do this!" Fawn said enthusiastically.

"If you say so, Sugercane," Rosetta said to Tink, stepping forward and pulling her into a quick hug. "You're crying, hon."

Tink wiped her wet eyes. "S-sorry."

"I can't bare it," Silvermist said sadly, staring at the ground. "She must be so lonely. We can't leave her like that."

"So were going on a rescue mission now?" Iridessa asked, nodding her head in approval. "I'm fine with that. Let's go and find her."

Queen Clarion let out a relieved sigh. "Thank you. All of you. I wish you the best of luck."

"Don't worry," Tink said encouragingly as Terence approached them with the pixie dust they would need for the extra boost. She let it sprinkle over her and grinned at her Queen. "We'll find her, Queen Clarion. Together we can do it."

Those words gave the queen the relief she needed and she nodded thankfully to the golden haired fairy. She truly believed that if anyone could find Blazefire, it was her and her friends.

Somewhere deep in the wilderness surrounding Pixie Hollow, Blazefire was sitting on the branch of a twig resting on the ground. She had tired herself out flying all of this way on wings that were only just born on her back, but they had fulfilled her purpose. They had gotten her away from the other fairies. She no longer had to face their scorn and speculation, and Vidia's harsh words. Vidia. That was a name she would not be forgetting soon.

She laid back on the hard bark and closed her eyes. Her heart was heavy. Her awakening had not gone well. In fact, it could not have gone any worse. She had no Talent, was hated by all of the fairies, and was a danger to Pixie Hollow with her ability to use fire. She could not consider that a Talent. It was more like a punishment.

She rose her hand into the air and clicked her fingers. There was no spark of flames, so sudden flare of heat. There was nothing. She sighed. She couldn't even cause destruction properly. What good was she? Her first few hours at life, and this was what she turned out to be - useless. No, even worse. She could only do one thing, and that was hurt with her flames.

She let out a choked sob and wiped at her eyes even though they were dry. She knew she tears would come soon. She had cried on the way there and it had taken all of her strength to stop. Now her emotions were roiling inside of her, unsettled like the sea during a storm, and somewhere amongst that pain, she wanted nothing more than to have someone come to her rescue.

What she wasn't counting on was a hawk to answer her silent call for help.

The shadow came first, hovering over her darkly. She thought for a moment that rain-clouds had moved in to cover the sky, something that would match her mood perfectly. Fairies affected the world around them, so surely she must bring the mood down with her sadness. She opened one eye to watch the bruised clouds, but her blood turned to ice as she spied another pair of golden eyes peering down at her hungrily. Her heart shuddered and she leapt to her feet. She may not know much about Faries yet, but she was sure that hawks were no friends of her kind.

Panicking, she let out a series of short screams as she hurried down the branch she had rested on and gripped the bark. She started to climb down but lost her grip as the hawk swept low over the twig and lifted it from the ground. She fell to the dirt below and hit it painfully hard. She lay, dazed, as the hawk screamed above her and circled.

Blazefire struggled to her feet and did the first thing her mind told her to do. She ran. Dizzy and bruised, she forced her feet to move as fast as they could. She tried to lift herself into the sky, flapping her wings madly, but without the Pixie Dust and without the strength of experience, she couldn't lift herself more than an inch.

The hawk dove again, aiming for her. She turned and glanced at it from over her shoulder. Its sharp beak was enough to make her run even harder. She didn't know where she would go. Seeing as the hawk was twenty times her size and flew high in the air, she would have no hope of losing it. It would spot her easily, so she did the one other thing she could think of.

Fire. Her Talent. Perhaps it wasn't completely useless after all.

She lifted her palms and concentrated hard on them as she ran. Fire, she thought. I need you now, fire! Please, answer my call!

Her hands began to turn bright red and they burned uncontrollably. Despite the discomfort, she smiled, and turned to face the hawk. She had seconds before it would reach her. She stretched her hands out. Flames flickered at her fingers and slowly coated her hands. They spread past her wrists, crackling and biting in the air.

Something glinted in the hawks eyes. It dove low until its talons scratched across the ground, then it launched itself into the sky with a wild shriek. Blazefire let out a breath and let her heart begin to settle, but it wasn't over. As she watched the hawk, it turned in the air and its gaze met her again, only this time there was a gleam in its eyes. At that moment she realised her mistake.

The hawk was attracted to the fire.

With a sob of defeat, Blazefire fell to her knees and shielded her head with her hands. After a terrible start, it looked like her life would end just as badly.